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GarryMSayer 27th October 2014 11:09 AM

Get The Best Bonus For Reed Floren's 'Creating Information Products Guaranteed To Sell'...
Dear Warrior Friends,

Thanks for clicking through to my Ad here. I'll keep this short and sweet and won't take up much of your time.

The pride of ownership from creating your own products is incredible. It's something I wish everybody could experience just once.

Just knowing that a perfect stranger gave you their money and is now reading or watching something that cam out of your brain is a fantastic feeling!

On the flip side there's nothing worse than pouring your heart and soul only to sell it flop when you launch it because nobody is interested in buying it

But you can avoid this crushing blow by following 15 year product creation veteran Reed Floren's and have full peace of mind that you're creating a product that's GUARANTEED to sell...

==> http://www.garrylikes.com/How-to-Cre...ucts-That-Sell
(Look out for the 'buy from my link' BONUS below)

Inside is two hours of training, which is actually an excerpt from Reed's high ticket $997 coaching program!

You'll discover...

- What is an information product?
- Why you should create your own info product instead of selling someone elses
- The 8 types of info products you can create starting today
- How to create an info product
- Recommended tools for an information publishing business
- How to find out exactly what your market wants to buy ! Discover YOUR niche!
- How negative feedback helps you improve
- How forums can give you product ideas
- Surveying your potential customers
- What should go into your product
- How to package your information product
- How to BOOST your profits with a producr funnel
- Do bonuses make more sales?
- How to price your information product for MAXIMUM PROFITS
- How a $30 Million Dollar a Year EMPIRE does product creation
- Plus a whole lot more

Like me you'll enjoy Reed's laid back but engaging style of teaching, but if you're not a visual learner preferring to consume content quickly...

That's cool because you also get a full transcript, a giant mindmap, presentation slides and a printable checklist/worksheet plus a 15 minute strategy consult with Reed.

All in one that's one sweet deal...

==> http://www.garrylikes.com/How-to-Cre...ucts-That-Sell

But Garry You Promised Us The Best Bonus Package For Reed's Product...


I sure did and I'll come good on that promise now so when you pick this up through my link -- and this link must be the last link you click on prior to purchase to claim this bonus -- I'll give you 10 'red hot' content packed seminar recordings taking you from product creation newbie to PRO!

For your convenience these all come packaged with multiple learning including video, audio and full transcripts.

==> http://www.garrylikes.com/How-to-Cre...ucts-That-Sell

These are also individual products in their own right as you'll see below...

1 - Ultimate Niche Market Research Plan

2 - Instant Product Creation
3 - The "9 In 9" Method For Your Product Line
4 - How To Recruit Affiliates
5 - How To Launch A Product Every 7 Days
6 - Killer Openers In Salesletters
7 - How To Create Impossible To Ignore Hooks In Salesletters
8 - How To Sell Solutions Instead Of Products In Salesletters
9 - The Red Herring Advanced Sales Technique
10 - How To Write A Salesletter In Your Head (THIS is golden!)

These are also delivered to you automatically after purchase via your Warrior+Plus web page receipt. Please see example below...


If it's not there don't panic just forward your PayPal receipt to me at garry[AT]garrysayer[DOT][COM] and after confirming your purchase with Reed I'll hook you up.

I really hope you decide to take this seriously and go for it 100% because product creation is a fantastic business model to get into...

I should know as it's been serving me well for over a decade!

==> http://www.garrylikes.com/How-to-Cre...ucts-That-Sell


P.S. Any questions please post them below...

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