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enjoyYOBSN 31st October 2014 06:05 PM

Mobile games that make You $$$Money. Details Inside.
One thing I will tell you straight - I hate long descriptions, pages of testimonials and useless bonus offers that you see all the time!
With that said, here you will find facts only, pure content, pure meat.
Now, before I start, a simple question for you:
>> How many people do You know that play Mobile Games?
Got the number? Write it down!

You will be shocked what you are about to discover.
Well, I should mention that I'm personally not a big game player,
still on Facebook alone I receive at least a dozen of invitations each week to play Candy Crush Saga, Clash of Clans.. etc . And You probably receive them too.
Difference is - I make money doing that.
YES, you heard it! I Make Money when sending out invitations to the games.
And more people play, more I make.
There is no trick, magic or con.
But there are 3 rock-solid truths that this business is based on:
1. People play games.
2. People make in-game purchases.
3. You make money.

If you still didn't think about this it's just the time to do it.
Candy Crush Saga earns $844,335 in DAILY revenue and gets 69,951 daily installs.
Clash of Clans earns $1,415,091 in DAILY revenue and gets 69951 daily installs.
But NONE of them EVER paid YOU!!!
That's right, NONE of them!

There is ONLY ONE Social Networking and Gaming Company that pays its members.

You can download now both from Apple and Google Store:
Bubble Champion and Rescue Rabbit Rush

Make sure to click on the blue button "Connect"
and enter friendship referral email as: ENJOY to instantly get 250 Gems
You can certainly proceed to registration if you wish to.
Here you will find some demo videos and great real screenshots:
YOBSN Games Center
Here're the downloadable links:

Now that you've seen the games you sure wonder:
How does it all work??
And I tell you, Simple!

You have to become a YOBSN Owner
with YOBSN Professional Package
http://enjoy.buyyobsn.com/ and spread the word.

As you see, you cannot start making money for free, and I'm sure a lot of you reading this are actually happy to know that there is some initial cost involved.

Of course, there has to be a technology that tracks purchases from your free players that they make in Apple store and in Google play (in-game purchases).
It's also delivering to you all the commissions!

This Technology is developed by Smart Media Technologies and YOBSN.
So literary becoming a YOBSN Owner (Professional Package) you are becoming and Owner of your own Social Network, which tracks your visitors, rewards them, does all the accounting and PAYS YOU.
Coming back to the number that you wrote down once you started reading this (people who you know who play mobile games) - this is the number of people who you can already invite to play YOUR Games today!
Now, imagine that number multiplying by 7!!
There are going to be at least 7 more YOBSN GAMES
that are already under development (including education games for kids).

Oh, did I mention that all YOBSN Games ARE and will ALWAYS be Family Friendly
so you will be happy and proud to share them with everyone!

There's truly so much more involved, but as I promised,
I'm keeping it for you as short and simple as I can.

Your commission on all in-games purchases is 25% of what company get after apple took their transaction fee.
But it's not all!!
You will be getting same 25% additionally on all the work your team did.
YES! This kind of dream is only possible with a network marketing company!!
And most of you know,
that means EVEN if you stop developing your business
You will still be earning residual income YEARS after!

Mobile Technologies are taking over the world, we want it or not Mobile platforms grow with a crazy speed and they are with no doubts - The Future.
A smart person that you will introduce this business to will not hesitate a second
to get a part of this giant mobile money making machine.

And if you understand the revolution that is about to happen, GET into it and tell your friends before they tell you!!

enjoyYOBSN 4th November 2014 12:26 PM

Re: Mobile games that make You $$$Money. Details Inside.
Let me know if you have any questions, will be happy to answer them all.
By the way - the price will go up very soon.
Don't miss your chance to save some money right at start.


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