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Unread 29th Nov 2014, 04:46 PM   #1
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Burning My Boats FORCED Me To Succeed On Line – But I’ll Make Your Road To Riches Far Easier!
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If you’re struggling to get started in internet marketing then this is for YOU …

Burning My Boats
FORCED Me To Succeed On Line – But I’ll Make Your Road
To Riches Far Easier!

Read on to discover how you can hit the ground running with my totally complete program of simple baby steps PLUS done for you ‘paint by numbers’ templates STARTING TODAY

Hi Fellow Entrepreneur … when Julius Caesar arrived on the shore of the mysterious island at the edge of the known world, he was so determined that failure was not an option, he ordered his soldiers to burn the boats they had arrived in.

Then, unhampered by any negative thoughts of defeat or withdrawal, he went on to conquer the island we now know as Great Britain. And Roman Britain survived for 400 years.

That story has always had a massive impact on my life. So when I decided to quit my job as an university teacher to carve out a better life in internet marketing I copied Julius Caesar and burnt MY boats by quitting my job before I had made a single red cent on line.

It is often said that …

The prospect of being hung concentrates the mind

And, it certainly was in my case, because I also told my wife to quit her well paid job, too.

So, now I was really up against it – like having a gun to my head: I just HAD to succeed before our savings ran out. So:
NO goofing around
NO chasing the next ‘shiny object’

Succeed - or die of shame!

So I ‘reverse engineered’ the operations of several of the most successful internet marketers on line and then created my very own business model to work even better.

And, boy, did it do that!

Because what I discovered was the simple success secret of all top internet marketers …

… without exception, they all build lists of prospective buyers. They then as many as possible into buyers.

And how they do that is simply feed their prospects a mix of good information and buying opportunities until they become buyers.

And this is the key serious wealth secret …

… once a prospect buys from you once – the spell is broken and they are up to TEN TIMES more like to buy from you again … and again!

But there’s a PROBLEM - and it’s a pretty BIG ONE

Because knowing how to make money on line is a whole world away from actually creating the infrastructure from scratch to empower you to take full advantage of your knowledge and so step up to that better life you’re seeking for yourself and your loved ones …

Which explains why so many good folks, just like you, freeze up and never actually get to point of making serious money.

So your worthy ambition of an internet lifestyle, with plenty of spare cash and the time to enjoy your new found wealth, remain a mere pipe dream, condemning you to a life on the job treadmill.

Now I bet you’ve heard a thousand times about the problem of information overload.

But, in reality, I figure it’s more …

… a crisis of IMPLEMENTATION

Read what the very successful Michael Lee says …

As I mentioned earlier, before, before burning my boats and making a great living on line, I was a teacher. And, once you’ve experienced the buzz that comes from seeing others suddenly ‘get it’, that feeling becomes addictive.

So I wanted to reach out and give a helping hand to good folks, like YOU, wanting to step up to a brighter future on line, but not quite able to do it alone, because you need help with the implementation.

And, because of my teaching background, I had been trained to provide predictable results for my students.

Because - like every successful activity from putting Neil Armstrong on the Moon to baking a cake – there’s a definite success formula.

So I knew, although I have the ability to teach you to easily understand it all … I ALSO needed to PROVIDE THE TOOLS to empower YOU to achieve success.

So here’s what really sets my program apart from the rest

First, I’ve drawn on my experience as a university teacher to take you by the hand and make it a complete no-brainer for you to tread the path to your own personal success story.

Then, I’m providing your with a full armory of ‘done for you’ templates: everything you need to succeed from compelling squeeze pages through OTOs (to make you immediate cash) and building back end offers.

Then I’ve covered creating your own products and becoming a super-affiliate, selling tons of other folks’ products for the lion’s share of the sales price.

So, just like Julius Caesar, failure isn’t an option for you – but – happilly …

YOU won’t have to burn any boats

Because – having all these ‘done for you’ templates saves you months of trial and error and empowers you to storm ahead with full confidence, knowing you can quickly build an online business on a part time basis whilst still retaining the security of your J.O.B. … for now. But …

… I bet it won’t be too long before that delicious day arrives when you’re ready to …

.. tell your boss what to do with your hated job.

So just imagine the looks of amazement on the faces of your loved ones, when you tell them you’ve quit your job and have no intention of working for anyone else - ever again.

And, as for your astonished work buddies …

They’ll think you’ve won the lottery

But what you will have achieved is even better. Because, not only will you enjoy the extra satisfaction that you did it all yourself – and didn’t simply get lucky.

Even more important, if you win the lottery – that’s it. Whatever size sum you won, there is no more to come.

But with your own live, thriving business the sky is the limit for you.

So just imagine, never again being troubled by paying bills.

And just think of the satisfaction of being able to buy your loved ones expensive gifts on impulse, without a thought of the cost.

And picture the look of sheer joy on the faces of your family as you show them the web site of an exclusive, high-end vacation resort and tell them they are all booked for a three week vacation of a life time!

And your journey to a better, brighter future begins right here with …

Five Steps To Profit v.2.0

I’ve distilled this program down to just FIVE simple to follow baby steps that will work for you like a ‘paint by numbers’ picture, empowering you to produce a fully working ATM of a business with minimal effort and guaranteed results.

And here’s a tiny taster of the goodies awaiting you inside this groundbreaking program …

Step One: building your online empire.

Here’s everything you need to get your business ready to roll, right from how to register your domain name to setting up your web site and auto responders complete with a wealth of tips and tricks to keep your costs at rock bottom.

How to slash the cost of your domain name (even though it’s only ten bucks to start, getting up to 50% off is brain-dead simple – once you know the secret).

Where to get your auto responder free for the first 30 days or the first 500 names on your list – once you get 500 names, you’ll hardly notice paying for the next 500.

My recommended web hosting (ensuring your sites are visible to everyone, anywhere, anytime).

Making setting up your payment processors a complete snap – this is where the rubber hits the road, because you wanna get paid on time, every time.

The little known site where you can get great original content created for a few dollars (making it a snap for your content to be seen ALL over web for peanuts, easily making you the ‘go to’ guy or gal in your niche).

The autopilot social media promotion site – social media is a powerful traffic source and this site will empower you to divert tons of traffic to your sites with a few clicks.

Plus many other useful sites (some great sources of highly targeted traffic here).

Step Two: Creating your first product and sales funnel.

In this section I’ll take you by the hand and help you put your business on a professional footing right from the get go, with simple ways to create your very first product and sales funnel.

First things first - will it make you a profit? The little know site that will quickly confirm if your chosen niche will make you money.

The source of endless ‘how to videos’ to help you zoom past any problems and be up and running lightening fast.

16 powerhouse product creation ideas (the first ingenious idea alone can give you a very saleable, original product inside a couple of hours).

The vital key to discovering high profit products – explained so simply even a child would ‘get it’.

13 sites to get your product creation juices flowing.

Your product creation battle plan (what exactly do we need to create?).

Your product – should you create, modify or outsource? All the answers are here.

My powerful ebook template – free for you to download.

Squeeze pages – the three types we will use (perfectly matching them to your visitors ensures maximum conversions).

My 30% converting squeeze page – check it out and see the real thing in action.

The templates I use for ‘Thank you’ pages and sales letter – yours to download.

The vital art of getting testimonials (because ‘social proof’ is vital if you want to make plenty of sales).

The four payment processors that are a snap to use – plus the heads up on my two favorite ones.

More affiliates equals more sales (so here’s how I employ plenty of affiliates – complete with my personal affiliate page to model).

Loading up your auto responder with helpful emails and offers to swell your profits - what’s more, you get my personal swipe file to see exactly how it’s done!

How to multiply your efforts – here’s the key to making serious money by leveraging the efforts of others, such as affiliates and outworkers to explode your profits.

My secret, battle-tested funnel formulas – for yours eyes only.

The 19 tools that make funnel and product creation a snap – and the best bit is: they won’t cost you a single red cent!

Step Three: Creating a buzz in the market place.

Now you have your business all set to go, it’s time to add the rocket fuel and let the world know you’re here and raring to go!

How to automate your Twitter, FaceBook and LinkedIn posts (and make your presence felt world-wide).

How to become a super-affiliate – and have folks beg you to market their products for a fat fee!

How to generate a ton of traffic – these four simple methods will work for you like gangbusters!

Get you search engine optimization working like a well oiled machine – sage advice here from my buddy, Benj Arriola, winner of the SEO World Competition.

How to use info graphics and videos to attract tons of traffic – and how to outsource their creation for peanuts.

Step Four: Show me the money!

You’ve probably heard the saying: ”The money is in the list”. In truth, it isn’t – it’s in the REALTIONSHIP you have with the folks on your list. So this section focuses on building a rock solid, totally loyal relationship with your list.

How the relationship you have with your outworkers and Virtual Assistants is just as important as your relationship with your list members.

What building a relationship with your list members has in common with your own life (thinking of it this way will make it a piece of cake!).

Step Five: Nothing happens until somebody sells something.

This is where the rubber really hits the road and you’re ready to launch your product on an expectant world.

How to test your download and funnels before the big day.

The smart way to time the launch of your WSO to perfection.

The simple way to get a ton of fresh names on your prospect list overnight (and then instantly make money from them).

The highly targeted forum with half a million members just waiting to buy your stuff!

How success breeds success – and making sure any product you launch takes off like an Atlas rocket, because then the affiliates will come running to take it even higher.

… and much, MUCH more …

Allow me to read your mind

My guess is that you’re impressed with the scope and simplicity of the five simple steps I laid out for you, but you’re also a little fearful if the required investment will be out of your budget.

But, just before I answer that, let me make one thing crystal clear: I take all the risk here.

So you don’t have to decide anything right now, because you can simply take the whole product for a risk-free test drive for a full 30 days.

Check out the 19 free tools I’ve recommended to make your business run like clockwork and check out the massive scope to make serious money with a forum of half a million members.

And then marvel at the sheer simplicity of the system I’ve created for you.

Then if you don’t like any aspect of the program, or feel it isn’t quite right for you, then all you need do is shoot me an email for a full and cheerful refund. Because – if you’re not happy … then I’m not happy – it’s that simple!

And it’s not like you have to pack anything up and send it back, is it?

What’s more, if you show me you’ve actually put the program to work properly and failed. Then I’ll not only return your investment – I’ll actually DOUBLE IT.

That’s how confident I am that this WILL bring home the bacon, if you put it to work for you!

Okay, now that’s very clear, let’s see how much you need to invest.

Now, as you can imagine, if you were to visit me and get the sort of one-to-one training I give you in this program, I would have to charge you thousands of dollars. And, on top of that, you’d have the travel and accommodation costs – not to mention having to get your boss to agree to you taking several days off work.

And, even when you get home you risk thinking: Now did Ross say do it this way – or THAT way?

Well you can forget all that doubt – and the inconvenience and cost of getting here - because you can soak up what I have for you in the comfort of your own home, at your own pace. Simply fitting it around your other activities.

But, I bet, once you get into it, you’ll want to be doing it during every waking moment, because the faster you absorb these five, oh so simple, steps, the quicker you’ll be enjoying your new found wealth!

So, instead of costing you thousands of dollars, you can be starting just minutes from now for a one time investment of just $17 nothing more to pay – ever!

And, because you’re getting this today, I’m giving you a couple of amazing
bonuses …

Today’s Early Bird Bonus #1: ‘The 21 Days List Profit’ –
Value $12.48 - but yours free because you’re investing in
this today …

This step by simple step plan will take you from zero to building a profitable
mailing list in just 21 days!

Today’s Early Bird Bonus #2: ‘WSO Guide’ Value $10.07 –
but yours free because you’re investing in this today …

Putting you firmly on the inside track to riches by modelling my powerhouse
campaign which made me over $20,435 selling just one product on the
Warrior Forum.

Today’s Early Bird Bonus #3: ‘Make Money With Resale Rights Reports’ – Value $27 - but yours free because you’re investing in this today …

Start Making Instant Cash With High Quality Resale Rights Products Right Away

Today’s Early Bird Bonus #4: ‘Templates, Multiple Bonuses, Spreadsheets, Email Series, etc.’ – Value $997 - but yours free because you’re investing in this today …

These templates, email series and spreadsheets PLUS products you can give away to your subscribers is worth more than $997

So what would be a shrewd move for you,
right now?

1. Carry on as before still looking for that magic bullet - that you know, deep down, is too good to be true - where it’s claimed you only need press a few buttons to be a millionaire by the weekend.

2. Realize that what I’m handing you here is the simplest practical way to create a sustainable income (because it’s closely modelled on how the 3% elite super-rich internet marketers do it) and grab it without hesitation. Then you can look forward to watching your wealth grow in leaps and bounds.

Then – one day, - you’ll suddenly realize you’ve ALSO become a
member of that exclusive ‘3% Club’ who really do actually make
serious money on line.

Then you’ll think back to the choice you have right now and think: yes, I’m
SO glad I made that simple investment in this wonderful new life.

Sounds like your choice is a complete no-brainer, doesn’t it?

So, I’m really looking forward to welcoming you inside and showing you just how simple it is to make money on line – once you know how!

To your great success!

P.S. Remember, with my ‘if you’re not happy … I’m not happy’ guarantee, the ONLY possible way you can lose is NOT to take the risk-free test drive.

P.P.S. I reserve the right to withdraw those two awesome bonuses worth a
total of $1,046.55 at any time, without notice. So – if you snooze – you lose


I’ll leave the last word to Manuel Martir …

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Re: [5 Steps Profit V.2] 5 Steps On How I Earn $7, $17, $27, $97, $497 Daily!!!
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