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[Aweber Simplified] Autoresponder Training Videos
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Aweber Simplified
Harness The Profit Power Of Your Aweber Account with These Training Videos

Do You Ever Get Stuck on The "How To's" of Internet Marketing? For example, How to Create A List, How to Create a Web Form or How to Use an Autoresponder?

If you currently use Aweber as your email service provider (& you should be), then there is a better than average chance you are NOT taking advantage of all the profit potential that Aweber offers.

The following 22 bite-sized chunks of video training goodness will show you step-by-step how to unlock the profit power that Aweber has to offer. Read on and take a look (and listen) at the sample video and the detailed description of each video.

Finally, A Step-By-Step Course That Covers Everything You Need To Know About Aweber

These videos provide you with detailed "Over-The-Shoulder" style step-by-step tutorials that leave no technical stone un-turned.

Aweber Simplified - Autoresponder - Training videos are your GEEK-SPEAK-FREE Video Guides

  • Are you always on the go and have limited time to watch the training videos? Every video comes with an MP3 audio file for you to listen & learn PLUS the written transcript for added learning power.
  • Can't handle another 30 minute lecture or hour long webinar? Not a problem anymore - Ez to consume bite-sized nuggets of knowledge. Most of these videos are around 5 minutes or less. (see the video descriptions below for titles & times).
  • A combined 100+ minutes of video training delivered in bite sized pieces.

Introducing... Aweber Simplified - Autoresponder - Training Videos...

As Mark Twain once probably wrote...
"If you want to make money in your business, you need to know how to use the tools."

One of the most important tools for a long term profitable business in this day & age is an email autoresponder service like Aweber.

While the internet is chock full of free information on how to use this email service provider or that email service provider, they were lacking the organization, detail & style of teaching that enables you to best learn from and most importantly, take action with.

My series of Autoresponder Training Videos, lay it out for you in an easy to follow "over the shoulder" style.

This way you see it being done right in front of you, so you just do as you see - easy peezy!

Doing a series of training videos on Aweber has been on my "To-Do" list for a long time. The problem has been that I never used Aweber enough to consider myself worthy of training others.

That all changed earlier this year. I had a problem with one of the emails I was trying to write in the "new" (well, kinda new) Drag & Drop editor Aweber has. So I started looking on Google and YouTube for videos to answer my question.

I found a lot of outdated, disorganized information, both text and video and after sifting through all that I still was without my answer.

In the process of finding the answer to my original problem, I discovered other Aweber customers with their own problems on how to do this or how to do that.

So I decided it was time for me to swing into action and carve out the time I needed to learn all the features of Aweber AND to do a detailed training course on how to use Aweber.

I found the solution to my problem and a whole lot more!

I discovered the solution to my problem by trial & error and in the process, I recorded 22 other videos on how to maximize the power of your Aweber account in ways many long time users may not even know exist.

Here Is My Offer:
High-Quality High-Definition
1280-720 MP4 Videos

You Won't Hear Any 'UM-BUTS' Or 'BUT-UMS' In These Videos

22 videos that walk you through the Aweber features & how to use them.


1. An Introduction To Aweber - In the first video in this series you will see many of the awesome tools & features as well as the pricing structure.
Running Time 5:39

2. Signup - As the title hints at, this video is a walk through of the signup process. You will see me signup for a brand new Aweber account that I use, along with my 'demo' car care business & website, in all the videos in this series.
Running Time 3:18

3. List Setup - One of the more important videos in the entire series.
We cover an overview of the Home page, your list statistics, the importance of 'swipe files' as well as adding a custom header image to your list pages. Aweber says 600 pixels but I show you 800 pixels. I also include a set of Copy & Paste templates you can use for your custom confirmation email.
Running Time 9:27

4. Global Text Snippets - A very cool automation feature Aweber offers. I show an example of using Global Text Snippets for making some extra money with 'in-message' advertising but as I also cover in a later video in this series, you can use the Global Snippets for other ways to make money.
Running Time 6:20

5. Create Web Form - In video 05 I go through the 3 steps of creating the Web Form. Design, Settings then Publishing. Here I add the Web Form code to my demo car care website. All you have to do is watch then do - It's that easy!
Also talk briefly about what a squeeze page is.
Running Time 7:13

6. Customizing Web Form - Once you have your Web Form installed on your site(s) you decide you need to make a change on some element of your form. Like the headline or the color or any change at all. This video shows you how to customize your form and like magic, the changes are instantly made on every page you have the form on.
Running Time 5:47

7. List Importing - This is an important video. If you are moving from another email service to Aweber this is a must see video. I show you the various ways to import your subscriber list but more importantly, what you should do BEFORE you import.
Running Time 4:50

8. Create Templates - Video 08 will save you a ton of time!
I show you in detail how to create a template that you can use over and over. The difference between a theme and a template. I also cover what you (and everyone else for that matter) should have in every email you send out to help minimize unsubscribes and spam complaints. I even include Copy & Paste templates for you to use.
Running Time 9:17

9. Create Follow Up Messages - In video 09 I walk you through the creation of a follow up message. I cover important elements of your follow up messages like adding clickable links, the importance of image alt text and why & how to schedule your follow up messages on certain days of the week. A cool feature in Aweber is the ability to schedule your messages in the time zones of your subscribers. Not to worry - I show you how to do it.
Running Time 5:28

10. Create Broadcast Messages - In my opinion, creating broadcast messages (when done correctly) is your main monetization feature in your Aweber account. I walk you through all phases of crafting your broadcast message. Also included is a tip on using your broadcast archive page.
Running Time 5:47

11. Blog Broadcasts - If you have a blog - and you should, then you will want to see this video. I show you how to set up this 'auto' feature so that every time you post new content to your blog, your subscribers are automatically notified.
This is much easier and reliable than an rss feed for both you and your subscribers.
Running Time 5:59

12. Backup Your Lists - Doing backups are an important part of all your online activities & your most important business asset - your subscriber list, is no different. I show you how to do a backup as well as tips on organization and the contents of your backup files.
Running Time 3:54

13. Removing Inactive Subscribers - In video 12 I touch on active & inactive subscribers and in video 13 I show you how to remove the inactive ones and why you want to remove them. (Hint - it has to do with analytics and money)
Running Time 3:46

14. Create List Segments - Creating segments is a valuable tool for your Aweber account. Video 14 shows you how to create various segments that can fatten your bottom line a great deal. I also touch on another type of 'inactive' subscriber that in my opinion, should not be removed. I cover how to handle this type of subscriber.
Running Time 5:10

15. Copy Messages - If you loved the conversions or CTR (click through rates) of one of your follow up or broadcast messages, this video shows you how to save the time from creating that message again from scratch and instead, just make a copy of it. This 'copy' can be used in the same list or even in a different list.
Running Time 2:35

16. Sharing Messages - This video shows you another money making opportunity within your Aweber account that many people are not aware of. In the previous video I show you how to copy a single message (follow up & broadcast) & in this video I'll show you how to copy and even monetize all the messages on a particular list. I'm talking about an entire sequence of follow up messages PLUS your broadcast messages. A huge time saver and potential money maker!
Running Time 2:58

17. Split Testing Web Forms - Video 17 shows you how & why to split test your web forms. Equally important is what not to do when you split test your web forms, which I cover in this video as well.
Running Time 4:55

18. Split Testing Broadcast Messages - For the same reasons you split test your web forms, you should also be split testing your broadcast messages. Video 18 shows you what is required before you can split test your broadcast messages and some 'best practices' you should adhere to.
Running Time 5:26

19. Statistics & Reports - The statistics of your messages will help you in your split testing which will help you improve your conversions which means Mo Money! I show you where to find these nuggets of knowledge and a few other tips that will help you track the 'good and the bad' of all your messages - follow ups & broadcast messages.
Running Time 5:56

20. Subscriber Search - This video is another time saver. I show you how to search by subscriber name (that is an easy one) but what if you only know they used a gmail email address or the day they subscribed. This video covers the bases on how to locate a subscriber anywhere on your Aweber account.
Running Time 2:37

21. Adding Video To Messages - As the title implies, this video shows you how to add video to your email messages. Unfortunately I've seen many people 'teach' the wrong way to do this. I demonstrate the wrong way and of course the correct way and show you the results of both. I include a nice bonus tip to make things a lot easier & faster.
Running Time 4:44

22. Automation Rules - This video details an Aweber feature that anyone with a sales funnel needs to know about. How to automatically remove a subscriber from your 'freebie' list to your 'buyers' list.
You know it has to be easy because the video is less than 2 minutes long
Running Time 1:48

Have You Ever Asked Yourself..?
  • How can I avoid sending my subscribers multiple emails in a day?
  • I wish there was a way for me to minimize my spam complaints.
  • How can I keep from typing the same intro & exit content in every email I create?
  • I wish I could send an email to just the people that did NOT open the last email I sent them.
  • How can I split test the emails I send out?
If you answered YES to any of these you should hit the Order button and get started -
With the 30 day money-back guarantee you have zero to loose.

WAIT - There Is MORE!!
You also receive these value added bonuses for


Monetized List Building Primer
  • A Done For You Sales Funnel including my 10+ minute training video that walks you through every detailed step of setting this up on your server.
  • Including how to edit the squeeze page, thank-you page the 7 follow up messages and even how to add your Aweber web form code to the squeeze page.
  • I also include the PSD image source file if you want to customize the look as many different ways as you like to match the many different ways you customize your Aweber training video package.
  • Also included is a 21 page report you can give away for free (already linked to the Squeeze page and the Thank-You page)
  • Plus the 7 (monetized) autoresponder follow up emails that you easily plug into your Aweber account as I show you in video 09 of the Aweber training video series.
* 10+ minute training video (854x480 MP4)
* Squeeze Page
* Pre-Confirmation Page
* Thank-You Page
* 7 monetized follow up autoresponder messages
* PSD image source files
* 21 page report for your free give away

Like Chocolate & Peanut Butter, this bonus and these Aweber training videos go great together!

Remember, you have everything to gain and ZERO to lose with my iron-clad 100% 30 day money back guarantee!

DISCLAIMER: This site and the product for sale are in NO WAY owned or controlled by AWeber Communications, Inc. The AWeber domain, logos and service marks are trademarked and owned by AWeber Communications, Inc. This site and the products and services offered on this site are not associated, affiliated, endorsed, or sponsored by AWeber, nor have they been reviewed, tested or certified by AWeber.
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Re: [Aweber Simplified] Autoresponder Training Videos
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C'mon man, this doesn't qualify as an WSO.....
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Re: [Aweber Simplified] Autoresponder Training Videos
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Content seems to be fine...
I am thinking the price is bit high for this WSO..
What do others think about this WSO?
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Re: [Aweber Simplified] Autoresponder Training Videos
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I have bought his products several times and they're of good quality. It's true that this isn't a WSO price, though.
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