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workoutstuff1 1st January 2015 08:26 PM

Launch Bible Review and Bonuses - Alex Jeffreys Product Launch Formula
Launch Bible Review


Alex Jeffreys Gives You FULL ACCESS To His Best Kept Secrets To Creating Successful Product Launches

Alex Jeffreys puts out some of the most amazing products the IM world has ever seen, and now he has struck gold once again with his latest product creation sensation - LAUNCH BIBLE!!!

BOTTOM LINE - If you are looking to make some major money without having to jump through a lot of hoops, NOTHING compares to having your own product. With your own product you control how it is put together, who promotes it, and when it is launched.

Sadly, most people think that putting together their own product is about as much fun as pulling teeth. :(

Their thinking is, if putting together your own product was really that simple, everyone would be doing it (and making money), RIGHT???

But in Launch Bible, Alex Jeffreys shows you that it really IS that simple!

The reason why so many people fail miserably with their product launch is that they do not take out the time to do the proper amount of niche research!

~ But why is niche research so important? ~

Because there is NO POINT in making products that no one wants to buy!!!

Here is something to think about:

Once Upon A Time...

there were companies that made the best buggy whips that money could buy. People would come from miles around to buy these buggy whips because people needed a good quality buggy whip to keep their horses in line as they were pulled around town in their beautifully crafted wooden carriages.


And so is the need for a good buggy whip...

THE POINT IS - if you don't do your niche research, you are just like someone who is trying to create the perfect buggy whip in a world filled with people driving fully loaded automobiles!!!

Alex Jeffreys teaches you how to be not only the person who prospers from the automobile, but also the one who makes THE MOST MONEY from it! Its just a simple matter of knowing what trends are hot, and what trends are not.

Not to mention, one of the best things about Alex's product is that you can use this to create any product you want (even if it is not an IM product). You can create a product in an area of your own expertise or someone else's. Doesn't matter which route you choose because you can STILL MAKE MONEY EITHER WAY!

~ The only thing you are limited by is your imagination ~

In the Launch Bible, Alex Jeffreys doesn't hold back when it comes to giving people top quality information on how to conduct a successful product launch.

Some Major Points Covered In Alex's Training:
  • Outlining the REAL definition of a “product launch”

  • How to spot trends that can lead to money in your pocket

  • How to decide the best time to launch your product

  • A secret technique Alex uses to pick out popular niches to create products in


And just when you didn't think it could get any better, the Launch Bible comes packed to the brim with bonus products!!!
  • The Launch Bible “Secret Case Files”

  • The Product Launch Survival Guide

  • Done For You “4 Page Cash Templates”

And as a special treat, you get Alex Jeffrey's Black Book Resource Guide – these are Money Making Resourses USED BY ALEX JEFFREY'S HIMSELF!!!

Plus, you will have access to a Live Group Q & A Mastermind Session where you will be able to ask as many questions as you want in order to help ensure your success with your next product launch.

And this just wouldn't be an Alex Jeffrey's product without a “Fly On The Wall” video, this one featuringAlex Jeffrey's traffic guy who will show you all the inside tricks to getting evergreen traffic to your offers.


The Launch Bible is set up on a dime sale so the longer you wait, the more you will end up paying for this incredible set of information on how to conduct a successful product launch!

workoutstuff1 2nd January 2015 08:25 PM


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