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Mr. Ken Russell 28th February 2015 12:18 PM

EZTrader - Can You Really Make Money With EZTrader?
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EZTrader (Eurozone) is a CySEC regulated stoke broker firm whose license number is 213/13. WGM Service Limited are the core owners, and their main office is situated at 11 Vizantiou Street, Office 401, Strovolos, and Nicosia, Cyprus.

Their contacts are +44-20-3608-1951 for the United Kingdoms, Germany 0-800-723-7958 and +39-024-032-6012 for Italy.

In a world full of pyramid schemes, it is better to know a company’s legal affairs. EZTrader is legit in everything that it does. Apart from their CySEC license, it has permits from the relevant authorities like the United Kingdom’s Financial Conduct Authority (FCA), German Federal Financial Supervisory Authority (BaFin) and the Italian Securities and Exchange Commission (CONSOB).

In 2008, EZTrader was the first business entity to launch binary options trading. Binary option is a type of trade option where payment takes the form of money, assets of anything. Trading is done using binary options systems, it enables users to perform binary options trades. These business options include;

· Stocks of 50 countries, for example, Apple, Barclays, and Google.

· Indices like, FTSE 100, S&P 500, or NASDAQ100

· Currency pairs- Euro and US Dollar

· Commodities-silver and gold

Benefits of trading through EZTrader include:

· The use of binary trade options, which is easy to access online. An operator can monitor the price deviation of choices and make accurate predictions of price direction, either appreciating or fluctuating.

· EZTrader gives an accurate estimation of price direction of stocks within a previously cited period with returns as high as 95%.

· Due to easy online access, EZTrader can keep its customers informed on trade trends. The users are updated with any change that may occur in the stock exchange prices.

· The EZTrader has invested in 24-hour support systems that ensure there are no regional or time barriers. It enables users to access their binary options systems and perform trades regardless of their location or time zone.

· EZTrader makes available to users, possible outcomes of certain binary trade options to before they place their trades.

· In addition, it gives traders the opportunity to buy a number of expiring times, including one hour, daily or weekly trading time frames

· To new users, the EZTrader offers a systematic, detailed guide on how to trade using binary options system. These may come in the form of written materials, tutorials, or video training course.

· The company also offer the users trade advice on trading strategies in order to maximize their stock options.

· EZTrader provides applications for mobile phones, whether android or apple and have PC suited binary options systems. It enables users to trade from virtually anywhere in the world.

EZTrader is one of the best stockbrokers in the world and investing in this firm is a very promising venture. The terms and conditions are flexible to the public and aimed at safeguarding trader's money from con artists. EZTrader is located online via the website EZTrader.com, and also application process of its systems. Instead of giving shady fortune 100 companies your savings to invest for you, join the binary system of EZTrader and watch your money grow. To sum up, do not forget to read more about EZTrader from its official website and make sure to contact them incase of anything.

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Mr. Ken Russell 1st March 2015 10:05 AM

Re: EZTrader - Can You Really Make Money With EZTrader?
Longevity is a crucial metric for the success of any brokerage, but more importantly for binary options brokers. Because clients don’t actually own the stock, they have to rely on brokers to track asset prices and honorably pay out if they make a successful call.

Operating since 2008, EZTrader is regarded as one of the pioneers of online binary options trading. The trading platform has been touted as the most popular in the industry owing to its simple operation. Not only does it have longevity to boast about, but it became a CySEC regulated broker in 2013. This means it acquired some financial obligations and responsibilities that it had to abide to in order to offer trading services to the public.

EZTrader- A Casino or real broker?

Acquired by Win Gaming Media Inc. (WGM) in 2011, EZTrader is one of the most recommended brokers in the market. What makes it different from other providers is that they own a proprietary trading platform, an imperative aspect that generates client interest through product differentiation. The platform is simple to use and extremely popular that many of the company’s competitors have emulated it. One of the recent improvements of the company is the asses list 91, which is two times more than their previous amount. EZTrader also offers high, effective returns and near the top in the binary options industry (up to 95% for some assets).

EZTrader Trading Platform

Since its acquisition by WGM in early 2011, the binary options trading platform has undergone some major changes. The platform has a contemporary and professional look. It has prominent charts and graphs, which are easily customizable and simple to use. The graphs track the value of all assets in real time, and making a call or a put is just a click away. Some of the changes injected into the platform by the new management to improve the trading experience include:

· Sell option- this options allows traders to liquidate their winning trades before the expirer date, meaning no lock in profits. It also prevents the profits of clients from being wiped away by reversal trends.

· Reduced lock-out period- originally, EZTrader had a 15-minute lock-out period that promoted many complaints. This was reduced to 5 minutes, making the company operate at the same level as other leading platforms.

· No spreads- with the elimination of spreads, traders can find purchase prices of their call or put options similar to the execution price. This means more profit for traders.

EZTrader Payouts and Withdrawals

Payout levels are up to 90% on regular trades, and up to 250% on long-term trades; these are amongst the highest percentages in the industry. They also have bonuses which are quite extensive where traders can receive up to $2,000 as bonus. There is also a bonus of $250 for a minimum deposit of $500.

The withdrawal process is quite satisfying as well. They have a fast and straightforward process where once the review team provides the documentation, your withdrawal can be finalized within 24 hours.

In summary, EZTrader is a good broker that has proved itself to be reliable. It is regulated by CySEC, so clients can have a degree of confidence that their money is safe. The company is very competent in its operations and is definitely worth considering if you are looking for a binary options trading broker.

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dwierman 12th March 2015 01:36 PM

Re: EZTrader - Can You Really Make Money With EZTrader?
I lost 75% percent of my account within 5 days.. AVOID

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