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[MUST READ] Dark Post Profits 2 - Look & Review
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Click here to Get Dark Post Profits 2!

What is Dark Post Profits 2?
Dark Post profits is the ULTIMATE Facebook Ads course by Chris Record. Chris drew on his experience at making $50,000/month online through Facebook to create the ULTIMATE Facebook Ads course otherwise known as Dark Post Profits 2.0
Adding to this, Chris has gotten some of his expert friends who are generating 7 figure revenue on Facebook to add to the course in the 2.0 version of Dark Post Profits.
As it implies, Dark Post Profits has had a previous version so it isn’t a shot in the dark. (pun intended). Version 1 was HIGHLY recommended by numerous of It’s users and have helped people generate $10,000 | $20,000 | $50,000 | $100,000 incomes online! Check out some of these reviews here:

Here are more things that people have to say about Chris Record. Remember when you invest into a course or anything it’s important to know who’s behind it and their track record (it’s well known that businesses with good management team and an OK idea is invested more than an inexperienced team and a great idea!)

In similar pace, Dark Post Profits 2.0 (DPP 2) is a course written by Chris Record. This guy has gotten HUGE kudos for his work online and how he genuinely wants to help others. Read this excerpt from Chris himself about some of his motivation:

Finally, What is Dark Post Profits – it’s a comprehensive course about Facebook Ads to help you successfully create FB Ads in ideal situations. It’s useful if you’re looking to generate traffic, leads, or sales. Implicitly speaking, the course can help you learn how to make an income online. It has helped many others do so already. The nice thing about the course is the scalability and the experience. You’re not trying what “might” work base on someone speculation but you’re learning from people who have made money with Facebook Ads. Like a tour guide might be a good asset so too learning from others like Chris and his team of DPP 2.0 guest contributors. It should be noted as well that the amount of content in Dark Post Profits 2 is ridiculously HUGE but you don’t need it all to succeed. In part it’s because Chris also covers the bare basics that you need in case you have no clue about Facebook marketing.

Oh and you also get software that you need to scale a profitable campaign with DPP. Meaning you can take this up once you find it works. Keep scaling to increase your income.

How does Dark Post Profits 2.0 work?
Dark Post Profits 2.0 works by building on the success of Dark Post Profits. DPP 1 was already acclaimed as the BEST FB ads course online when it launched, Chris has taken the information and feedback then kicked things up a notch to bring you DPP 2.0.
DPP 2.0 continues to teach you about using Facebook posts ads effectively. It also provides you with software tools.

(1) FB Ads database – Access over 10,000 Facebook Ads and search the database by niche or keyword. Get an intuitive understanding of what ads works and what doesn’t! This is an invaluable asset which you likely might not get on your own. Chris and his team have scoured the web to provide this resource for you.

(2) Posts analysis – Save time by determining if a post is positive or negative through the tool with Dark Post Profits 2. The software tool analyzes the post and colors it base on it’s sentiments. This makes it easy for you to manage your Facebook posts ads especially if you’re doing it on scale (remember, Chris mentioned some of his students have made $10,000 to $100,000 a month – that can require a lot of ads. This makes it manageable for you to do!)

(3) Post manger – This is an essential tool if you intend on scaling this highly profitable technique. It allows you to view all your posts on to one manager feed so you can easily manage your pages’ posts on one platform. This will save you a lot of time and allow you to work faster and better than many competitors. It also allows you to scale things quicker!

To supplement these tools, you’re provided access to 100+ modules to learn from (of course, you can choose which you want to access and start from there). This value package is delivered in the form of videos for ease of learning, audio for on the go, and text if you want to get things written out. Dark Post Profits 2.0 has been catered to help you set an income online and maximize your learning. Chris Record seems to get significant utility (pleasure) from teaching others and seeing people succeed with the technique he shares. Importantly, what sets this course apart is the fact that it’s base on actual experience as oppose to theory and speculation. You learn from someone who has made $100,000 months with Facebook.

Adding to this, you also get loads of content from 6 and 7 figure marketers on Facebook Ads. This can expand your learning and help you duplicate their results in some measure. Remember if you want to make 7 figures, you don’t learn the technical how-tos from someone doing 5 figures. DDP 2.0 significantly loads your value expectation to sky rocket amounts. If you want to know more specifically about how Dark Post Profits work please comment bellow.

Who is Dark Post Profits for?
Dark Post Profits is more than a FB Ads course. It teaches you how to generate income and make money online through FB Ads. It allows you to sell anything on Facebook through effectively using Facebook posts ads. Whether you’re looking to sell eCommerce product, get sign-ups for your email list, new registrations to your start-up, or maybe a brick & motor – Dark Post Profits 2.0 is designed to help you.
If you’re into offline consulting this course is an absolute MUST get for the authority knowledge it will help you to acquire to promote your own business and to promote your clients’ businesses. This really stacks the value for offline consultants.
We’re going to take a little section in this post to identify who might best benefit from Dark Post Profits 2 in specific and some examples of how you might use it. Since there are so many possibilities, we’re going to simply highlight a few that I am most familiar with or most evident. In reality, you could use Dark Post Profits 2 regardless of the niche you’re in as long as you need traffic, leads and sales. If you own a business, website, or a promotional offer (CPA/Affiliate marketers) then you may be interested in seeing how you can get more profitable and make more revenue online with DPP 2.

Affiliate Marketers – First off, Affiliate marketers will likely find Dark Post Profits 2 to be incredibly wise investment. DPP 2 teaches you how to promote affiliate and CPA offers on Facebook while sticking within the guidelines. It’s said Facebook doesn’t really like affiliate marketers although they do if you know what you’re doing. Dark Post Profits 2 shows you how to use this lesser known Facebook posts ads to your advantage and get profitable campaigns. It provides the tools you need to do so and to scale effectively. For this reason Dark Post Profits 2 can help an affiliate marketer make even more money online or learn how to do so.

Businesses – Likewise business owners will find Dark Post Profits to be accessible. Dark Post Profits 2 covers very advance and experience-based information for experts although Chris Record understands not everyone using the course will already have the background knowledge. Therefore you can expect that Dark Post Profits 2 fully covers the basic (it has to within the 100+ modules!) so you can get the foundations before building on to your knowledge and making a profit with it.

SEO – How does Dark Post Profits 2 help with your SEO? Excellent question, SEO is getting more organic in focus. You cannot fool Google’s algorithm in the long haul – you have to build your site’s authority and content. This involves a process of investing to your website user experience and getting traffic to our page so you can build organic backlinks. This is the steady and safe way of doing SEO that works! Dark Post Profits 2 can help you drive loads of interactive users to your website which can be a catalyst to building organic backlinks. Hence, you’re not only getting excellent traffic, you’re investing into your website when using FB Ads with DPP 2.

Video marketers – Dark Post Profits 2 allows you to take your viral videos viral! If you’re making videos with Explaindio, Easy Sketch Pro, or VideoMakerFX…you easily already have one piece of the puzzle. You can now get the attention you need to those videos with DPP and FB post ads. Don’t let your perfectly crafted video go to waste, let it get the attention it needs and see if you’re able to make it go viral. If it goes viral you get a whole lot of “FREE traffic” and attention to your videos.

Offline Consultants – Offline consultants would greatly benefit from using Dark Post Profits 2. Facebook Marketing is being a crucial element to any effective promotions for business. There are numerous ways you might use DPP 2 to get your clients exclaiming over the results and business they have received thanks to your expertise (learnt on DPP ). Consider running Facebook post ads for your clients’ promotion. Maybe run a promotion for getting more clients yourself! A Facebook post ad is non intrusive and allows you more room to tell your story, your benefits, and how you can help them! Used correctly, this will be a POWERFUL tool.

In conclusion, DarkPostProfits 2 (DPP 2) is suitable for anyone looking to use Facebook to drive traffic, leads and sales. If you’re looking to make money online and generate an income DPP 2 would be very appealing to you. The benefit about using paid ads like Facebook post ads is that you can drive traffic whenever you want. There’s less uncertainty as may exist with other forms like SEO (though the traffic quality is good). Adding to this, Chris has put together a comprehensive A-Z course with Dark Post Profits 2.0; it helps to have a handle on the rails as you learn the basics to advance techniques to driving traffic and converting it. DarkPostProfits 2 is likely one of the most comprehensive course that teach you practical skills to making money online (beyond the ability to make money with affiliate marketing you also learn skills that can be used in the workplace). Lastly it’s scalable! This is really important. See how some have made $10,000 while others made $50,000 or even $100,000? That’s the nice thing about scalability basically finding something that works and being able to ramp up your efforts to focus on what bears fruit rather than what doesn’t. Imagine if something was profitable but only sufficient in traffic to support $30/day? Facebook Ads is HUGE and very scalable once you get the concepts right as you learn in Dark Post Profits 2. I should add as well that the opportunity to learn from other 6 and 7 figure Facebook marketers adds tremendous value and opens many other options beyond the Facebook post ads traditionally taught in DPP 2.

Who is Chris Record:
Chris Record is a legend with Facebook marketing. His experience ranges beyond FB ads and started with web design which progressed to SEO. Chris has been making money online since 1998. He’s gone through what many of you might have already tried. After his first $20,000/month online in early 2000’s with Google Adsense, he soon realized the opportunity with FB Ads in 2008. Catching on to the trend (similar to how Google Ads may have been easy to profit early.) and soon netted his first $50,000/month leveraging Facebook.

This inspired Chris to proceed and teach others how they can achieve sustainable results online. The training program was in the form of public speaking events at prestige marketing conferences. After significant experiences in teaching others to make money online; Chris decided to create Dark Post Profits 1.0. It was the most comprehensive course on FB Ads marketing at the time and was well received. Importantly, many people were helped by it; many were able to set up a sustainable income online.
The success of DPP 1.0 is now compounded to DPP 2.0 as Chris put to it again to create another stellar product. You can tell this guy does it for more than the revenue involved. He seems to have a genuine interest in teaching and helping others (check out this review here)

Beyond that, Chris Record is a family man with values. He isn’t the kind of person that goes out there on an intent to mislead. This is what really sets Dark Post Profits apart from most other courses that seem sleazy rehash information. This content is built on experience, feedback, and actual practices Chris has used to make money with Facebook. (reference the earnings above - $10,000+/month for many students)

Dark Post Profits in Conclusion:
The original version of Dark Post Profits has helped students earn as much as $10,000/month + $20,000/month + $50,000/month and even $100,000/month. To say that it’s a success would be an understatement. Success measured more by the amount of positive reviews it earned but the value it delivered to the students of Dark Post Profits.

What I especially like about Dark Post Profits 2.0 is that Chris Record has included the software you require to make this work more efficiently. This will save you time and money. It’s available only exclusively with DPP as well. This is what Chris Record has designed to complement the course.

Effectively, you have the know how and the tools when you get Dark Post Profits 2.0. If you’re a newbie looking to make money online (with no clue about internet marketing) this would be a great aid to you because of how detail orientated and complete the course is.

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Re: [MUST READ] Dark Post Profits 2 - Look & Review
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Dark Post Profits 2 Bonus.

We're going to be offering ONE Warrior the ULTIMATE Dark Post Profits 2 Bonus! This is being extended TODAY (March 14, 2015) and will be expired when the next Warrior purchases Dark Post Profits 2 from here.

THE ULTIMATE Dark Post Profits 2 Bonus:
We're going to give you a power pack combination to help you make a good return on your investment and complement what you learn in DPP 2 with this bonus.
1) $50 Facebook Ad Coupon:
2) $200 Bing Ads coupon:

3) SEO Power Pack ($500 Value): We're going to provide the ultimate SEO package with your Dark Post Profits 2 bonus. Dark Post Profits 2 will be a good complement to this SEO package as you are able to go for the long haul with SEO traffic and also get similar if not better quality traffic using search engines.
- Press Release Writing ($30 Value):
- Press Release Distribution ($20 Value):
- Social Promotion ($20 Value):
- Social Promotion ($30 Value):
- Guest Posting ($50 Value):
- Contextual Links ($15 Value):
- Authority Contextual Links ($20 Value):
- Authority Contextual Links ($20 Value):
- Guest Posts Promotion ($150 Value):

- Finally we'll toss in SEO Ultimate 2015 to provide you a better understanding about SEO as well. SEO and Dark Post Profits 2 can go very well together as with DPP 2 you get the organic traffic you need to complement your SEO efforts. Search engine traffic is an excellent form of web traffic that converts typically well.

More Internet Marketing Products and Reviews:
Explaindio Version 2: Explaindio 2.0 has been released by Andrew Darius and the Explaindio team which features more updates to the already successful video software. It helps you to create videos for marketing without the technical skills. If you're using Dark Post Profits you can use Explaindio 2 to create videos for your website or lead pages. It's an excellent tool that can be very flexibly used.
Video Skins review - Video Skins is here and you have to check it out. Even though Dark Post Profits may not be directly associated with Video Skins; you can benefit from using a powerful tool like Video Skins if you are doing anything with getting traffic online through video. Make more with your traffic through video interactions and attention getting buttons.Brand your video on your sales pages too using video skins!
TubePilot Reviewed - Read our review about TubePilot and learn how you can use it with Dark Post Profits 2. TubePilot can multiply your efforts of backlink building and affiliate marketing.

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