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[MUST READ] New Easy Web Video Generator by Todd Gross.
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Note: Easy Web Video was first conceptualized in 2004. Shawn has put a lot of work and support to making EWV a helpful tool to help internet marketers. There are several "versions" and renditions of Easy Web Video. Make sure you pick the right one for you. In this thread, we'll cover some of the main versions of Easy Web Video you can read up on much like our Local Whiteboard Video Producer thread.
Easy Web Video Generator (NEW - July 20, 2015): Easy Web Video Generator is easily one of the BEST rendition of the Easy Web Video brand. With the generator version you can create upload videos with a unique rounded shape (much like a profile picture) for attention and you can even create videos within EWV Generator.
Easy Web Video Lead Generator (April 5, 2015): Easy Web Video Lead Generator is a unique version of Easy Web Video that allows you to integrate call to action right within your video player. It's an excellent way to capture your audience attention while they watch your content and create email lists from your videos.

Easy Web Video Generator
Easy Web Video Generator has been released on July 20, 2015 by Todd Gross and Shawn Pringle. Within 24 hours they have already sold over 500 copies because of it's feature reach video player (and video creator).

=> Click here to get your copy of Easy Web Video Generator

Easy Web Video Lead Generator
Many of you should be familiar that Easy Web Video has been recently made available on April 3, 2015. This unique lead generator software is designed to turn wasted traffic into valuable leads by presenting your users with a captivating video lead capture upon leaving.

Having seen it in action myself, it’s a one of a kind tool that would likely even help you reduce your bounce rate. (meaning it can be getting you more money from your existing traffic while aiding with your search engine rank placements). The best part being the "customizability" of the tool, where you’re able to set when the user sees the video exit popup so you can time your lead capture strategically to complement your user experience (or reduce bounce rate).

In this thread, we’re going to take a closer look at EWV-LG or Easy Web Video Lead Generator. I’ll cover what it is in further detail, how it works, and who it’s for. Finally, don’t miss out on some value added Easy Web Video bonuses made available for you.

What is Easy Web Video Lead Generator (EWVLG)
Easy Web Video Lead generator is a video exit popup and a lead generator software. It was the collaboration between video expert and former weather man, Todd Gross, with Shawn Pringles who is the mastermind of EWVLG. The duo set forth to build a game-changing tool that could be easily implement on ANY website. The purpose was to make your website more profitable and turn your traffic into leads! I’m glad to report they have done so successfully.

While Easy Web Video was designed to help you generate leads from the traffic you already have, it actually does more than that.

(1) Reduce bounce rateBounce rate are a BIG thing today, use EWV to keep your users on your website longer for the 5 second benchmark with an auto play video that can be activated upon an exit action. The easy web video exit popup engages your audience while minimizing early on annoyance and maximizing time on-site with another opportunity to turn your traffic into revenue.

(2) Build your list – How would you like to build your list without any further work than simply uploading a video and using EWVLG? This is what EasyWebVideo is designed to do. It can help you turn traffic that would be lost into leads on demand (selectively). You can even set a timer to launch the video pop-up on specific time such as when your readers have been on site for 30 seconds ensuring their interest before a lead capture form.

(3) Price staging – Use Easy Web Video to present special offers to selective customer base who may otherwise have not purchased your product or offer. This allows you to send a tailored message to these audience segments allowing you to better convert traffic into leads and sales. (as you know the power of segmentation)

Effectively, the long-short of Easy Web Video is that this lead generator software does more than that, it’s a tool to make your website traffic MORE profitable with minimal additional effort (marginal costs are minimized).

Now, this opens huge opportunities to (1) access new traffic avenues (2) remain competitive with paid traffic sources by outbidding your competitors and still remain profitable (3) create more value with your website – effectively, you get paid more for the same amount of work. You can now invest more time into the current content you have with greater returns. Alternatively, when you sell your site as well, with the higher profit margins and revenues you would likely be able to fetch more profit from the sale! (now considering that sites typically are valued at 12 times monthly profit, imagine if Easy Web Video can boost your site income by $100/month through making use of these traffic that would typically be loss, what value would that add to you?)

That’s the incredible value proposition of Easy Web Video. Having taken a look at the tool myself, I am impressed with the versatility and easy to use implementation that reduces the amount of time you need to implement EWVLG while maximizing your returns on investment.

Todd Gross and his team at Easy Web Video have put a lot of thought and effort into making the tool user friendly and easy without any technical expertise. You can edit the page with a WYSIWYG editor which means you don’t need complicated coding, you can integrate your auto responder service like aWeber or iContact directly within EWVLG settings so you can use their built in, and highly effective lead capture forms. We’ll cover more about how EasyWebVideo works in the following section.

How does EasyWebVideo lead generator software work?
Learn more about how to use Easy Web Video Lead Generator and how this powerful and effective tool can be used so easily and versatile on any website you have.

(1) Integrate your email list: EasyWebVideo allows you to use their pre-developed templates so you can plug and play simply by adding the API code and connecting with your iContact, aWeber, or GetResponse account. It’s easy to begin using Easy Web Video – Todd and Shawn have carefully designed it to be so. In this manner, even the non-technical individuals or family businesses can use EWVLG and harness the power of this exit pop-up without a significant learning curve.

(2) Create your web video exit popup: The next element you require to use EasyWebVideo is a simple video you wish to present on your video exit pop-up. There are many options for this and it depends on your choice of usage; whether to use EWV as a lead capture, an additional opportunity to sell, or a video introduction.
You may wish to use a professional video monologue of yourself for a video introduction or a simple whiteboard story video captivating your audience for another opportunity to sell (it's also great for reducing bounce rate and selling your service/product benefits again). If you’re using it to stage your prices, you can use either option above as well.
Enter the video link and you’re set to use EWVLG on your website. It’s very simple and no messy coding required.

(3) Edit your exit popup WYSIWYG: Finally, edit your pop-up page as you wish and do it as you see it. There’s no need to learn HTML or code. You can edit in text and simply drag and drop pictures within the WYSIWYG editor. It’s easy to use and you can customize your call to action or headers as you wish in minutes.

By this stage you have a functioning exit video popup using Easy Web Video as is. Now you can copy and paste for your website and there you have it! An engaging video pop-up that take your user’s attention as they are about to leave your website, providing another opportunity to sell your traffic, capture a lead, or simply reduce your bounce rate for better SEO.
If you can reduce your bounce rate, this will be a tremendous value because it will make your SEO multiples more effective reducing your cost in the long run with SEO! (while getting excellent, high quality search engine traffic). This in itself makes EasyWebVideo a must have tool in my opinion.

(4) Optional - Collect leads: Next, as mentioned you may choose to use EasyWebVideo to gather leads from your traffic. This means you can turn traffic into leads easier. Leads are tangible value to you.

(5) Optional - Passive funnel: Then use the leads to be funneled from your Auto Responder to a passive funnel that turn leads into customers and revenue. This can be a good venue to automate your processes and generate more profits without the marginal work over the long run.
Imagine, having such a powerful system so all you need to focus on is creating the traffic and knowing that Easy Web Video can help you generate revenue from your traffic by combining your auto responder with the leads from EWV-LG. Email Marketing Essentials: The Keys to Email Marketing that Works

It’s a passive and powerful funnel that can give you a good return in profit and revenue! We hope this briefly expanded on how Easy Web Video Lead generation works.

Who is Easy Web Video for?
Webmasters – Webmasters would find EasyWebVideo to be an incredible and versatile tool; it allows you to engage your audience one last time before they leave. How would you like to convince your traffic that your website is worth their time - a second chance before they click the exit button. Since Easy Web Video is smart enough to launch on behavior when your users are about to leave, you have one more chance to engage your audience and generate profit. The setting is easy to use by choosing when you want the video exit popup to be launched.
Importantly, bounce rate is becoming increasingly important for SEO ranks and sustainability. Use Easy Web Video to drop your bounce rate with these video exit pop-up; they auto-play and keep your audience on page.

Affiliate marketers – Affiliate marketers will find Easy Web Video to be an indispensable resource once they get their hands on it. We all know the power and importance of leads, Easy Web Video LG allows you to turn traffic that may otherwise be wasted into leads. This means you do not distract your audience while they are on your page but as they are about to leave, you can turn that exit into a lead with the video exit popup from EasyWebVideoLG. It’s an excellent way to get more value, more profits directly from your traffic and build a passive income (through managing your leads) while creating immediate profit from the traffic (that chooses not to leave).

Offline consultants – Offline consultants can use Easy Web Video creatively for their clients especially those in the service business. Impress your clients by allowing them to directly connect with prospective customers through EWVLG timed pop-up. Beyond being an video exit popup tool, EWV can also operate simply upon a time usage. So imagine this, when your client’s prospective customers have browsed around the site, a popup comes up allowing them to directly see your client on video and build a good rapport while sharing a purposeful message with a call to action (to a lead).
This can help your clients’ site be more effective as a lead generating machine, many web users want the personal face to face connection that is sorely lacking online. Implementing this technique using Easy Web Video can set your clients’ site ages above their competitors and get them better results. Thanks to EWV-LG flexible pop-up feature you can appear as a game changer without much additional effort. (get them to create a welcome and pre-sell video benefits then upload the details on EWV while setting the timed popup screen. Value added service that's easy for you to do. You only need to choose a fitting and professional background and you’re good to go! )

Small Business owner – If you’re a small business owner looking to take your site up another notch then, Easy Web Video LG is an ideal opportunity to differentiate yourself from competitors. Your website provides first impressions for your customers; take this opportunity to stand out and make sure your business sticks in their mind. Similar to how an offline consultant might impress their clients with EWVLG, you can use Easy Web Video yourself because of the intuitive design that makes EWV easy to use even if you’re not technical. Here's more about the benefits of video

Product owner – Finally, product owners will find EasyWebVideo to be quite possibly the MOST important tool they have found in recent times. It serves a three fold purpose for e-commerce and digital products.
(1) Get better conversions/sales! - Present your product to engage your audience with a personal message to connect because people buy from whom they know and not strangers
(2) Get more leads & passive revenue – turn traffic that is about to leave into leads. This basically allows you to profit without any additional effort into generating traffic. Now each hit you send your website has greater value to you allowing you to be more profitable and access traffic sources that your competitors may not otherwise be able to do without Easy Web Video
(3) Price Discrimination made easy – Now, you can get your customers that might otherwise have left without purchasing to become paying customers. How does this work? Well if a customer finds your product too pricey you can use the exit pop-up to present a highlighted list of benefits with an even lower pricing like some of those successful sales pages in the form of a promotional video which works even better than current solutions or direct video blog. Doing so will increase your bottom line significantly.

This is only a limited list of the top functional groups who may benefit from Easy Web Video LG. In reality, anyone who owns a website and has admin access could benefit from EWV-LG because it allows you to make your traffic more profitable – how would you like to be able to earn more money without putting any extra work into promoting your website or generating traffic?

EXTRA – Tips on how to use EWV:
We've already expanded on how to use EasyWebVideo above although here are some further clarification of how you might wish to use the lead generator software tool.

Easy Web Video allows you to take a standard exit pop up and draw more attention to it by incorporating a video. Many internet marketers already understand the value of using an exit pop up for lead generation but this takes things up a notch by making your audience drawn to the pop up.

Easy Web Video has a timer and behavior activation method that allows versatility of use. You can incorporate it onto any website you manage and create leads from traffic that is on your page or about to leave. Use the timer to ensure the audiences that are interested in your product get presented the opportunity to learn more. Maybe you may choose to use the exit behavior to make use of traffic that might have gone to waste. This Easy Web Video Lead Generator exit pop up is the 2.0 of the tools currently available.

BONUS – Easy Web Video Lead Generator Bonus: I truly am of the opinion that Easy Web Video provides tremendous value to the end user already. I’d like to stack on the value even further for you.

We at SEOtProsperity are providing some value added bonuses to Easy Web Video Lead Generator on this Warrior Forum special offers thread. You don’t want to miss this; unlike a bunch of PLR junk, these are bonuses that will actually help you.

Social Promotions ($20 Value): First off, we’re going to help you start off your SEO campaign with some social promotions. This will be a great opportunity to get some buzz and traffic which will set a platform for further SEO promotions you do to be more effective.
We can help with that as well if you send a message via PM. These will be EWV bonus exclusive offer that will complement this social promotion to your website and create better RESULTS for reasonable prices!

SEO Ultimate 2015 ($25 Vaue): Search engine traffic is by far one of the best avenue of traffic online. With this Easy Web Video Lead Generator bonus, we’re going to give you a copy of SEO Ultimate 2015 which will help you to optimize your website better and promote it creatively online for real results and traffic! This is not theory but what we have done previously.

Cool link Product ($30 Value): This script will help you with your website and the link redirect feature is useful for affiliate marketers, webmasters, and business owners alike.
Redirect users base on geography or link referral. We created this script because we had a personal need for it and so you know it’s tested with having used it ourselves. If you’re getting Easy Web Video Lead Generator, you’ll want this as well!

We hope you appreciate these value added EWV bonuses. If you have any questions please send me a PM or post bellow. Thanks for reading our EWV thread.

BONUS – Bing Ads Coupon:
Get started with traffic generation to your website using this $200 in free Bing Ads coupons that will allow you to test the value EWV-LG can bring immediately. This would translate to about 20,000 targeted hits depending on your niche which is plenty of traffic to build a profitable list!

More Internet Marketing Product Information:
VideoMotionPro - If you're interested in making full use of video marketing then you got to check out Video Motion Pro by Josh Ratta. Todd Gross of EasyWebVideo is even recommending it. The powerful software allows you to easily edit videos in a simple UI. You can also create videos and easily add intro/outro (for better call to action)/logo animation, lower thirds animation along with green screen editing or screen capture/screen casting. It's a powerful software wrapped into one, Video Motion Pro is a must have tool for any video marketer or anyone using video to sell or communicate to their clients for that matter.
Swift Member - Easy Web Video can be use to promote your new Swift Member, membership website. This is an effective combination for any product owners. You can add Swift Member to create a membership portion to your current product for recurring income or perhaps use Swift Member to create a completely new product. It can also be use to license software or desktop programs. A very versatile tool that can complement your Easy Web Video asset easily. Now you can have the sales/promotion machine & the solid platform/product to back it up.
Explaindio 2.0 - Explaindio Video Creator have recently been upgraded by it's developers, Andrew Darius, this explainer video software helps clients to create professional animated videos, whiteboard scribe videos and even green screen videos. Read our Warrior Forum Explaindio 2 thread for more information and bonuses!
Marketing Inc 2 - Another recent development in internet marketing is Marketing Inc 2 which is a course by Glen Allsopp and his best friend, Diggy. The two set forth to create an effective course to teach anyone how to start their own successful niche marketing business with the skills they already have. This course has accomplished what it has set forth to do; now Marketing Inc 2.0 is even better with updated content and more case studies from their students who have done so successful. Read our thread to learn more about Marketing Inc 2 and a bonus that you CANNOT go without!
Explaindio Video Creator 2 - Explaindio Video Creator 2.0 is released and you cannot go without it if you've gotten Easy Web Video. Imagine being able to create unlimited video for a one time yearly fee. Videos that are professionally presented and crafted. all variety of videos and numerous options without the technical skills you typically need to do it is possible with Explaindio Video Creator 2.0
Video Drill SAAS - Video Drill is a new video service as a software (which allows you to use the software online) to help you make more with your videos. Easy Web Video Generator can help you to get more from your video player but Video Drill can help you use Youtube advertising more effectively to get more from your video by having more view your video (although you can't combine Video Drill with Easy Web Video player unfortunatley as it has to be a Youtube video.) Still you can get more from the same video work you've already done simply by using Video Drill easily.

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Re: [MUST READ] New Easy Web Video Lead Generator by Todd Gross.
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Todd Gross has launched Instant Video Machine. If you're a fan of Todd's products then don't forget to check it out as well.

Sam Bakker and Brad Spencers have released another video player called Video Skins much like Easy Web Video Generator. The difference is that Video Skins is specifically a video player software which means it has a whole lot of cool features. you can even add lead capture and survey your customers DIRECTLY in your video. Furthermore you can also brand your video skin with Video Skins. It's an excellent video player although unlike Easy Web Video you cannot create videos with the tool; so if you have Explaindio or VideoMakerFX and needing an effective video player to get more results then check it out.

Joel Comm has now released Whiteboard Power Kit and Easy Vector Editor which trumps his previous whiteboard graphics packet by providing you with a huge list of whiteboard graphics and the ability to customize them as you wish. Now you can make your whiteboard graphics more fitting to what you want to display on your whiteboard videos. This is an excellent packet for anyone with Explaindio or Video Maker FX software. Save money on subscription whiteboard graphics.

Easy Web Video by Todd Gross would help you to get more interaction from your videos although TubePilot is a tool by Sam Bakker which was recently released which would help you to get more from your videos on Youtube. It's a useful video marketing tool for those doing Youtube marketing.

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Re: [MUST READ] New Easy Web Video Generator by Todd Gross.
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Easy Web Video generator is an excellent tool for internet marketers and video marketers. I wonder if Tod Gross will be releasing any further versions of Easy Web Video generator. Sam Bakker likes to create new products like Audience Drill and Video Drill (new software being Member Factory) while Todd appears to build onto the older ones.

So long as it adds value, it's good for the internet marketing community.

YouZign 2.0 - YouZign 2 is now here. | MemberFactory - Read our Member Factory review and bonus. Don't miss it. SEO Small Business Package!|SyncLeads review - Read our Sync Leads bonus and review. |VidProtect
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