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HanifQ 22nd April 2015 01:05 PM

UNCUT Targeting Inspector v2.0 Review & Bonus [Fast Profit] Strategies

Targeting Inspector v2.0 is a brand new software that helps Facebook marketers better target audiences and increase their ROI. In addition to my Targeting Inspector review, I'm also including some informative social media news articles as well:

How Facebook Has Revolutionized Advertising's Standards

With social networking jumping on the bandwagon, advertising as we once knew it has been completely revolutionized. New and more interactive ways of conducting business have sprung forth and with good reason. Nearly one billion people have a Facebook account alone. That doesn't even begin to count the persons who have Twitter and Google+ account. To make advertising in such venues even more attractive, it's important to note that of this one billion, at least sixty percent of them are on their accounts daily. Thus, advertising has taken Facebook by storm. With so many people exploring social networks a business can capitalize upon the ability to reach a larger audience with minimal effort and even better, part of that advertising is free. That's right, free. While other sites are relying upon cookies, Facebook has made it better than ever by making it easy to target exact clients who might be interested in such businesses.

As Facebook shifts from the traditional impressions to new impressions, it gives viewers a better opportunity to detail and share their interests and businesses are able to use this information to target their ads so that the clients that would be most interested in such businesses are going to see the ads and thus be able to find out about the business. The former system simply generated ads as people responded to ads that were viewed. The new system goes above and beyond and gives viewers more of what they're looking for. The new system uses metric visibility referred to as 'viewed impressions'. It appears to work well for advertisers. They are charged a small fee per view. As more viewers look at the ad, the price adjusts accordingly. The bottom line is that an advertisement can only entice customers when the right attention is given to the ads. Therefore, this service is of great value to advertisers who can gain a lot of business via such ads. Advertising agencies are now able to gauge the strength of such branding on the market. They can then determine whether or not to alter the products or pricing accordingly to gain more profits.

In an advertising world that was formerly ruled by click per thousand (or CPM) advertising, this is a huge boon to social networking like Facebook, Twitter and Google+. The viewed impressions have become a milestone achievement for many advertisers. The inefficiency of click per thousand is no longer and issue and it has helped to lower costs to affordable levels. This in turn has helped to improve the market response of such ads. Alongside agencies like the Media Rating Council or MRC, and Interactive Advertising Bureau or IAB, Social networks have been determined to create such viewed impressions as the web standard. Their reasoning is obvious in that they want their output to be guaranteed.

As users view the advertisement, the ad impression is recorded. After this the materials are loaded onto the viewers computer. Developers of this creation are of the belief that by creating a consistency, the advertisers money will go farther in creating good relations between customers and businesses in the future. Other Social Media sites are following suite and in time they will move advertising to an entirely new level on the Interwebs. As the changes take place, customers and businesses alike will all notice the improvements.

Artist To Fan Messaging: Pandora Direct

Pandora Now Allows Artists To Directly Message Fans

Record labels are saddened by the fact that now artists can directly contact their fans. Pandora has a new direct messaging set up that allows this contact and guess what, fans and artists love it. That's right. This new direct line allows them to communicate and strengthen their relationship. It's another form of promotion that's taken the Internet by storm. It's ideal for those artists on the mid tier and the Indie artist who haven't the means for distribution but they have great music selections. This opens up new venues for direct sales and marketing, as well as a great way to give away free music and materials to their fans thus improving the fan to artist connection.


The only way to improve upon this would be to create a strong system for stats and metrics so that artists can more readily track their followers as well as what they are thinking. A great way to thank their followers is to send them free videos and music and build up a rapport. In the age of music and artists no longer being required to sign full contracts this gives a special boon to artists everywhere. The value of such venues is beyond imagination and will go far in promotion for every artist.

How To Not Use It

There isn't anything worse than being spammed and if you're spammed by a favorite artist that would be horrible. The direct messaging set up does not allow for this unless the artist is repeatedly sending the same messages out time and again. Never should it be used to ask for money or expect a return from the customer. Instead, use it wisely to share new music and upcoming ventures.

Promotional Aid

It's ideal to utilize as a promotional aid. Here, the artist can send a link to their music and their blog. They can send video's as well. This could provide users with valuable content that will go far in gaining new listeners and retaining the old. However, most sites hope to keep their visitors on their own site so they may not allow this on Pandora for too terribly long before they nix it.

Being A Savvy Indie Artist

Now that there aren't so many ways to earn money from your music, the trend has shifted to merchandise and performance. They bring visitors in with the music, they keep them with the merchandise. That's where the money is. It doesn't take a rocket scientist to calculate all of this, just a savvy businessman who has watched the trends over the years.

In Summary

Clearly, the new direct message set up has implemented many great possibilities for marketers. By using it wisely and not wasting the opportunity, artists are now connected to their fans and have great potential to promote other content as well. It doesn't take a lot for artists to figure out who their biggest fans are. Now that artists are making more off of their merchandise, it's time to capitalize upon that and go forth and make their mark.

How To Use Facebook Place Tips In Order To Optimize Businesses

Facebook place tips are notifications that will pop up on your Facebook, your iPhone news feeds and where ever else it's set up. These tips will show likes and dislikes, comments that friends have made and other relevant information on businesses within your local area. These tips will help a business to become more popular and show how many people in the general area like said business. This is a great strategy for any small business to use in order to gain more visitors. It's a great optimizing strategy as well.

Optimize Facebook Pages

This is easy, just keep your page up to date and you'll have it optimized. Pay attention to your local area and see what the trends are.

Optimize Facebook Posts

Again, this is easy. Keep your page up to date. Use these tips. Keep all of your content fresh and people will view your pages more often.

Be Consistent

Double check that your visitors are being given plenty of fresh content. They want to see it and they won't see it if you're not keeping things up to date. When you're keeping pages up to date fans are much more likely to comment and add to it. When this program kicks in, your page will be able to select what content is displayed. New content will have a definite advantage over older content.

Sponsor In Store Events Often

Post events often to keep visitors coming back. The more you post the more potential you'll have to gain new visitors. It's quick and easy and well worth the effort. It only makes sense that regular posts will keep them coming back. Regular content will go far in helping you to encourage visitors. Keep tips relevant as well for best results.

Encourage Check Ins

This keeps your visitors engaged and will go far in helping you to secure more visitors. It will help you to gain more place tips as well. Don't forget to post flyers etc. in your regular place of business encouraging visitors to check your Facebook page out. Encourage a check in and offer a small discount or something.


Indulge in campaigns that invite customers to post pictures of themselves enjoying your place of business. They should share them on your page and post them on their wall. This will tell everyone on their friends list all about your business. What a great way to gain some free advertising. Create fun events and encourage your customers to share like this. It's great incentive for customers and will go far in helping you to spread the word. Re share the best posts on your wall time and again for even more visitors. Run contests for the best pictures of your customers having fun etc. Comment on reviews and thank your customers for sharing their pictures on your wall and theirs.

Promote Content

By indulging in such ads, you're targeting new customers. As place tips come to your area you'll already know how to use them and what to do. This can help you to create an algorithm with the capacity to show your business at its very best. Thus, you'll be exploiting Place Tips on your Facebook wall and improving your business. It's quick and easy and by following these tips, you'll achieve your goal.

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HanifQ 22nd April 2015 04:11 PM

Re: UNCUT Targeting Inspector v2.0 Review & Bonus [Fast Profit] Strategies

HanifQ 23rd April 2015 11:08 AM

Re: UNCUT Targeting Inspector v2.0 Review & Bonus [Fast Profit] Strategies
Targeting Inspector 2.0 revolves around 'proper targeting'... Take a look at the article below to get some supplemental information on Facebook targeting options:

3 Essential Facebook Targeting Options - PART 1

Are you interested in lowering the costs of your Facebook Ads and boosting your conversion rate? Of course you are, and what if you had hundreds of micro-targeting options at your disposal? In order to succeed in your marketing goals it is necessary to find the audience that will produce the most conversions.

This article contains three very effective Facebook options that will help you accurately reach the audience that will be most responsive to your ads. With the continued evolution of Facebook, as it tries to boost profits for its numerous shareholders, it has been churning out several advertising options that can be very effective for advertisers. The essential function of these advertising options is to provide precise targeting for specific demographics.

Back in 2013, some rumors began to circulate that Facebook was to be teaming up with some heavy-hitters of the data realm, Epsilon, Datalogix and Acxiom to mention a few, to make vast amounts of audience data available for major brands. The three data giants mentioned are not only accessing shopper loyalty programs, but also customer’s spending habits, information on demographics and an entire plethora of useful 411 on consumer activities online and offline .

You can now specifically target cat lovers who are interested in a cheese tour of Wisconsin, if you have a product or service for such a specific demographic.

HanifQ 23rd April 2015 11:10 AM

Re: UNCUT Targeting Inspector v2.0 Review & Bonus [Fast Profit] Strategies
Below is PART 2 of the article.....

1. Use Demographic Data to Refine Your Audience

As a consumer we may be initially concerned with the amount of information these companies have on us but as a marketer this is a gold mine of useful insights into consumer tendencies.

Facebook analyzes the information it collects from its users to provide a deeper knowledge on a target demographic. There was a time that this information was available only to “Class-A” advertisers working for multi-billion dollar corporations but now this is available to everyone via Facebook’s Ad Creator tool.

To take advantage of this software for yourself create an ad and open the Audience options, which is under the Text and Link Options. When you are there look for the “More Demographics” option and click. You will see that Facebook has a 10 categories of demographic targeting options, and each has its own sub categories. These amount to over 100 segmented demographics to choose from.

Facebook has already created a wide variety of highly populated demographics to select from. For example, when you select the “relationship” option you will notice two options “interested” in and “Relationship Status.” opening these options will reveal an all new variety of demographic options.

This means you will not be limited to a demographic of those “in a relationship” “single” or “divorced” but also those who consider themselves in a complicated or separated relationship, a civil union or a domestic partnership. Than each general option leads to many more specific demographics.

Each of the 10 primary demographic options contains several expanded choices. It is a good idea to review these well and have a working knowledge of what is available to you. Be sure to incorporate these valuable insights into your marketing strategies, the closer your connection with your customer the better service you can provide.

Keeping an intimate knowledge of how your demographics are segmented into various specific interests can give you the most important info you will need to better entice your customers. If you know where they go you know where to meet them.

(Also be sure to scroll up to read my Targeting Inspector v2.0 review & bonus)

HanifQ 23rd April 2015 12:35 PM

Re: UNCUT Targeting Inspector v2.0 Review & Bonus [Fast Profit] Strategies
Before reading PART 3 of this 4-part article, be sure to also read my Targeting Inspector review (scroll all the way to the top)....

2. Segment Interests to Lower Ad Costs

It seems only yesterday, though it was probably much longer ago, that the “interests” section was the only one that allowed online advertisers to specify a demographic. Based on the interests you think align with your product, Facebook can make some other suggestions or allow you to select from a list of related interests to further specify your demographic.

For this example, California Wine Country was selected as an interest and Facebook suggested these interests; Napa Valley, Food and Wine Magazine and Anthony Bourdain among others. Each general interest is accompanied by several other suggestions or related interests.

Be very focused when selecting your additional interest lists; these are crucially important to increasing your Click-Through rate (CTR) and lowering your Cost-Per-Click (CPC).

This is where having a working knowledge of your target demographic will really pay off; without a intimate knowledge of your customers interests and hobbies you will have a difficult time cutting the costs of your ads and increasing your ROI

HanifQ 23rd April 2015 12:37 PM

Re: UNCUT Targeting Inspector v2.0 Review & Bonus [Fast Profit] Strategies
Finally, below is PART 4 of the article, '3 Essential Facebook Targeting Options'....

3. Incorporate Behavior Targeting for High Conversion rate

Another great way of creating high conversion rates is by behavioral targeting, which is mostly a result of offline activities. Although it is a super heavy-duty marketing tool behavior marketing is also a whopping expense and can deplete your ad budget fairly quickly.

Of the three options- Demographics, interests and behavior targeting - Behavior targeting has been the most expensive in my experience. Choices for behavior targeting are varied and each category contains many choices. Always choose behaviors based off your target demographics offline activities.

Each behavior option contains detailed information, purchasing behavior is especially interesting to the intelligent marketer. Select from the list of subsets to further refine your choice of audience.

If you are marketing outdoor or sports equipment, for example, you could narrow the specifics of your target behavior to include only specific sports or high-end or low-end products depending on the spending habits of your target demographic.

If there's one big trick to Facebook advertising it is certainly this: Select the right audience. Luckily for advertisers Facebook provides you with the tools to make that choice much simpler. A genuine interest in your product, clients and the interests and behaviors they share will go along way in improving your conversion rate.

So take sufficient time to familiarize yourself with these major options, interests, behavior and demographics, then conduct a number of trial runs to see what sort of response you get. Soon the insights that are essential to your business will reveal themselves and you will be increasing your conversion rate significantly.

(Remember to scroll all the way to the top of this thread to read my In-Depth Targeting Inspector Review)

Andreo 28th April 2015 05:46 PM

Re: UNCUT Targeting Inspector v2.0 Review & Bonus [Fast Profit] Strategies
How is Targeting Inspector 2 different from Targeting Inspector 1 and Insight Hero?

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