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[MUST READ] Mobile Optimize Pro Review & M.O.P. Bonus (Make WordPress Mobile Friendly)
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Mobile Optimize Pro is a new tool released by Anthony and Brett to help make it EASY and QUICK to create a mobile-friendly (or responsive) version of your website. This is excellent if you want a one click solution or have large volumes of website (which will save a lot of time.

To further expand on this point, the benefit of having a mobile-friendly website is (1) user-friendly: to make sure your website caters to the increasing # of mobile users (2) search engine friendly: to capitalize on the benefit of search engine algorithm changes (3) more profits: get better conversion rates from your mobile traffic by making it mobile-friendly so users can more effectively respond to your ads, widgets, or content call to action.

On this thread, we hope to further explore Mobile Optimize Pro with (1) What is Mobile Optimize Pro (2) How does Mobile Optimize Pro work (3) Who is Mobile Optimize Pro for? Effectively, Mobile Optimize Pro is a tool to improve user experience, get more traffic, and convert your traffic better for better profits (whether it means more ads clicks, more sales, or more leads).

What is Mobile Optimize Pro:
Put it simply Mobile Optimize Pro is a one click tool to make your website responsive and mobile friendly. It works for WordPress sites and is installed as a plug-in so there's no messy code to be concerned about when making your website responsive.

Create Mobile Version of your Website:
First and foremost Mobile Optimize Pro is a WordPress plugin intended to help you create mobile version of website you manage. M.O.P will create your mobile version to ensure it's "mobile friendly" according to Google terms. You can test if your website is mobile friendly here (

This is done all in one click simply by activating the plug-in. You turn a site that previously was not mobile friendly to a nicely designed mobile-friendly design. The best part, with MobileOptimizePro is that it doesn't change the way that users view your website at all when visit it with a desktop.

Having a mobile friendly version of your website also opens more opportunity. You can better utilize mobile traffic which is becoming an increasing percentage of visitors and you can also even better use mobile ads which is typically less competitive. Mobile Optimize Pro provides you with an advantage over other websites that are not mobile friendly.

SEO WordPress Plugin:
Mobile Optimize Pro stresses itself as a SEO benefit plugin. With Google new algorithm requiring sites to be mobile-friendly, Mobile Optimize Pro can help you to rank your website better on Google. Here are some references to the significance of having a suitable mobile site:
Official Google Webmaster Central Blog: Rolling out the mobile-friendly update

It is important to note that this update only affects mobile search but it would likely also have ripple effect unto your regular desktop search in the near future. With Mobile Optimize Pro you have a simple solution for a future problem too.

How does Mobile Optimize Pro work?
Mobile Optimize Pro works behind the scenes to create a mobile version of your website while keeping your desktop version unchanged. It means you don't need to worry about mess up your website layout while you can ensure your mobile users are better able to utilize your website.

Mobile Optimize Pro works by:
(1) Analyze your website: Mobile Optimize Pro works first by analyzing your website to see it's widget, menu, and content before proceeding to working it's magic.

(2) Create a mobile version: Next, Mobile Optimize Pro makes your website responsive effectively integrating a mobile version of your website. Without this, your website would be much harder to view on phones or tablets of various sizes.
This is truly something INGENIUS that you likely would not find elsewhere. Reading Google's guide on how to make your WordPress site mobile responsive, you can note there are plug ins that will help redirect your user base on their mobile browser or desktop browser but there isn't a solution like MobileOptimizePro that automatically creates a mobile friendly version for you!

(3) Make your website responsive: Effectively, Mobile Optimize Pro will make ANY WordPress theme responsive AFTER analyzing it and keeping your desktop view just as it was while making your mobile or various screen sizes more friendly to the user.

You make sure the menu, widget, and content is all properly placed to a mobile viewer; this is something really smart that Mobile Optimize Pro has been able to do.

Who is Mobile Optimize Pro for?
Webmasters - If you have you have websites relying on search engine traffic than Mobile Optimize Pro is an essential tool especially as mobile traffic begins to increase and Google makes it a bigger significance to their algorithm. To remain competitive in search engines (specifically with mobile traffic where an increasing trend is mobile searches) then you need a mobile friendly website. Use Mobile Optimize Pro to take advantage of mobile traffic from search engines. If you're not making use of mobile traffic in search engines, you're losing out on a lot of profitable traffic.

Businesses - Businesses need to ensure that their users and prospective customers are always getting the right impression of your entity. Basically, you want to ensure they have a good user experience (both on your website or service). Use Mobile Optimize Pro to create a mobile-friendly version of your website so that whether your website users are vising from their desktop or mobile devices, you can ensure they get the page content fully catered to maximize user experience.

Affiliate Marketers/Niche site owners - Affiliate marketers who own a variety of niche sites will benefit from Mobile Optimize Pro. When you have multiple websites to manage, having a simple plug-in that works by activating it will Save you a lot of Time! Mobile Optimize Pro is a simple and quick way to fully optimize all your websites for mobile traffic. Imagine if you would be able to avoid the redundant tasks multiplied a 100 times (if you have 100 sites). Save 30 minutes per site and that's 50 hours of time!
Now you can benefit from (1) improved mobile user experience (2) increased search engine benefit (3) better utilization of mobile traffic and even cheaper ads (from mobile traffic which tend to be less competitive).

With Mobile Optimize Pro you have the simplicity of activating the plug in on your sites to make them mobile friendly which will save time and make it easier when dealing with large volumes of sites. (comparative to doing it manually). This means a simple click to make your website mobile friendly rather than the painstaking process recommended of updating your theme or changing your template. Time savings is HUGE!

Thanks for taking the time to read our Mobile Optimize Pro review thread. If you have any questions or comments, we'd be glad to discuss them in the comments to the thread. Please also leave any positive or negative Mobile Optimize Pro reviews you may have.
We're also providing a special Mobile Optimize Pro bonus here.

Mobile Optimize Pro Bonus!
We're glad to be offering Warriors some incredible Mobile Optimize Pro bonuses that will help anyone who needs M.O.P.
To claim these bonuses, send an email to after your MOP purchase.
1) 200 Social Signals ($20 Value): We're going to share your website on our network to get a large boost of social signals from a variety of authority social media and bookmarking sites. You'll get 200 shares in total. This is different from most others you see because they are coming from real and active accounts. This Mobile Optimize Pro bonus will get you a head start over your competitors on search engines.

2) Manual Social Bookmarks ($15 value): We'll manually submit your website to 150 social bookmarking websites. This is a very effective natural link building and a good starter to your link building campaign.

3) SEO Ultimate 2015 ($17 Value): Get our in depth guide on SEO with unique link promotion techniques we use. Our SEO Ultimate 2015 can help you make your site more visible on search engine adding to the SEO function already provided on Mobile Optimize Pro.

If you have any comments or would like to share your Mobile Optimize Pro review, please comment on this thread!

More Internet Marketing information:
Intelliplayer - Read our latest blog post on Intelliplayer to learn how this simple online tool can serve as a WordPress plug-in that will make you more profit from videos already embed on your website with a single click (Much like how Mobile Optimize Pro works with a simple click too - one activation)
GoBonanza - Go Bonanza with Go Bonanza tutorial. This course is called the name because it teaches how to create large amount of incomes with affiliate marketing. Get the inside scoop in this review. A good resource if you're looking to make money online; if you're looking to make some income while building your site with MOP
Swift Member - Apply Mobile Optimize Pro to your newly created Swift Member website. You can create a mobile friendly membership site with the two combined. Mobile Optimize Pro will work with Swift Member seamlessly. You can also choose from one of five templates to use for your site. Check out our thread for review and bonus. Good for those looking to make money online with product development.
Marketing Inc 2 - You can use your Mobile Optimize Pro to help offline businesses make their website responsive. While you're doing so to get your foot in the door, use Marketing Inc 2 to learn how to make more money with these offline businesses and build your own successful niche marketing business. Marketing Inc 2 covers on how to do SEO, social media marketing, web designing and a host of other important internet marketing services that offline clients need (that you can provide). If you're looking to make money and start a real business then Marketing Inc 2.0 is a course you should consider!

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Re: [MUST READ] Mobile Optimize Pro Review & M.O.P. Bonus (Make WordPress Mobile Friendly)
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Reserve for Mobile Optimize Pro FAQ.
InstantVideoMachine - Instant Video Machine is finally released on June 5, 2015. Check out this new software by Matt Bush and Todd Gross to help you make money with Fiverr by opening your own video agency. It's quite an interesting concept that I have known worked in other industry bringing thousands of dollars with quick returns. IVM site is already responsive so you don't need to worry about additional plugins like MOP.
Video Skins review - Don't forget to read our Video Skins thread as well for some bonuses. Mobile Optimize Pro users may find that videos are an excellent content for their website and Video Skins can help them get more out of video. You can now use videos to directly capture leads and send specific messages to your customer with video skins video player!
Explaindio Video Creator 2 - Version two of the infamous Explaindio Video Creator is finally here and it's a must have tool for any internet marketer or webmaster. Video is being the new article marketing. Video can be used for SEO, for engaging content, or for sales pages. This adds to the increasing list of video applications like video sales letters and more. Read our thread on Explaindio 2 for more information on how you can benefit from the incredible video creator software!

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Re: [MUST READ] Mobile Optimize Pro Review & M.O.P. Bonus (Make WordPress Mobile Friendly)
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Any downsides we should be aware of?

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