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HanifQ 4th May 2015 09:57 AM

UNCUT 'Video Lead Box' Review & Bonus [Fast Profit] Strategies
Can the Video Lead Box REALLY Help You Build a Huge List of Targeted Buyers and Increase Your Sales With Intelligent Call-to-Action Boxes That You Can Create in Minutes?

Is Video LeadBox Truly a Fast Profit Boosting Tool?

(read on for my full Video Lead Box review and premium bonus tactics)


The Video Lead Box is a profit-generating tool that promises to help webmasters generate a higher number of leads, and greater profits, from old, dead blog posts. Promoting itself as “lead generation on steroids” the Video Lead Box certainly sounds promising, but is it as great as it sounds?

Easy to Use, Intuitive Interface

Well, in initial testing the Video Lead Box performs well, and it’s certainly easy to use. It features a simple, visual builder that is quite literally a drag-and-drop system. There’s no need to fuss around with link or embedding code, or to learn how to write well-formed markup. Just pick the video you want to promote, and drag it into the post or message – it’s as easy as that.

Better Timing for Greater Conversions

The system offers the ability to promote content in response to a range of triggers, including specific click events, scrolling, and exit intent. With most content management systems, setting this up is tricky, so it’s impressive that they’ve made it so easy.

Another feature that they’ve done a good job of is the custom funnel system – there are one-click funnels as well as two-step opt-ins. These make it easy for you to engage with users in an ethical and legal way, so you won’t be accused of being a spammer.

Take Advantage of Growing Mobile Traffic

Google and the other major search engines have been putting increasing emphasis on making sure that websites are mobile friendly. The Video Lead Box offers more than 30 high quality, niche templates and a mobile builder that makes it really easy for webmasters to make mobile-ready promo pop-ups.

Improve Results With Analytics

What’s more, you can use the analytics feature to get up-to-date information about your website visitors and your conversion rate. This makes it easy for you to improve your website, and increase your conversion rate. If you’re intimidated by Google Analytics (and let’s face it, who isn’t?) then this could be a good option.

Pre-Made Templates That Convert

The Video Lead Box offers 50 components that allow you to create a lot of different popups, which you can use to sell and promote products – including affiliate products and your own products, using lightboxes, centre popups and side popups.

The lead box system was easy to set up and use, and it looks great. You will still need to have a good stream of traffic, and you need to promote good products, but if you have that in place and are just trying to improve the conversion rate of your existing traffic then it is a great system.

Software as a Service

Video Lead Box is a software as a service solution, and you can use it on more than one website just by copying and pasting a bit of code. There is a tiered subscription fee, depending on the features you want to access and how many sites you want to run the service on.

I'm impressed by the quality of the templates, the ease of installation, and the simple, modular features of this service.

BUT, don't be fooled into thinking that this software is the key to your money-making problems online...

Because it isn't. There's no such thing as magic popups that make you money. Yes, it'll increase the response on your website, as long as you have something decent to offer your visitors...and you're promoting good products.

Keep in mind that this software creates popups that resemble webpages, but you still need a solid website behind it. This doesn't act as a website building tool.

It has some pretty smart functionality, but one of the things I would have liked to see is Static Optin boxes that you can put inside of existing posts and pages. This software won't create static optin boxes that you can place inside of content.

Lastly, it doesn't matter how great your popups are and how wonderful your product is...if you don't have good quality, targeted traffic...none of this stuff will make you a dime. And Video Lead Box doesn't generate traffic, its not going to help your site rank higher or attract more visitors.

So, to help solve some of these issues and add value, I've created an exclusive bonus called 'The Video Lead Box Fast Profit Academy'.

Inside this Academy, I give you the exact tips, tools & services you need to get targeted buyer traffic from multiple sources...

And I also show you how to pick cashcow niches and offers that bring in the profits quickly, so you can scale your business to a much higher level.

My Exclusive Video Lead Box Bonus Can Help You Grow Your Profits Bigger & Faster

I’ll get a commission if you purchase through my link, so to add value, I’ve personally created the ‘Video Lead Box Fast Profit’ Academy, which is a series of regular short lessons and quick tips, delivered to your email one at a time.



Here's a 'Preview' Video Where I Give a Very Brief Overview of Video Lead Box:

(scroll up to see my full Video LeadBox review & bonus offer posted on this page)

Video Lead Box is a brand new tool that allows users to increase their conversions and generate tons of new leads by using their video multi-step funnel. In addition to my Video Lead Box Review, I'm also including some valuable news articles below:

Why Facebook Page Likes Will Soon Be Dropping

Without a doubt Facebook is one of the best marketing medias as well as a great way for companies to make a special connection with customers quickly. Nevertheless, people need to understand that their their Facebook fan pages may experience a sudden drop in the amount of likes they are getting. This has nothing to do with the popularity of their post but with some adjustments that Facebook has made. The reason for this is that Facebook has not well publicized these changes and some people can freak out when small changes affect their page results.

The first adjustment that Facebook is preparing will surely reduce many of the likes people have on their page. These “likes” will be removed because Facebook recognizes these likes as originating from a user no longer considered active. Once a user has been considered as no longer active Facebook will categorically deactivate their account. This deactivation is problematic because these users still appear on Facebook and are taking up memory with an active account.

Once these accounts, considered non-active, are removed from Facebook all likes they have posted will also be removed. This means that people will be noticing a reduced number of likes on their pages. On the other hand, the positive one, the remaining likes will be coming from active members rather than dead accounts whose posts will not be appreciated by anyone. As you probably guessed, these trimmed down Facebook pages will be more connected to active accounts and this will keep the number of likes on the rise and being shared with a percentage of active users who will engage the site and find the information useful.

Ordinary unliking of a page can happen as a result of removing some of these inactive likes. Many people only like a page due to the fact that their friends like it, this is relatively common. But, once they see that their friends likes are no longer there they may follow suit and categorically unlike the page too. This is what is referred to as the natural unliking of a page, even if the content of the page was genuinely interesting to them.

Many people have suddenly noticed that there has been a significant reduction in the amount of likes they have received. It is important to understand why this is happening to prevent panic and feelings of frustration. When people understand that this is not a personal loss merely a shift in Facebook’s dynamics they will not be as adversely affected by it. This should actually be looked at as a good thing; it means that all the likes you do have were made by active users rather than ineffectual accounts.

Kik Ads Targeting Promoted Chats For Specific Brands

The latest thing in online advertising has just been released by Kik and it allows for some precision targeting in a variety of ways. You can specifically target mobile devices, target by geographical location or target by gender with what is known as a Promoted Chat. Let’s examine this new means of online ads and see how it can be an asset to you and your venture.

The Mobile Messaging App Kik

If you already have Kik downloaded onto your phone, you are undoubtedly aware of how easy it is to use. If you are already an avid user then you will be happy to hear it has just received and an upgrade which allows you to follow other Kik user who also have the App on their phone, are in the same location as you geographically, and also target a specific gender.

This was created as a competition to other such apps like Snapchat, one of this millenia’s more popular apps with today’s online population. The biggest difference between Kik and Snapchat is that the former has been designed to cater to a more adult audience and businesses with an improved chat feature and automated responses.

Has it Been Successful?

The resources that have been put to work developing the upgrade to this innovative application has been put to good use. The Kik platform has already convinced a plethora of major companies to give this advertising platform a whirl; some of these are Skullcandy, Vans and 17 Magazine. As of today, this platform has over 10 million users and more than a 250 million messages have been served. Using this new form of demographic targeting is perfect for those using the application in the US, UK, Canada and also Australia, whether they use Android or Apple phones.

What’s the Next Step?

The next vital step would be to watch the weight, measure results, and also to observe the other areas of this app that could be improved in order to convince others to climb aboard the ad platform. One of the most important adjustments would be to make the app a bit more user friendly, and similar to existing apps that provide this type of functionality, that is moving users into becoming valued customers for our clients that are connected to this network.

Hopefully this will begin to flourish into one of the top apps, for the primary reason that it is so much fun to use. There is, of course, a business end to the function, which is primarily concerned with giving the consumer something with quality and functionality and Kik certainly delivers the goods on this point.

Now you have gotten the basic 411 on Kik and what it will do for you whether you’re an online marketer looking for a good way to target specific demographics for the products you are trying to advertise or simply a die-hard app user who loves new apps. This app has what you need to build up an audience of loyal customers who can become friends and attract more clients to your goods and services.

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HanifQ 4th May 2015 11:59 AM

Re: UNCUT Video Lead Box Review & Bonus [Fast Profit] Strategies

HanifQ 4th May 2015 12:05 PM

Re: UNCUT Video Lead Box Review & Bonus [Fast Profit] Strategies
While using the Video LeadBox tool, be sure to also read this informative news article talking about Native Facebook Videos:

Ads on Native Facebook Videos: Will Brands be Able to Profit from this Innovative Ad Venture? - PART 1

The social media giant, Facebook, is most certainly a major force to be reckoned with. In the few years it has been in existence it has made massive gains and left most other competitors in the online arena in a daze. This social site has watched its numbers grow from somewhere in the thousands to over 1 billion users in record time.

On the one hand, Facebook’s amazing attractive power to lure in so many users from of all types has made it the biggest player in online marketing techniques. Providing the ability to reach as many as 3 billion views in a single day, this is a historic record buster, this offers a great opportunity for both companies and their marketers to make some serious profit. Yet, Facebook is still keeping all details on how it intends to monetize these views

As is customary with all of their advertising efforts, Facebook is not in a hurry to pepper their over 1 billion viewers with new advertising methods. Nevertheless, it is encouraging publishers to post native videos to gain consumer attraction to their content. Facebook, however, has not yet revealed publicly how profits can be collected from them.

HanifQ 4th May 2015 12:07 PM

Re: UNCUT Video Lead Box Review & Bonus [Fast Profit] Strategies
Below is PART 2 (final part) of the article....

There have, however, been several useful insights: December saw the launching of an all new trial ad unit surrounding several clips from Verizon, one of the NFL’s official sponsors. These clips included a Verizon Banner that could be clicked on within the video clip, as well as a Verizon “post -roll” ad that played on completion of the video. Interestingly enough, Fox Sports is also using this product, if reports are to be believed.

It is also interesting to see that Fox Sports has recently made an important deal with Nationwide, in which they agreed to guarantee a sequence of NASCAR clips for @Buzzer, its internet video channel. Facebook declined any comment on the subject only confirming that tests were being run, and that the tests were limited to the NFL and Fox Sports for the time being.

Fox Sports is very happy with the results it has gotten so far. According to an official source within the company these ad formats have done a lot in delivering value to their sponsors. Their depth and range on the social media site is so impressive, that they’ve decide that including branded messages on site, has been and will continue being, very valuable.

It is very possible that Facebook’s current efforts may be an effective means of countering Twitter’s Amplify Video product. This service by Twitter, Facebook’s biggest competitor, was launched in 2013 and offers its publishers the option of purchasing a service that will push clips and videos directly to user feeds. Care to guess who was among the first customers to Twitter’s Amplify service? That’s Right, the NFL.

Considering all the facts and the success of both the Fox Sports and NFL brands, it is safe to assume that, if this does become operational, brands will be able to tap into the 1.3 billion Facebook users and make a killing. Because much of the details are still in their experimental stage, Facebook continues to test and retest the use of selling ads as opposed to native videos on its site, it would be clever to watch closely for more information as it is released.

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