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HanifQ 5th May 2015 12:33 PM

UNCUT 'Cloud Prospect Machine' Review & Bonus [Fast Profit] Strategies


Here's a 'Preview' Video Where I Give a Very Brief Overview of Cloud Prospect Machine:

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Cloud Prospect Machine is a brand new tool for finding websites that are not mobile optimized, and turning them into clients with recurring revenue potential. In addition to my Cloud Prospect Machine review, I'm also adding some informative social media news articles:

Reasons Why Facebook Is Trying Out Videos With Continuous Autoplay

With all of the success that YouTube enjoys, through attracting billions of views for its videos each month, Facebook is currently trying to compete and take advantage of the more than 1 billion users that it has. YouTube's popularity has a lot to do with the fact that it was the first place where you could watch a large number of videos. And it is still the place people tend to visit. However, social media has become extremely popular, and Facebook in particular. Videos pop up in your feed, which means that Facebook could possibly someday come close to or ever surpass what YouTube has been able to achieve. The main difference between the two is that when people visit YouTube, they're specifically searching for videos to watch. With Facebook, social interaction is the main motivation. That is why Facebook is currently running experiments with continuous autoplay on videos shown on the network. They are trying to test the water to see if it results in generating significant revenue for its advertisers as well as for Facebook.

What Is Video Continuous Autoplay?

The brief explanation is that Facebook basically automatically plays another video after the previous one finishes. It is quite similar to playlists on YouTube channels. Tests have been conducted on Android devices and Apple iPhones to see if people enjoy continuous play. It is expected to be more popular than recommended video, which was introduced last year by Facebook. This option has been available for more than one year. The way it works is if a related video isn't clicked, Facebook will start playing a video automatically. For some users it might be annoying. It is like when a music website such as Pandora chooses a song randomly. You could also compare it to the way Netflix queues something that they think somebody would like to watch next. No matter what it's like, or if it is able to surpass anything else, just the fact that another video will be played right after another one means that automatically there will be an exponential increase in how many videos are seen. After it has gone into full effect, the total 3 billion views per day that was reported in January will increase.

Is Continuous Autoplay A Good Idea?

Many people are questioning whether it's a good idea or not. Facebook is, after all, about social media. It isn't a video website like YouTube is. It has been pushing to sell its Anthology program, which is a premium video product. So clearly Facebook is looking to take over all of that traffic commanded by YouTube currently. Short form videos would also be made for participating advertisers. The minimum buy in is $2 million. If there are enough high quality videos to view, it could work quite well with continuous autoplay. However, there needs to be some sort of channel so that the videos are closely related. It could end up be quite annoying otherwise unless it is done just right.

Facebook Announces New Video And Comment Plugins, App Analytics and Messenger For Business

Facebook messenger has been introduced by Facebook to gain a large part of the messaging market. At the time it was introduced, the main competitor was Whats App. Facebook has since acquired Whats App, and the user base has continued to grow. Now that much of the consumer messaging market has been engulfed by Facebook, it is setting its sights on e-commerce messaging- which could potentially be even more valuable. At the company's annual developers conference, Facebook recently announced that Facebook Messenger was now going to integrated with e-commerce orders and businesses. For anybody who uses Facebook to do business with, this is very big news. It was also announced that the Facebook App Analytics option would be free for business owners. Finally it was also announced that a new comment plug-in is being introduced that will sync comments directly on websites to Facebook posts.

Messenger for Business from Facebook will open up numerous possibilities for third party publishers and developers. The actual application's main objective is to reinvent how people interact and communicate with businesses. Facebook is actually not limiting the program to just e-commerce. In addition, it wants the Messenger to act as a kind of live chat and customer service option for various types of businesses. Right now the main focus is to get organizations on board with it. Small business also have access to similar kind of messaging functionality via their current Facebook pages.

The intention is for this Messenger program to replace conventional forms of email and deliver real time business and customer interactions, along with notifications in real time. It will allow businesses to optimize managing their customer service much better and enable customers to receive answers to their questions and feedback in real time. Customers will be able to talk with the merchants about other things as well, including stock availability, how to purchase things and much more. According to Facebook, businesses will be able to utilize automation software for answering requests from customers. However, their intention and preference was for businesses to use the live chat feature and have real human support. For many businesses providing a lot of phone support, it could reduce costs significantly.

If the program is widely adopted, it could rival the unique customer service abilities of Twitter. At the very least, it is a major advancement over offering customer service by telephone. The analytics tool for apps can improve your advertising significantly. It can give developers a better understanding of their ads so they can improve on the ones they are running already. It will allow them to determine how future ads can be run better. It can also help with measuring your ads lifetime value and help you re-engage individuals who might have dropped off when re-marketing strategies were used. Facebook is definitely making serious efforts to become more attractive and friendly for business. No matter what size your business happens to be, Facebook is offering plenty of incentives to make use of their services to increase how efficient your business is.

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HanifQ 6th May 2015 03:43 PM

Re: UNCUT 'Cloud Prospect Machine' Review & Bonus [Fast Profit] Strategies

HanifQ 6th May 2015 03:48 PM

Re: UNCUT 'Cloud Prospect Machine' Review & Bonus [Fast Profit] Strategies
While using the new Cloud Prospect Machine, also keep this article in mind. It talks about how Yelp targeted mobile users to help further their growth:

Over 70 Million Mobile Users Leads To Profitability For Yelp - PART 1

One of the most unique companies that has ever been created and operates on the Internet is called Yelp. It is a business that allows people to post their experiences, so to speak, with this online website in regard to companies that they have done business with. In the same way that you go to websites like Amazon, sifting through the many different products, looking at the feedback or testimonials that people have left about how good or bad a product actually is before purchasing it for yourself, the same is true for those that use Yelp, a business that for the first time in its history has had profitability.

Latest Results

According to the latest information posted by this company, the fourth quarter of 2014 generated well over $100 million.with a total of almost 400,000,000 in revenue, this is over 60% more than they earned in the entirety of 2013. Wall Street estimates were slightly lower, making this achievement much more promising and profitable than was expected. It's strong revenue growth can be seen on bar charts that have been developed by the company to show how far it has come in just the last few years. According to their information, it grew on average between 30% and 40%, with over 70 million reviews on the website. By simply providing a platform where people can post this information, they have literally made a multimillion dollar company.

Desktop Versus Mobile Growth

What businesses are realizing more than ever before is how powerful mobile marketing actually is. Most people use their phones five times as much as they do a regular computer, and it is because of this that the growth of Yelp has grown exponentially. It's so much easier to log into this website and post your comments using your phone than it is to sit down at your desk, turn your computer on, manually log into the website and type everything that you need to say. With a mobile phone, it's as easy as tapping the phone, getting to the right location, and having your phone transcribe what you say in regard to whether you liked or did not like a particular company.

HanifQ 6th May 2015 03:51 PM

Re: UNCUT 'Cloud Prospect Machine' Review & Bonus [Fast Profit] Strategies
Below is PART 2 of this 2-part article....

Looking To The Future

Recognizing the power of mobile marketing, and how their advertising network is really attracting more people than ever before, it is clear that this business is here for the long run, a business designed that is catering to a specific niche, specifically the need for people to express their opinions in a very public way about how they feel, but in this case, it's all about local businesses in their area. As local marketing continues to grow exponentially, so also will the number of reviews that will be posted on this website. This means that their advertising will continue to grow as more businesses use their system to generate more traffic and revenue for their business, making this a win-win situation for everyone involved.

If you have never been to Yelp before, you should consider using this for advertising if you would like to generate very targeted traffic for your company. It's cost effective, very easy to set up, and once you start to generate additional revenue for the type of business you are in using their advertising network, you will also be helping this company continue to skyrocket forward.

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DonReview 7th June 2015 02:13 AM

Re: UNCUT 'Cloud Prospect Machine' Review & Bonus [Fast Profit] Strategies
I purchased the Cloud Prospect Machine and it did not work the way it is described in the sales video for two weeks, it worked off and on to generate the reports for businesses. I contact their support for some assistance and they were not helpful, and could not figure out what was the problem. I lost two clients because of their poor service, so I asked for a refund, and to this day I've not heard from them! I informed them that they will lose much more than what they have stole from me but it seem like they are to busy raking in the cash and not servicing customers... They appear to be true online marketers, in reality they are not professional marketers.::eek:..

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