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Unread 15th May 2015, 05:41 AM   #1
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Do You Live In The USA? We're Looking For Partners For Our High-End SEO & Marketing Agency
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Limited Opportunity (USA Only)
Build A Healthy 6-Figure Business
With Your Own SEO Agency

We're looking for partners all around the US!

Dear Entrepreneur,

I'm going to go straight to the point with this letter. Reality is, this is not for everyone.

A pretty significant investment is required to take advantage of this business opportunity so, be aware!

That being said, let me explain what’s all about..

First thing you need to know is that I run a marketing agency –SocialAware Marketing- strongly centered around one service: SEO (Search Engine Optimization).

Now, some of you already know SEO is a goldmine. For those that think SEO is just smoke and mirrors just let me tell you I’m not only a SEO expert myself but I’m backed for some of the brightest SEO minds in the world.

Yes, SEO is an ever-evolving science and you need to keep learning and up-to-date all the time. But that’s the undeniable value you are bringing to your clients and that’s why they’re willing to pay you hefty monthly fees!

Let’s talk now about the moment our company is going through and why it can be a massive opportunity for you..

After doing SEO for private clients for several years, I decided to launch our SEO and Marketing company in a big way last year. Our goal is to cover all mayor cities in the US and even take on some international clients (the big ones, I mean).

If you go now to you’ll find a good presentation of our SEO services and if you look a little further you’ll see we’ve claimed out presence in both Miami and NYC and have taken care of catering both English and Spanish clients with a dedicated version of our site for each language.

We’re ready now for taking our company to the next level and that’s where you might want to claim your spot on it.

Let me explain:

As I told you before, our goal is to cover all major US cities with our service but of course, we can’t do it by ourselves. We need your help.

Now, you need to understand we already have all the how-to and all the resources and technology we need to provide our customers with high-end SEO and marketing services.

But again, in order to be able to launch our company nationwide in an effective way, we do need to have representations in all mayor US cities. And that’s where you come in.

I’m personally going to select 14 partners I’ll start working directly with over the next months to build our agency in the following US cities:




Washington DC

Los Angeles

San Diego









If you live or can in any way setup an office and bring our service to small to mid businesses in any of these cities, you need to get in touch with me asap.

But please, read carefully the following Terms before applying..!


In case we chose you, you’ll be required to pay $15,000/year to secure your spot .

Look at this as a low franchise fee that cover all your training, lock your location for a full year and gives you the right to receive 50% of any payments done for the customers you bring to the company.

2) ONLY 1 PERSON PER CITY (read exceptions)

For most cities only 1 person will be allowed. This way you block all competition out!

Exceptions to this rule are NYC, Miami and Los Angeles. We’ll be taking on 2 partners in Miami and Los Angeles (one to serve the English language and one for Spanish) and up to 5 partners in NYC.


You’ll have access to all the training and support you may need to close more customers and write your own pay check.

I personally teach you how to sell the services, what businesses to approach in your city, what scripts to use, and even provide you with special guarantees and promotions as needed in order to bump your business up.


You’re a partner of us. You’re not an employee!

When you bring a new customer to the company you can rest sure your customers are yours!

What do I mean?

Simple: you’ll get 50% of any payment the customer make, for as long as he remain being a customer . Considering we’ll be covering all costs to render the hired services including staff, tools and specialized work, you’ll be earning more than us!

Not only that: if a customer you originally referred to us come back and hire another service from our company, you’ll be paid 50% of that contract too!

What do we ask you for in exchange?

Simple: Stay in contact and nurture the relationship with each and every one of the customers you bring to us as they would be yours.. Because they truly are!

We're all about providing the very best customer service in the industry and we count on you to bring to your customers that personal touch only locals can give!

And remember: the more a customer stay with us, the more you’ll profit from that relationship!


First off you need to understand that we don’t do cheap SEO. Cheap SEO actually is Cheat SEO.
Cheap plainly doesn’t work, hurt businesses’ reputation and brand and get their web properties penalized.

For more details I strongly recommend you read my article on the “6 Insidious Lies Bad SEO Guys Pushed You To Believe” at

Consequently, we charge much more than the average flight-by-night “SEO Company” but just in the range and even less than the serious SEO Companies out there.

Of course we don’t provide one-size-fit-all kind of marketing services, we thoroughly study each and every business’ situation in a case-by-case basis before sending them a proposal (that’s what our Consideration Form is there for).

That being said, in order for you to get a fair idea of how profitable a single client can be for your business let me tell you that our average contract is $5,000/mo for 7 months.

We in fact never take on a customer for less than 7 months and many customers stay with us much more than that.

Our absolute minimum contract –kind of an exception these days- is $2,500. And of course, we’ve got $10,000/month and above clients. All depends on the level of service hired, how competitive the customer’s market is, and several other factors.

But as you can see, you can build a 6-figure income out of this business pretty easily if you put some effort into it.

That’s what I’m offering you here: the right vehicle to make this level of income possible for you in a short span of time .

What You Get In Case I Decide To Work With You

First off, you'll get from me ALL SUPPORT YOU MAY NEED TO BE SUCCESSFUL.

But, what's my definition of successful?

Simple: We aim for you to close AT THE VERY LEAST 2 new customers a month.

Of course, it can go slow during the first couple months what's normal since in case you've never promoted this kind of service to local business it just will take you some time to feel confident enough to close your first deals but I'll be there to get sure you go over it as quickly as humanly possible.

Remember: we're partners and we earn money when YOU earn money.


I'll personally teach you how to approach local businesses, what kind of business you you approach first and what you should say.

In fact, I'll provide you with the very scripts you should use whether you meet business owners in person -highly recommended- or by phone.

But even when training is indeed important, it's not everything..



Of course, the main reasons why we decided to take on partners in different US cities is because we need to have a physical presence there in order to be able to get as many leads as possible. I'll teach you where those leads hang out and the best way to approach them.

But beside that, we'll be providing you with specific leads you'd want to contact in case you're stuck. Our company has access to a big number of leads in most US cities and we continue to generate leads in a daily basis. So, you won't be idle!

We'll even redirect all calls our company gets from your area to your designated phone so you can assist the client, close the sale and profit from it!


You may or may not know but SEO is a business heavy based on special software tools and services. These tools are expensive and most of them require special training to get the most out of it. However, they are required for us to run our business.

Fortunately for customers they don't have to worry about the technical side of things, tools' cost or dealing with specialized employees to run them, write content, send out PRs, do social marketing and all the myriad of things we need to take care of in order to provide our clients the visibility and exposition they deserve. We just take care of everything so they can focus in running THEIR BUSINESS as we work hard to bring them results.

Well, we want to make it just as easy for our partners.

As a partner you will focus in ONE AND ONLY ONE THING: Bring more customers aboard. We'll take care of everything else.

That means that we'll provide you WITH EVERYTHING you may need to close the deal: marketing materials and statistics, presentations, SEO analysis and reports to show the prospect business owner; everything you may need to approach your leads in the more confident manner.

And remember that all you need to sell the client on is about completing our Consideration Form. We'll use all data provided to elaborate a personalized report on the client's visibility in search engines, including a in-depth SEO analysis of his/her current web presence and recommend a plan of action along with a quotation for the services we'll be rendering for the business.

When we have all of this we'll send it over to you so you can meet the clients again and present to him this report and our recommended plan of action and quote. You'll also be provided with a contract for the client to sign when you close the deal.

And remember: we provide this in-depth SEO & Marketing Report to your prospects FREE OF CHARGE so you can cross the door confident enough you're providing an excellent and really useful service to business owners FOR FREE even if they decide later not to take us on the recommended SEO and Marketing services.

Just focus in providing this high-value useful free service to businesses in your area. Sales will comes by themselves!

Ready To Apply?

So, do you think you've got what it takes?

Are you ready for the challenge and willing to work hard in partnership with a solid SEO & Marketing company to build a healthy 6-figure income this very year?

Then apply now..

Looking forward to star working with you

Leonardo Schwartz
L&G Publishing Co

47-47 Street Suite 12371
11101 Long Island City NY

Founder & Director

Contact Page:


NOTE: You can find a prettier version of this letter plus some extra info like FAQs at

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Unread 18th May 2015, 11:33 AM   #2
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Re: Limited Business Opportunity: SEO Agency Partnership (USA ONLY)
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Q: I filled the form up. What comes next?

A: Please gives us up to a full week to process your submission and get in touch with you. We need to go through all applications and consider carefully the cases where more than one person applied from the same city since we're going to take ONLY ONE PARTNER PER CITY (with the exceptions presented above)

Q: I'm not living in any of the required cities but I live fairly near one of them and can meet business owners in there. Is that acceptable?

A: Yes of course. As long as you can properly assist clients in the area is fine for us.

Q: In case I get accepted I want to run the business with a partner. Is that possible?

A: As we explained before we won't take more than ONE partner for most cities.

That being said, you're totally free to partner with whoever you want to run your business if you think this will be beneficial, just like you're free to hire employees to setup your agency. But consider that this would be a partnership between you and this person, and you're the one responsible for it.

We as a company only partner with you (the person signing our Partnership Contract).

Q: I've got a problem here: I don't live in or near any of the required cities. But I'm sure I can successfully run this business in my city (I live in the USA). What should I do?

A: Please complete the Partner's Application Form anyways. Get sure of explaining to us your particular situation and WHY you think that opening a partnership in your city/area is the right move.

Q: I live in Canada. Am I totally out of luck?

A: In fact, we're looking for a select few partners in Canada too. Fill up the form and let us know about your particular situation.

Q: I live outside the USA and Canada

A: We indeed serve some customers from other countries around the globe but we're focusing in spreading our services over the USA and Canada at this time. However, feel free to contact Leonardo ( to explain to him your situation and business experience and why you think we'd benefit from establishing a partnership with you.

This is most real Low Hanging System Review you'll find online!
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Want to start a e-commerce business and sell your products in Amazon with no inventory, no ads, and no VAs?
E-commerce Growth Hacker

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