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HanifQ 17th May 2015 09:39 AM

UNCUT 'Fresh Store Builder v6' Review & Bonus [Fast Profit] Strategies
Can the Fresh Store Builder V6 TRULY Help You Rapidly Create a Network of Amazon Affiliate Stores - Fully Optimized for High Conversions & Engagement - in Less than 30 Minutes Each?

Does Fresh Store Builder V 6.0 Really Help With SEO & Viral Traffic?


This software is designed to automatically create a fully functioning Amazon affiliate store that provides a complete, dynamic buying experience for visitors and shoppers. Read on for my full Fresh Store Builder V6 review & premium bonus...


Here's a 'Preview' Video Where I Give a Very Brief Overview of Fresh Store Builder v6:

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Fresh Store Builder v6 is a brand new Amazon store builder. This is version six in the very successful series. The new version six has many brand new features that make creating Amazon stores easy and simple. In addition to my Fresh Store Builder v6 review, I am also including some informative social media news articles below:

According To Pew, Facebook Is Still The Top Choice For U.S. Teens

According to recent statistics from research conducted by Pew, teenagers older than 13 years old use Facebook more than 70% of the time. By contrast, Instagram and other similar services are used just 50% of the time, and Snapchat, Twitter and Google are used less than that. This appears to be contrary to what the media has been reporting. However, this is what the research indicates.

The reason why Facebook is the favorite social network choice is due to all the that can be done on the site, and how easy sharing information and connecting with others is. It was also one of the first social media platforms to become widely used, and it continues to be to this day. For some people, it appears to defy all conventional wisdom, particularly all those say how Twitter is where all the kids are at. Only 140 characters are needed, and there are a ton of videos posted there, so you would think the research findings would be wrong. However, to really understand what is going on, you need to have a good understanding of how different kids think about social media platforms compared to adults. Let's take a closer look at why teens favor Facebook so much compared to the other platforms that are available.

Kids And Their Social Media Choices

First you need to understand that kids at this age have a tendency to be quite impressionable. If all of their friends use Facebook, then they will use Facebook too. This is definitely one of the main factors in how its has become so popular. Second of all, they will have a tendency to do what is most familiar to them. Nobody wants to switch to something that is new to them. Even though their phones probably have other apps on them, they most likely will keep using what they are most familiar with, and that is why they stick to using Facebook. One final thing is, that to some degree you do need to separate teens that are between the ages of 13 and 17. The 13 to 15 year olds have a tendency to use Twitter and Snapchat. The 15 to 17 year olds use Pinterest and Facebook. The reasons for its popularity have to do with the choices that are available, the number of different options that there are, and the fact that it's something so easy for older teenagers to do. Also, those who come from families earning less than $50,000 per year, for whatever reason, choose to use Facebook. There are also differences among girls and boys. Girls prefer using Instagram, while boys like using Facebook better. Nearly 90% of teenagers log onto the internet every day, and with all the data that has been compiled, when looking at the demographic Facebook definitely comes out the winner.

Although it is fun to use some of the other social media platforms, and millions of kids all over the world use them every day, with this demographic, Facebook tends to be where most of them gravitate to. Whether it is due to peer pressure, familiarity, or something else, this platform continues to adapt and evolve, and provide users with innovative and new ways of connecting with people and gaining new friends, which explains why it is still the main place that teenagers tend to gravitate to on a regular basis.

Big News From Europe- Facebook Faces Class Action Privacy Lawsuits

When considering social media platforms, and particularly if you happen to use them practically every day, one of the critical issues that you need to consider is how much you have, how your personal information is protected by these platforms, and what information is being extracted from you without your knowledge or consent. Facebook is currently facing a class action privacy lawsuit. In Europe, this is very big news. Let's take a closer look at what has been done by Facebook, or at least what some are claiming the company has done allegedly, and why there are so many headlines in the news about this lawsuit.

The Class Action Privacy Lawsuit Against Facebook In Europe

The lawsuit represents 25,000 individuals, and is headed by an Austrian law student. The case is a civil suit, and states that European union privacy laws were willingly violated by Facebook. They are seek restitution. Vienna is where the lawsuit has been filed, and a student named Max is claiming damages of approximately $500 for each individual, stating that Facebook worked with the NSA to mine data using its PRISM program. The court will be seeing this in court to determine whether it is true or not whether the graph search was illegally introduced and implemented solely for gathering information that Facebook users did not fully understand. The court session is currently underway. However, some of the things about this lawsuit are both interesting and confusing.

Inadmissible Lawsuit

Some Facebook lawyers are claiming the lawsuit is inadmissible, stating that the court isn't responsible, and is unjustified in fact, in terms of the lawsuit's actual content. In terms of privacy issues, they didn't specifically address any details, and they also made no comment to Reuters and other new agencies. Facebook is clearly using it as a delay tactic. The company just wants to have as much time as they possibly can to prepare their case and ensure that if money does have to paid out to Max and his 25,000 people, that it is definitely for long as they possibly can. You may be wondering whether this is a good tactic to use by Facebook since the amount they have to pay the lawyers will probably be around a much money as what is being asked for in the lawsuit. That is particularly true if it happens to drag out for many months or even years. It could just be easier for Facebook to pay them off so the lawsuit is out of their way.

According to the individuals who filed the lawsuit, it isn't possible to charge Facebook with these crimes. However, the individuals who have filed do strongly believe their rights have been violated, with this belief probably motivated by Facebook's connection to the NSA. It remains to be seen whether the issue will be settled out of court. With all the delay tactics that have been put into place, a decision might not be made for several months. Hopefully there will be a resolution, since this problem appears to be a common one occurring in our online communities, especially when it comes to social media networks using our personal information and us wanting to have our rights protected.

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HanifQ 18th May 2015 09:38 AM

Re: UNCUT 'Fresh Store Builder v6' Review & Bonus [Fast Profit] Strategies

HanifQ 18th May 2015 05:40 PM

Re: UNCUT 'Fresh Store Builder v6' Review & Bonus [Fast Profit] Strategies
While using the new Fresh Store Builder v6, be sure to also follow this helpful Amazon Affiliate Marketing article...

A Few Tips & Tricks To Help You Succeed With The Amazon Associates Program - PART 1

If you are an affiliate marketer or are interested in becoming an affiliate marketer, then the Amazon Associates program is definitely a program that you should consider joining. Amazon is the largest and most trusted online retailer and millions of people from around the world buy from this website. As an affiliate marketer, one of the most difficult things to do is to persuade people to buy the product you're promoting, especially when most people are hesitant to enter their credit card details on a relatively unknown website. You definitely won’t have this problem because Amazon is so well known and trusted, that you will see the sales streaming in. So, in this article we will be taking a closer look at this program and how you can use it to dramatically boost your income.

The first thing that you should know about the Amazon associates program is that it has different levels and commission structures. It is built in such a way that as your volume of sales increases, the percentage commission that you earn, also increases. Therefore, it is a much better idea to focus on selling a large quantity of items, than just a few, at a high price point. Also, once you achieve higher commission percentages throughout the month, it is applied to all your sales for that month.

HanifQ 18th May 2015 05:44 PM

Re: UNCUT 'Fresh Store Builder v6' Review & Bonus [Fast Profit] Strategies
Below is PART 2 and the conclusion to the article...

As a result of this commission structure, it is definitely in your interest to sell lots of products at low and medium price points that have a lot of traffic. When you are creating your niche sites for products, make sure that you choose keywords and products that have good search engine volume so that you can drive higher volumes of sales.

Another point to note is that when you are creating individual pages on your website, to market each Amazon product, you should definitely include images that are clickable with your affiliate link. You should make sure to put the Amazon logo on your image as this will help your visitor to feel safer and more likely to click your affiliate link.

When it comes to linking to Amazon products on your website, studies have shown that contextual affiliate links perform much better. So, if you are using Wordpress for your website, then you should use a plugin that allows you to quickly and easily turn certain words in your content into Amazon affiliate links. However, make sure not to abuse this plugin, and only allow a certain percentage of links to be placed on the entire site. The main reason behind this is that even though more links will mean more click-throughs, if you have too many affiliate links, you can cause your website to get a penalty from Google.

In closing, when it comes to affiliate marketing, the Amazon Associates program is definitely one of the best programs out there. Once you can drive traffic and volume to your Amazon links, then you will surely be able to make hundreds and thousands of dollars per month.

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eldivorciado 20th May 2015 01:25 AM

Re: UNCUT 'Fresh Store Builder v6' Review & Bonus [Fast Profit] Strategies
Howdy, do we get anything if we buy the LITE
version? :D

HanifQ 21st May 2015 02:35 PM

Re: UNCUT 'Fresh Store Builder v6' Review & Bonus [Fast Profit] Strategies
Yes, my bonuses are available for pretty much any version you purchase...

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