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HanifQ 22nd May 2015 02:42 PM

UNCUT 'Stock Video Firesale' Review & Bonus [Fast Profit] Strategies
Does Stock Video Firesale REALLY Give You Ready-Made Videos That Can Generate BIG Leads, Sales & Profits in Hot Niches?

Is Stock Video Firesale Truly a Complete 'Done for You' Solution?

(read on for my full Stock Video Firesale review and premium bonus tactics)




Stock Video Firesale is a brand new package that gives you access to professional quality videos that can be used to generate optins, leads and sales. In addition to my Stock Video Firesale review, I'm also including some social media news articles on Blogger & Facebook below:

Blogger Outreach and How it is Best Accomplished

Blogs are now the third most common source of information that brands can use to get their message to their target audience; blogs are additionally the fifth most reliable way to get info on products and brands. For a blog to be considered successful it must first master the finer processes of “blogger outreach” which can be best described as the process of making valuable blogging connections with sources of genuine content which can serve as authority.

Authority, in terms of online blogging, means that the content of a blog is considered to be objective and also reliable, to the point of being a trustworthy source recommendations and experienced opinions on a service, product idea or expression. Due to the authority on the issue, word will spread quickly by word of mouth and this is known as going “viral” by the online community.

Online bloggers can wield a massively effective influence that is nothing less than impactful, therefore certain rules governing the protocol of bloggers have evolved and developed what is known as a “Digital Currency of Influence.” When a blogger begins a campaign for blogger outreach he essentially starts working his way to greater digital currency which allows him to begin making authentic progress collecting superior results in accordance with protocol.

To illustrate this point, imagine you have a particular idea, novel expression product or service that you would like to promote. You would consider getting your brand reviewed by some of the top bloggers, authorities, on the subject; however without following protocol it is quite likely that you will be categorically ignored.

You must begin with a truly original and attractive proposition that will turn some blogger heads and make them look over your option. Forget all the email barrages or desperate invitations to events or any other attempts to get the focus on you.

Think of a blogger as you would a valuable customer, not merely a journalist; this way you will go about attracting them to your proposition with excellent service and captivating relationship skills. It would also be a good idea to do some serious research into your blogger; remember that they are people just like you and respond well to individual considerations.

Remain focused on how you can be a service to the blogger and not merely how they will be a major asset to you. A successful blogger is obviously a highly intelligent and impressive individual who places a great deal of emphasis on keeping good relations with others. With this in mind, be creative when interacting and keep it fun as well, once you found your angle start up a conversation. If the proposition you bring has merit you will have gotten a good start right there. Naturally, you will want to keep everything as relevant to the central idea of the blog itself, to make sure your option is well received.

IT’s just like making new friends when you think about it, the same principles apply to successful blogger outreach. Your initial objective is to engender a trust between you and the blogger and this trust will inspire more productive opportunities for both of you. These may present themselves as a well timed question, comment, request or not at all but until you find the winning combinations of your personal blogger outreach, you can’t expect this kind of quality publicity.

The particulars of blogging outreach make up the entire successful process that can be learned and there is extensive help and counsel online, you can easily find authentic advice by the referrals they have. So reach out and make a connection.

The First Quarter for Facebook: Ad CPC Down 17% but CTR is up 17%

In the first quarter, Nanigans customers for CTR rose a satisfactory 17%. The cost per click however went down 17%, which makes this kind of advertising more profitable . This is an amazing statistic. because it means that now just about any customer to take advantage of Facebook advertising knowing that they can reach more of their target demographic and payless for each click.

This is completely contrary to Google’s option. This well known and respected company’s ad service, comes with notoriously high CPC rates, regardless of whether the ads are actually reaching the target demographic or not.

The Holiday Fever Factor

Check your calendar for fluctuations in the quantity of traffic that is actually delivered. This is largely due to the way Facebook works and what they factor into their CPC. They calculate the demand for a type of advertisement, what the majority of people are currently posting about and what they are currently interested in. The higher the demand for a specific ad the more reach you are going to have and therefore the cost per click is lowered as well.

When shopping season reaches its climax in after the fourth quarter, it is customary to see an increase in ad prices across the board, and the CPCs are increased. However, studies show that the first quarter was particularly profitable and the price of ads was dropping as well.

CPM’s Dropping Too

The CPM (Cost Per Mille or Cost Per Thousand Impressions) also dropped 3%, not for long however the cost went on to rise 300% from the first quarter. According to Facebook’s marketing partner Nanigans, most of the online marketers who employed this software allowing customers to create direct response campaigns, spent a large part of their budget on mobile apps and domain names.

They also used ROI-based bidding algorithms, that could help to more specifically target their specific marketing demographic. The additional production of video ads and multiple product ads, which were extremely popular combined to make up the large majority of the advertising budget.

Consulting the Crystal Ball

So, to recap; from the results we see here it is clear that CPM ads, particularly when used in the first quarter, will probably not be the wisest choice for your valuable ad fund when doing Facebook advertising, on the other hand the cost per click option has become increasingly more cost-efficient. All things considered, this shows a way that savvy online marketers can greatly enhance their marketing methods by reaching a much larger audience with fewer ad dollars.

Advertisements taken directly from the news feed is certainly the most profitable method of generating visitors to follow click-throughs to certain sites; and there are not many better options for generating those targeted visitors than Facebook.

Only time will tell how long this effective strategy will remain effective throughout 2015, but as of right now the combination of video ads and CPC marketing on Facebook is the most lucrative method of turning a profit from online marketing.

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HanifQ 25th May 2015 11:54 AM

Re: UNCUT 'Stock Video Firesale' Review & Bonus [Fast Profit] Strategies

HanifQ 27th May 2015 10:40 PM

Re: UNCUT 'Stock Video Firesale' Review & Bonus [Fast Profit] Strategies
While using the Stock Video Firesale, keep the following article in mind talking about 'How To" keywords:

Millennial-Mobile “How-To” Searches - Easy Ways To Own YouTube - PART 1

Did you know that one of the most heavily searched keywords is "How To"? This may be obvious to some people, whereas others may not realize that this is one of the more popular keyword phrases because people are always searching for a specific type of information. When you want to learn how to do something, you can either find a website that specializes in exactly what you are looking for, or find a how-to video on YouTube. Many people have been shocked at how much free information is out there showing you how to do everything from changing spark plugs in a particular vehicle, fixing a particular meal, or any other type of information that you need a tutorial on.

Mobile Devices And YouTube

Due to the advent of mobile devices, smartphones that will allow you to search the web, there is really no easier way to look up information, click on a video that will help you out, and watch it on your smartphone. The increase in this type of activity, roughly 30%, has actually prompted many people to create how-to websites. They can make money from the advertisements that are placed on their blogs or HTML pages, simply because people are always looking for ways to do certain things.

HanifQ 27th May 2015 10:41 PM

Re: UNCUT 'Stock Video Firesale' Review & Bonus [Fast Profit] Strategies
Below is PART 2 and the conclusion to the article.....

What Can You Learn On YouTube?

There are several things that you will be able to learn including how to add wallpaper, install a toilet, or even how to cook a wide variety of meals. You can actually watch these individuals that have taken the time to show you the exact steps that you need to take in order to replicate what they are doing. Many of them are actually experts that are simply sharing their knowledge, without anything to sell. Even if they do have a product, you can take advantage of their generosity of taking the time to show you how to do a wide variety of things that you may not know how to do until the video is done area

How To Make Money From Millennial Mobile Habits

The best way to take advantage of this trend is to locate a company that has produced hundreds of different videos. You will then want to create a website of your own, one that showcases these different strategies, as well as adding some content of your own. You will want to use one of the most popular trends that Google is very fond of which is to create what is called curated content. By adding your own unique content, and referencing these videos, it will appear to Google that you are trying to provide something very relevant, and as a result of this, they will reward you with higher rankings, letting you benefit from these high-volume searches that can lead to making sales.

Once you have created a website of your own, or a channel of your own where you show people what to do, you will start to see how many visitors you actually get of people that will be very happy that you are providing this content to help them, and on the backend, making money from your efforts. There are literally thousands of people on YouTube that have created channels for the sole purpose of earning a full-time living, and are doing much more than that. Using the statistic of how over 70% growth has occurred with how to searches to your benefit, you can start to make quite a bit of money on the web.

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