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Love Traveling & Making Money? This Is For You (5 People Only!)
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Dear Warriors,

I found out about this incredible lucrative and cool business opportunity just last week and wanted to share it with you since I'm pretty sure you probably will want to get involved with it ASAP.

Check it out:

I got into this one right away not because of the business part, but just because I know it'll save me thousands of dollars over the next year in flights and accommodations alone!

So, even if you're not interested in the business but you travel a lot -or want to- you should absolutely join.

I took the annual opcion myself since it comes with some extra perks on the business side of things and got my money back and then some the first time I used it (I booked a flight ticket for 4 people to Peru and saved more than $600 right there!).

Now, let's get into the good stuff..

As you probably know, I'm a business coach and run several high-end business coaching and development programs. I run a successful SEO & Marketing Agency too (

I'm not really into MLM and don't even like the business model that much so I rarely promote anything MLM related.

But I AM into marketing and business building and definitively know how to build a 6-7 figure business. So, I thought that if I was going to get into anyways because I love the savings, why should I not make some money on the side by promoting something that's so cool I myself got into it without thinking it twice?

So, I decided to let my subscribers to know about it, but that's not all..

I'm going to start running some viral campaigns to get my downline filled up quickly AS I build my own lists in the highly profitable travel mega-market.

Does sounds like something you'd love to be part of?

Well, the good news is that..

This company is launching publicly on June 1 and they're running a promo for those pre-launch members -that's me- that get 5 people to join their downline until May 31.

Now, as you can see I got a little bit late to this so I decided to run this special for only 5 people:

If you join to my team before before May 31 I'll be sharing with you the exact strategy I'll be using to build my lists at fast rate and filling my downline in record time.

Not only that but you'll get a chance of get into a coop with me and get your affiliate link rotating in my own viral campaign! This one is proceless.

I'm an expert in facebook ads and I'm going to create and optimize a lead campaign for this business.

If you're one of the the first 5 to join you'll be able to take full advantage of this very campaign. A campaign that would require you to invest a couple grands to optimize, just in case you know what you're doing!

How To Join?

1) Follow this link:

2) Fill up the form in that page

3) Login to you account and upgrade to a paid membership.

You'll need this anyways to get access to all the savings in air tickets, hotels, condos, attractions all over the world and a lot more benefits.

Now, you have a few paid options:

You can get started for about $35/mo what's a steal. Or you can go semi-annual or annual.

I myself got into the annual membership because you not only save some money that way but if you're interested in the business you'll find you'll earn more money if you go with this option.

To be totally sincere I don't care what option you take; as soon you take a paid option you will qualify to work with me. But I strongly recommend you go annual if you can. You'll get a much better deal on the business side that way.

However, if you can't or you don't really care about the business but only want the savings and maybe the passive income potential, you can go monthly. Your call.

I myself don't like monthly payments and that's another reason why I opted for the annual subscription.

All that being said, it's time to ACT.

Remember, you only have until May 31 to qualify for getting this bonus from me. And believe me, you'll regret later if you miss out!

Join My team Now:

Best Regards,

Leonardo Schwartz
L&G Publishing Co

47-47 36th Street Suite 12371
Long Island City - NY

Some Of Our Business Development and Coaching Programs:

Wanna Get in Touch With Me?

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Re: Love Traveling & Making Money? This Is For You (5 People Only!)
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Wondering how this travel business works. I did not understand from the website.

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