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[MUST READ] Virtual Studio Simulator by Todd Gross
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What is Virtual Studio Simulator
Virtual Studio Simulator is simply a virtual studio set. This has been created out of a necessity and demand. Many professional marketers are frequently looking for virtual studio set online for their videos (which typically highly overpriced).

VSS is Todd Gross’ latest video product that addresses this demand. The idea is now you are able to harness the authority of a virtual studio at fractions the price of a traditional green screen studio backgrounds.
- Increase video authority: Studios have long been used on professional news, even when you see a mock news advertisement on TV, it catches your attention. Now you can convey this attention and this authority to your message by having a virtual studio set to overlay your message. Basically it can make you more creditable.
- Captivate your audience: Captivate your audience fancy virtual studio sets. Why do you think news agencies have background of cities and studio set? They work to engage your audience with the right aesthetic so the attention is on your words but still sufficiently appealing graphically (since people are very visual usually)
- Good first impression: make a good first impression to your audience with a studio background which conveys creditability; in a world where visuals are important and audiences very quick to surf on, having something interesting that (1) attract a click through to your video (2) provides a brief reason for your audience to view on before you speak is a critical value.

Overall Virtual Studio Simulator is a more affordable option for fancy virtual studio sets that professional marketers have been using all along (and frequently searched for). It brings you more than that however with the ability to increase video authority from the traditional perception of studios, captivate your audience with interesting backgrounds, and make a good first impression with a virtual studio set.

Who is Virtual Studio Simulator for?
Affiliate Marketers – Affiliate Marketers will find Virtual Studio Simulator to be an effective complement to their blog reviews. Spice up those Fiverr testimonials with a simple studio set background to make your promotions more effective and take an edge over your competitors or the hundreds of videos currently online by using Virtual Studio Simulator green screen tool.

Product Owners – Product owners will find Virtual Studio Simulator to be a useful tool for a simple video sales page. Video Sales Letter works although many product owners don’t know how to set up their VSL effectively; using a virtual studio set like Virtual Studio Simulator can help you sell your product more effectively. Now you don’t need to worry about entertaining your audience by using VSS. When creating a VSL you want to ensure people landing on your page are engaged by your video (typically through your message but what goes on in the background matters too) but you don’t want them distracted by too many flashy things that it distracts from your key sales message. This perfect balance can be found with a virtual studio set such as Virtual Studio Simulator. The background is more than a dull green screen but it isn’t too alluring that it draws the attention away from the key message.

Offline Consultants – Finally offline consultants will find Virtual Studio Simulator to be very useful for their business clients. You need to convey authority for your clients and offline businesses. Having a video presentation from a virtual studio set immediately does so. Hence using Virtual Studio Simulator can provide added creditability to your client’s message (as you may have already noticed some advertisement on TV typically use a studio set to show its significance and capture viewer’s attention, now you can do the same thing with a virtual studio set such as Virtual Studio Simulator). Adding to this, it also can impress your client and give you a happier client with the results you bring for them in their video.

How does VSS work?
(1) Record video with green screen: First you record your video presentation as you would however you wish (you need the upper half of the presenter to be viewable at least). Basically you flexibility of how you create your general video, the only two conditions (1) viewable (2 green screen. It’s simple and you can customize your message and say whatever you want! If you’re afraid about appearing on camera, thankfully there are people more than happy to do it for you on Fiverr…yes for $5.

(2) Download your virtual studio set: Next, log in to Virtual Studio Simulator and download one of the many virtual studio sets you wish to use. Whatever you think might best represent your message (different virtual studio background set design can spin off a different vibe or feel to your customers).

(3) Overlay your virtual studio set: Finally you just set the background over your green screen like you would with any green screen video. The green screen is ideal as it makes it easiest to have the software overlay the studio although some other solid color background can work too if you don’t have green screen. You don’t need to worry about overlaying the studio set because Virtual Studio Simulator makes it easy for you with the predesigned virtual studio set you can use.

Typically virtual studio sets are very expensive and costly for marketers and that’s one of the reason why it isn’t more frequently used but Virtual Studio Simulator aims to make it more cost-effective. As with Todd Gross’ typical style and reputation with products you can count Virtual Studio Simulator’s virtual studio sets are high quality, professional and good caliber product. That’s one of the real factor which differentiates Virtual Studio Simulator over other virtual studio sets.

MUST READ Virtual Studio Simulator bonuses!
Here are some excellent bonuses you don't want to miss for VSS. These bonuses are available only till June 15, 2015.

Two Whiteboard Video Animation ($17 Value): Get two scripted, voice over, and whiteboard videos commercials free with Virtual Studio Simulator. This bonus is an excellent complement to you if you’re in the web design space. The whiteboard commercials are commercials for web design and internet marketing firms (offline consultants). These are unbranded so you can use it to promote your business and get more clients whom you can then upsell Virtual Studio Simulator videos to.

Video Promotion – Social Signals ($17): We’ll help you with ranking your Virtual Studio Simulator video with this social signals package. You get a combination of youtube interactions and social interactions that is a great combination for your videos. This is an excellent Virtual Studio Simulator Bonus.

Video Promotion ($37): Let us help you promote your videos. We’ll get your videos real views, social interactions, and backlinks from a variety of wiki and social bookmarking sites. This has been very effective for getting some video traction and for ranking your video online. Apply this Virtual Studio Stimulator bonus to a VSS video or any video. (to get more views & attention)

More about Virtual Studio Simulator:
Many Internet marketers nowadays have definitely recognized the power of video to sell products online. After all, in some ways it resembles the ads you see on TV. The main difference is you don’t have to pay a truckload of cash to show your video in just 30 seconds.

On the Internet, a video can be used in a variety of ways. You can use it to demonstrate how your products work, or how you perform your service. The “before and after” results can also be showcased for a more dramatic effect. You can even demonstrate how customers can use and maintain your products properly.

You can also show how your company started. Sometimes a video is used to prove you’re a regular guy, or you can also have customers giving testimonials in your videos as evidence that real people use and approve your goods and services.

The possibilities are endless. And that’s really true when you have the spectacular Virtual Studio Simulator to help you out and this Virtual Studio Simulator review will help you understand just how useful a virtual studio set can be.

What Can the Virtual Studio Simulator Do for You?
Nowadays, you don’t really need expensive cameras and lights to produce videos you can actually use to help sell your products. In fact, some of the most popular videos on YouTube were taken with smartphone video cameras.

Still, there are limitations especially with your background options. You’ll need to find a good location and sometimes that’s impossible if you want a futuristic or professional look. Besides, building your own studio will cost a lot of money.

But with the virtual studio set from Virtual Studio Simulator, you don’t have to spend so much for your videos. It’s like with the movies such as 300, The Matrix, and Lord of the Rings. You don’t have to find the perfect background locations. Now you can just put yourself in a video talking to your viewers while it may look like you’re in a futuristic set.

It’s like those Photoshopped pictures where a guy in his backyard can appear as if he’s in Egypt with the ancient pyramids in the background. Except that this time it’s in video format and you can pick the background of your choice.

Think of all the possibilities. You can edit the background any way you want so that your walls and windows are according to your preferences. You can have a lectern or a table in front of you, too. And you can choose the design and colors.

Those backgrounds don’t have to be still images either. They can be animated too. That means if you’re talking in the video, you’re not the only moving element on screen.

Additional Tools for Videos
But the Virtual Studio Simulator isn’t just about providing a cool background for your videos.

• You also get a lot of audio tracks you can use. A video can be more interesting and appealing with the right music, we all know that. The problem is that using popular music can get you into all kinds of legal trouble, especially when the video becomes viral. One wedding videographer whose video went viral got himself sued and he had to settle the suit for tens of thousands of dollars.

But now with the audio tracks, you won’t have to pay royalties and you won’t ever have to worry about getting a “cease and desist” order.

• You can also make your videos more appealing and more informative with “Lower Third” graphics. These are the images you see as captions on various news shows, and now you can look just as professional as Fox News or CNN. Your videos can look just as nice as those videos used by the bigger corporations.

As a bonus, you also get more fonts. And that means you have lots of options when you use captions for your graphics and videos. Just don’t use any random fonts though—its look can help define the tone of the video just like it defines the tone of a website or poster.

• The program also comes with a bunch of CTA Videos. These are the videos that tell the viewer what they ought to do next, such as buy your product, give out their email address, or visit a website. You add these videos to the end of your own videos so that your viewers know what they should do next.

If you already shot your own CTA segment in your videos, you can still improve it. You can actually put in a CTA button in your videos just like you have such buttons on your website!

Every director knows that post production is where a lot of the magic happens in much the same way that editing can help polish an article or a book. With the Virtual Studio Simulator, you can really polish your video to make compelling productions that will intrigue your viewers.

Additional Tools for Websites
If this Virtual Studio Simulator review ends here, at this point it already looks like a great product, doesn’t it? But there’s actually still more. The Virtual Studio Simulator not only improves your videos but also makes your website pages livelier.

For one, it sets up a Viral Video Box, which is the plugin that lets your videos play on your webpage. Videos are useless if your website visitors can’t see them, and you can’t just post a link to YouTube so your visitors can watch the videos there. If you’d rather that your website visitors remain on your website, this plugin allows for that.

Then you also get Animated Social Media graphics. These are not your boring still buttons. These are animated graphics that really get attention. They make people more inclined to visit you on Facebook or to view your YouTube page.

And here’s the kicker: With the Virtual Studio Simulator, you can actually create your video squeeze page in an instant!

With this program, you can make more enthralling videos and more alluring web pages—and all these lead to more profits. Who says no to profits? That’s the ultimate reason you can’t say no to the Virtual Studio Simulator. So what are you waiting for? Get this software today.

Click here to get Virtual Studio Simulator today

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Re: [MUST READ] Virtual Studio Simulator by Todd Gross
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Reserve for FAQ
Instant Video Machine - Instant Video Machine launched today June 5, 2015. Todd Gross and Matt Bush teamed up to bring you this amazing new software which is designed to help you set up your own video agency.
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Video Skins Player - Video Skins player is a useful tool for Video Studio Simulator. You can now take those green screen video and put it into an equally effective and unique video player. With the Video Skins video player you are able to add many features and just about any call to action you want right on your video. You can even survey your customers on your video. It's easy to use with drag and drop and non technical uploads. This is absolutely one of the leading video players available that you MUST use; video skins! You may even wish to add branding to your video skins.
Explaindio 2 - Read our WF thread on the newly released Explaindio Pro 2.0. Explaindio is a video creator by Andrew Darius which is leading the industry with revolutionary animated features and more. Definitely a worth while investment if you're looking for a reliable video creator.
Whiteboard Power Kit bonus - Virtual Studio Simulator customers should consider Whiteboard Power Kit if they want to make better whiteboard videos. WPK is a new product by Joel Comm that gives you the ability to edit whiteboard videos and more; it's a powerful package that will help you. Learn more about WPK and get bonuses to Whiteboard Power Kit on our WF thread.
TubePilot - TubePilot is now here and if you're using Virtual studio Simulator to make your videos, you'd want to ensure that these are seen sufficiently. Use TubePilot to help with your video marketing to get more visibility and distribution with this SAAS by Sam Bakker.
6 Figure Explaindio Local Webinar - the Explaindio Local webinar is now available. Learn more about Explaindio local and how to make good profits re-selling easy to make, customized videos to businesses. It emphasizes on picking the right niches and then upselling those businesses for more long term profits. Explaindio Local webinar is a must watch for anyone wanting to start a full scale video selling business or familiar with any form of video marketing. It's also good for completely new marketers looking to make money with a proven system. Video Studio Simulator owners would appreciate learning how they can maximize the usage of their software by selling video services to clients.

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