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HanifQ 3rd June 2015 10:44 PM

UNCUT Fanpage Money Method Review & Bonus [Fast Profit] Strategies
Can The Fanpage Money Method System TRULY Help You Uncover Profitable Facebook Niches & Teach You How To Drive Targeted Traffic 'Dirt-Cheap' Advertising Methods?

Is Fan Page Money Method Really A Fast Facebook Traffic-Generating System?

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Here's a 'Preview' Video Where I Give a Very Brief Overview of Fanpage Money Method:

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Fanpage Money Method is a brand new Facebook marketing course designed to help you find profitable niches and show you how to drive targeted visitors for 'cheap'. In addition to my Fanpage Money Method review, I've also included some informative Twitter and Facebook social media news articles below:

Promoted Tweets From Twitter Have Gotten Sneakier

One of the toughest online marketing challenges of all is being able to break into social media in a way that is meaningful and effective. For trendy products that work well with promoting by word of mouth, social media marketing can be fairly easy. However, not all marketers have something that convenient to work with. That's why so many businesses needing to use Twitter advertising decide to make use of Promoted Tweets for conveying their messages. This message just became more effective with the recent changes that have been made.

Promoted Tweets And How they Work

Promoted Tweets are basically ads conforming to Twitter's standard format. A promotional message is carried in the message along with a link and at times a hashtag. Promoted Tweets until April 2015 could be distinguished from regular tweets from the yellow arrow icon that appeared with "promoted by [account]."

Promoted Tweets- Who Sees Them And Why

Promoted Tweets are injected by Twitter into various areas of their website. Promoted Tweets often show up whenever users conduct searches on trending topics or keywords. Occasionally, promoted Tweets get sent directly to user timelines. In terms of how Twitter matches up users and Promoted Tweets, they are a bit cagey about it. Their goal is for ads to stay relevant through targeting them based on the retweets, follows and other activities of a user. It can be quite a challenge to measure what the actual size of an audience is for any specific Promoted Tweet.

A Change In Appearance

In April two major changes were made by Twitter to the Promoted Tweets appearance. The thing that everyone is talking about is how the arrow icon has disappeared. However, the bigger change that has taken place is the promoter's name is no longer featured in the "promoted" tag in large blue letters. The only thing that remains is simply the "promoted" label under the Tweet. There is still strong branding with Promoted Tweets (after all they need to come from a Twitter account in the first place), however the new Promoted Tweets appearance reduces how many times the name appears inside the actual Tweet.

A Change That Is Non-Revolutionary

No one will ever think that a Promoted Tweet is something other than an ad, even when the old icon isn't there anymore to point the way. The change in format makes Twitter more closely aligned with Pinterest, Facebook and some of the other social media platforms, where the promotional messages also have notifications that are fairly understated. The Twitter user base didn't show a lot of objections when the change took place. A majority of Twitter users are smart enough to see ads for what they are without need to see the "promoted" label.

Added Value For Twitter Advertisers

Marketers who use Promoted Tweets for raising awareness on Twitter will benefit the most from the new change. The format is more subtle and less intrusive for the advertising messages without any changes to the price they have to pay. It makes Twitter's reasonable rates for Promote Tweets more attractive for marketers struggling to get their messages out.

The latest change that Twitter has made to its advertising policies ultimately goes change the game in any dramatic way. It is a minor refinement to how business is conducted, and it's very favorable to individuals using the services as their advertising platform. There isn't any hard data available on the change yet. However, the more subtle and new designs most likely will result in a small bump in click through rates for Promoted Tweets.

More Facebook Algorithm Changes

Social media marketing is being used more and more by businesses looking for more targeted visitors for their websites. By putting a Facebook fan page up and getting some likes, this could be effectively re-marketing over and over again to a captive audience. However, Facebook's algorithms have recently changed and are changing how the network is used by businesses for attracting new business.

Facebook users get messages in their new feeds from their friends as well as pages they've liked. There is competition coming from various sources, which means only a small amount of posts made on Facebook actually get seen by users. Facebook over the past two years has made changes to its algorithm. The result has been that the percentage has declined steadily. Before the most recent of the changes, a post would only be seen by maybe 2% of individuals who have liked a publisher's fan page.

Following the most recent update, the meager 2% may be considered to be high. The update emphasizes posts from friends over fan pages. Also, a friend liking or commenting on a third party's post will be highlighted less. The latter change is especially bad for business since many businesses were able to weather earlier changes in the algorithm partially from creating content that is more viral that has a higher chance of generating interactions from users. This may result in the age of free re-marketing to Facebook fans as being basically over.

However, it isn't necessary for businesses to give up and stop using their fan pages. One of the main reasons these changes are presumably being implemented by Facebook is to encourage individuals to invest into paid traffic on the platform. When businesses spend money on promoted posts and targeted ads they can find value still on Facebook's platform.

Facebook has become one of the most popular paid advertising venues despite fan page user complaints about all of the algorithm changes. Users reveal a lot of information regarding themselves. This can be used for achieving targeting that is very precisely based on demographics and interests. This type of traffic, unlike search advertising, isn't limited to how many individuals are searching a certain topic at a specific time.

The best way of using Facebook for generating the best return for your marketing dollars is through creating interactive content and a community. When this is done, a business will be able to get individuals to visit its website or page repeatedly to obtain valuable content or talk with like minded people. By doing so, a brand will be maximizing the value of all ad impressions through selling repeatedly to the same customers.

Publishing Facebook fan pages isn't the huge gush of free traffic as it once was. However, businesses still would do well continuing to promote the page actively using paid advertising along with relying on organic reach. The cost for acquiring new customers overall will be much less than it would be using the mostly untargeted traditional media channels.

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HanifQ 4th June 2015 10:29 AM

Re: UNCUT Fanpage Money Method Review & Bonus [Fast Profit] Strategies

HanifQ 4th June 2015 10:50 AM

Re: UNCUT Fanpage Money Method Review & Bonus [Fast Profit] Strategies
While using the Fanpage Money Method, be sure to keep this article talking about 'Social Insights':

Using Social Media Data to Boost Your Campaign's CTR - PART 1

Regardless of the type of marketing campaign you’re executing, social media data is invaluable. It gives you insight while the campaign is still taking place and makes it much easier to make adjustments on the go. Through this kind of insight, you can easily make your message more engaging or target the right crowd to see a better response.

Social media profiles give you access to tons of useful information. You may think that a particular message is quite engaging but what does your audience think? The more you focus on data analysis, the easier it’s going to be to figure out.

Using Social Media Data
Each of your social media channels can give you tons of information about prospects, if you know what to pay attention to and how to interpret the data.

Social media like Facebook, Twitter and Google+ are a two-way street. You get to share your message but your audience can respond. The data shared by social media users is one of the biggest assets of carrying out such campaigns. Marketers can easily harness this information to get the best possible results on a relatively limited budget.

What does it take to figure out what the audience is interested in? How can you target these very specific, very niche preferences?

The answer is rather simple – you need to “listen.” The market has dozens of analytics tools. These follow all of the important metrics and give feedback about ROI, CTR, cost per click and engagement. Going through user-generated content, however, can be an equally valuable source of information.

HanifQ 4th June 2015 10:52 AM

Re: UNCUT Fanpage Money Method Review & Bonus [Fast Profit] Strategies
Below is PART 2 and the conclusion of the article....

How to Use the Data

It seems pretty easy and straightforward – you pay attention to your followers, you find out more about their interests and you get a higher CTR than ever before. In reality, however, data analysis and knowing how to respond will be a complex process. For many marketers and companies, this is where things will go wrong.

Use your brand’s social media channels to gather information. Pay attention to the questions that your followers ask, the updates that they like the most, the topics that stimulate discussions and the ones that leave them indifferent. All of these can help you pinpoint rather accurately the biggest interests and the preferences that your followers have.

This data can help you test different marketing approaches. For a start, you’ll know how to keep your profiles engaging. The information can also be incredibly beneficial, if you decide to carry out a paid social media marketing campaign.

You know what your audience is interested in. Choose some keywords that relate to the topic and test those. Carry out a Facebook ad campaign – this is a cost-efficient method of figuring out what will generate enough engagement and which message is going to miss the mark.

The information you collect through your social media channels can also be used to make all of your other marketing efforts more effective. You have tons of information about what your target is looking for. This information can be used to create better television, outdoor and print marketing campaigns. It can have a profound impact on your overall reputation establishment, especially if you put continuous effort in learning more about your prospects and improving your lead generation efforts.

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Jimmy Chen 20th June 2015 05:10 AM

Re: UNCUT Fanpage Money Method Review & Bonus [Fast Profit] Strategies
I'm interested. Pls reply to my PM asap. =)

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