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Unread 20th Jul 2015, 09:58 PM   #1
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[MUST READ] Video Skins - Sam Bakker & Brad Spencer
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Click here to get Video Skins
Watch Video Skins in action here

Hi Warriors,
Here's a thread on Video Skins by Sam Bakker and Brad Spencer. Read to the end for something special.

What is Video Skins
Video Skins is a new video player software by Sam Bakker and Brad Stephens. It does more than most video player; the ultimate purpose of Video Skins is to make you more sales, get more leads, and make more money with your videos. Thanks for taking time to read this Video Skins review.

In the process of doing so, Video Skins will help (1) engage your audience better – Video Skins permits any kind of call to action button you might imagine. Along with this feature is a variety of shiny tools to get your message across; effectively, Video Skins lets you communicate with your audience more effectively for an intended call to action. Being able to communicate the desired action with your audience clearly can boost conversion. (2) Make your video unique & interactive – Video Skins has a unique feature with inlaid video questions. You can direct your user base on their responses. This allows you to funnel your traffic even further. Imagine being able to directly address their questions, concerns, or interest. Used correctly, you should be able to increase conversions to your leads and offers or at least more view time. You know, the more the audience interacts with you the more likely of a conversion. (3) Next level marketing for your brand – be able to brand your videos with Video Skins by overlaying your brand around the video player software. This associates the content with your brand; viewers’ attention will be on the video player and your brand unconsciously building trust and recognition. Keep in mind, we buy from whom we know and trust.

More importantly Video Skins is an easy to use online tool. You can put any video from Amazon videos, Youtube videos or Vimeo into a Video Skin. This is all done online so there’s no hassle. It also means there’s better stability being maintained by Video Skins. We should mention as well that Sam Bakker has invested a lot into making Video Skins the absolute best solution there is out there currently for a video player (that an internet professional or video marketer might want); it combines simplicity with usability BY functioning as an drag and drop video player software.

Now you can put opt in to videos and change your video player color, brand your video, or integrate a call to action during a set portion of your video with a simple web base drag and drop system. A full list of functions available on Video Skins can be found here. I simply do not have the time to go through all the features in this review of Video Skins software.

Who is Video Skins for?
To further our review of the new Video Skins software by Sam Bakker and Brad Stephens, we’re going to take a closer look on who would best benefit from VS.

Video Marketers – Video Marketers will find that Video Skins can give them an added edge with the ability to turn your video into a sales machine. You do this by integrating timed call to action and buy now buttons in your video. The key benefit to video marketers is the ability to turn a simple video into a full blown sales tool BECAUSE of the timed buy now and call to action additions in Video Skins. In our Video Skins review, I want to highlight that Video Marketers would likely find this tool to be a game changing SAAS.

Product Owners – Product owners can benefit from Video Skins as an integrated video player into their sales letter for better conversions. Video Skins can help attain better EPCs and more sales by interacting with your customers directly through your video. This may be a choose your adventure question to directly address your target audience OR even easily integrating a opt in form right WITHIN the video to make more from your traffic! (being able to capture the lead means following up with them for the close/kill and even selling them on future products. Like getting phone number or business card at a networking event.) In review of Video Skins feature, you’ll find that it suites product owners very well and especially those using Explaindio or Video Maker FX.

Website/Business Owners – Business owners will appreciate the option to integrate brand marketing to their videos. Now associate your brand to the videos by choosing a branded video skin on your video player. While viewers watch the video, they see your brand. Establishing your brand boasts benefits of (1) exclusivity – having brand can at as a barrier to entry for competitors if done effectively (2) more sales – people buy from whom they are familiar with rather than a complete stranger (3) cheaper marketing cost – brand marketing has been proven to reduce future marketing cost to sell a client. So use Video Skins available on the VideoSkins video player to integrate your brand into the video so you have the full attention of your viewers on your brand and message.

Make Money Online – How do you make money online with Video Skins? Video Skins are so flexible they can be use to get more leads, boost sales, and increase conversion rates. Now where else could you use better conversion rate? More sales? More leads? Video Skins would be an excellent complement to affiliate marketing. You may wish to use Video Skins complemented with a video you find (legally) online and then add in your opt in form or affiliate link to get the viewers to sign up for your email list or affiliate offer. You effectively can market with other people content and simply send the traffic to the Video Skins link! This is excellent when using informational products.

I know in any review that I like to identify who the tool/service will best benefit. I believe this has been done here on this Video Skins thread.

How Does Video Skins Work?
This is an excellent question. Sam Bakker and Brad Stephens have invested significantly to making Video Skins easy to use and yet effective. They have done so by making Video Skins as a web tool. This means you save on (1) installation hassle (2) sever set up (3) tech know how. It’s simply entering a video link and choosing what you want on your Video Skins. No Video Skins review would be finish without a closer look at how it works.

(1) Enter Video Link = The first step to using Video Skins is choosing a video and entering it into Video Skins. This can be a Youtube video, vimeo or amazon hosted video.

(2) Choose your features = It’s a simple drag and drop to your video skins! There’s no technical coding. You can enter a # if you want a time delay to your opt in form or buy now button.
Here are some things you may find useful with Video Skins
- Video player skin: choose your video player skin color or image
- Call to action buttons: Any call to action button you might want.
- Buy now buttons: Buy now buttons that work on Paypal, Clickbank, JvZoo.
- Opt in forms: Get more leads with your videos. Excellent to maybe take informational video.
- Question and Reponses: You can let your audience choose their outcome
- In Video pictures or messages: Further communicate or highlight a point and message with Video Skins.
- Time Delay: Time delay any of the feature mentioned above. You can also stop a video to display a specific action or feature before continuing.

(3) Generate Video Skins video link = Once you’ve drag and drop what you want with your Video Skins it’s ready. Basically you skip any messy coding and you have a video player for your video with a whole set of actions and features intended to interact with. Once you’re done all that (by clicking and entering whatever value you wish) then you can create the new video Skins video link.

This video link or video embed code will have the Video Skins video player you chose with the set up features you wanted. Now use this video link instead of the Youtube or Vimeo video link. This allows you to take any video and add marketing features to it for more results.

Effectively Video Skins gives you full control over your video playing experience to your viewers! This is an opportunity to get more from your viewers and precisely nudge them to the outcome you want or communicate the point you wish to more fruitfully.

I hope you’ve enjoyed our Video Skins review so far; now, let’s look at some Video Skins bonuses.

Video Skins Bonuses: These are special bonuses only available on this Warrior Forum thread for Video Skins purposes during July 22 to July 29 (7 days). These are especially valuable bonuses you don't want to miss that WILL help you make more online.

SEO Ultimate 2015 – Get more from your videos with SEO Ultimate 2015. Learn how to rank your websites to get more attention to your videos. Combining a great funnel on your video with traffic will be a duo win.

Bing Ads tutorial – How would you like $100 in Bing Ads to get traffic to your video. We’ve been using Bing Ads and getting clicks for as low as 0.07 in a parenting niche. Now create your video player with Video Skins and turn it into a lead capture machine or an affiliate marketing campaign! Send traffic by PPC; do you think you could make a sale with 1000s of targeted traffic to your powerful video skin?

Done for You Facebook Page – Create a Facebook Page and let us help you get traffic to your video. This is a VERY cool bonus. We’ll send a micro $10 campaign to get more traffic and social signals to your video. This is REAL social signals for your video and this CANNOT be substituted by any other Video Skins bonus; meaning, it’s a great bonus.

I am absolutely confident we have the BEST Video Skins bonus available on the web today. Don’t be tricked by a bunch of useless PLR content that will be digital dust on your laptop. We’re giving you REAL value with a Bing Ads tutor to get you $100 in Bing Ads coupon AND a micro Facebook Ad campaign with a spend of $10 (which if you find to be profitable ROI, we can help you scale). Add to this a digestible SEO Ultimate 2015 tutorial to get you more TRAFFIC and results.

=> Click here to get Video Skins with VS bonuses!

My sincere hope is that these Video Skins bonuses will help you make better use of Video Skins and make money online! Remember however that these are only available for the first 7 days of VS launch.

Thanks Warriors!
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Unread 22nd Jul 2015, 01:12 PM   #2
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Re: [MUST READ] Video Skins - Sam Bakker & Brad Spencer
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Reserved for Video Skins FAQ

More Internet Marketing Thread and Bonuses:
Whiteboard Power Kit Bonus - Learn more about Whiteboard Power Kit and get some complementing bonuses for Whiteboard Power Kit that will help you to make better use of your videos. With Video Skins, you can now make more with your videos so use WPK to make more customized whiteboard videos. The bonuses for WPK will also help you make better use of your videos you're using for Video Skins so it's a win win bonus that you can use for WPK or VS.
Video Drill review - Video Drill is a new product by Sam Bakker so if you got Video Skins, you'll be interested in VD as well. Video Drill is slightly different in that it helps you to make the most of youtube advertising. You can get more views to your videos with Youtube advertising on Video Drill (although unfortunately you can't use the Video Skins URL since it's Youtube Ads although you can take the same videos you're currently using on Video Skins onto Video Drill!)
TubePilot Review - Read more about TubePilot as a SAAS that helps you get more traffic, backlinks, and impression with your videos. TubePilot is a video marketing tool by Sam Bakker as well. While Video Skins can help you get more interactions from your videos, TubvePilot can help you get more visibility and backlinks from your videos.

Last edited on 8th Sep 2015 at 03:55 AM.
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Unread 27th Apr 2016, 07:00 PM   #3
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Re: [MUST READ] Video Skins - Sam Bakker & Brad Spencer
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I purchased Video Skins and thought it was cool and have a bunch of my videos using this platform and now it is GONE... The problem with Sam Bakker and most of the stuff with Warrior and JVZoo is that it's never for the long term... they make their money and are gone. Leaving you with holes and worse pissed off clients and lost revenue. I would not recommend Sam or any of his products and only buy products from anyone understanding that they are for the short term never depend on anything from the affiliate guys that is for the long term... pay a big company the money is well spent if you like keeping clients that is. I am sure he is sitting on some beach on on some B?tch somewhere have a coattail on me. DON'T BUY HIS STUFF.
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