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Get on The Cutting Edge of Targeted Traffic Now – Very Limited Time…
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Double Your Money Back Guarantee!

Stop Losing Time and Money by Chasing Bad Information - While Other's Laugh All The Way to The Bank...

Embark on This Quest to be on The Cutting Edge of The Internet Marketing Industry Today!

IM Redemption is born out of the frustration that I have towards the current state of the Internet Marketing industry. I've been an Internet Marketer for close to 10 years now and I can tell you that there is more bad information about making money online than there ever has been before. Sorting through all of this can seem like a full-time job, so let me sort through all of the bull-shit for you and save you countless hours and save you a ton of money.

With IM Redemption I wanted to create a refuge for all types of Internet Marketers who are jaded by all the lies, false income claims, rehashed information, the guru buddy system etc. and just focus on strategies for making money online that are the top current performers in the industry. I also wanted to provide a place that will allow you to work through any other issues that you're having with this industry...

Great Examples of what I Despise in this Industry...

All of the Crap Info Products – I used to be an IM info product junkie. I used to buy all kinds of products and just wrote it off as I'm investing in my IM education and it would be great if I was getting quality products and learning from them. The problem is that far too many of them are of terrible quality, rehashed information, not anything close to what was advertised etc. It's really become a sad, disgusting joke for the part.

All of the Shenanigans – There are too many things here to mention, but I will start by saying faked earnings screen shots on sales pages, phony testimonials, fake scarcity etc.

The Churn and Burn List Building Strategy – I love list building and I love being on the mailing lists of marketers who care about their subscribers and give them valueable information. The problem is that so many list builders just see their subscribers as dollar signs and bombard them with all of these e-mails everyday with these crap products that they are affiliates for. This is another thing that drives me crazy and is contributing towards the downward spiral of this industry.

The Guru Buddy System – This drives me bonkers and is why I never want to be a guru. These people who work these back-room deals to partner up and promote each other's products. I don't have a problem with this aspect as long as they put out good products that help people. The problem is that far too often they just see people as dollar signs and high EPC's and just care about conversions and not the quality of the products or helping people.

Terrible Customer Support – I come from the old school approach to business and that is to treasure your customers because they are your lifeblood and they believe enough in you to buy your products, so you should do everything that you can for them. I still can't believe how bad this has gotten in this industry, not only people taking forever to get back to their customers, but I'm talking about people creating products and never getting back to their customers or even releasing software that doesn't work and they just move on and launch another piece of software that doesn't work! It just boggles my mind.

Turning Negatives into Positives

Look, I know that we can't fix all of these problems in the industry, especially overnight. Just remember that you have the control over your decisions and over your online business. You can take a huge step in the right direction today and take action to ensure that you get yourself out of these situations that are plaguing this industry:

Exercise Yourself From Bad Information – This has to be an absolute priority for you if you want to be successful online. Subscribe to IM Redemption and I will help you cleanse yourself from this. I weed through all of the bad information for you and just provide you with the absolute best and latest cutting-edge information for making money online.

Avoid being Tricked and Scammed – With IM Redemption, I will always point out the scammers, the tricksters and anyone else trying to pull one over on the IM industry. When you're a member of IM Redemption you will see that I'm a straight shooter and I really care about people. Besides, I have no reason not to try and help you in every way that I can, I want you to be a member for life.

Get Presented the Information with no Hidden Motives – I don't have upsells, downsells, side sells or any of that crap. I don't use fake scarcity, faked earnings screenshots, phony testimonials or any of that other garbage. I don't promise to make you millions of dollars, all that I promise to do is give you the best experience that I possibly can and if you think that I didn't deliver then I will give you a double your money back guarantee.

Make the Guru Buddy System a Thing of the Past – I do have a few friends who are gurus and we do go back a long ways, but I never promote anything that I don't use or love. In IM Redemption I will not push products onto you just so that I can make money as an affiliate. In fact, I will never present you with affiliate links period. I have the inside scoop on most of these big launches, I even get review copies to a lot of these things, so I will present the truth about these products and save you a ton of time and money.

Solving the Customer Service Problem – Customer service is a huge priority of mine and I don't like to outsource it, so you will be dealing with me directly. I will do everything in my power to help ensure that you have a rewarding experience with IM Redemption and that you get everything that you can out of being a member here.

I Want Internet Marketers Who Have Suffered From...

Not Taking Action – You may be getting information overload or paralysis by analysis or some other problem and just feel stuck. Don't worry if you're struggling with this, I was a forum lurker for far too long, as well as a person who had a hard drive full of info products and not knowing where to turn.

Solutions – The problem that most people have with not taking action is that they have so much information to go through and they just don't know what strategies to use. With IM Redemption I cover the top 10 current strategies, but I also match them up with the experience level of the marketer, the investment it takes to get started and a number of other factors that will allow you to pick and choose what will work best for you and then you can get started and take action and start seeing results.

Suffering From the Shiny Object Syndrome – This is another common problem that I was also suffering from. Every time that you get what you think is good information for making money online, you happen to see something else that looks better and you go on to that and it becomes an endless cycle.

Solutions – With IM Redemption, I'm not over hyping things or subjecting you to professional sales pages over and over again. I give you top flight information for making money online and you just pick and choose what you want to follow and just take action and make money.

Having Trouble Focusing Your Efforts – Even the most seasoned marketers can struggle with this. We don't have a boss, we work our own hours, we work from home and spend our time on the computer. What could go wrong? When it is going bad it can seem like there are a million distractions eating up all of your time.

Solutions – I have some great ways for focusing your efforts when you become a member of IM Redemption. I have some really cool tools and also some of the best advice that I've been given and what I do to stay focused. An example is that I love to put what motivates me the most to be successful online right in front of me when I'm on the computer. I put pictures of loved ones and pictures of what I aspire to achieve.

Having Trouble Finishing Projects – This is a similar stumbling block to chasing bright, shiny objects. It's pretty easy to start projects and then jump around to other things and this becomes an endless cycle and you never get the fruits of your labor because your projects aren't finished.

Solutions – The best cure for this problem that I know is for you to start making money with your projects. Once you break down that barrier and see how much money you can truly make, then it becomes second nature to finish what you start. With IM Redemption the blueprints are step-by-step so you should have no difficulty in finishing your projects.

Struggling with Targeted Traffic – Any marketer that has been around the block can realize that this is the biggest problem area for many Internet Marketers. Solving this riddle can be the difference between floundering for years or thriving for the rest of your life.

Solutions – With IM Redemption I always want you to have plenty of options for getting highly targeted traffic. I'm a firm believer in relying on multiple streams of traffic and also love the trial and error approach. Once you find out what is working best for you, then we focus on scaling up that traffic source and thus maximizing your earnings potential.

Having Trouble Making Your First Dollar Online – Let's face it, most people who try to make money online don't even make it to their first dollar earned online. It's a really sad reality of this business, but it is what it is.

Solutions – Breaking down this barrier is one of the most important steps out there. It will give you a special rush of emotions and I will do everything in my power to ensure that all of my members make their first dollar online, if you haven't already. You can customize exactly what you want your online marketing plan to be with IM Redemption, this will help ensure that you are successful online.

Having Trouble Making Sustainable Income Online – Once you have started to make some money online, the next challenge is to consistently make money online, month in and month out so that your online business can thrive for the long run.

Solutions – At IM Redemption I place a special importance on strategies that will give you recurring monthly income and that also have long-term growth potential. These are two cornerstones that you can build your online business on and have success for many years to come.

We Solve Problems at IM Redemption so I Welcome the Challenges!

What You Get with a Membership to IM Redemption...

Example Top 10 Best Strategies List

Affiliate Marketing


CPA Marketing

E-Mail List Building

Facebook and Teespring

Info Product Creation

Membership Sites

Offline Marketing

Online Services

Web Site Flipping

Monthly Content

All of the information will be on the cutting edge for each of these strategies. You will Get:

PDF reports


Case Studies

Blog Posts

Forum Posts

The 7 Ranking Qualifications

Ease of Implementation - Look most of us are regular people who aren't tech nerds or have been an Internet Marketer for 10 plus years, so strategies that are easier to get started and to utilize are going to rank higher in this category.

Quick Results - Yes, I know that patience is a virtue, but we all have bills and they don't stop and we can always use quick money to help re-invest in our business and scale up operions, with all that said obviously the quicker the results, the better the rank.

Initial Investment - Most of us don't have these huge budgets to just throw money around and invest big money into these strategies, so the lower the start-up costs, the higher the ranking.

Asset Creation - This is a big one and I try to always preach creating assets that you can own and that no one can take from you. It helps provide stability for your online business, gives you versatility and scaling options and gives you something that you can sell or flip if you get into a pinch or want to move on.

Recurring Income Potential - This is one of the most overlooked aspects of running a successful online business. There are far too many strategies that can produce quick results and dry up. We want to focus on recurring income that can be depended on month in and month out and thus rank higher within this category.

Long-Term Growth Potential - We don't want strategies that make you a little money and then you are stuck with no other options for making more. We want strategies that can be scaled up and hopefully in a variety of ways.

Internet Marketing Environmental Factors - I hate using strategies that can work great today, but may not work next week because a number of different environmental factors that include changing web site policies, saturation, search engine updates etc. Strategies like creating your own assets that allow you to be in charge have a lower chance at being influenced by these environmental factors and will rate higher.

The Blessing That is Targeted Traffic!

Sick of all these courses that give you the building blocks for success, but they just gloss over the traffic section or just leave it out all together?


Sick of all the empty promises when it comes to traffic generation only to be left flat by rehashed strategies or traffic strategies that don't amount to a hill of beans?

Damn Straight!

Sick of all those products that have all of these ridiculous upsells that make you fork over your hard-earned money just to get access to the traffic strategies?

Oh Lordy, Yes!

Things are Done Differently at IM Redemption

You get access to all of the best cutting-edge traffic strategies out there!

I place the highest premium on making sure that all of my members can be very successful online and getting the latest targeted traffic information is paramount to your success.

You get access to all of the traffic strategies from day one at no extra charge. You also will stay on the cutting edge by constantly getting new information each and every month!

Let's Summarize What You Get Access To

The Top 10 Strategies for Making Money Online - The Latestest Cutting Edge Information for these Strategies!

Targeted Traffic - Get The Latests Cutting Edge Strategies!

Quick Start Action Guides - They Will Help You Take Action and Make Money Online!

The Mental Aspect of Internet Marketing - There is a Large Section on How to Overcome The Top 10 Pitfalls of Internet Marketing!

Outsourcing - There is a Section on How to Use this Tactic to Save You a Ton Time and Effort!

PLR Rights Material - There is also a Section on How to Use This Material as The Ultimate Shortcut and Even Access to Tons of Good Quality and Rare PLR Material!

We Are Just Getting Started - Plenty of Surprises in Store...

Let's Get You Signed Up!

$9.95 Per Month

P.S. - There is a 30 Day Double Your Money Back Guarantee!

P.S.S. - This is a Brand New Membership Site and There is Nothing Else Like It!

P.S.S.S. - This is a Low Introductory Price and it Will Increase Soon!


Last edited on 24th Jul 2015 at 09:27 AM. Reason: A headline that better describes the offer
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Re: Get on The Cutting Edge of Targeted Traffic Now – Very Limited Time…
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I just wanted to update you on this offer and answer a couple of questions. Jump in on this offer while the price is still low. I will be raising the price of this membership once I feel like enough members have capitalized on the low price point.

Q and A

Once I lock in my monthly price, will I be charged a higher price after a period of time? The price will increase, but it will never increase for anyone who signs up. That means that if you take advantage of the $9.95 price point you will never be charged more than that per month for life!

Why do you have a lower introductory price? The low introductory price is for smart action takers who want to be proactive and lock in their low price for life, I like to reward the earliest members! I also like to get feedback and possibly some testimonials from members who would like to share their experience.

If you have any other questions, just fire away, I will get back to you as soon as I read them.

Warmest Regards, Nathan Johnson
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