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Unread 23rd Jul 2015, 01:17 AM   #1
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My Advertising Pays (MAP) Review - Is It A Scam?
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CLICK HERE FIRST: Find Out How I Make A Full-Time Income Online, More Importantly, Learn How YOU Can Too!

In case you don’t know My Advertising Pays It’s an advertising platform that ensures your income will continue to grow by leaps and bounds year after year. When we get paid for an advertising product we share the profits with our members instead keeping the profit. My Advertising Pays writes smaller checks to everyday individuals who purchase one or more credit packs for $49.99. The next step is to click on 10 ads daily and this qualifies you to earn up to seventy two different payouts per day until you receive sixty dollars in return. The process simple to guarantees that everyday people can earn money off the more than one billion dollar spent everyday for online advertising.

My Advertising Pays offers a sustainable model where they kick back the money to the people involved because they have outside advertisers who are are getting paid because it's ranked in the top three thousand most trafficked websites on the internet. This is how It basically works - you get involved by purchasing credit packs and these are essentially advertising credits. You click on 10 ads per day and by clicking on 10 ads per day you qualify yourself to be a part of the company profit share and so your credit packs will compound as the profit share dictates until it reaches the sixty dollars. When your credit pack reaches $60, the process starts over. With the process moving so fast you are constantly receiving checks.

There are also ways to earn an income based off of referrals. I’ve recruited so many people that I just get more referral commissions after being with the program for so long. My Advertising Pays is a very lucrative opportunity and if it’s something you're interested in I recommend you partner with someone with a recruiter.

There are currently 474,000 members and by this time next year there's gonna be all over 500,000 maybe 600,000 members. That's how crazy it's growing and it’s because people are making money.

You know you should always have money working for you, which means that you should always find ways to maximize your time. A great way to do this is to create systems where money works for you and My Advertising pays offers that opportunity. When you purchase credit packs the money is compounded in a way that is constantly making money for you. I hope that this information helps explain the process and my positive experience with working with My Advertising Pays

DON'T MISS OUT: Find Out How I Make A Full-Time Income Online, More Importantly, Learn How YOU Can Too!

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Unread 2nd Sep 2015, 12:56 AM   #2
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Re: My Advertising Pays (MAP) Review - Is It A Scam?
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Will check this...thanks

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Unread 5th Sep 2015, 01:57 PM   #3
Adam Alouane
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Re: My Advertising Pays (MAP) Review - Is It A Scam?
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Hi Dears,
It's great platform to earn money and exchange traffic, i'm mapper and you can get more information about My Advertising Pays at


Free Guide to Make Money Online [Now!]
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Unread 9th Sep 2015, 09:01 PM   #4
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Re: My Advertising Pays (MAP) Review - Is It A Scam?
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Here are what members on the Warrior Forum are saying:

Originally Posted by jose13 View Post

My advertising Pays is an advertising marketing network where the product is focused on traffic exchange text ads, banner ads and pop under ads. Is not a surprise for most of us that Online marketing is growing at a staggering numbers in the billions of dollars with no signs of slowing down.

The click rate of this traffic is not bad at all, between 7% to 19% based on the experience of many of its members and mine personally selling goods, services and home based business opportunities.

The attractiveness of this Revenue share program is that you don't need to sponsor people in order to make money and you get paid the same day.

You can cycle every 20 minutes as long as you can click on 10 ads "literally" and buy pack ads that will cost you $49.99 each. That means you can get paid up to 72 times per day in real cash that you can either use for yourself or use it to repurchase ad packs and increase your revenue. That is the power of compound interest.

The company currently has a 99% retention rate. This is rare and almost unreal. But it makes sense, since literally EVERY single person who participates in the daily profit share MAKES money guaranteed. I say this because I recently put it to the test and I am already making money.

MAPS (My Advertising Pays) has a heavy weight attorney behind this program, Kevin Thompson (Do a google search on him). This platform is legal, compliant and in great demand.

To make it as simple as possible to understand, there are three things you need to do to participate in this program:

--Join -Completely FREE for the first month

--Buy credit packs

--Watch 10 credit packs

--Make money

Did I say, No sponsoring required?!?!?

My experience so far has been great and I highly recommend this program to anybody that wants to add another income stream or simple to get started making money in the online arena

If you have any questions or need more information, feel free to PM...

Hope that helps people
Originally Posted by Bewley View Post

Name me one advertising network that pays to place ads on MAPS?

The quality of the traffic is crap, because the incentive is to click 10 ads per day. Most of the ads are text ads placed by the very people that click for money.

You ARE encouraged to recruit. So, in essence, you are building a downline - how is this not MLM.

Also, I have flagged you for inviting people to contact you - blatant recruiting!
Originally Posted by shmeeko69 View Post

The comments on this site started of quite well for MAPs, but have now taken a turn for the worse? I have just joined My Advertising Pays, as I quite like the concept behind the system and after watching a You Tube video with the CEO being interviewed.

I'm keen on buying a few credit packs to see how things go and hopefully to promote it if things work out well.I plan on reporting back with my findings about this much promoted way of making money, although the fees to deposit and withdraw money look a bit off-putting.
Originally Posted by akhtar View Post

Iv joined Maps couple of Month ago ... Great company and Support ... im making decent money for the First Time MA ...

Hit me up if you need any help on it
Originally Posted by highrider21 View Post

I joined MAPS a few weeks ago and bought my first Credit Pack about a week ago. So far I think MAPS is complete BS. I don't know how people make money with this program. First of all when I bought my credit pack for $49.99 MAPS charged me a $1.59 fee and then VX Gateway charged me a $4.11 fee! So I ended up paying $55.69 for 1 credit pack. Here's the real catch though, you can only earn $60 per credit pack! Once you reach $60 your credit pack expires. WTF! So for my $55.69 investment the MOST I can earn from that is $4.31!

This is what they state on their website:
"You must click on 10 ads daily in our Traffic Exchange and so long as you do, you will continue receiving profit shares every 20 minutes 24/7 until you have received $60 in return for each and every Credit Pack you have purchased!"

Not only can you only earn $60 from each credit pack, it takes FOREVER to get to that $60. I bought my first credit pack 6 days ago and have been viewing 10 ads every day and so far have only made $1.72 back, that's only about $0.28 per day. At that rate it will take me 214 days to reach $60! BUT that $1.72 is my "Lifetime Profit Share Earnings", my actual account balance that I can withdrawal is $1.64! The other $.09 is in a "Advertising Fund" So I doubt I will ever be able to withdawal my $60, it will probably only be like $50 and then the other $10 will be in my "Advertising Fund" total BS.

Then, on top of that, in order to be allowed to buy more Credit Packs, you have to pay a membership fee of $24.99 per year.

So I think the only way people are earning money from MAPS is by referring suckers into buying credit packs because you earn 4% to 10% referral commission depending on your membership level.
Originally Posted by eyevad View Post

My Final Words on this Thread

My Advertising Pays

If you think its a scam - I still get paid!
If you think its too good to be true - I still get paid!
If you JOIN me - We both get paid!
If you don't - I STILL GET PAID!

81 days earnings
Lifetime Combined Earned

82 days earnings
Lifetime Combined Earned

Hope you all find what your looking for
I have......

Take Care
Originally Posted by rbryant717 View Post

No one is concerned if you get paid. People want to know if they can get into something safe and not worry if it potentially blows up long term. 81 days is hardly in the trenches. If this program is around for a few years without having to make major changes to sustain income or being buried by the feds, then you will have something special and no one will feel the need to rush. Like the ole saying goes, "get it while the gettin's good."
Originally Posted by elusian View Post

I have used it. This is a very easy way to bring in income that takes only a tiny bit of your time each day.
Originally Posted by ProServices View Post

MAP is one of the best business models out there. This is the first time I've made money online for working 10 mins a day. It simply works and I'll even show proof to those who are interested.

Anyone joining my Team is well looked after and trained. I make sure they get the following:

1) A free squeeze page built for you with your MAP affiliate link so that you can promote it everywhere. I would set up wordpress, install optimizepress ( premium squeeze page plugin), add a video explaining MAP to referrals/visitors, call to action and graphics. This normally would cost $127 but would be free for my Team members.

2) I would show you traffic strategies to get referrals and send you quality products worth $97 each month. This will enable you to make more money with the strategies.

3) I would train you on A-Z of MAP including creating ad campaigns, what ads to promote like from and a good practice video which covers the best way to operate your MAP business.

4) Keeping you updated with anything relating to MAP and other ways of making money from my sources.

Contact me if you have any questions and I shall answer them.
Originally Posted by trustedmarketer View Post

MAP is truly amazing. It simply works and growing all the time.
Originally Posted by ProServices View Post

Great posts people. Whether it's MAP or any other Business your involved in, the secret is to take action, focus, do what you can to learn more, do what you can to promote...... then watch the results after you've done those things. All I know is that I've tried flipping sites, blogging, CPA and other stuff but nothing comes close to this business model.
DON'T MISS OUT: Find Out How I Make A Full-Time Income Online, More Importantly, Learn How YOU Can Too!

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Unread 2nd Nov 2015, 08:54 AM   #5
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Re: My Advertising Pays (MAP) Review - Is It A Scam?
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MAP is getting stronger, efficient and will become a household brand. I've never had any problems withdrawing and it's a business model that works for me every single day. However, I wouldn't recommend just jumping in as you need to be given guidance on good practices and strategies that will maximize your earnings. I made notes on my MAP journey and in a position to help others. Screen shots of earnings can be faked so I get my potential members on skype and show them live proof via screen share. The results speak for themselves.

Contact me for the most Powerful Business Programs that will give you Daily Profit and the predicted huge price appreciation from Bitcoin
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my advertising pays, review, scam

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