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[MUST READ] Video Drill by Sam Bakker (Review + Bonus)
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Click here to get Video Drill
WATCH how Video Drill makes Youtube Advertising profitable

What is Video Drill?
Video Drill is a service as a software, meaning there's no download or installation necessary as the tool is hosted online by Sam Bakker. You plug and play to use Video Drill essentially.

The SAAS is Sam Bakker's attempt at making Youtube advertising more profitable for everyone. Youtube is a relatively new advertising platform which means it's slightly less competitive. Yet, Youtube is uniquely effective form of advertising possibly because users browse from video to video on Youtube; it's a good platform for communication. (a picture paints a thousand words and a video multiplies that). It's also the 2nd largest search engine online. [Though it tags on to Google Adwords platform, Youtube advertising is a complete market of it's own so you can't put a mechanic you use for an Audi to BMW]

However because Youtube advertising is still relatively new then you know the platform hasn't been fully worked out as others might have. You now have Video Drill make advertising on Youtube more effective and profitable. It helps you do keyword research, video specific ads list, and more all on one online platform.

Who is Video Drill for?
Video Marketers - Video Marketers, we already know that video is profitable. It's a good way to communicate and sell to your audience. You entertain and you sell; this is why Webinars are so effective rather than sales pages. Now you can use Video Advertising to further enhance the work you do and tap a new audience. If you're already using Youtube advertising, you can now use Video Drill to make your advertising more efficient and effective for you. When you're able to make your ads reach a better audience and more accuracy with Video Drill, it's worth it isn't it? Basically, the feature that allows you to get search terms from Youtube over Google will make it many times more useful.

Youtubers - Youtubers REJOICE! Because Video Drill can make it easier for you to use video ads to get the publicity you deserve. You have spent so much time into making your content and your video; it shouldn't be gone unnoticed. However if you don't use Youtube ads effectively, it can be expensive and difficult. Video Drill allows you to make video ads simplified and control your spending better so you can easily promote your videos with Video Drill on Youtube advertising.

Affiliate Marketers - If you need any form of traffic and specifically if you're an affiliate marketer, don't overlook the power of Youtube advertising. You can very easily copy effective campaigns elsewhere and optimize them for more profitability on Youtube because it's such an excellent communication platform. Since it's the 2nd largest search engine in the world, it also can deliver the traffic volume while being effectively targeted in search terms. (many new advertising platform may not be able to deliver traffic for very targeted terms as Youtube is able to). Overall this means scale-ability and profitability for you!

How does Video Drill work?
Video Drill is as easy to use as logging into your account online and getting straight to finding more keywords and videos for your Youtube ads. There's no installation and there's no set up. It's simply log in and work!

(1) Channel Search: Video Drill allows you to search video list by channel. You enter the channel URL such as College Humor (if your target market is college students) and it'll generate a list for you on the software. You copy and paste the list into your advertising video list. It's that simple, everything is done online with no need for installation.

(2) Keyword Search: Next, Video Drill is quite possibly worth it's weight because of this feature. Enter a keyword and Video Drill will suggest and show you metrics for terms search. This will help you target your audience more accurately. As you know knowledge is power and Video Drill will give you the knowledge you need to effectively target your audience to get better profit. Why target a term that gets no traffic or a term that doesn't represent your audience. Video drill can help you find keywords more effectively.

(3) Video List: Video Drill can also help you generate a list of videos base on keywords. the normal way means you need to copy videos one by one into the Youtube advertising system. With Video Drill, you can easily search a key term and select which videos you want (those that will be filled with your target audience) and then copy/paste a list of video links into your advertising platform. This saves you time and allows you to work more quickly. While this may not seem significant, having a simple check mark on one page rather than copying and pasting again repeatedly will save you tremendous time. It's all about efficiency and convenience here; having to do a task again and again or a simple one time act and check-marks.

Video Drill Bonus:
(1) Video Advertising Package ($27 Value): We'll help you get your video on it's feet. Video advertising is excellent but you also want to be able to get organic search views which is arguably one of the better converting traffic with videos. These are people searching for information and knowledge that your video and product offers.

We'll build you about 300 links to your video (about 20 direct and the rest indirect) to get you started on your backlinking campaign to rank in Google. This includes a mixture of links that work well.

(2) Video Social Proof ($27 Value): Social proof is proven and it helps you convert better. Make more with the video advertising by validating the value of the video to your paid audience. This will helps them be more compelled to watch the ad. Effectively it shows users that the video is good so they are more likely to give it time and approach with a better mind/opinion. Importantly video social proof will also help you with ranking your video higher in Youtube search engine

We'll help you apply about 100 likes to your Youtube video and generate some views for the corresponding likes to make your video look popular and useful.

These Video Drill bonuses are only available during the period of August 17 to August 28 on the Warrior Forum!

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Explaindio Local - Explaindio Local is an excellent full-package course for any video marketer. If you're using Video Drill to help with your Youtube Advertising you may benefit from hearing how to sell much needed video services to offline business (and then up-selling them for more profits). Watch this free 6 figure Explaindio Local webinar from Andrew Darius!

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Re: [MUST READ] Video Drill by Sam Bakker (Review + Bonus)
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Did you know that Sam Bakker has a new membership site software call Member Factory? It may be a good complement to the Video Drill as well. A possible use is to use Video Drill to promote Member Factory; add it to the link list of Sam Bakker's products.

YouZign 2.0 - YouZign 2 is now here. | MemberFactory - Read our Member Factory review and bonus. Don't miss it. SEO Small Business Package!|SyncLeads review - Read our Sync Leads bonus and review. |VidProtect
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