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nlanda 27th August 2015 09:03 PM

[Read These Reviews] From Foreclosure To $6,000 Per Month In Under 2 Weeks [Limited Time Offer]
How I Went From Foreclosure Notices To Over $6,000 Per Month In Under 2 Weeks Flat Starting With Nothing!


Originally Posted by SMworkcafe (Post 10230459)
Disclaimer: I have received a review copy of this video sales and marketing training course from Nancy.

This training provides some solid grounds for people who would like to start their video sales and marketing business. The product consists of 11 short videos explaining the whole business formula. It also consists of two resources files (an e-mail template and one resource PDF).

In all the videos, Nancy explains what she implemented herself and from what she resisted. She also notifies things which are not worth doing. In a nutshell, she is actually giving information about her own experience like what worked for her and what didn't.

The videos or 'highlights' for me in this entire course were:

-- Getting Prospects Emails
-- Closing Deals & Upsells
-- Delivering To Clients
-- Following Up & Edits

Not only does she explains how one can start this entire business but she also gives tricks and practices of 'how to communicate with a prospect' effectively. She explains her own experience/ flaws in great detail.

I'd recommend this course to someone who is serious in starting his/her very own video sales and marketing business. It's a completely newbie-friendly material. It shall not be suited for those who do not like to take action because of course, it will be useless.

I enjoyed going through this course and would definitely outsource the action plan to a virtual assistant to make it happen.

If you are an action taker, try it.


Originally Posted by getseoonline (Post 10231000)
I was one of the lucky people to receive a review copy and must say that the OP has done a good job explaining the system where in you will be offering videos to offline clients. The good thing that I liked about the product is that it comes in a video format which is my personal favourite and the videos are stepwise and easy to understand. The another thing that I liked a lot is her approach to reach the prospects via email because cold calling is something that we all don't like to apply. The good thing is one can also presell offline clients other services once you grab their attention.


Originally Posted by ShoppingSignals (Post 10231679)
Nancy really delivers in this course!

I can honestly say that I truly learned something I didn't already know. And, that I could take what I learned from this course, implement the steps, and actually make some real money.

This isn't some push button system, or loophole, or easy method.

Nope. It's actually a real action plan. A step by step course on how to start a video service, find prospects, market to those prospects, and make sales.

Nancy has a calming demeanor that makes her easy to listen to. And most importantly, you can tell she loves this stuff, and that she has actually done what she is teaching. She also sprinkles in some of her obvious sales experience throughout the series of videos, which ads a helpful touch to the course.

I highly recommend this course. Great job Nancy!


Originally Posted by parklands (Post 10231734)

I was very interested to review Nancy’s course, as I run my own video business for local clients,
The course didn’t disappoint, it's made up of 11 video’s with every step very well explained throughout.
It starts off by Nancy briefly explaining her own circumstances and how she got into this business, also she’s very honest about the mistakes she made and the advice she now gives to make sure you don’t make these mistakes.

The videos go through from finding a niche specific business to target, why you should approach certain types of businesses and why.

How to set up your landing pages, acquire clients with lead finding software and idea’s,
How to use free services to deal with your calls, finding a good V.A. How to interview and even
How to sack and why you should, how to price your video’s what information to get from clients,
Upsells and follow ups, how to deliver the finished product.

There is endless great information in this course, but as with everything you need commitment
and to take action, if you do, with the contents of this course you will be well on the way to a very good business, I found this course very interesting and would highly recommend.


Originally Posted by global1967 (Post 10231890)
My Honest Review

“I was lucky enough to get a review copy of the WSO. In this product Nancy shows you how to acquire DFY videos and customize them for local businesses, all without having to cold call, walk in. etc.

She explains how you can operate this biz in a box solely via email marketing.

In the WSO you will learn how to:

Acquire DFY videos
How to create landing pages/sales pages
How to price your videos
How to acquire prospects emails
How and where to acquire the right type of outsource r
How to close deals and upsell
How to customize the ordered videos
How to deliver these customized videos
How to follow up and offer editing services if they need it
How to handle custom jobs when starting out.

In my opinion this is the most detailed step by step, hand holding video marketing course I have ever seen.

Ten simple short videos and resources that will take you by the hand and get you from zero to hero within a short time. Been struggling to start your own local marketing video business? This is it!!”


Originally Posted by AnniePot (Post 10231932)
Disclaimer: I was allowed free access to this training program so that I could provide Nancy with an unbiased review.

First, the training is comprised of eleven videos, ranging in length from 2 minutes 41 seconds to 8 minutes 38 seconds. Most run for between 4 and 5 minutes.

Nancy does all the narration for the course and the soundtrack is clear and well recorded.

She will walk you through a logical sequence of steps to illustrate exactly how she set up and perfected her technique for personalizing and selling Done-For-You business promotion videos to local businesses. This is something I have an interest in myself because a few years ago I invested in both programs to produce my own videos, then later, several batches of done-for-you videos, all aimed at local businesses in various niches. Back then, despite a lot of promotion, I didn't achieve one sale, so I would love an opportunity now to dust off those videos and try again.

Nancy's sales technique is substantially different from the one I had followed back then, and I can see its merits. I contacted businesses a few at a time; she advocates mass mailing to thousands.

At this point I don't know how she plans to price this WSO, but I should point out to any potential purchaser that there are several other items Nancy recommends you buy, beginning with the done-for-you business promotion videos. I'd like to make it clear however, that there are no affiliate links to any of her recommendations.

Given that caution, I would say this is a good, well put together training course. If I had to find one fault, it would be that after watching the entire set of eleven videos, I had to go back and hunt though each one to compile a list of all her recommended purchases. Nancy would help her customers substantially if she could provide a Resource List, either below each video or collectively at the end.


Originally Posted by Darryl Smith (Post 10232085)
*Disclaimer: I received a review copy of this product*.

Insomnia got to me after the first viewing of this product and I had to go through it again with notepad in hand. Why was this bugging me so much? Because it is a really good business.

Delivered in video format with a total run time of about 50 minutes, this short sharp course is a blueprint on how to set up and run a ‘Local Business Video Promotion’ business.

This is not a theoretical rehash of something read somewhere. It comes through that this is a business where Nancy has gained the knowledge by herself through trial and error. Her disarming honesty and candid remarks let you understand where she screwed up and where she got it right.

The course covers a lot of ground with all the essentials explained. It is left to the buyer to do a lot of work so this is by no means a business in a box. To make this work you are expected to put in your own effort to make it a success which I believe will make buyers create a better business. Some basic skills will have to be learnt such as site set up and auto responder use, but that is taken as read.

If you want to get into local business marketing, this is an ideal starting point but the methods explained do require some capital behind you. If you put your mind to it I believe anyone can start off on a shoestring and make a decent living with this product.

Darryl Smith


Originally Posted by fakhr1970 (Post 10232433)
Hi warriors,
*Disclaimer: I received a review copy of this product*.
To be honest here this is my first time I'm giving a review about a product.
So the classes are in video format. Very simple steps (10 in total) to follow with a very clear English
even if English is your second language like me you going to learn a lot from this course.
I recommend this product to any one looking to start a business selling video promotion to local businesses.
Thanks Nancy for giving me this opportunity to learn something new
I wish you good luck


Originally Posted by steve995 (Post 10235284)
I was asked by Nancy to review her product, and I was delighted to do so.

Now, there are several descriptions of the makeup of the product above, so you already know that it’s a video training series and that it totals around 50 minutes. But – as someone who actually doesn’t like watching videos – I was impressed by how easy they were to watch and understand.

So to the content.

It’s straightforward, actionable stuff that I believe anyone could follow, and all delivered with a relaxed, honest style that effectively convinces that Nancy really did this stuff and has the battle scars to prove it. There are several ‘don’t do what I did’ moments reported to keep you on the straight and narrow as proof!

An earlier review suggested that a resource guide or list would be a good addition and I note that Nancy has recently added one. This is valuable, but I believe it would be even more useful if the resources listed were categorized so those with less knowledge of the business have a clearer idea of what is what.

Minor gripes aside however, this is a solid, repeatable and sustainable business plan that any marketer can use to generate revenue, swiftly if you can afford to pay for additional tools or assistance (an outsourcer, for example) or more slowly – but nevertheless reliably – if you have to do it all yourself.

All in all, this is a very sound, solid product and one that I’m happy to recommend.


Originally Posted by Claire Koch (Post 10236354)
I'm really excited about this course because it adds much to the many mirads of courses online tooting
that you can sell video's to offline customers without really giving the full know how. Well this one proves that you can and actually fills in the missing pieces about many aspects of the selling and followup process that I have never heard before and for which I'm certain we can use to actually get into the process.


I'm excited that nancy took this process a step farther and now is helping all of us to get out there with
selling these video's and making a profit shall we say finally!!!!!! You all know what I mean.

What I loved best is she included a video for doing customized videos for newbies. And that has always been the problem NOBODY addressed. You know, that you know, that you know, someone's gonna want some kind of special creation for their video. Nancy's got you covered and I've got to say it again FINALLY.

Thank the Lord Nancy put some closure on this and now you caan start selling your video's and get the full know how how on it this time.

It's an honor for me to review this Nancy and thank you not just for keeping at it and succeeding, but also developing this system for educating us all.

This is just what you need if you love video's and selling video's. Hat's Off.


Originally Posted by moinuddin (Post 10236815)
This course teaches a really nice way to earn handsome amount of money from one of the in demand services that can be offered to real businesses.I'm into providing web development services and this course just gives me idea with what I can do with my existing clients.There are 10 videos which goes into detail of the complete process.Everything is covered in the course ,whatever you need to get started and running.Even for someone who is just starting out, this course lays out the complete pathway -right from getting the videos ,getting clients and get paid.

Getting the transcription of the video course in pdf format would be a welcome addition to the course though.

nlanda 28th August 2015 11:16 PM

Re: Get High Paying Clients And 5k in 2 Weeks
FAQ for Local Video Jump Start

Andrew_Wardle 29th August 2015 01:22 AM

Re: [Read These Reviews] From Foreclosure To $6,000 Per Month In Under 2 Weeks [Limited Time Offer]
So, what is going on here, then?

Clicking the 'Join Now' button takes you to a squeeze page. Type in your name and email and you appear to get taken to a membership site. When you try to access the “training” section, it just throws you out and says it is for members only.

What is this? A free or paid product? If paid, what is the price and how do you pay for it?

mike_lucas 29th August 2015 02:18 AM

Re: [Read These Reviews] From Foreclosure To $6,000 Per Month In Under 2 Weeks [Limited Time Offer]
button takes yo to a opt in page for "free training"

site take you tyour page with no access to anything

You get a email that takes you to another Op program that is not nancy that is a rehashed training from mario a while back that I have seen... really confused as ti what you are selling or offering...

sorry but really really confused as to what this is supposed to be

this appears at face to be a re-hash of Mario WSO from over a year ago
http://www.warriorforum.com/warrior-...ing-money.html as the vidoe the email you receive on the opt in you receive you takes you directly to this old video....

hope I am wrong but ...

TG2015 29th August 2015 05:09 AM

Re: [Read These Reviews] From Foreclosure To $6,000 Per Month In Under 2 Weeks [Limited Time Offer]
Rather worryingly I too received an email from "Mario" and Cameron when entering my email. I didn't opt in to their list.

Posts #159 and #161 on his thread concern me the most.


mike_lucas 29th August 2015 05:49 AM

Re: [Read These Reviews] From Foreclosure To $6,000 Per Month In Under 2 Weeks [Limited Time Offer]
I am holding off final judgement but after looking into the domains and other details ... if not mario someone he is using to sell rehash material.

TG2015 31st August 2015 10:00 AM

Re: [Read These Reviews] From Foreclosure To $6,000 Per Month In Under 2 Weeks [Limited Time Offer]
The lack of communication from the seller regarding these concerns speaks volumes.

mike_lucas 31st August 2015 10:50 PM

Re: [Read These Reviews] From Foreclosure To $6,000 Per Month In Under 2 Weeks [Limited Time Offer]

Originally Posted by TG2015 (Post 10252067)
The lack of communication from the seller regarding these concerns speaks volumes.

this was the same issue in every WSO mario had... take the money and never answer support that the seller has not posted or even attempted to explain this says it all.

add to the fact is the same model that marios sold as a WSO ...that is two huge flags... this appears to be another WSO of rehashed material for years back like so many of today's WSO.

SherimanAF 8th October 2015 07:51 AM

Re: [Read These Reviews] From Foreclosure To $6,000 Per Month In Under 2 Weeks [Limited Time Offer]
Wow, one the simplest sales letter I've seen so far.

Only a single headline, a few testimonials and a join button.

I guess curiosity is what makes you click the button.

It's definitely good in that sense.

Thanks for the tips.

Take care.


nlanda 14th October 2015 03:45 PM

Re: [Read These Reviews] From Foreclosure To $6,000 Per Month In Under 2 Weeks [Limited Time Offer]
We have re-launched on JvZoo! Here's the link: http://leecoleonline.com/teka/local-video-jumpstart/

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