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[Affiliate Commissions]Grab This Convenient Affiliate Desktop App and EXPLODE Your Commissions!
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Some days it just seems harder than others, to quit playing around with the products people send me to review, and sit down to actually write the reviews about them. Today is one of those days. It took some effort but as you can see, I have managed to pull myself away from my own advance copy of Commission Heist, to write this quick review because I know it’s my job to tell you all about it and let you know if it’s up to snuff.

It is and here is why:
First of all, what do you get on the thank you page of Commission Heist?

Well you get essentially three things.

1. You get a proprietary Adobe Air® software download, (This is what I was having fun playing with.)
2. You get complete instructions including how, where, and why you should use it!
3. You get access to a secret strategy invented by super affiliates Jeremy & Simon that is totally mindboggling!

Let’s go over the software first.

It’s built on the Adobe Air® framework and thus it is designed to work on any operating system with Adobe Air® installed.

My test of this software was conducted on a PC but I haven’t gotten a chance to test it on any of the Apple systems yet. However, I have no reason to believe it wouldn’t work on Macs because if you listen to Mac users they’ll smugly tell you that everything works better on Apple’s OS.

That said I found it easy to download, and install. It took less than a minute, and I didn’t even need to restart my computer to open it!

Note: you will need to visit the Adobe website to download Adobe Air® first before you can activate this software, (if you haven’t already).

Adobe Air® is a free download. Adobe Air® has become the benchmark application to power the latest new cross platform softwares being developed, so like Adobe Reader®, Adobe Flash®, and Adobe Shockwave Payer® you’ll probably want it installed on your computer or it will severely limit what you can do online in the future.

What does the software Commission Heist built on Adobe Air® do?

As the sales page says, it scans other people’s sales pages for their affiliate link URLs, and then changes the links to your own special affiliate link so you can perform Simon and Jeremy’s super secret, super affiliate tactics. (More on this later.)

Now, if you read and believed everything on this deal page (and considered for a moment how cheaply it is priced) you might be lead to believe this software was also cheap, of low quality or benefit, and maybe even put together unprofessionally. However, after testing it, I can only regard these gross understatements as an attempt by Simon or Jeremy to demonstrate again how they over deliver.

I should also explain that the first time that I tested this software I did so without reading the directions. This was lucky for me too, because I found that it not only found shopping cart URL’s on other people’s sales pages but also in blog posts and elsewhere around the web. (This un-documented feature opens up even more cool strategies that I don’t think the creators even anticipated! Who knows, maybe I’ll publish my own profitable strategies on these findings!)

However, after much playing around with the software, I did finally go back and read the easy to follow instructions, and was delighted with the timesavings it provided.

This Adobe Air® application, scours sales pages in seconds to find the order links that are hidden in the code, pops them up on your screen, and changes them instantly to the links you’ll need to perform this super affiliates' secret tactic.

I’m sure you’re wondering exactly how this tactic works, however there is very little I can say about it without divulging Simon and Jeremy’s highly guarded proprietary process. It’s suffice to say though, that it is so drop dead simple that when you read it, you will smack yourself in the head for not thinking of it yourself. However, you can forgive yourself a little because the process hinges on finding and secretly modifying ClickBank and JVZoo vendors' cart links in a way that few people know is possible. And while the main sales page makes it sound as if this could be one of those black hat tactics that is libel to result in you waking up with a decapitated horses head next to your pillow, the instructions that I downloaded clearly outline a legal and ethical system to convert visitors into cool cash commissions!

The secret system, which they divulge in the accompanying guidebook, can further be augmented with the use of another one of their high quality products called “Easy Deal Builder”.

However it should be noted that the Commission Heist system is not dependant on “Easy Deal Builder” in any way. EasyDealBuilder is a stand-alone product.

(The Easy Deal Builder software mentioned on the Commission Heist sales page only makes capitalizing on this new strategy, faster and easier. This is because it gives you the ability to create high quality offer pages without learning any code, complete with powerful built-in scarcity triggers. These scarcity triggers have been proven to psychologically push fence sitters into buying quickly. You can Google Simon and Jeremy’s “Easy Deal Builders” to discover how this add-on software product has earned many impressive testimonials.)

In fact, the strategy and the software bundled in the Commission Heist package are independent.

You can use the strategy from the eBook manually if you choose, or you can use the Adobe Air® software to speed things up. And as I mentioned, I have already found additional uses for the Adobe Air® software and have created strategies of my own!

In summation, I simply cannot believe this software, eBook and the strategy it details can be sold at such a low price via this deal page!

Even though they downplay the value of the software, I was impressed with the quality. Not only does it work, but the overall look and feel to the software is absolutely striking! I have reviewed a lot of software from various vendors, priced many times more than this software, and the people selling it didn’t even register their brand as the publisher.

When people sell software without taking the extra step of registering their brand as the publisher, I always get the impression they might be selling PLR software that they didn’t even test and it makes me jittery to test them, due to the fact they might have a bug or something.

I was grateful that the Commission Heist software was registered. It gave me confidence in the fact that Simon and Jeremy were proud of this software and would stand behind it, regardless of how they downplayed the sales pitch for it online, and I really felt very safe installing it and have enjoyed using it very much!
Simon and Jeremy really hit the ball out of the park again with “Commission Heist” and I can whole-heartedly recommend it.

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