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Unread 17th Nov 2015, 06:49 AM   #1
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[FREE MRR] Social Media SOFTWARE with Re-Brander... Runs as a Windows Desktop App...Grab Now!
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Just take a look at some of the reviews on prior WSOs:
Originally Posted by nicheblogger75 View Post

I purchased this as soon as I got the launch notification.

I am a HUGE fan of Dany's products after I picked up her CPA Basic Training rebrandable software.

The value you get for the price is incredible. I've said it before- products like this are TRUE WSOs because they provide a product to Warrior Forum members at a much lower price than a non-member will most likely pay.

Not only that, these software packages are amazing for list building. You are giving your new subscriber an extremely valuable piece of software. Also, there is an option available when rebranding the software which is sure to raise your conversion rates considerably.

There is an also an option for you to be able to embed any link you want in the software when you rebrand it. This opens up the possibilities of making affiliate sales from simply giving the software away. Not to mention that with unrestricted rights, you are free to sell the software to others as well.

Trust me on this. You will not be disappointed. BTW, the product creator also has awesome support so if you are also an affiliate like me, you can rest assured that any of your subscribers who purchase will have great support as well as a great product.
Originally Posted by Net66 View Post

I snapped up your last PLR offer and I snapped up this one. Quality brandable software with rights at this price is insane. If others don't see the value here... they need their heads examining!

Thanks Dany!


Originally Posted by BigFunction View Post

Now this is just silly money, well worth more than this Thanks I know I can not resist this to give it away and build a list.....

Originally Posted by ladyzee View Post

thanks dany for another valuable super-affordable
offer i simply couldn't refuse! :-)
Originally Posted by dogstar View Post

Dany is the real deal...and I less than 4 bucks you just can't go wrong...
Originally Posted by Val Wilson View Post

Just grabbed a copy of this - another great piece of rebrandable software from Dany, and at less than $4, incredible value

If you've got an IM list (or want to build one), you really should get this.
You've heard it time and time again... the money is in the list. That is so true, but you have to offer something of value to your list in which to make them buy.

What is it???

It is true that Software has an Higher Perceived Value than ebooks or videos. Just think about... Wordpress Themes, Plugins, Apps, when a customer sees an Email with one of those three products in it, they will immediately want to see your offer.

Stop with the Junk ebooks and videos, instead offer your list a Quality Software Product that you can monetize.


Social Media Marketing Boost Cheat Sheet
Re-Brandable List Building Software!

I've compiled Social Media Marketing Boost Cheat Sheet
within a Desktop Application that will not only
Deliver Informational Courses but will give you
THREE Monetization Methods:

1. Sell the Software to new customers or to your existing list.

2. "Check Out This Special Offer" Button that is RE-BRANDABLE! One click and your customer is redirected to an High Converting Product with YOUR AFFFILIATE LINK

3. Build Your List by offering Potential Customers an Proven Product

I've come to realize that people not only want a Evergreen Nice Product with Master Resell Rights but also need an Super Easy Method in which to Deliver the Product with...

PLUS that is Re-Brandable so you can Build A List and Monetize the Product.

That is why I've compiled an Application that sits right on the Desktop that will give the Customer Direct Access to the Product without jumping through a bunch of hoops. The only thing they will have to do is Register the Product and when they do... they will be opting into your list.

In addition, when they click on the "Check Out This Special Offer" Button they will be taken to a High Converting Product with YOUR AFFILIATE Link so you not only monetize the Front End but through the Software itself!

If you do not want to wait I am offering this Incredible Software For

This is a Limited Time Offer!

So now you are wondering... EXACTLY HOW DO I USE THIS SOFTWARE?

- Sell the Software and get 100% of the Profit
- Change the Special Offer Button to Your Product or Affiliate Link
- Give Away the Re-Branded Product to Super Charge your List Building Efforts
- Create a Membership Site featuring this Software
- Add it into your Email Sequence and send to your Existing List
- Throw this Software in as an Bonus to your Existing Line of Products
- IT'S Master Resell Rights! So there are THOUSANDS of ways you can promote and sell the software.

Okay, now I've told you what you can do with this software but what exactly are you getting?

#1. Social Media Marketing Boost Cheat Sheet Software with Re-Brander

You will receive the Desktop Software Plus the Re-Brander so you can take monetize this product from either selling it or changing the "Special Offer" button to your affiliate link of a High Converting Product of Your Choice...
PLUS change the Registration so you can Build A List.

Using the Re-Branding Tool You Can Do The Following:

Re-Brand the Special Offer Your Own Affiliate Link to monetize ANY Affiliate Product you want to Promote

Re-Brand the Registration Settings

Registration Code & URL is Re-Brandable!

Build YOUR List by sending prospects to YOUR Opt In Page where they will enter their email address to receive the registration code to Unlock the Software.

You will be getting Master Resell Rights to Social Media Marketing Boost Cheat Sheet.

This program features a comprehensive course on Social Media Marketing.

This remarkable resource guide installs as a program directly on your computer and is available as a shortcut on your desktop.

No more searching or wasting time... in just one click you will have the information pop-up ready to read, view, or listen in a convenient accessible window.

Social Media Marketing Boost Cheat Sheet includes:
  • Social Media Basics
  • Facebook & Twitter Intro
  • Bookmarking.
  • Using Videos in Social Sites and much more.

Social Media Marketing Boost is installed as a Program on Your Computer

Easily Click on the Buttons to Load the Material You Wish to View
in the Internal Browser Built Into the Program

& Add Subscribers

Grab Social Media Marketing Boost Cheat Sheet
Re-Brandble List Building Software For Only...

taking weeks or months to develop your own product! Get a Proven Software Product NOW!!!

This software will only be available for a limited time so pick it up now before I delete this sales page forever.

Personal Use Rights on Re-Brander

50% to 100% Commission for Affiliates!

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Unread 17th Nov 2015, 06:57 PM   #2
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Re: [FREE MRR] Social Media SOFTWARE with Re-Brander... Runs as a Windows Desktop App...Grab Now!
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Q. Where is My Login Info?
A. You will receive your username and password to the email address you entered through WarriorPlus. Make sure you check the Spam/Junk folder. If you do not get your Welcome Email within 20 minutes Please contact me through the Support Desk

Q. Is this Software Mac Compatible?
A. This software is a Windows only software, but if you have a Windows Emulator on your Mac, it should work fine.

Q. My Anti-Virus keeps stopping the software install, what gives?
A. Your anti virus program will put up a warning against unrecognized .exe files. Make sure your anti-virus software is set to only give you a warning otherwise, it will not allow you to install. You should then white list the software so it will be recognized in the future.

This software has been tested and is safe for your system.

Q. Norton 360's reputation system is saying there is an issue or my security software doesn't like the file.
A. Norton 360 is a little paranoid, not that that is always a bad thing! I don't use it myself but apparently there is a setting in there somewhere called 'reputation system', this is basically a system that works on the 'wisdom of crowds' in which it guesses if a file could maybe just possibly be "iffy" based on guesses made based on other things other users of Norton have downloaded).

Q. What if I get a virus alert?
A. This is a false positive. This happens with new software simply because it hasn't built up a reputation yet. I can assure that the software is clean and you can feel safe downloading and installing it.

Q. How do I get my downloads?
A. After purchase, simply click on the Green Access Button in WarriorPlus to be take to the download page. You will be emailed the Registration Code for the software. Once on the Welcome Page, click on your product link to download.

Q. How to I get support?A. Please contact me through the Support Desk. I will not answer support/technical questions in the WSO Thread, through emails, or PM. So direct all questions to the Support Desk. I will repsond in less than 24 hours.

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