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HanifQ 6th January 2016 05:40 PM

[UNCUT] Funnel Stak Review + Exclusive 'Fast Profit' FunnelStak BONUS (Done-For-You)
Does The FunnelStak Tool TRULY Allow You To Create 'High-Converting' Marketing Funnels With 'Rinse & Repeat' Simplicity?

Is Funnel Stak Really A Fast Profit-Generating System?

(read on for my full FunnelStak review & unique 'done-for-you' bonus)







Here's a 'Preview' Video Where I Give a Very Brief Overview of Funnel Stak:

(Scroll up to see my full Funnel Stak review)


Along with my Funnel Stak Review, I'm also including a helpful article detailing 12 marketing funnel tips that you can use right now:

12 Tips On Creating A User Focused Conversion Funnel Your Audience Will Zoom Through

If you are trying to create a profitable business online, the key to becoming successful is to make a conversion funnel that will navigate those that may be interested in a product that you are trying to sell, guiding them all the way to the sale. The reason that they are referred to as a funnel is that they are designed to navigate people through a series of steps which will inevitably lead them to becoming a customer. There are many steps to this process which we will discuss, and we will also provide 12 tips on how to do this the right way. Once it is set in place, it will simply be a matter of driving targeted traffic to the wide funnel opening, and gradually navigate them to the most narrow part of the funnel which is where you will sell your products and how the new Funnel Stak system can help marketers set up their funnels rather quickly.

What Is A User Focused Conversion Funnel?

The reason that a conversion funnel would be referenced as user focused is that you are asking the people to make multiple decisions along the way. You are presenting information that they will assess, and based upon how it makes them think and feel, they will make the decisions necessary to become a customer. The goal is to make sure that the funnel is interactive, and pushes the proverbial buttons that are necessary to get them to respond accordingly. All successful online marketers use a conversion funnel, and if it is heavily user focused, they typically can generate substantial sales 24 hours a day.

How To Create Your Funnel

There are actually four specific components to a funnel that you need to be aware of so that you can begin to create one that will work. This is typically broken down into the acronym AIDA which stands for awareness, interest, desire and action and FunnelStak members should realize that the funnel creation is just the start.

Part 1 - Developing Awareness

The first part of the funnel is going to be the widest, which is why it is called awareness, essentially all of the advertising strategies that you use to attract attention. This is where most of the people enter in to the final, and based upon how well you have targeted your audience, and the information that you present on your landing page, you will make them aware of the products you are selling. Once they enter this first part of the funnel, they will have to make a decision. This is where you move to the second part of the funnel which is called developing interest and Funnel Stak users should also pay attention to the above facts as well.

Part 2 - Developing Interest

The second part of the funnel is developing interest in the product that you are trying to sell. Once a visitor finds your advertisement, and clicks through the link, they will arrive on your landing page. The first thing that people typically see is the headline that you have created, something that should immediately grab their attention. If they have already shown enough interest to click on the link, this shows they are interested and you need to keep them engaged. What many marketers will do is set up what is called a squeeze page, a simple page that offers something for free. By entering in their name and email, they can gain access to this free information, or perhaps even a discount on the product that you are offering. Once they are subscribed, they will become an integral part of your funnel which is called your email list. This allows you to move to the next step of the process which is building desire in the product that you are offering and FunnelStak members should understand the importance of developing interests through out the funnel creation process.

Part 3 - Generating Interest

The third part of the funnel is developing desire for the product that you are selling. Most marketers understand that people will not purchase something the first time that they are introduced to it, and this is where the autoresponder will come in. The more emails that they received from you, which they have given you permission to send them when they signed up for the free offer, the more likely it is that you can develop a desire within them to actually want the products that you are selling, and at the same time build a relationship between you and your potential customers. The emails that you send will allow you to move your prospective clients to the fourth part of the final, the last stage which is where the sale will be made.

Part 4 – Getting Them To Take Action

The final step of this funneling process is to get these interested people to purchase your product. Most marketers do not understand that you have to be blunt, to some degree, asking for the sale. You are not directly asking them to buy most of the time. You can sometimes motivate them by placing a time sensitive offer on the discount you are offering, or adding scarcity into the mix. By stating that there are only so many items that will be sold at a particular price, this tends to motivate people to take out their credit card and purchase the product you are offering. This may seem like a very simple process, but there are several tips and strategies that you must implement in order to make this work. Let's look at 12 tips that you should use when creating a user focused conversion funnel that will help you generate more sales and how the FunnelStak system is helping marketers.

12 Tips On Creating A User Focused Conversion Funnel

1 - Always use an autoresponder to capture leads from the visitors that you are sending through your funnel.

2 - Only offer a gift of actual value, one that visitors will perceive as having value, and therefore will subscribe to your list in order to get it.

3 - Provide a proper balance of both good content and actionable emails, ones that will ask them to purchase a product that you are offering from time to time. If you only send content, they may actually become upset when you finally get around to asking them to buy something, so always keep a proper balance.

4 - Build a relationship with your list once they are subscribed. It's not just about sending emails for products that you would like them to buy. If they like you, and respect you because of the content that you are also providing, they will willingly purchase things from you. This is a great point that Funnel Stak users should pay attention to.

5 - Target your visitors very carefully, making sure that those that enter the funnel are highly targeted individuals. You can make sure this by only targeting buyers keywords, or targeting people that have a demographic that clearly shows they have the money to make a purchase, and that they are interested in the type of product that you are selling.

6 - Use professional sales copy on your landing page, especially when creating squeeze pages. You only have a moment to capture their attention, and build trust, so make sure that this content is exceptional.

7 - Always deliver on your promise to provide them with not only the product that they purchase, but the free offer or discount that you used to motivate them to subscribe. If you don't, they will either immediately unsubscribe, but even worse, you might actually lose a lifetime customer. FunnelStak members should try their best to be as honest and truthful as possible.

8 - The sales funnel needs to be as simple as possible, allowing them to get through it in the least time possible. If it is too long, they may not make it to the page where you are selling your products, and therefore you will lose sales.

9 - Only give away content that you feel that you would sell. It needs to be valuable in the sense that it helps them either make more money, or helps them understand something they are curious about. Using PLR content is typically a bad idea, so try to write this out yourself.

10 - Ask for the sale. These four words are very important once people reach the end of your final. Sometimes that is all it takes because you have already built trust with these individuals. Without asking for the sale, many people will not buy a product from you.'

11 - Social media marketing is something that you need to invest in as this may bring the most targeted visitors to the final that you have set up. Even better, it offers you the ability to generate viral traffic when people start to share the images and videos that you have created about the product and free offer that you are presenting.

12 - Repeat the process. Once you have created a funnel that is fully functional, you need to create another. The same system will be used for any product that you own. You are simply changing the content out, and targeting different people, but the funnel process remains the same. This will help you increase the amount of revenue that you generate every year. And best of all, once everything is set up, you will be earning money on autopilot.

Now that you understand what a user focused conversion funnel is, and the 12 tips to make sure that it works, you should start today in the creation of your very own conversion funnel to help you start selling more products than you have ever sold before.

(Scroll up to check out my Funnel Stak Review & Exclusive Funnel Stak Bonus Package)


HanifQ 7th January 2016 09:30 AM

Re: [UNCUT] Funnel Stak Review + Exclusive 'Fast Profit' FunnelStak BONUS (Done-For-You)
As your reading my FunnelStak review and 'Done-For-You' bonus, take a moment to see what others have been saying about me:


(Scroll Up To See My Funnel Stak Review & 'Done-For-You' Bonus)

HanifQ 7th January 2016 09:33 AM

Re: [UNCUT] Funnel Stak Review + Exclusive 'Fast Profit' FunnelStak BONUS (Done-For-You)

If you are serious about benefiting from FunnelStak, make sure you enhance your experience by using my Traffic Generating & Conversion Boosting Bonus Package by following steps 1 and 2 below:

HanifQ 8th January 2016 09:08 AM

Re: [UNCUT] Funnel Stak Review + Exclusive 'Fast Profit' FunnelStak BONUS (Done-For-You)
Did you get a chance to watch my 2 minute, quick FunnelStak Review video I made? If not, watch it below:

HanifQ 8th January 2016 03:27 PM

Re: [UNCUT] Funnel Stak Review + Exclusive 'Fast Profit' FunnelStak BONUS (Done-For-You)
If you have any questions about FunnelStak, how the tool works, or about my exclusive FunnelStak Bonus package, please feel free to post a reply here or simply pm me if you feel more comfortable.

mjd300 24th November 2017 06:27 AM

Re: [UNCUT] Funnel Stak Review + Exclusive 'Fast Profit' FunnelStak BONUS (Done-For-You)
I don't understand at all.

Funnelstak is not a tool. It is a course. At least that's what the website suggests.

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