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Websites + Pre-Written Content for Sale - Need to Sell Fast!
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Content and Website Fire Sale!!!


I am selling a few websites I simply don't have the time to manage or create content for anymore. I also have a large amount of pre-written content I am selling. Here's what I have and how much I am looking for with each package.

Buy it ALL for One Low Price! Over 500 articles, 4 active websites and 3 domains ready to help you make money online! I have invested far more than what I am asking in time and money into the articles and websites below!

I Will Take $1,250 for EVERYTHING listed Below!!!!

If you are interested in any of the below packages, please contact me at

Content for the Baby Market - 9 articles

***ALL passes Copyscape 100%****

Articles are all approx. 600 words and topics include:
  • Baby Sleep Tips
  • Baby Sleep Guide
  • Crib Training
  • Getting your Baby to Stay Asleep
  • Weening from Co-Sleeping
  • Moving Baby from Bed to Crib
  • Newborn Baby Sleeping
  • Temperature for Baby Sleeping
  • Baby Sleeping Too Much

These articles I had written for me by a native English writer and never had the time to post them on a website.

I am asking $25/obo. for the entire package.

Christmas Cards - 11 Articles

***ALL passes Copyscape 100%****

All approx. 500 words or longer and topics include:
  • Business Christmas Cards
  • Cheap Photo Christmas Cards
  • Christmas Photo Cards Online
  • Christmas Photo Cards
  • Christmas Photo Greeting Cards
  • Custom Christmas Cards
  • Custom Photo Christmas Cards
  • Holiday Christmas Cards
  • Personalized Christmas Cards
  • Personalized Photo Christmas Cards
  • Printed Christmas Cards

I am asking $35/obo. for this package.

Finance - 140 Articles + Website

This package I don't have as many details on because it's so huge. Some I wrote myself, while other article I bought or my wife wrote. Most will pass copyscape and most will be over 500 words, but some may be shorter and some may not pass copyscape. Some may still be on the website included with this package, as well.

This package also includes the domain and website

In 2014 when I was putting a lot of work into this site it received over 8,000 unique visitors. In 2015 it received about 800 visitors because I stopped updating it and working on it. This year it's had about 40 visitors so far.

I intended on building the directory out to include many more states than just Indiana with affiliate links for loan programs and Google AdSense for monetization. The site does receive a little bit of traffic and the directory pages for the smaller towns/cities get a few hits here and there. It has made a little bit of money from Google AdSense, but I haven't done much with it.

I did do some social bookmarking and some web 2.0 link building a while back, too.

The domain is good through 5/12/2016 and I will transfer it, along with the files to the buyer. It's all set up on WordPress currently.

I am asking $350/obo. for all of it. That includes the domain, content on the site and 140 files of financial articles (may include a few duplicates, but most are not).

Health - 70 Articles + Website

This package includes 70 articles all related to the health niche. Some may be about curing different ailments, while others may be about cooking healthy food. There is a mix.

This package also includes the website/domain name:

This site averaged a little over 1,000 visitors in 2014 and 2015. This year it has seen about 100 visitors so far.

The domain is up for renewal on 3/3/2016 through I will transfer the domain and website to the buyer. Website is currently on WordPress.

Some of the content included in the 70 articles was previously published on this site. Most will pass copyscape, if not all and most articles will be at least 500 words.

I purchased the website a year ago from a seller that found domains already getting traffic. I had plans to build it out and use amazon links, along with AdSense for monetization. It did make me a small amount of money before I took the content down.

The domain does get some traffic, maybe 25 - 50 visits per week.

I am asking $150/obo. for the entire package.

Law/Lawyers - 48 articles + Website

This package includes articles all about lawyers, lawsuits and related topics. Most articles will pass copyscape, if not all. Some are still on or were on the website included with this package.

The website this package includes is: Different Types of Attorneys

It's up for renewal on 5/12/2016 and does receive a small amount of traffic.

My plan was to build out a directory of attorneys in medium and large cities across the US, along with provide blog posts with information on different types of lawsuits and types of attorneys. I planned to use Google AdSense for monetization.

I will transfer the domain and website to the buyer. It's currently on WordPress.

I am asking $100/obo. for this package.

Memory Foam Mattress - 10 articles

Most Pass Copyscape, those that don't have less than a 20% match on Copyscape.

Articles are approx. 500 words or more and topics include:
  • Benefits of Memory Foam Mattress
  • Best Foam Mattress
  • Cheap Memory Foam Mattress
  • Invest in Memory Foam
  • Latex vs. Memory Foam
  • Memory Foam Mattress Topper
  • Visco Foam Mattress
  • Organic Crib Mattress
  • And More!

I am asking $40/obo. for this package.

College Scholarships - 42 Articles

Most will pass copyscape. Some may have small matches, but nothing major.

This package of articles includes many topics all around college scholarships. They come from a website I used to run a few years back that promoted all types of scholarships. The site doesn't exist anymore and I never sold it, so I still own the content.

I am asking $100/obo. for the entire package.

Travel - 58 Articles + Website with Content

This package includes 58 travel articles, which the majority will pass copyscape. They will be approx. 500 words or longer and some came from the site included in this package.

The website included is:

In 2014, this site received 483 unique visitors and in 2015 it received 942. This year is has seen 103 unique visitors so far.

The package includes the 14 reviews currently on the site, along with the graphics and domain. The domain is up for renewal on 5/8/2016 and the site does get a little bit of traffic.

I did some link building with social bookmarking and Web 2.0 links a while back, but nothing major. I planned to use Sandals Resorts affiliate program through and Google AdSense as monetization. I also planned to use CruiseDirect's affiliate program for the cruise section.

Most of the content in this package was written by me or my wife and we usually charge between 3 and 5 cents per word for our content.

I will transfer the domain and website files to the buyer.

I am asking $150/obo. for this site and the articles.

Affiliate/Internet/Article Marketing - 67 Articles

I don't know a whole lot about this package as most of it is content I wrote about 3 years ago or older. Most should pass copyscape, but I don't have the time to check all the articles.

I am asking $100/obo. for this package. + 60 Additional Articles/Reviews

This site has made me some money in the past, but it's not consistent because I don't have the time to put into it. I have a number of reviews I had written by an okay writer that need edited and can go up on the site. There are also many articles, some written by the same writer, some by me and a some by my wife.

Some of the articles will be ready to go without much or any editing, but some do need edited before they go up.

This package includes the site and domain: Big Ben's Reviews | Top Product Reviews, which has received over 1,300 unique visitors in 2014, over 2,000 unique visitors in 2015 and 144 so far this year. I have not had much time to put into it, but it was growing and making some money through Amazon when I was posting to it regularly.

Currently the site also has 52 blog posts and 26 pages on it already, which are all included. It's on WordPress and the domain is set for renewal on 12/27/2016.

I will transfer domain and website to the buyer.

I am asking $350 for this package.

I also have the following domains for sale:
  • TOPRATEDCRIBMATTRESSES.COM - $25/obo. Good through 4/29/2016
  • PREGNANCYSLEEPINGPILLOWS.COM - $50/obo. Good through 4/29/2016
  • TOENAILFUNGUSCUREREVIEWS.COM - $25/obo. Good through 4/29/2016

If you would like to purchase EVERY package above for one price, I am willing to accept reasonable offers.

If you are interested in any of these packages, please contact me directly at:

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