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Unread 19th Feb 2016, 07:51 AM   #1
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Stupidly Simple SEO Plugin Get Money In Your Pocket WHILE YOU SLEEP, Guaranteed! See The Review Here
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Can't Rank Your Website In 2016?
'Insta Ranking' Technology
Forces Google To Rank Your Sites
At The Top Of Search Results!"
...Time & Time Again!

Product Name: Project Supremacy 2.0
Product Creator: Todd Spears and Herc Magnus
Price: Depends on your needs ($47/$97/$197)
Official WebSite:

Veredict: Whata Hell? 100% ******* RECOMMENDED! (The results are insane, you'll go freaking out!)

First, thanks for stopping to see my Project Supremacy 2.0 Review, Tour And Bonus, pay attention to my letter, let’s me talk you a little bit about this plugin and how this can change or hurt your sites.

But first, let me know you who I am, my name is Luan and I’m an affiliate marketer for three years now, never stop even for a lunch :-D

Hope you stay with me, then you can make the right decision before pushing the buy now button for this product.

Now if you are the type of person who likes just jump directly to the official page, use the link below, but don't forget to use my gift for you.

Use the discount code: "20offagency" then you can pay a $20 less for Project Supremacy Agency License. (Available For The First 24 Hours Only).

Official Project Supremacy Page Here

Let's get started...

Project Supremacy 2.0 is a new Wordpress plugin about SEO in the market, how you already know with all the changed algorithms it’s more difficult to rank these days, not easy at all.

And one of the things who Google really care’s it’s about On Page optimization.

We have a ton of other fruit brand new plugins out there, like All in One SEO, Yoast SEO(...)

but with the passage of time, I and you realize they don’t care much about it, just do update for plugin works with a new version of Wordpress and forget about it, just for the sake of updating. (sucks)

Sorry if you are falling in love with these plugins, but you know that is the truth behind it.

Move on...
My Project Supremacy Review

What is the Project Supremacy 2.0? Project Supremacy 2.0 are an SEO plugin compatible with WordPress who promise to rank your sites first without even backlinks.

Only OnPage SEO Tricks who make your site be first very very fast. But, this really works or Herc Magnus and Todd Spears is just make a plugin useless?

I don’t like the idea you need to buy the product for testing and then sees the results, so I do with my side, get inside, download the plugin, apply to my sites and go show you my results with that.

Of course, results vary of site to the site, depends on keywords, competition, etc.

The first site I applied that it’s my “Bingy Review” website, so, let’s me explain you more, this site is for I make money with launch jacking for a buyer keyword “Bingy Review”,

I don’t go lie you, I don’t use only the Project Supremacy 2.0

I buy some blog posts with a cheap price of $10 and then get ranked on the first of the second page, then I installed a Project Supremacy 2.0 for doing a little test,

A side note here: what I like by Herc Magnus and Todd Spears they put “Damm tuts”, who every person can follow in the members area and make the results the same, over and over again.

You can search right now for keyword “Bingy Review” on the Google, after I installed the plugin and follow the easy tutorials I rank first on the first page. I just freakin out, the results are insane!

With this type of results, I can’t avoid of put this plugin in my other sites, so I follow the same “damm tuts”, installed the plugin again, and "shit", results are the same,

If you do a little search to “Project Supremacy 2.0 Review” on you go see my site again.

This get me a little scared, what a type of black magician this plugin uses. (joke :-P)

I can’t guarantee you go jump for the first page in the next 24 hours, or you go of the rank 36 to rank 6, whatever, what I know it’s: THIS WORKS.

Project Supremacy 2.0 are very easy to describe for you: it’s stupidly easy and fast to use plugin, members' area is just awesome (you have this damm tuts who get you step by step by the hand and you can do the same on your site and replicate the results)

My veredict can’t be other, highly recommend you check out by yourself, apply to your site, and then you back to thank me.

Oh, I can’t finish this part of the review without a video showing you exactly what is this plugin, what they use, what they have, etc., so press play and see the video below:

Project Supremacy Members Area

This part I enter in fall in love and when you are there, you'll too, the members area of Project Supremacy 2.0.

So you go have access to this dashboard above, where you go have everything, plugin download and activation code

And better... a private Facebook group invites, so, you can join a Facebook group and share your results, your campaigns, what they use and if you need any support, they are there to answer you.

...of course talk to other members can be very helpful too.

You have access a bonus page with Rank & Rent method by Herc Magnus, so, when you start rank your sites on the first page, you can use this little ebook to monetize and profit from them (good bonus)

The best part: Video tutorials, when I talk this is easy to follow, don't be mad with me, this is the truth, they take you by the hand and you watch over the shoulder how to use the plugin for best results they can give you.

Awesome no? I can promise, you'll love there. Because when you are there, you go **** the Google and rank your sites first, it’s exciting when some plugin who it’s a real deal appears on the market.

And it’s better when have a full proof this works again, and again, results are literally CRAZY!

Not only me, but all this persons sharing the love about it, you can replicate the same...

And have more on official site (gosh)

What Project Supremacy Can do For You?

  • Project Supremacy 2.0 is the only WordPress plugin designed to perfectly do your on-page SEO in the exact way Google wants.
  • By using schematic markup, JSON LD, image exif, and all of the other “fancy stuff” that will literally obliterate your competition.
  • It will do all of this for you automatically, without you needing any special skill or code at all.
  • You also won’t have to focus on off-page SEO, backlinking, or using Private Blog Networks… and if you DO decide to do some off-page SEO, the results will be 100x more powerful thanks to having Project Supremacy.
  • Project Supremacy 2.0 is ready to become one of those “essential plugins” that you immediately install onto every new WordPress site you create.
  • The results are proven time and time again: instant rankings and traffic boosts, with permanent staying power, meaning more sales, commissions, and larger lists --- without spending a single penny on advertising!
Project Supremacy Final Veredict

You already know how awesome this plugin is, what they can do for you.
I do my part, give you the right and real information about this product, give you my results, persons results, everything you need to know, I tested for you...

you see the insanity and all my passion to explain you about it.

Now it’s your time to do something…

but of course I can’t let you go without a bonus to accompany it. If you are new on internet marketing thing, we do a little bonus package to people buy from us link.

I’m offering a big “boost bonus package” for what name already say, boost your results with Project Supremacy. You can see the bonuses and all the infos about below.

and don't proceed to the checkout page without my sharing passion discount coupon code. Use the coupon: "20offagency" and you pay $20 less for Project Supremacy Agency License.

PS: This discount code goes works only for 24 hours, make sure act fast for don't waste your money and my "bonus booster" package, you'll feel a little crap if that happens.

Now i can let you go :-D

So click on the “Purchase Project Supremacy Here” and i guarantee you, you don't go regret.

=> Purchase Project Supremacy Here

PS: The retail price of Project Supremacy 2.0 go back soon, enjoy buying before the discount gone, you'll feel a little crap if lose that.

My Project Supremacy Bonus Pack For You

This is what you do know, i care about you and want to you get the best results you can with the Project Supremacy, it's because of that i'm giving a real valuable bonuses.

No one can offer this type of bonus package for you, ONLY ME!
I prepared everything for works automatically and you receive EVERY PIECE of this bonus package with your product on JVZOO.

Whatever, if you have any problem in get that package directly on JVZOO, you just need to contact me here with the subject "Bonus" and say you bought in my site, and i give you the special link to download!
Let's see my package for you!

BONUS #1: Ebook + Webinar + Skype Coach 1 on 1 about affiliate marketing (Value $1497)

I want to make this package something new, brand, and "NEXT LEVEL THING", for the first time EVER i go give you a special consultation with me about affiliate marketing. So, yes, you do have my personal skype contact.

Where you can add me, and we can talk in one hour of whatever you ******* need want. SEO, Affiliate Marketing, My Dog, My Life, whatever you ******* want i go talk with you and give you the necessary help.Here's something you don't know.

  • I'm an affiliate superstar who makes more than 30k/month, so, if you have any doubt about affiliate marketing, i go get you the bone, explain yourself, make this appear clarity, giving the "ah-ha" moments you need.
  • I'm an SEO Expert, and i work with SEO more than six years now. If you have any doubt how to HACK the Google and rank sites first? Guess What? I go teach you the brand new to rank every site first, don't import if it's an UGLY site, i make this work for you.
  • I'm having on the internet marketing since 2002. I have experienced, and if you're a complete newbie about marketing, business online, whatever. Any struggling you getting right now, i can help you fix that (trust in me, i'm an NEXT LEVEL PERSON).
That's why you need to care about me, BUT what really cares is about YOU. I have the certainty you'll go be amazed with my support, i'm a very friendly and very helpful active person.

You go have a GOOD "innocent" but "secret exposure" chat on Skype!

Bonus #2: Secret Cheap BackLinks Site Who Ranks You First And Make You Get The Money Even If You a Complete Newbie (Value $999)

Let me ask you a question... You buy a backlinks from fiverr?

If you answer YES. I have something for you....


I don't do this all the time, giving away my personal things, but when is important, and it's about results, i change my mind.


But...whatever, you go receive exactly where i buy my backlinks who makes my EVERY SITE, UGLY, OLD OR NEW rank on the first page, guaranteed!

And it's not a 3 months of wait to see your site there, it's first page in the next 48 hours, you should care? Here's what i reveal.

  • How To Rank Youtube Videos & Sites On The First Page Of Google With This BackLinks Sources In 2016 – Yes mate, I open the gates and sharing everything with you In step by step format, it’s complicated rank sites? It’s not when you know what you are doing. In this module I share my SUPER SECRET UNCOMPLICATED FORMULA who ranks my sites first in less than five days, yes, I promise.
  • Best Cheap and Quality BackLink Source I Ever Seen In My Life – After I spend a THOUSANDS of dollars on bad backlinks, I don’t have money to spend more on SEO, so I needed something cheap, then I found this site. This is a high quality service and cheaper than fiverr. Oh I go share a golden rule with you “NEVER BUY BACKLINKS FROM FIVERR, IT’S A WASTE MONEY”
  • Other Best Back Links Sources Who I Spend Thousands Of Money To Discover – After jumping the service after service and don’t get the results I want, I found the best sites and members who deliver the best results, so, I go share only with you the persons who WORKS. Have a big difference between a blog comment of Fiverr and a blog comment of a trusted person (Trust me)
  • How Index Your Site And All Your Back Links In Less Of Five Days With An PowerFul Web Site – I go give you how I index all my sites, posts, and backlinks to hack the Google and ranks very fast, this ability to me win commissions after 48 hours I put the site live. BONUS: I give you a coupon code for this site, and you go pay less than a Starbucks Coffee.
  • How Put All Together – The right mindsets, two golden rules you need to use when buy your backlinks from someone (TO NOT WASTE YOUR MONEY) PLUS – A check list who guarantees site first in five days from now!

Bonus #3: Punch The Wall Sales Copy + Done For You KICK ASS Mail Templates (I pay over a $1997 for learn all this, and you get for free) (Value $999)

When comes to sales, you need to know how write, because, if you don't, this means WASTE OF TIME, MONEY AND HEADACHES!

I pay over a $1997 for learning the most copywriting "unrevealed techniques" who makes persons feel's need click on the "buy now button".

This is like a "BLACKHAT PSYCHOLOGY TRICKS" but it's not. It's real, it's working. In this video training you go get...

  • How to write a persuasive sales copy faster than ever, with high conversions and epics "epcs" like a 25% and write like a Gary Halbert!
  • Follow the 4 step formula who shows you exactly how proceed with your sales copy, and results go be the same every time you go put sales copy out there (Be prepared to more of 10% conversions over and over again)
  • Done For You Mail Templates, if you have an email list and don't know how profit from them, then your list is useless. So we have 2000 done swipe files for you just change the affiliate link and make $50+ per subscriber, easily!
  • Other secrets are exposed, and you'll love that.
Bonus #4: 200 Social Media Tactics (Value $27)

In this step by step guide you receive everything to dominate social media and make tons of money with your review sites. This is never seen before tactics and you should try it.

Bonus #5: Social Boost (Value $27)

The simple & fast way to increase social conversions. Take the social features of some of the highest shared websites like Buzzfeed or UpWorthy and add them to your blog posts. No matter what theme you are using you can add these shortcodes to get all the social share features you need to have viral blog posts.

Bonus #6: WP Members Pro (Value $27)

The effortless way to create professional sites in wordpress using your favorite membership plugin! Fully customizable membership site, 5 custom members pages, complete design settings, easy to use wordpress theme.

Bonus #7: WP Optin Count Down (Value $27)

Instantly optimize any WordPress blog for mobile in one plugin. Works with any wordpress blog theme. Optimize your wordpress blogs today for mobile devices with our premium designed plugin. Automatically detect mobile device and display optimized website with your content!

Bonus #8: Uber Optin (Value $27)

Combine the power of WordPress, your product, your personality and your landing page to create a truly awesome converting lead page. Video backgrounds create that WOW effect that will keep your viewers engaged.



How To Get All That Bonuses?

It’s very easy to get it. 3 Easy Steps.

1 – Clear Your Browse Cookies.

2 – Click On My Link And Buy From them

3 – You Go Receive Everything with your product on Jvzoo automatically. If you don’t know how access your bonuses on Jvzoo you can contact me at:

If you don’t receive something feel free to ask me your bonuses at:

=> Purchase Project Supremacy Here

HIGH PS: I am trying to help people making informed decisions and having a real results with the products I reviewed, I making a thousand of reviews talking about 99% products out there are a SCAM, and persons just want to make money by promising you the world and delivering not.

HIGH PS²: If you have any doubt about Project Supremacy 2.0 please comment below, i'm very active person and go answer you as soon i can.

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Re: [HOT] Project Supremacy Review: $264+ In 24 Hours With This New SEO Plugin? PROOF INSIDE!
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What are the OTOs??
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Unread 20th Feb 2016, 03:49 AM   #3
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Re: [HOT] Project Supremacy Review: $264+ In 24 Hours With This New SEO Plugin? PROOF INSIDE!
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Hello mate.

The upsell it's a 6 week private course with Todd Spears and Herc Magnus about the plugin and SEO.

But not necessary at all, because you go have all things in the members area, what i mean by that it's "VIDEO TUTS" on how use the plugin.

Any doubt contact me again.

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Re: People Getting Page 1 Rankings After Setup and Forget This NEW Stupidly Simple SEO PLUGIN
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Re: People Getting Page 1 Rankings After Setup and Forget This NEW Stupidly Simple SEO PLUGIN
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I think your image proving the #1 result is not clear cookie & cache browser
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Re: Stupidly Simple SEO Plugin Get Money In Your Pocket WHILE YOU SLEEP, Guaranteed! See The Review
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Re: Stupidly Simple SEO Plugin Get Money In Your Pocket WHILE YOU SLEEP, Guaranteed! See The Review
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More 17 hours of discount, then GONE!

Purchase before retail prices back, and save money!

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$360, hot, hours, plugin, project, review, seo, supremacy

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