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[MUST READ] Email Spike
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What is Email Spike?
Email Spike is a combination of Timer Spike and Video Spike. The purpose is to combine a scarcity tool with video for email marketing. It’s been common knowledge that videos do really well for sales; video and scarcity together convert even better and now Mark Thompson together with Mark Callen hope to bring the perfect storm for your email conversions with Email Spike.

Email Spike allows you to embed videos onto your emails and add a timer scarcity to ensure your readers jump and take action quicker.

It’s all hosted by their system so there’s no hassle with set up or hosting. It’s simple to use and a copy paste embed code for your video generated by Video Spike coupled with a copy and paste code for the timer on Timer Spike.

Mark and Matt hope that this will help you get more results from your videos.

Who is Email Spike for?
Email Marketers – Evidently Email Spike is the PERFECT solution for email marketers. If you have an email list then you will want Email Spike to make your emails more effective and boost conversions and click through with videos. Video communicates your message more effectively than text; people already get hundreds of the same old, boring text promotional email. Now you can differientiate yourself with Email Spike by embedding video into your emails. More importantly, you can increase and boost conversions with a timer and video combined. Effectively Email Spike can enable you to make your list like an A star list and hopefully get the sales and conversions you would want.

Webmasters – Webmasters that are getting traffic to their website should build an email list. Email Spike can help you to communicate better with your audience. Use Email Spike for the Video Spike to communicate via videos to your website audience. This will allow you to create more sincere and connective content with your audience and build the rapport and relationship. Create the lead capture today and start building a loyal website audience with EmailSpike.

Product Owners – Product owners will especially appreciate Email Spike for similar reasons to Email Marketers. How you can use Email Spike to send video updates to your customers. Maybe an even better idea is using Email Spike for your upsell since the combination of video and scarcity for email. You may wish to provide your one time offer via email rather than an immediate upsell. This will allow your customers to try out your product and get to know you better providing a more compelling reason to accept your OTO if you have done your work correctly by providing value to your customers. You can use Email Spike to do your video sales letter in the email maybe 24 hours after your customers sign up. This also prevents an over-pushy approach to provide your customers with a better first impression before you upsell them any thing else. Once they’ve tested and like your product then upselling them with the information and buyer list already in your hands combined with EmailSpike you may expect higher conversion rates than a direct upsell.

Affiliates – Affiliates will enjoy Email Spike for their email marketing campaign. Affiliates can use Email Spike for their affiliate promotion to generate commission. It’s no secret than an effective affiliate campaign comprises of creating a landing page with a video on the landing page and an value added bonus for your list. This is how many people have generated six figure commissions. Now you can do that through email with Email Spike. Add more exclusivity to your special offer to increase conversions by qualifying your audience while also benefiting from a video pre-sell page with scarcity as you would set up on a landing page except by email. It also enables you to personalize your page and message better through email than you can with a generic web page. More importantly, your subscribers don’t have to open an email and then click through to your landing page to watch your video, they can now view your video and landing page direct on their email minimizing the barrier and resistance to get more clicks to your affiliate offer and more profits with a good EPC.

How does Email Spike work?
Email Spike works as an online tool. It doesn’t require any installation or set up process except for creating the embed code online. Here’s the step by step of how Email Spike works:

1) Log in to Email Spike: Log in to Timer Spike or Video Spike to begin using the tool. It’s all online to minimize any hassle as it doesn’t require installation

2) Create your timer or video: It’s simple to create your video with any mp4 video. It’ll produce an embed code you can use for your email along with a fall back gif picture in case the email platform doesn’t display your video. How cool is that? Better than a standard video embed code. Next, you can also fully customize your timer on Timer Spike if you wish while creating your timer. It’s easy customization with WYSIWYG to make sure it fits with your email and stands out.

3) Copy and Paste: Finally, you copy and paste your video embed code or your timer code into your email to create a landing page like email. It’s super simple copy and paste process. The video and timer is hosted by Video Spike and Timer Spike respectively for your Email Spike package. Then you go about your email message as you would to connect with your audience. One more thing as well is that Email Spike or rather Video Spike will help you substitute a click through with a gif image if the email client your user is using does not have video supported; this is done automatically.

Next, did you know that Timer Spike even has language translation option and detailed analytics. This is on top to your email analytics to see how the timer worked!

Effectively Email Spike works as an easy and quick solution to adding video and timer or video communication for higher conversions and timer for scarcity to your video more professionally. It’s all hosted online and provides simple click, copy, paste solution for creating a more effective email.

Email Spike works by allowing you to create almost landing page and video sales letter within your email. How powerful would that be for your OTO offer or perhaps for your affiliate pre-sell and landing page via email? You can now personalize your OTO and pre-sell directly when you have Email Spike combined with your email marketing campaign.

EmailSpike Bonus:
We’re excited to bring you some Email Spike bonus that will make this an even sweeter deal for you because you’ve found this EmailSpike Warrior Forum thread. This is what you’re getting:

5 Leads – This is what we assure you but realistically we’ll do more than that. Let us help you generate 5 new leads to your email list through Facebook Ads. We’ll help you create the ads on Facebook and optimize it for your niche and get you these leads through Facebook lead capture ads. Contingent on your niche and offer. If we do not approve your niche guarantee of 5 leads, we reserve the right to spend $10 in Facebook ads in substitute. Email to verify before purchase if you like.

Press Release write & submit – How about benefit your lead capture page for your SEO? We’ll help you with a SEO purposed press release and submitted to one PR distribution site. This may not be much as it comes to SEO but it’ll get you some backlinks to benefit your pre-sell page and rank your landing page to get more leads in the long run with a more fuller SEO campaign later.

Social Votes – We’re going to also help you get some buzz with at least 100 manual social bookmarks done for the purpose of social promotion. These are not normally submitted social bookmarks but these are social bookmarks that are done on main SB sites.

Extended support – This is very valuable. If you purchase EmailSpike from our Warrior Forum thread, we will help you with using Email Spike or reaching support should any issue arise with your Email Spike. You know that when a product is launched, support can be sparse? Let us help you as an extended support to ensure you can use Email Spike more effectively. We think it’s a cool tool and want to do what we can to ensure you get the most from it. IF you have an issue you can contact us via email and we can help along or direct it directly to the EmailSpike JV team which will not be as overwhelmed as the general support tickets.

These are some pretty cool bonus for EmailSpike if you agree with me. It isn’t what some other Email Spike bonuses are but these are actually bonuses that help you. Other bonuses may give you tons of PLRs that you won’t use but this is relevant to getting you more traffic, leads, and sales so you can use Email Spike more effectively!

Email Spike Upsell Bonus:
These are some more bonus if you choose to go for any of the upsell.

$50 CAD of Facebook Ads spend: We’ll continue to manage your lead capture campaign to get you more leads by running another $50 of Facebook ads.

Thanks for reading our Email Spike thread on the Warrior Forum.
Click here to get Email Spike!

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Last edited on 16th Jun 2016 at 06:13 AM. Reason: adding more review and bonus options.
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Re: [MUST READ] Email Spike
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Reserve for Email Spike FAQ.

YouZign 2.0 - YouZign 2 is now here. | MemberFactory - Read our Member Factory review and bonus. Don't miss it. SEO Small Business Package!|SyncLeads review - Read our Sync Leads bonus and review. |VidProtect
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