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Rave Senior Warrior Review-New Niche/Training Bonus: FREE List Building Training
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"Very impressive! Your course is coming together very nicely... you have an excellent speaking voice and everything is organized and professional. This is turning out to be a top-notch product and one you can be proud to offer the marketplace."

Matt Olson-Senior Warrior Member

Thanks for the kind words, Matt!


The answer to making an extra $100 per day is already in your head. I will show you how to get it out of your head and put it into action.
If having someone hand you a $100 bill every day, seven days a week, 52 weeks per year interests you, read on:
I have owned my own business and in control of my life for over 25 years and it is quite liberating; No boss to report to (other than my customers and my wife), and no one telling me what to do or when to do it.
Maybe you would like to live like that too. Or, maybe all you want to do is to earn an extra $100 per day, seven days a week which would allow you to take control of your life and reduce your daily stress level. This will allow you to sleep better at night without financial worries hanging over your head.
Whatever the reason, you can do this. The answer is in your head already and you just need to identify it, get it out of your head and turn it into a marketable product or service that will produce a sustainable income. So, how do you do this?
First, imagine what would happen if I did hand you $100 per day, seven days a week, 52 weeks per year. How would this transform your life? Yes, this would be a life transformation experience for most and that is where I would like for you to focus your attention.

Money should not be your main focus. Money is only a vehicle for a life transformation. This transformation is what needs to have your complete attention. When you reach a certain income level, you control your life instead of someone else controlling it. This is what frees you and leads you to a life transformation.
Visualizing your transformation instead of the $100 per day is what will free your mind and allow you to get the idea out of your head and down on paper.
You are now prepared to start the Income Encore course
“Income @ Your Fingertips”

What you will learn in Income Encore “Income @ Your Fingertips”:
a. How to determine your financial goals in Internet marketing.
b. How to estimate your earning capability in Internet marketing.
c. How to leverage your interests and passions to reach your financial goals.
d. How to find raving fans and turn them into your favorite customers.
e. With your FREE bonus training you will learn:
1. How to increase your financial base with free traffic
2. How to increase your financial base with Facebook
3. How to increase your financial base with webinars

Income Encore is a four step learning course that is spread out over a four week period. Unlike other products and courses that just do an “information dump” that immediately overwhelms the learner, Income Encore works through each individual module at a comfortable pace. This allows you to view the videos, read the ebooks, and follow the workbooks that are included in the individual modules. The course is laid out in work segments within each module so that you have a step-by-step roadmap to follow; No “Information Overload” to deal with.
Here is what Matt Olson, a leading Internet marketer, had to say about Income Encore:
"Very impressive! Your course is coming together very nicely... you have an excellent speaking voice and everything is organized and professional. This is turning out to be a top-notch product and one you can be proud to offer the marketplace."

Anyone that has ever started a business will tell you that the first thing that you need to do is to create a business plan. We will take a slightly different approach to this thought.
Instead of creating a business plan, I will show you how to produce an “Earning Plan.” Using a financial calculator that I developed, you will fill in some blanks and the result will be a financial goal that you want to reach on a daily basis. The calculator leads you to a weekly, monthly and yearly goal that you set which will guide you in your life transformation.

Module II
To paraphrase Confucius, “Love What You Do and You Will Never Work Another Day in Your Life.”
In the second module of the course, you will learn everything that you will need to know about Affiliate Marketing and why it is considered the easiest way to make money online. You will quickly see the simplicity of the concept and why so many people have been highly successful with this marketing concept. It does not involve your selling directly to anyone but, rather to market your products or services online to the customers that love what you do because you love what you are doing.
Module III
The third module takes you through the process of identifying the product or service that is already in your head and guides you in determining its marketability. Perhaps you like something like quilting, golfing, model railroading, dieting, healing, or any number of other products or services that you may be passionate about. Indentifying your passion and then determining the market potential will help you identify your “niche.” Armed with this knowledge you will soon discover the secret of substantially increasing your income.

Module IV
Find and Attract Your Perfect Customer
The fourth module will lead you through the process of identifying the ideal customer for your product or service, how to reach them, and how to turn them into your perfect client.
Purchasing online is totally different than how your parents and grandparents bought things in the past. As you already know, the Internet has turned sales and marketing upside-down. Amazon, with its free shipping option, has made it so easy to shop for the best products at the lowest possible cost.
Internet marketing has created thousands of opportunities for you to make money online. Now, it is just a matter of finding the product or service that you are passionate about and cashing in.

How Income Encore Seals the Deal
Once you complete the course you will have qualified for access to the Income Encore Resource Center. Here you will find additional outstanding training programs to help you expand your marketing knowledge and earning potential as you build your business. In the Income Encore Resource Center, you will find videos, work outlines, ebooks and additional marketing support material to help you grow your business even more.
For instance, one of the most important ingredients of Internet marketing is building your customer list; Your list is the most valuable asset in your business. In the first module, I showed you how to establish the value of your list. As you build your list your monthly income increases proportionally.
In the Income Encore Resource Center, you will have access to FREE in-depth training to grow your customer list on an on-going basis.
One course shows you how to grow your list with FREE traffic. Another course shows you how to increase your list utilizing the phenomenal power of Facebook. Another course shows you how to harness the power of webinars to grow your client list.
All three of the courses mentioned use video, video transcripts (pdf’s) and MP3 audios to teach all three of these courses in-depth. You will be amazed at how detailed these courses are and how easy it is to implement the courses for the continued growth of your business. In these three training courses alone, there are 30 videos, 30 audios, and over 50 (pdf’s). The best part is it is absolutely FREE-No additional charge.
By now you are probably thinking that a course like this is going to cost a lot of money, probably in the neighborhood of $2,000+. You may be thinking that there is no way that you can afford something like this.
What if I told you that the total cost is equal to less than three days of your potential new income. Would you be surprised?
If $100 per day turns out to be your daily income goal, the cost of the entire course would be less than three days of your income.
That is correct. The cost of all modules for the course including access to the Income Encore Resource Center is $247. This is a one-time only cost.
And, it comes with a money-back guarantee.
After reviewing the material from the first two modules, if you feel that they are not as represented or, you are not satisfied with the content presented, you may request a full and immediate refund, no questions asked. Simply send me an email requesting a full refund and I will personally see that your refund is promptly processed.
You have nothing to lose and a life transformation to gain!
I think that Income Encore is pretty amazing but that is not for me to decide.
What is important is, What Do You Think?
Are you willing to invest $247 to make a transformation change in your life and reach the financial and life goals that you have set for yourself?
If the answer is yes, simply hit the “Yes, Get Me Started Now” button and your first module with the financial calculator will be on its way.

Not sure? Have some questions? Send a message to my personal email and I will respond within 24 hours, PERSONALLY.

Contact me at:

Let’s get started with your Life Transformation!
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