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Unread 20th Apr 2016, 08:55 AM   #1
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I Would Rather Swim Through Raw Sewage Than Learn Online Marketing Over Again.
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Online Marketing World is Full of Sh**.

I mean it.

People that teach online marketing are full of sh**.

Products that are being sold are piece of sh**.

And the whole community is completely full of bullsh**.

Online marketing space is littered with false promises and broken dreams.

If you can be anybody else but online marketer, please be.

Online Marketing is a Modern Day Gold Rush

Did you know that during The Gold Rush people who actually made money were those who sold shovels, maps and other junk to all the suckers who left their families and rushed thousands of miles looking for gold?

Well, online marketing is a modern age Gold Rush, my friend.

And you guessed it right. The real money made online is selling shovels and other junk to newbies who are looking for gold.

How do I know that?

Because I was one of them. I was a loyal shovel buyer, a modern age Gold Digger.

When I first joined this forum in 2013 I was a complete newbie, chasing one marketing gimmick after another.

However, buying more tools and shovels didn’t help me increase my bottom line.

Actually, I was so good at failing online, that I was nearly sued by major personal development brand in the world, Tony Robbins. Wtf? Yes, this is what happens when you have no clue what you are doing.

When failing miserably for couple of years there’s just so much sh** you can get yourself into before you start questioning: How much longer, Aurelijus? (And yes, you do start talking to yourself). How much longer will you lie to yourself?

I mean sure you can go on lying to your friends and family. That’s why they are there for. But c’mon dude, stop lying to yourself. You know this is BS. Let it go.

And I did.

But when you let go all of the struggle, that’s when your subconscious computer powers up.

I started putting things together and finally saw the big picture. (Or was I just tripping?)

Anyway, it hit me, that these gurus I was following (and buying tons of sh** from) were actually very good sales people. Can you believe it? It’s simple.

They just know how to sell sh** and that’s it. No big secret after all.

Oh, by the way, you hear that word very often in online marketing – “The BIG Secret”.

Bullsh**. There’s no secret.

Let Me Ask You a Question…

Did you ever consider learning how to sell before jumping in this questionably colored pool of raw sewage, a.k.a. online marketing?

No you didn’t, silly. That’s why you jumped in this pool in the first place!

You heard everybody is making millions while lying on the beach, drinking margaritas…

And you wanted a piece of the action!

You greedy ba***rd

But that’s not your fault. See I know you are eager to make money online and gracefully tell your boss to f*** off.

I get it, you want to stop selling your time for money, so you could spend more of it with your friends and family. That’s the general idea being sold online.

But, perhaps, what you didn’t realize was that...

Online Marketing, Just Like Any Other Business Out There, Relies on Selling.

In fact, everything in this world relies on something being sold by someone.

See, I was in the same pajamas. I literary thought that I can hide behind my computer screen, push a few buttons and make money online.

Well, this is not how things roll, my friend.

You got to learn how to sell sh** first! Services, products, affiliate offers, whatever it is you’re promoting.

So Why I Am Writing This Post?

Well, because I know how it sucks following the blind and getting nowhere.

What I care about is clarifying few things for you, poor souls, who come to make money online just to realize it’s actually a tough job to do.

And it’s particularly tough if you have no idea how to sell.

Selling in print – ads, emails, sales letters etc. That’s what matters the most, a.k.a. the term, Copywriting.

But it’s almost never mentioned!

Online marketing gurus will normally sell you some marketing gadget, such as

- a website template
- a video creation software
- or some other gimmick…

Because it’s just so much easier to sell you something like that, than to tell you the truth which is…

You MUST Learn How To Write Persuasive Sales Copy

Period. That’s the holy truth. That’s “The Secret”.

(Note: in order to write good sales copy you really have to give a sh** about the subject you’re writing.)

Like this post you’re reading. I REALLY care about telling this to you because I was in your shoes before.

It’s actually late here in Lithuania, where I live, and I initially wrote this post while in my bed at 3:52 AM.

This is how I care about it. I even traded sleep for this!

That’s why this writing just flows naturally to me. There’s no writers block. Hopefully it can also help me sell something to you :-)

But what is more important, that YOU can sell something too.

It’s possible to make money online. A lot of it. While on the beach, drinking margaritas.

I've made thousands since "the dark days", the game has changed for me when I started paying attention to what's truly important in this business.

You just need to stop whatever you’re doing online and start learning how to write persuasive sales copy (unless, of course, you’re already wildly successful, in which case, I am not sure what the heck you’re doing here).

I cannot stress enough how important copywriting is.

If you think it’s hard. You’re right. And if you still choose NOT to do it. Quit now.

Save yourself the headache, time and money. Be with your friends. Find some other things to do.

If you don’t know how to write persuasive sales copy, there is nothing for you to do in this business. There is no game. The game is lost before you even begin.

Okay so…

Are You Ready To Master The Art of Copywriting and Finally Get a Breakthrough in Your Business?

Me and my business partner, Susan, who’s an expert Copywriter, writing successful sales copy for over 10 years, are holding a live online training that you can join for free.

The webinar goes live next Tuesday, 11 AM Pacific time.

So if you want to learn how to master this often-overlooked writing skill that stands between those marketers who succeed and others who don’t, then click here to reserve your free spot.

Naturally we have an offer at the end of the webinar which can help you go from raw rookie to a pro, well-paid copywriter and online entrepreneur, but even if you don’t take it, you will still leave the training with lots of vital information that you can implement right after watching.

To be honest, I wish I had the chance to attend such a webinar in my early marketing days.

It would have saved me lots of time, frustration and money.

Click Here To Reserve Your FREE Spot

See you there!


P.S. Warning: Our webinar system can only hold 150 people and considering thousands of people on my list (and all the eyeballs here on WF) these 150 spots will fill up real fast. So if you don’t want to miss out I suggest you secure your spot right now.

BONUS: Surprise gift to all attendees that can help you boost conversions by as much as 28% (from our experience).

P.P.S. I like straight talking. Being cute is not my style, so if anyone got offended by my language, I am NOT sorry. If you want the cute, friendly talk, please visit any Guru's sales page selling shovels.

P.P.P.S. If you're going to ask for my income reports etc, I might just send you cat videos. I don't do this income screenshot mental masturbation bullsh**. If you don't believe Copywriting is the key business skill, please do your own research.
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Unread 8th Mar 2019, 04:18 AM   #2
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Re: I Would Rather Swim Through Raw Sewage Than Learn Online Marketing Over Again.
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Funny. How did your webinar work ?
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