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Trending Gluten Free Box Subscription Business/Over $3,000 a Mo/Huge Potential
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An e-commerce business with over $2,200 profit a month. $11,065 invested. Huge Potential. Don't miss a chance to own a subscription box business in today's hottest trend.

Why you should purchase this box subscription business?

The global economy is in the earliest stages of a shift from a transaction economy toward a subscription one. The gluten free sales are only increasing and subscription box business the hottest trend in ecommerce right now.

"Gluten-Free box subscription is the subscription to start right now"

"Subscription Box Startups Are The Newest Craze"

The subscription box concept is pretty simple: customers sign up for monthly or weekly deliveries of curated items hand-picked by the vendor. Many entrepreneurs are jumping into the subscription box world after realizing the potential for recurring revenues from sending inventoried items to new customers. You don't need to start from scratch like we did. All the hard work has been done.

What's Hey Gluten Free and How Does It Work:

Hey Gluten Free is a monthly subscription service that was created to make our subscriber life a lot easier and more delicious.

Every month we ship a box of different goods all gluten free, soy free, corn free, low in sugar and non-gmo. Our boxes include products from trusted brands, as well as small businesses. We typically ship within 1-3 days after the 16th of each month. Our cutoff window is the 7th of each month. All renewals happen on the 26th of each month.

Our website

Our Facebook page

Our Twitter page

Our Pinterest page

Subscription Stats:

Over $19k in Sales
Active subscribers: 96
Average subscription length: 109 days
Average revenue per user: $102.42
Over 8K Facebook fans

Why are we selling?

We know that someone has more passion and time to turn this business into a six figure number.

Knowing that this idea is huge and has tons of potential, and not being able to dedicate even a tiny amount of time makes us sad. We spent countless hours getting this business up and running and selling it was a very hard decision. However, we believe the right person will make this business a very profitable and successful one. We have seen a lot of success in the last month with limited effort so we know someone can truly take this to the next level.

What it takes to get this business going

The small amount of commitment and passion are the most important aspects of this business.

What platform do I use to run my box subscription business

Cratejoy is all-in-one subscription platform. They provide everything you need to build, run and scale Hey Gluten Free subscription box. From analytics to an advanced referral program, they offer tons of great features.

How do I find the product for the box?

Thanks to our resources, finding the right product is now a simple task, just takes a little time. In fact, this is the only task that will require the most of your time. One of the most important things is to have products that the company stands for. People know Hey Gluten Free as a gluten- free, soy free, corn free, low sugar, and non-gmo box. If you ship out the box on the 16th of every month, make sure you have all of your products ready by the 20th of the previous month. This gives you enough time to make sure everything is delivered on time. Most companies need 10-day lead-time.

Note: You can order products after your subscriptions have renewed. This way you pay for products using your renewal revenue and you also know the exact amount of products you have to order for next month.

Who's packaging and ships my boxes?

The company we use for our fulfillment and shipping called ShipMonk. We spent a long time looking for a right fulfillment company and we found one. They fully take care of your CrateJoy shipment department and you don't have to worry when it comes to product shipment and as well as updating in the Crate Joy they do it all for you.

Here is the breakdown of their service fees:

Pick and pack: $2.00 per box

Average shipping label: $8 - we think if you have time to reach out to other fulfillment companies you could get this down to $5 or $6.

How do I communicate with fulfillment center?

When some/all products ordered you will have to enter each product's information into the ShipMonk's system, which is incredibly easy to use. From there they do the rest. ShipMonk knows the day your box needs to be shipped. After the shipment they will update your Cratejoy account marking all subscriptions shipped as well as provide subscribers with the tracking numbers. If you have any extra products left in the warehouse you will be able to see it in your ShipMonk account.

How and when do I get paid? Each time someone signs up, your Stripe account automatically reflects the amount. It takes 1-2 business days for Stipe to transfer funds over to your bank account.

When do subscriptions renew? The renewal day is the day when you get paid the big amount. Our renewal is set up on the 26th of each month. That means all active subscriptions that require renewals, renew that day.

What do I do with extra products?

There are tons of ways to utilize box leftovers. Here are top two.

1. Cratejoy offers 'one-time' purchase. Meaning that the potential customer knows this is a one-time charge. We have specific landing pages for this.

You can use your email list with 5,026 subscribers to blast this campaign.

2. Promotion. People will do anything to get something free. Use this chance to get more exposure. With our massive Facebook fan base you can achieve some great results.

Here we have different types of subscriptions: Here is the breakdown:

Subscription Break Down

Month to month ($37.95/month): 74
3 month prepaid ($37.95/month): 3
6 month prepaid (save 8% - $34.95/month): 4
3 month prepaid (save 3% - $36.95/month): 3
3 month prepaid (save 8% - $34.95/month): 2
6 month prepaid (save 12% - $26.55/month): 2
3 month prepaid (save 6% - $35.70/month: 8
Based on subscriptions above your total monthly gross profit (including prepaid subscriptions) is $3,581.41. To get gross revenue per subscriber, we divide the gross amount of $3,581.41 by the amount of active subscribers which is 96. Your gross revenue is $37.31 per subscriber each month.

Gross profit per month is around $3,581.41

Expenses per box

Product: (the cost of items in the box) around $13
Package: $1.60
Inserts: $0.70
Fulfillment: $2.00
Postage: $8.00 (Average)

Cratejoy and stripe fees: $1.44(Crate joy application fee: 1.25 + $0.10 per transaction. Stripe processing fees: 2.9% + $0.30 per transaction)

Total Expenses Per Box $26.74

Net Profit Per Box $10.57/mo

10.57 x 96 (active subscribers) = $1,014.72/mo

Other expenses to count in.

CrateJoy platform $39/mo

Website hosting $15/mo

Phone number $7/mo

What's included in sale?
  • Domain:
  • Website: Everything under the domain.
  • Landing pages
  • Phone number
  • Email List: Over 5,000 opt-in subscribers
  • Software: Cratejoy platform to manage your subscription business.
  • Creatives: Banners, image ads, logos, pictures of products, landing pages used for marketing.
  • Marketing Accounts: Facebook, Facebook advertising, Twitter, AdWords, Google Analytics, Pinterest, Instagram.
  • Tech Accounts: Web hosting,
  • Current inventory: 550 boxes,1300 stickers,150 sheets of tissue paper

How do I grow this business?

See how much you could be making

Get Social:

Reach out to Influencers. Getting a social endorsement from one of the leading players in the gluten free industry might the boost you need to raise awareness of your box.

Become a curator of content:

Get involved in conversations with your followers, make friends with them and give them something of value. Share with other people and particularly the influencers content as much as your own, share articles and your personal views on current affairs and share often, and yeah don't forget about humor it always gets the most shares and likes.

Facebook Ads:

Facebook ads are awesome, you can get hundreds of new leads every month just from Facebook ads. What's even better that you can show your ads to the people who are passion about gluten free products. We will provide you with your Facebook ad account along with Image ads.

We had a huge prelunch success using Facebook ads. In fact, we used Facebook as the only advertising source.

Twitter Ads:

People are constantly sharing and tag pictures on twitter and when they do, they will see your ads. Besides that, you can target your ads to people who follow other gluten free product brands. Just another way to get more subscribers.

Use Paid Advertising:

You don't have to spend hundred of dollars on PPC ads every month to get some leads interested in Hey Gluten Free box, first you start small. One most important thing to keep in mind is the lifetime value of a customer. You might spend $10 to get a sale but this customer, might refer a friend or two, purchase from your store if you will sale individual products or purchase leftover boxes, just think how much revenue you will get for the next year from that customer. The sky's the limit.

We already have a Google AdWords account with many campaigns, including ads and landing pages. We use Unbounce to build our custom landing pages, when you purchase the website you will get your new account.

Build Your Email List:

Email marketing is one of the most valuable channels in the game. Having an email list of thousands of targeted customers who have all shown an interest in your product means that you can instantly contact them to promote your products. Imagine sending out an email to 20.000 potential customers telling them about your new product line. The results can be sensational and it is all free.

You can create a simple eBook with two pages on "Best Gluten Free Products of 2015" and promote it on Facebook in exchange for their name and email. You don't even need to create an eBook, you can simply ask for their email in exchange of a coupon code or discount. We will provide you with all of these tools that make this process seamless.


There was absolutely no any search engine done marketing done to the website. With that being said the potential is just enormous.

With some little investment into SEO you will rank for many keywords. You need to make sure you have the best and unique content on the blog, then you will need to reach out to other bloggers and ask them to share your great content. The more you reach out to the better results will be.

There is so much content you can promote, we will share our ideas when you purchase the website.

Run Contests:

Running contests will help consumers to be social and freely promote your products on their social media accounts/blogs/websites.

How to save big and get more revenue? DO IT YOURSELF.

Pick and pick your boxes and you could be saving nearly $200 extra every month.

Yes, you are paying for the convenience of not packaging and shipping boxes yourself. Fulfillment takes a good chunk of your overall revenue, especially when're just you staring out.

There is a lot of discussion over this issue among subscription box companies. For many various reasons, two being the most important ones 1. Quality control 2. No service fees.

Many box subscription companies pick/pack and ship at their own offices.

And shipping on your own is seamless. CrateJoy platform allows you to generate your own shipping labels with just a few clicks. You can also schedule a USPS pick up to pick up all your boxes.

If you have an extra 2 hours a month (I don't believe it's more than that) you can pick and pack in your own house, office or any other space. Doing this you will avoid storage and fulfillment fees.

Just make sure you have a little roof for storage and space to package your boxes.

If you decide to pack and ship on your own, moving all the remaining boxes from the current warehouse to your own space is the only cost you will have to pay.

May 2016 Numbers:

MTD (as of the 18th) we are at $3,083.63 in revenue and Growing! In April we grew by almost 50%. This month, we grew by 140%. We expect June to be another HUGE month!

Transition Plan
  • We will transfer the domain to the owner.
  • We'll provide access to servers, all files therein, social media accounts.
  • We will assist with changing Stripe account information.
  • You will receive all our resources.

After sale support

We will offer our support for 30 days after the sale.

While Cratejoy Platform is incredibly easy to use we will still train you and make sure you're comfortable with each feature.

Please do comment if you have any questions. We would love to help! Thank you!

You should follow me on twitter, here.

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Re: Trending Gluten Free Box Subscription Business/Over $3,000 a Mo/Huge Potential
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Please let me know if there are any questions. Thanks all!

You should follow me on twitter, here.
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Re: Trending Gluten Free Box Subscription Business/Over $3,000 a Mo/Huge Potential
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what's the price?
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