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Unread 12th Jul 2016, 04:12 AM   #1
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Free Interview - Copy and Edit Any Website on the Internet With Drag And Drop Ease
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Re: Free Interview - Copy and Edit Any Website on the Internet With Drag And Drop Ease
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Originally Posted by fuerakilos View Post

Attention: very important with Revamply problem. It seems that many users have decided not to buy Revamply this serious problem!

Revamply seems an excellent software but, yesterday, after buying, I read on the internet a serious problem that need you to clarify.
I read that the service is somewhat similar to the expiration. When I read that, I review I made 2 payments:
-First payment. It is a single payment for lifetime use
-Second payment. It is a recurring payment for the PRO version, but ONLY for 10 years maximum!
Seeing the second payment I understand that 10 something will happen. As I read, it may take 2 things:
1. That the service stops working or abandoned (I lose all websites arrange with Revamply)
2. That the service continue but to renew the price double or triple (This has happened with some services: first for a while, are reasonably priced, but then, multiply its price, when you already have many websites created after 10 years, because if you drop the product lose everything)
This is a great danger and a bad investment for those who want to use Revamply and the author should clarify this, because something is very clear:
Payment of the PRO version is recurrent, ONLY for 10 years (it is now, the maximum guarantee of continuous operation)
I think there should be a lifetime PRO version only accessible for those who already paid the regular version PRO, perhaps, with a new offer of $ 400 or $ 500 that allows the use PRO lifetime. This is a suggestion for serious marketers, showing more seriousness in a product like Revamply
Today, Revamply it not designed for use over 10 years
'There is an offer (much more expensive) for a lifetime PRO version, even after paying the PRO version which expires after 10 years
No has guarantees that websites created with Revamply work after the PRO version expires, also, if they work, will be very limited (only 25,000 visits in total and 500 sites in total)

As a registered user, I am very concerned about this, because I do not want a service with an initial investment of $ 400 expires or has no guarantee of continuity. We must continue figuring out .. but if no lifetime warranty, the PRO version is dangerous and ask for the return of my money
This is now the 4th time you've copied and pasted the same message on a thread to do with Revamply and the 4th time I am responding with the exact same copy paste message.

Hey you bring up a very good point. I'm involved with this launch - I can tell you now the reason that it says 10 years.

There are two reasons why:

#1: Paypal will ban our account if we said "LIFETIME" or made any guarantees that this software will be around for your lifetime

#2: JVzoo prevents us for extending the monthly payments more than 10 years.

Thats the reason for the lack of clarity on the salespage - we can't make guarantees like that because paypal comes in and bans people that do.

What I can guarantee is that we have a solution to this - what will happen if your account expires at the end of the time you're using the software is you'll get a notification that will popup inside of your account asking you to signup again. It's a long time in the future but ofcourse you wont be booted out or anything like that - it wouldn't make sense for us to do that. The price you got the software for this week will remain the same - it wont change at all (assuming we still have currency obviously) but people will not pay more than they are already paying - they are our founding members and we will make sure that everyone who gets in is well protected.

Hope this now makes sense

Again it is likely that Warrior Forum will ban you for spam and harassment if this continues. If you are going to post again it needs to be unique not a copy paste message you're posting on any thread you can find that mentions Revamply.

Create high quality sales funnels in minutes
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