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Adrian Knight 18th July 2016 07:20 AM

[Coaching][Offline]A PROVEN System for $20,000 Checks...(LIMITED SPOTS LEFT!!)

This Is Your Opportunity To Get In On One Of The Fastest Growing Businesses Today

This is your opportunity to own an a highly lucrative entrepreneurial search firm that you can operate locally, nationally and internationally, working to hours that suit you, from the comfort of your home. This is a highly lucrative business where you will be regularly making $20,000 deals within 3 months and have your invoices paid within 72 hours.

This truly is a well kept secret business opportunity that is exploding across the US.

Rapid Demand For Franchising & Franchisees

Franchising is one of the most effective distribution strategies for modern businesses. As the changing economy transforms more and more wage earners into small business owners, the demand for franchises continue to accelerate. Franchisors need to attract a wide array of talent in local markets across entire continents. This can be very costly and time consuming, so the lead generation and pre-qualification functions have been outsourced to franchise consultants.

As the Global Head of Franchise Brokerage for an Multi-national company, my trove of tools and resources is deep and I am delighted to share them with a qualified professional who has an earnest interest in learning how to be among the best in the business. If you enjoy people (at least most of the time) and can manage a sales funnel, you just need to learn the best practices.

What is A Franchisee Recruiter?

A Franchisee Recruiter connects entrepreneurs and senior executives with franchise opportunities.

A franchise recruiter is someone who acts sort of as a guidance counselor for a potential franchisee by helping to guide them through the process of finding and purchasing a franchise and understanding the franchise industry.

Advantages of Being a Franchise Consultant

- There is a robust demand for our services – Franchisors actually vie for your attention.
- You get to help people in a profound way and it costs them nothing
- Excellent earning potential avg. deals are $20,000 - $25,000
- Work from home
- Work locally, nationally, internationally
- Highly Scalable
- Mobility
- Highly flexible work schedule - full or part time
- Protection from economic downturns
- Future of franchising is very bright
- Live anywhere
- Relocate at will
- You will become an expert in evaluating business models and matching talent to the right opportunities. - You will be in an excellent position to acquire franchises from your client companies if you wish, and by subtracting your commission from the Franchise Fees, you can essentially buy a franchise at a discount.
- You can work this business well into your senior years and work in semi-retirement.

Training is the most critical element in starting a franchise consulting brokerage. There is likely more than one right way to conduct a franchise consulting business, but there are many wrong ways. Getting off on the right foot can be the difference between success and failure in any business, but it is particularly so in this one. It is important to get traction early on so you do not get discouraged before you even learn the flow of the business.

The timing is right for getting into this business. Below is a brief overview of the market outlook:

Market Outlook

- People are disenchanted with corporate jobs, for a multitude of reasons.
- Many mid-career executives are losing high paying jobs that are unlikely to return.
- The structure of Big Business has changed.
- Small business ownership is likely be the best way to get ahead in the future, as there will not be an abundance of high paying corporate jobs.
- Baby Boomers are retiring from their jobs, but are too young to truly retire.
- In 1980 only 300 Universities offered course work in Entrepreneurship. Now more than 2400 Universities do. You can even get a degree in Entrepreneurship now. This is a distinct response to the market demand.
- Young people do not even consider the idea of working for one company throughout their career and many wish to avoid big companies altogether.
- By some accounts 20-34 year olds are going into business for themselves three times as frequently as 35-55 year olds, many looking at franchising.

The Business

This is a full and complete business with a trove full of templates and resources. Everything you need will be provided to get you started ASAP.

Full Franchisee Recruitment Training & Handover Includes:

- Pre-training assignment
- Two day training session
- Operations Manual
- Franchisor Introductions
- Vendor Introductions
- All necessary forms, ad copy and marketing tools

Pricing: The cost of a two day coaching workshop is $500. You will also need $2500 budget to purchase your first round of 50 leads. On average 50 leads result in one $20,000 placement, with an average timescale of three months.

Please PM if you're interested in finding out more. Thanks!

Adrian Knight 18th July 2016 01:38 PM

Re: [Coaching][Offline]A PROVEN System for $20,000 Checks...(LIMITED SPOTS LEFT!!)
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