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How To Win Any Affiliate Contest That You Choose To... And Land More Clients!
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Yes, you read that bold headline correctly.

As an affiliate marketer, I personally do win, or place near the
very top for ANY affiliate promotion that I choose to really
focus on.

I added that caveat because lately I've focused more on working
with local offline businesses. They have money budgeted for what
I offer them, and I enjoy helping out business owners that I get
to sit down with and have an in-depth conversation about their
business challenges, etc.

The problem can be that at times there is the temptation to focus
on promoting too many different affiliate product launches. So,
if you are an affiliate marketer, you need to first of all,
learn to FORCE yourself to promote only a very limited number of
products in any given time-frame.

A BIG part of the secret is FOCUS.

If you try to focus on promoting too many different products you
generally won't be able to do a good job at promoting any of

The second thing that...
you ABSOLUTELY must do is to offer a unique bonus, or
several unique bonuses.

When a lot of people are promoting the same core product, as
usually happens during big product launches, the core product is
reduced to being "a commodity) and at that point potential
customers begin to shop for who has the best bonus.

So how do you win "The Best Bonus War?"

You offer something this is unique, that is highly valued by your
prospects, and that few others can offer.

Many affiliates acknowledge that, due to basic human nature, they
are at a disadvantage if they don't offer a bonus... or several

Product owners launching products have also noticed that many
affiliates are LAZY, so many have began putting together bonuses
for their affiliates to offer.

However, since many affiliates are lazy, or "too busy" to put
together their own unique bonus(es)... they offer the same
bonuses as dozens of other affiliates. That reduces the bonus
package to just another commodity.

If your subscribers are subscribed to a dozen email lists in your
niche, which isn't uncommon, they can see that your "special
bonus that you are offering to your special subscribers" is
actually the same bonus that all of your competitors are

So, now your bonus package is reduced to "a commodity" too!

Not only that, but you've lied to and insulted your subscribers'
intelligence, making them question whether or not they should
EVER do business with you again... and how much can they trust
anything that you say!

How do you get around this?

You offer a truly unique bonus that NONE of your competitors are
offering. You make sure that that bonus truly has a very high
value that your subscribers/potential customers have no doubt

I even take it one step further. I often make sure that my
customers actually USE my special bonus. If they don't use your
bonus, then they can't benefit from it. I help my subscribers to
consume the bonus(es), therefore experiencing the tangible

This is how you endear yourself to your subscribers and

This is also how I land a lot more clients than most of my
competitors dare dream of!

I'd like to show you EXACTLY how I do this in a free PDF report.

The report won't cost you a penny, and I won't require you to
opt in to any list.

I want to deliver value to you FIRST, and then if you want more
of what I have to share with you, instructions on how to
subscribe to my ezine are at the very end of the free report.

Just send me a private message with the subject line "Send Me The
PDF Sharing Your Secret Sauce"
and I'll get that special report
to you as soon as humanly possible!

Do it now, before you forget, and I can guarantee that you'll
soon see your name on a LOT of leader-boards, and you'll also
EASILY land a lot more clients.

It's how I do it. It's how I can afford to, and plan on taking
numerous vacations each year, some over a month in length.

Heck, last year I took a 45-day vacation to the Philippines,
where I spent many days on a beautiful beach overlooking the
South China Sea... surrounded by in-laws that I treasure.

Send me that private message now. The reason that I didn't post
the info from the PDF in this note is that it would have made the
note WAY too long, and I also wanted to reward those who read my
posts in a timely fashion, and are decisive.

You know the expression... "Money Loves Speed!"

Thanks for your valued time and attention.

Willie Crawford

P.S. If for some reason you can't PM me, just send me an email at
Willie DOT Crawford At Gmail Dot Com using the same subject line
so that I don't miss your email!

P.P.S. If I don't respond to you fairly quickly, you may have
caught me at one of those rare moments when I actually sleep.
If so, I WILL get back to you as soon as I see your message :-)

Did You Realize That The Majority Of Launches FAIL?
Here's how to do a wildly successful launch!
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