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[FREE BOOK] Obsolete Experts Fear the Death of List Building
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Everyone hates walking on eggshells.

But sometimes you have to when you’re around touchy online marketing experts.

Their egos are too fragile.

That’s why your probing questions are NOT welcome.

ESPECIALLY when you blow on their house of cards.

ESPECIALLY when they rely on archaic strategies for growing your business.


So Daniel Levis’ enlightening new eBook and Companion Video Training are sure to ruffle some feathers.

If you don’t know Daniel, he’s famous throughout the industry as, “The EMAIL ALCHEMIST”…

… Because he’s helped more people multiply their profits with email marketing than just about any other online marketing educator.

In fact, he’s created guerilla campaigns that have hauled in over $90 a click… just using EMAIL.

This combined training is online BLASPHEMY at its best!

Your free book is called:

“The EMAIL ALCHEMIST: Profit Diary of An Online Marketing Millionaire, Your Roadmap to Riches”


It’s about a real tragedy, THE DEATH OF LIST BUILDING.

But there’s good news, too.

First the good news… that the more people who still trust in the old lies, the better.

It’s GREAT they believe that all you need to do is…

1) throw up a crappy website
2) steal some persuasive copy
3) drive a little free traffic
4) and retire on the beach.

Yes, the more your competitors live in the past, the less competition for YOU.

Which is great news since about 97% of today’s entrepreneurs buy into the old email marketing myths, even if they don’t realize it.

But it’s CATASTROPHIC news if YOU are a part of the deluded majority.

That’s why one of the charts in the book (and in his short video) is so important:

Most entrepreneurs are being crushed by this inevitable trend, but have no clue why.

They know it’s getting more time consuming, costly, and more hit-and-miss to survive online.

But they’ve tried it all… the quick-fix courses, the hot-shot copywriters, a thousand traffic sources… but they’re scrambling harder than ever.

So… on the outside chance you’re still operating with obsolete head trash, Daniel Levis’ revolutionary new eBook and Companion Video Training are your chance to take out the mental garbage, and join the top 3% instead.

His new discoveries are both myth-busting and profit-exploding…including:

>>> How today’s A-D-D Afflicted CULTURE is actually changing the structure of YOUR brain…

>>> Why LIST BUILDING is not just obsolete… but DEAD (here’s today’s low-cost replacement) …

>>> Why ALL MARKETING MEDIA ARE CRIPPLED by two unstoppable forces... and how to exploit them instead…

>>> How to implement the fool-proof, “Lord of the Rings” marketing strategy…

So IF YOU want to dramatically increase both the number of clicks you'll be able to generate and also the conversion you enjoy from those clicks… GUARANTEED…

IF YOU can’t solve the steadily growing unresponsiveness of your list…

IF YOU’VE ever wondered if your “experts” are guiding you off a cliff…

IF YOU’VE already enjoyed some success, but have hit a revenue or profit wall and you need to breakthrough to the next level…

Ever IF YOU'RE already thriving, and you want to maintain your momentum…

…You'll find some seriously advanced strategies you can implement right away in this all-new eBook and Video Training... including…

>>> Why your SUBJECT LINE is no longer as important in today’s EMAILS…

>>> The BIG MISTAKE most entrepreneurs are making that big companies (with armies of employees) never fall for…

>>> The QUICK EXERCISE you can do to take charge of your MARKETING A.D.D…

>>> What’s replaced “ATTENTION” as the most valuable marketing commodity in the world today.

So while your competitors continue to cry in their soup over falling click-through rates and plummeting sales…

…You’ll discover hidden, unsuspected, untapped leverage in this new eBook and Companion Video Training.


And you won’t have to worry about walking on eggshells around the touchy egos of those so-called experts.

N.B. This is the absolute EASIEST, FASTEST, AND MOST COST-EFFICIENT way to create customer bonding, branding, AND sales…

… While INCREASING lifetime customer value with every email you send.

Don’t miss this new eBook and Companion Video training… JOIN DANIEL HERE

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