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medmarke 22nd January 2017 08:39 PM

[HONEST] EverLesson Review - Get EXCLUSIVE $25,000 BONUS...MemberHub 2.0 Review

What Is Everlesson About?

Everlesson is the simplest, easy to use and most advanced membership platform and online education market developed Karthik Ramani and Chad Nicely.

They are the creators of Memberhub which is an membership site platform and are respected developers and online entrepreneurs.

They changed the name and up-graded to Everlesson as result of a survey conducted.

The survey showed that there is a need to not only service those wanting to create a membership site, but also businesses that want to leverage membership site to attract and retain customers, help employers as apart of their on-boarding process as well as to build their brand.

In addition, their research also revealed that there was a need for a platform to service the online education market and offers more flexibility and control to its users/members.

Suggested Everlesson Platform Uses:

Understanding this Karthik, Chad and their team of developers set upon delivering the everlesson platform.

Two years in making and tested and as a result have created a platform which is simple to use.

Everlesson has powerful advanced features and very versatile building membership sites, use it for their business or the online education market.

Create as many sites as you want, quickly and easily:

. Add as many products to your site utilizing your very own personal library and storage area where you can load your media, resources ,content and rewards.
. Connect to your own domain name.
. Customize your sites on the fly allowing to change themes (Like you can in WordPress), swap out images and customize colors to your liking or you can just keep the eye catching and professional looking templates as they are.
. Create rewards, goals ,assign points and even give away gift cards through the in built Gamification feature. You can use this feature to reward your subscribers when they reach certain levels within the training you may provide in the members area. Think of this like when you were back at school and the teacher gave you a smiley face stamp or gold star for doing good work on project!

Your Own Secure Everlesson Storage Library And Integrates With Other Software

. Create levels within your membership sites.
. Drip Feed Content and control when member goes to next level
. Instantly import testimonials to your sales pages
. Integrate your sales pages with ClickFunnels, Instapages or Lead Pages
. ]Integrates with Go To Webinar and Webinar JEO.
. Integrates with most autoresponders
. Assign different instructors for different modules on your membership site
. Time stamp content so that you know exactly at which point you were a when you last watch a training video before you were distracted.

Monetize your membership sites by automatically generating sales pages , helping you promote your site.

Everlesson has an in built affiliate platform your members can promote your products

. Integrate with Paypal, Authorize.net, ClickBank, InfusionSoft and more to process your payments.
. Pull in video content from YouTube, Amazon Storage Service, Vimeo, DropBox and Wistia.
. Have full control, so for any feature you dont like or dont want to use you can simply disable the function and in future should you change your mind you can simply switch that function back on.
. Create a news feed for every site you create
. Sort your memberships site for easy editing so you can focus on working on one membership site or product so that you arent distracted or wasting time searching for them in a long list.
. Create Free Give Away Pages, Custom Sales Letter Pages, Optin Pages, Legal Pages, About Me pages etc

Who is Everlesson Suitable For?

As a versatile platform Everlesson can be used for :

. Coaches and Author
. Digital marketing and SEO Agencies
. Marketing Consultants
. Content Creators
. All business to deliver on boarding, staff training, customer service, FAQs and monetize via using membership sites.
. Those wanting to build a membership site and get paid subscribers
. Online Education Market . E.g. Those who already have courses on other platforms like Udemy.com or Lynda.com and would like to expand to another market place and have complete control and no limitations as to how to market to their members or users.
. Online Marketers
. List builders -those that want to build a large data base. Everlesson allows you to do this.
. Experts
. I can see a use for small registered training organisations and other educational institutions to deliver their online course and qualifications.

Everlesson Offers and Upsells:

Which Option is the right one for me?

The answer to this question depends on your reasons for considering such a platform as Everlesson.

What purpose are you going to use it for? Only you can answer this!

If you are local marketing or business consultant the agency version would be ideal as it gives you up to 20 clients to manage.

There are people in the Everlesson community that are selling services to businesses from 1K to 20K plus.

You need to look at businesses that sell high end or high ticket services like Cosmetic Surgeons for example.

I think if you are looking at building a membership site, using it for online education or for your business the pro
version for a one time fee gives you the best value. At the very minimum invest in the front end offer.

Also remember if you are using it for your business it could well be a tax deduction. (Check with your Accountant)

You have seen first hand what Everlesson can do for your business.

1 : Get EverLesson here to download it now
2: After completing the transaction, forward the receipt to my email at: imbreaksite@gmail.com
3: You will receive all Your bonus within 24 hours

egoldzone 23rd January 2017 04:25 AM

Re: [HONEST] EverLesson Review - Get EXCLUSIVE $25,000 BONUS...MemberHub 2.0 Review
is this also work for wordpress platform?

medmarke 23rd January 2017 06:37 AM

Re: [HONEST] EverLesson Review - Get EXCLUSIVE $25,000 BONUS...MemberHub 2.0 Review
Yes Of Course

medmarke 25th January 2017 05:46 PM

Re: [HONEST] EverLesson Review - Get EXCLUSIVE $25,000 BONUS...MemberHub 2.0 Review

medmarke 29th January 2017 06:16 PM

Re: [HONEST] EverLesson Review - Get EXCLUSIVE $25,000 BONUS...MemberHub 2.0 Review
EverLesson Lifetime closes at midnight

lourior 3rd March 2017 11:20 PM

Re: [HONEST] EverLesson Review - Get EXCLUSIVE $25,000 BONUS...MemberHub 2.0 Review
I dont get this 100%. Is Everlesson a whole theme website by itself or I can integrate it to my existing other theme Wordpress website with a special membership button ?

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