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Virtual Reality Marketing NOW! Change the WAY You Make Money Online!
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For A Limited Time Only!

Change The Way You Make Money With Virtual Reality!

Okay... So first off you're probably wondering who I am and what I can possibly do to change the way you make money with the amazing new technology known as Virtual Reality (VR)? That's fair, but once I explain everything to you it still won't impress your senses until you actually "see" it in front of you. That's because in order for VR to be effective it needs to be "experienced".

So who am I? My name is Chris Foust, and I was once a Warrior on the forum in the days of 2010. Back then I was a graphic artist, web developer and overall JOAT marketer. I was doing everything I could to learn the craft of email marketing, social media, internet advertising and more. But nothing was pushing the limits of our day to day technology and I couldn't find the spark of genius that would make me happy.

That's when I was introduced to VR.

What is VR? VR is short for Virtual Reality, it's a way for you to escape "this" reality and go into a different one. There are many tools that help us achieve this, such as Oculus Rift, HTC Vive, PlayStationVR and of course the Samsung GearVR. These devices are made to be worn around the head and they project a feeling of immersion to the user, and yes, if you haven't tried one, they do work! They are amazing! Your brain is tricked into believing that what you see in front of you is real.

So where does this fit for marketing?

You're not a developer, I understand. You definitely don't have a programming background and VR seems way too futuristic for you to be invested in. Besides, how can anyone change the way they make money off VR? Well my friends, after 3 long years of developing for the VR industry, I can safely tell you that if you don't have VR in your arsenal, then you're living in the stone age, and you might as well pack your bags and get out of the marketing industry.

'But Chris, I have all the latest marketing technology, I have email capture software, I have video software, I have social media software, I have the best website on the planet and I can give thousands of webinars every day! I don't need VR, it's a waste of time, in fact VR is a gimmick and it's only good for kids playing video games.'

If that's how you think then please step aside while I teach other marketers the power of predicting the future, planning for the future and reaping the benefits of the future. With this new VR technology you can:
  1. Host A Webinar
  2. Sell A Product
  3. Sell A Course
  4. Impress Your Clients
  5. Change Your Website
  6. Change The Way You Currently Make Money

You see, people think VR is for gamers only, but what they don't realize is that you're capable of watching VR video right now from your desktop, your tablet, even your phone! It's not about what VR can do for your audience, it's about the possibilities and tools that VR provides you to WOW your audience. That's where I come in.

How VR Is Changing the Marketing Game.

My team of VR developers and I have worked on numerous high end, large budget VR projects, for some big industry leaders. We have developed tools for companies to take advantage of what VR has to offer, not for the possibility of luring gamers to purchase something, but to create a spark of amazement with their audience, the same audience that goes to your website to purchase from you!

Let me ask you about your website... Is it nice? Did you pay a lot of money for it? Maybe spend days, months or even years perfecting it to what it is today? Well take your website and throw it out the window because I'm about to blow your mind.

I want you to go look at our website, but before you do let's go over some ground rules, if you're using IE anything, even 11, it will not work.

That's it!

When you visit our website you need to be on Chrome, Firefox, Edge or a mobile browser.
Now before you shoot me for selling a technology that needs specific browsers let me give you a quick understanding of the industry.

60% of internet users use Chrome! 14% Use Firefox, 11% Safari, 3% Edge and only 8% use Internet Explorer!

92% of your customers viewing VR on their desktop will have a great experience, the other 8% can easily be captured via their mobile device. If you're still worried about that small 8% don't be, other marketers are reaping the value by leveraging the knowledge that capturing 92% is better than none at all. Not to mention, in the next 2 years IE will fade out to Edge and everyone will be on the same page when it comes to this technology. But let's move forward shall we?

Utilizing Chrome or Firefox go to:

When you get there take a look around, and literally I mean take a look around, you'll notice our website is not like any other 2D website you have seen before in your life. Everything is self explanatory but take the cursor in front of you and point it at the screen behind you then click to enter.

Amazing Isn't It?

This is the power of VR, right now in the palm of your hand, staring you in the face, begging for you to take advantage of it. You don't need special goggles to view this. This is what I have been educating developers on for 3 years. The time has come where anyone, anywhere can see VR and live your story, now we just need to create your story and put it out on the web for people to interact with.

We are literally in the beginning stages of this technology, where will you be a year from now when everyone wants a piece of it? Will you be just starting out? Or will you be light years ahead of your competition changing the marketing industry, more than you can imagine with a powerful company behind you backing you every step of the way?

We can help you make the leap into VR.

We don't provide you the tools to some complicated software, charging you monthly or yearly fees, knowing you won't make it and say "Good luck". No, we're a professional development team focused on bringing VR to mainstream marketers, and we treat each person as an important client that wants more bang for their buck, more fire in their arsenal and overall they want to impress their audience day in, day out, over and over again making more money than they ever thought possible.

That's what we can do for you. But here's the thing, we are only providing our Virtual Development service for a limited time, in fact it ends August 4th, and if you don't take advantage of it now it will never come back. Not to mention, we can't take on a heavy stream of new clients right away, so we are limiting our special discounted service to the first 15 people!

If you are truly interested in changing the way you make money from VR, and you're ready to WOW your customers then I encourage you to take the next step and watch a quick webinar linked below.

We're not collecting emails, we're not going to spam you, if you're not interested then there is no reason for us to keep upsetting you with material you won't like.

But if you're ready to change your online business in a way no other marketer can imagine then click the button below to get started.

Please note: This offer is directed to a special Virtual Page in order to display the capabilities of our developers. We cannot display this technology on the Warrior Forum. No Purchase is necessary to see the amazing technology of our Virtual Reality Development.

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