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ilikecake 25th August 2017 06:54 AM

The Number 1 Solo Ad Seller Wants to Coach YOU!
The Number 1 Solo Ad Seller
Wants To Coach YOU!

So, you have had many coaches and tried loads of products from multiple people and ended up at the same destination?

Maybe you have tried Solo Ads and it just plain didn't work for you, or you do not even know where to start with building a list and monetizing it?

Or you even had a coach or product that promised you the world and just could not deliver?

My name is Wayne Crowe and I have the BIGGEST testimonials in Solo Ad Testimonials:

I AM the secret weapon the big guys use to provide their traffic to build their lists and resell!

I have had over 1 million clicks hit my email lists from multiple sources and delivered almost 5 million clicks from my rotators

And I make pretty Good profits from Solo ads on a daily basis!

Would you rather Jump on a call with me and my team and let us see what we can do for you, or you can spend months and months (like I did) finding things out the hard way (if you ever do at all!) whilst making tons of errors and spending more cash than you actually have (Yup I did that!)

I started off in E-commerce around 10 years ago and things were going well, very well….

In the end my company was a multi million $ company!

I employed many people, had massive warehouses but had tonnes of overheads staff costs, products in our warehouse (money on the shelves) and more!

It got to the stage where we grew too fast, paypal saw us as too big of a risk and we had to close the doors as it basically ruined us!

This was not the lifestyle I wanted!

I wanted to have an office in my garden, be with my family and do what I want when I want with out worrying about money, not work 18 hours days with staff problems, stock problems and every problem under the sun taking up my time AND making a loss doing it…AND BE HAPPY

Then I found Solos Ads.

This seemed to give me everything I wanted.

No stock
Small overheads
Can do it from anywhere
Just requires intelligence and / or a system to make work
Small start up costs (If you do it right)

Now we fast forward a few years and I have achieved everything I wanted to from E-commerce...

I work at the bottom of my garden in a log cabin
I can afford the “toys: I want to buy when I want to buy them
I take my kids to school every day!!!!
I love what I do and push myself into new things (hence this coaching)
I Have achieved a state of inner peace, All my past failures make sense as Solos work!

It was after a time of being ahead of the solo ad game that I got asked if I do coaching.

So I started coaching my techniques to other established solo ad vendors and they became successful…

These were already established solo sellers, MANY of them seen as “big solo ad sellers” who came to me for help!

Chris Rambos: "Wayne helped me build a list from 0 - 17,500 subscribers in just 30 days to kick-start my solo ad business and give me a fantastic foundation"

Eugene Collinger- “Wayne Helped me take my Solo Ad Business to a whole new level”

Jan Brzeski: “Wayne Crowe is extremely knowledgeable about list building and solo ads. You can ask him virtually anything about the business and he will know the answer”

Remy Lepage: “Wayne went above and beyond anything else I have ever experienced from any other solo ad and list building coach. He was always asking if we need to jump on a call to go through things”

Stefano Pierro: “Whether you are a beginner, or experienced solo ad sellers, I strongly advise you go to Wayne for coaching as he is the no. 1 for predicting the trends of the solo ad business and market”

Colin Wall: “If you are thinking of getting into this business, look no further than Wayne. Although I was an established solo ad seller Wayne took my business to a completely new level and increased it by 5 or even 10 fold - it was phenomenal”

It was at this point that I realised, most coaches do not actually make money from Solo Ads but from coaching (trust me on this!) Most of these “coaches” turned to coach new Solo Ad sellers, something I never did, as they know new people would not know if what they are doing was good or not!
So after teaching some of the top names in the industry I decided…

To make a brand new coaching program for people who have NEVER done solo ads before!

The Intermediate Solo Ad course was born!

Now whilst this won't teach you the secret underground Ninja tactics I use :-)

It will teach you everything you need to know from the ground up to a point where you are ready to start learning the secret Ninja tactics.

I will show you -
How to get started in the right way

How to build lists for free

How to project forward what you are going to learn

How to write The VERY BEST SWIPES! (no one else teaches this, most are copy / paste!)

What not to do.

How to monetise your lists

The correct times to do things, Do not run before you can walk (although sometimes this is good)

Not just teach you a method that works, But an understanding of why we do things a certain way

Show you what and who to avoid and how to spot the Rubbish out their (their is a lot)
You will be working with a Solo Ad seller AND coach that has pretty much changed solo ads, (do not believe me? Ask any reputable solo ad seller if they know me :-) )

Think of this, most of my students come from OTHER COACHES!

Who is this coaching program for?
People who have tried solo ads before without success
People who are new to online business
People who understand that they will take MAssive shortcuts
People who see the value in a coach
People who can dedicate 1-2 hours per day to their business
Who is this program not for?
People who do not want to learn
People who are already very successful in solo ads (normally already my students)
Anyone that doesn't want to work!
Has no time to make it work for them
People who do not take responsibility for their future
My time and my team's time is very very limited and whilst coaching we have to make sure we spend time staying ahead of all the competition!

We really can only take on a certain numbers of students per month and most of these space are taken from our other sources (mostly referrals).

Before you join us:

I want to guarantee you 1 thing!
If you follow what we teach you will make at least a 5k list in 3 months (most do this much much faster see chris pambos testimonial)

If you are dead serious about running you own solo ads business (you Must be serious and committed to making it work)

Coaching Features

Facebook group
We track progress
Q and A sessions
Other people at same position as you
People more advanced than you
People already with success stories
World leading coaches
A cast iron Guarantee

The next thing to do is to jump on a call with me or one of my team for a strategy session so we can get to know you and you can make sure it is right for you and us!

Book your strategy call now -


I already make my money WITH SOLO ADS so I do not need people who are not committed.

PS. If you are looking for a coach, see how many of their students are still active in the solo ad space :-)

rozzski999 29th August 2017 01:57 PM

Re: The Number 1 Solo Ad Seller Wants to Coach YOU!
Intresting, can I ask what other costs are involved and rought cost of this please?

chrisniel 30th August 2017 04:03 AM

Re: The Number 1 Solo Ad Seller Wants to Coach YOU!
How much further I need to invest? Atleast tell me some idea logically

carlpicot 7th September 2017 12:32 PM

Re: The Number 1 Solo Ad Seller Wants to Coach YOU!
How do I contact you please ?

ilikecake 9th September 2017 07:37 AM

Re: The Number 1 Solo Ad Seller Wants to Coach YOU!
Hello Every one sorry for the delay getting back to you, I have been away for a short while!

You can book your call here - https://trafficdomination.rocks/td-m...ign=forum_post

If you need to contact me you can contact me via PM here.

Thank you


ilikecake 29th August 2018 04:33 PM

Re: The Number 1 Solo Ad Seller Wants to Coach YOU!
Hi everyone,

The post has just been updated. I still offer coaching and not only is it still the best out there (and I've looked), but also expands to more than just solo ads.

If you're interested and would like to know the details check out the page linked below and sign up for your FREE strategy call where we will plan out your road to $5,000 online together.


Looking forward to speaking with you,

anwar001 6th November 2018 03:07 AM

Re: The Number 1 Solo Ad Seller Wants to Coach YOU!
Interesting will need to check this out. Any reviews/feedback from people who have previously taken advantage of this offer and had a session with OP?

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