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If You Want To Keep Struggling, Be My Guest! You'll Find Yourself 6 Months From Now In The Same Place... Struggling, Whining, And Most Importantly B-R-O-K-E!

I hate hype so let me say this first...

It won't happen overnight... But it will happen over time as you learn more skills...

I'm not talking about crappy skills where you go to ClickBank...

Choose an product to promote...

And direct link to this offer without thinking on your future.

I'm talking about promoting your own products, your own sales funnel, and the skills to test, track, and scale your campaigns.

You know...

Where things get serious and you finally start focusing on your own business and not on other people's businesses.

What about all the wso's and shiny objects that you keep buying time and time again...

Have you seen ANY KIND OF PROFIT from those?

Probably not.

The odds are not in your favor.

Most of the content that's out there is rehashed...

And for as long as you don't FOCUS ON YOUR OWN BUSINESS you're not going to be successful.

You know that in your gut, but you're still trying to find 'THE EASY WAY' which always turns out to be the most difficult of all, and most expensive one.


Motivation goes down the drain...

I wasn't successful from day one so you can bet that I know how it's like.

I've struggled for over 5 years to get my online business off the ground.

For five freaking years I kept thinking that life is TOO EASY, and making money is TOO EASY.

But it's not working that way.

I figured out that I need my own products the hard way.

Five years that I'll never get back!

But eventually I got serious and made that change in my life.

And I've never looked back since then.

What about YOUR change my friend?

Are you going to keep playing games and believe that money is going to fall on you with three clicks of a mouse?

Do you still hope that one day you'll find the magic formula?

Be my guest and keep looking!

But if you're more serious than that...

And you're willing to do WHATEVER IT TAKES to make this work...

You must at least understand that you're not going to make a serious amount of money without having where to send traffic, test the traffic, improve on it, and so forth.

When you promote for others you can't do that, and that's why you're failing time and time again...

Let's pause the rant for a second and think...

Do you know ONE SUCCESSFUL guru that has no products to sell?

Think about it... And think about it... And think...

You'll get to the same conclusion.

The big money is being made by the product creators who are selling the products TO YOU.

Being an affiliate is nice and all, but you're laughing in your own face if you truly believe that you can make $100,000 per year (minimum) as an affiliate.

Not only you don't have a way to track your campaigns, but you're also not motivated to crush it because it's not YOUR product.

You're spending money out of your own pocket to build other people's businesses.

You see...

You're one guy, facing the whole world.

Things are not working that way unfortunately.

You need to be the leader...

The product creator...

The money maker...

The super achiever...

The one who has the asset...

The business owner...

The Boss...

Whatever you want to call it.

For years I've seen so many people quit internet marketing...

It's very sad, seriously.

They want to get started without investing a dime, and falling to the same trap that we all fall in when we get started online.

* Find a product
* Make sure that it has a gravity of 100+ (as if that's true lol)
* Grab your affiliate link and you'll be a millionaire overnight.


You're not 13 years old anymore my friend.

You know that it's not true.

If money was THAT easy to be made...

All the people in the world could be entrepreneurs... right?

Don't have a plan?

Oh damn... and I thought that you'll have one.

So not only you don't have a sales funnel, you don't have a plan either?

So how do you expect to make serious money on the internet without a business plan and without a sales funnel?

Without these you'll keep struggling for the rest of your life.

Not only online, but in life in general.

If you want to get from where you're at to where you want to be, you better start working RIGHT NOW on your own online business.

Why invest your hard earned money in other people's businesses instead of your own?

Don't you think that selling other people's products is not the way to go?

I'm writing this to you from the bottom of my heart because I care about you.

We don't know each other just yet, but I really care about you.

You can see that by the way that I'm writing this to you with no hype at all...

Why do I care about YOUR SUCCESS?

Because I've been there, and I lost 5 years of my life chasing after my tale.


Not seeing my kids enough...

Not seeing my wife...

Staying at home while all of my friends were out at the bar having fun.

It's not easy.. I know.

They don't believe that you'll make money online.

And honestly, I know why.

Because you don't have A BUSINESS.

But that's might change today if you're smart enough to realize that I'm not selling you something...

I want to help you out, that's what I do for a living...


You can help people too... and make money while you're doing it.

The dream of every entrepreneur... Is it your dream too?

If so, I have good news for you!

That's right.

I'm going to take 60 days off to personally work with you on your own six-figure online business.

In this time I'll setup a full-blown internet business for you...

How cool is that?

I'll set you up with:

* Front-end video product with over 30 training videos.
* High converting Powerpoint sales video for the product.
* Hard hitting design for the whole sales funnel.
* Direct response copy that'll FORCE visitors to buy. (I'm charging $5,000 for a sales letter, see for yourself here:
* Exit pop squeeze page that'll build your list FAST.
* Cash sucking Autoresponder series.
* Affiliate center including articles, blog reviews, email swipes, banner ads, and more...
* Full payment system, I'll even do the setup for you on ClickBank and approve the products.
* Beautiful members area with clear sections.
* Bonuses for your members to make sure that you over-deliver.
* Free graphics for your members.
* And much more...

I'm not joking.

I'll do all the work while you keep doing what you're doing.

Within 60 days you'll have an internet business AND a sales funnel that you can drive traffic to...

You'll be able to finally do what real entrepreneurs do... TESTING, TRACKING, IMPROVING, and most importantly MAKING SALES AND PROFITS.

You'll have a goal, and you'll be focused on that goal.

It's YOUR OWN BUSINESS after all...

This will INSTANTLY get you into the 5% that are really making sales & profits online.

I'm not talking about all those fake screenshots that you see all over the place lately.


And let's not forget one thing...

One thing that has a huge impact on your online business...

As a one man operation, you are very limited in time, budget, and resources.

But when you have thousands of affiliates backing you up and promoting for you, it's a game changer.

You're going to harness the power of 100,000 affiliates...

100,000 affiliates...

It sounds like a dream but it's true.

ClickBank currently have over 100K active affiliates.

I'll not only get you approved on ClickBank...

I'll also make sure that affiliates have all the content they need in order to promote your products...

Articles... Blog reviews... Email swipes... Animated banner ads... You name it.

By now you know that I'm not a big fan of hype.


You can literally go from broke to a six-figures business in a couple of weeks...

BUT ONLY IF you have the right people promoting for you and marketing for you.

And they need high converting copy, high converting product, and a sales funnel that makes them more money down the road...

And that's why...

Selling one front-end product is not enough.

Not for a serious marketer!

If you qualify for my Instant Experts Club's done-for-you program...

I'll create another product for you to sell as an upsell.

As soon as you have a buyer...

He'll be introduced to the VIP section in your club.

In this product your member will learn even more advanced techniques on how to expand the business that he created using the method that we teach in the main product.

Most people buy this upsell without thinking twice...

Especially when you have my killer copy.

So it's more money both for you, AND FOR YOUR AFFILIATES.

Serious stuff.

We want to make sure that affiliates are making lot's of money.

Especially if you want them to promote for you next time!

Now if you think that you'll have to pay extra for this...

You don't.

It's included in your sales funnel, so no worries.

But you're getting it for $0.00!

It's on the house...

I could easily charge an extra $1,997 for this extra product...

But I'm not.


Well first let me say that this is not for everybody.

I will only work with hand-picked warriors that I think are a good fit for this program.

As for the price, in product creation there's no average price or anything like that.

You can create a product for $997, and you can create a product for $25,000.

it all depends on you, your budget, the quality. the time that it takes to produce, the upsells, the front-end price, the back-end price, the content, and many other factors.

You must keep in mind that the more you invest, the more value people will get from your product, the more trust for you, and more money in your pocket in the end of the day because you can charge more for your products.

If you're feeling that you're ready for this, here's what to do next.

Add me on Skype - MikeSmartSolutions

You can email me instead - magicman24[AT]

Answer the following questions for me and paste your answers in the chat request... Do this step or you'll be ignored.

1. What's your full name?

2. Where are you from?

3. Is this your first product?

4. Have you made money online before you found me?

5. What's your online experience so far if any?

6. Are you ready to start RIGHT NOW?

That's the first thing that'll prove you're serious...

I'll do the math and if we're a good fit I'll get back to you A.S.A.P.

Usually within minutes... But don't count on it.

Originally Posted by elasticcat View Post

Hello Warriors,

I wanted to take a few minutes to explain to how thankful I am that I got one of the 5 spots Mike had available the last time he made this offer. I have been doing internet marketing for 7 years and finally got to a point that I was ready to create my own product. It was a very humbling experience because I had to admit to myself I did not have all the skills needed to do this on my own (The right way).

A friend introduced me to Mike and we had a few discussions via skype and email. At first I was skeptical because I had never worked with Mike before, but the testimonials were so good I had to give it a try.

Several THOUSAND DOLLARS in PROFIT (AND COUNTING) later I am already making plans to work with Mike on another course.

Literally, the DAY the course was put on Clickbank, I had a ton of affiliates promoting the product, there were YouTube videos and article reviews floating all of the internet.

Half of the work was already done for me. I had not spent a dime on promotion. The affiliates were doing all the work for me. This program and the profits I have been able to generate as a result has been LIFE CHANGING!

It does not matter if you are experienced or a Newbie reading this. If you are wondering if this opportunity will work for you too? Absolutely! You could literally not even know what the words internet marketing mean and have Mike develop a course for you that will put your competitors to shame.

Mike is going to take you by the hand and literally Do Everything For You! All you need to do is sit back and wait for the money to come rolling in.

This is literally a once in a lifetime opportunity. If you have been struggling to make money online and you read this WSO and do NOT take action then you can not blame anyone but yourself.

-CPA Affiliate Success

--- Originally posted by Warrior "Lady Luck" in the previous launch ---

Originally Posted by lady luck View Post

I am a newbie to internet marketing and have been scammed several times for thousands of dollars in regards to product creation and to boot never received the products at all. Then I found Mike and what an eye opening experience this was. I reached out to Mike via email to let him know what who I was and what I was looking to accomplish. Within minutes I received a response and was very pleased with his honesty and willingness to guide me in the right direction. Mike was very helpful even when I asked the silly newbie questions! If you are on the fence at all about the cost or the quality don’t be. I was absolutely blown away with the high quality product that was produced for me. This will be the best decision you ever made! I myself am looking forward to working again with Mike in the very near future.
--- Originally posted by Warrior "Paul Brown" in the previous launch ---

Originally Posted by Paul Brown View Post

If anyone is looking for a Product Creator then I would wholeheartedly recommend Mike Hersh!

My company approached him looking for one full product creation, and one reworking of an old product that we were looking to breath some life back into. Myself and my business partner had been burned previously when working with so called product creators using the usual places and freelancers who delivered rehashed content, badly worded, poorly presented, and their communication with us was awful to boot. Usual story online and we've all been there, but boy do I hate being ripped off!!

We were initially skeptical about ploughing yet more money into something without knowing what our end result would be. Mike is certainly not offering a cheap service here, and this is certainly not a quick fix, or instant money making scheme.

After seeing some samples, we decided to take the plunge / risk and even though this service was more expensive (sorry Mike LOL) than we thought it would be... boy are we happy with the result!!!

In retrospect we've wasted so much money trying to do things cheaply that we feel a bit stupid for not doing things 'properly' the first time round. You live and learn!

The old cliche rings true people... you get what you pay for. As others have said, Mike is without a doubt THE best, or at the very least one of the very best product creators online. He over-delivered both in content, research, product niche suggestion and communication, making sure that we were happy all the way through the project.

Will I use Mike again? Well....of course. We are now looking and our next two projects.

Can't speak highly enough of Mike and this service.

Thanks for everything Mike - keep it up!


Niche Republic LLC
--- Originally posted by Warrior "dementic" in the previous launch ---

Originally Posted by dementic View Post

I've hired Mike to create my ClickBank product couple of months ago, and boy what a smart decision that was! Mike is a product creation master, I know this first hand. I was extremely skeptical at first, but looking back couple of months later, I know that he's the only one that really changed my internet career. The product he created for me has generated $72,000 in the first 23 days of going live (he says it's not typical lol). That's 14.6 times the amount I've invested in Mike's program or in other words, 1340% ROI in 23 days.
I recommend anyone who wants to take his online business to the next level and stop jumping from on thing to another to join Mike's done-for-you program. Even though it might seem expensive at first, the income this business generates with almost no work on my side (not even support) have been life changing for me, and I'm sure it'll be life changing for you as well.

Don't think twice, it's worth every penny. After all, if you do what you're supposed to do (don't be lazy!), this business is guaranteed to generate waaaaaaaaaaay more that you invest in creating it. Mike is charging a ridiculous price for this, so give this program a shot you won't be sorry. Thanks Mike of everything you have done for me so far, and keep doing every single day.

We're already working on the next product, which is obviously going to be BAD ASS because now I can invest more than I could when I first found this offer, all credit goes to Mike :-)

--- Originally posted by Warrior "jivens" in the previous launch ---

Originally Posted by jivens View Post

Mike knows what he is doing. If you want to be making a full time income online and living the life of your dreams. Grab this offer NOW! Don't be sitting in the same spot in a month wishing that you would of grabbed one of the five spots while you watch the five people that were smart enough to grab this offer live the life of their dreams.

Mike is a stand up guy and this offer is insanely valuable. Get NOW.

This is 100% unsolicited.

--- Originally posted by Warrior "Coropo" in the previous launch ---

Originally Posted by Coropo View Post

This is an unsolicited review that is truly long overdue.

I bought one of Mike's $5,000 done-for-you funnel packages awhile back and honestly, I am really hesitant to leave this review because I don't want Mike to get too busy for me.

But... You gotta give credit where it's due.

It's really hard to explain how much Mike's product over-delivers. I mean, I really tried. Literally. I tried typing everything out that helped me make a ton more money but I realized it was just going to take way too long to cover everything.

So instead, let me just say this:

This isn't some push button system that will get you rich but if you recognize what this is and how you can make money from it, this is easily one of the highest quality done-for-you funnels out there that you can buy.

Mike was a pleasure and very easy to work with - And I hope to do business with him again in the foreseeable future.
--- Originally posted by Warrior "Micah Medina" in the previous launch ---

Originally Posted by Micah Medina View Post

Mike is amazing and has an absolute, 100% command of what's making money online. Partially because he's a sales funnel ninja and copywriting genius, and partially because he's got access to all the brightest minds in IM.

And like him, I've absolutely done the e-hermit thing... it SUCKS. We've really speeded that up. Now I'm looking at my monthly and thinking "what island do I want to hang out on next month?"

Seriously. Anything's possible now.

But okay, maybe you're still skeptical. I'm just a guy and there aren't any pictures of me on jetskis or anything.

So look around the forum yourself - he has people crawling over each other for a chance to work with him once for this amount, and you're going to get access to this guy's brain for 10% of that. Enough said, really.

I encourage anybody with the skills or the will to move to six figures - do whatever it takes to work with Mike, it's one of the best decisions I have ever, ever made.
--- Originally posted by Warrior "naZdrowie" in the previous launch ---

Originally Posted by naZdrowie View Post

This is my review on Mike's Product Creation Service
First of all I have to explain that I'm a newbie. I was looking for a different services through warriorforum and was disappointed and scam few times unfortunately. Mike is the best in what he is doing and as soon I will earn I will work with him again for my next product.
Yesterday I have made my first sale on clickbank. I will give You more updates soon.
Anyway I highly recommend Mike if you want to have a good product instead of being scammed by other warriors who promise the world but never go through.
Enjoy $$$ $$$

--- Originally posted by Warrior "Hansie koch" in the previous launch ---

Originally Posted by Hansie koch View Post

I owe Mike a Big Thanks, I have received my product and with the help of Mike launched it on Clickbank. I have made my first sale 3 days after going live and another aff made a sale as well. Mike is the real deal, if you are on the fence fall over and click the buy button, you cant fail with the support from this guy.

--- Originally posted by Warrior "fabregas" in the previous launch ---

Originally Posted by fabregas View Post

Wanted to share my honest opinion on Mike's product creation service.

I'd been tried to find a professional product creation service for a while until I finally stumbled upon Mike's thread on the Warrior Forum. Mike was very helpful and after chatting with him and going through the whole process, I decided to give a try.

Everything was delivered on time (actually, Mike over delivered - I got more than I paid for), every question got answered in 24h and all the changes that I requested were implemented very quickly. You can reach him any time, he's always on Skype.

I now have my own premium quality Clickbank product (ebooks, videos, bonuses, up-sell and so on.), I just made my first sale and I can see that there's a bunch affiliates who already started promoting it.

I must say I'm more than happy and will definitely use Mike's services in the future. Highly recommended!

Thanks Mike and all the best to you and your family.

--- Originally posted by Warrior "megamind" in the previous launch ---

Originally Posted by megamind22 View Post


When it comes to good mentoring, coaching and product creation at its finest and I quote, Mike Hersh is your man anytime any day. This guy can take a complete newbie and turn him into a money maker in just months.

This I speak from personal experience cause Mike has helped me transform my business many times over. The knowledge that comes out of him is unmatched, Don't know how he knows all this ninja stuffs. He never seize to amaze me, No wonder why all his students are now making thousands of dollars online with their own online businesses.

Guys if you want a man that you can rely on, someone that can take you from zero to complete success in a short period of time, then look no further cause Mike is your man.

Working on a new project with him now and I'm so excited. This would hard another stream of income to my portfolio cause you know the saying, The more the merrier.

Thanks Mike for all you've done for me.

I know you didn't ask me to drop a review for you but thought I should as my own little way of saying thank you for your help.

Nice one mate. Good bless you
John Smart

Worried About Conversions?

I can brag about my ability to persuade people to take their wallet out and pay for your product with a big smile on their faces, but don't take my word for it...

Originally Posted by SonnyKing View Post

For anyone who needs a high converting sales letter but don't have the funds to get a $10,000 sales letter,
this is the NEXT BEST THING.

I locked in Mike's price in early May, just because I heard
that his quality was so good. I actually seen what he did
with his own product, and I was definitely impress with his
I *PERSONALLY* recommend him to anyone who has about $5k+ in their pocket to get yourself one of his masterpieces.

I have tested his so far in a internal launch of my product, and so far we have 3.21% conversions and $1.87 EPC. That was just a couple of days

Thanks Mike


Originally Posted by fwheaton View Post

Hey Everyone,

I wanted to stop by again and make some comments on the work that Mike has completed for me. I am another of Mike's very satisfied customers. The copy he did for me ROCKS!

I have been marketing online since 2004 and am no newbie when it comes to having sales copy written for me (I have about 30 sites) and writing copy myself. I can do copy that converts at a solid 1%, but what Mike has done here goes wayyyy beyond that. It is rock solid in every way.

Mike was a pleasure to work with, very thorough and has turned a site that I have struggled with for a while into what I am sure will be a sales magnet. I am very pleased with his work and will be following up with him today for some repeat business, if he has the available bandwidth!

Avail of Mike's copy services immediately if what you need is a sales letter that converts!


Originally Posted by Calvin Woon View Post

Hey Mike,

I just had to leave you a testimonial...

I've engaged several copywriters from the WSO section in the past two years and have had little luck. Most of the times, I was left really disappointed...

But the two copies you wrote for me were simply outstanding!

Fast communication, great persuasive copy, fast turnaround time, affordable prices.... What else can you ask for?!

My only fear is that your prices will be going up very soon...

So my only advice to Warriors is grab him while he's still available!

Originally Posted by Ammalgam View Post

Mike just finished with my project and I have to say, it has been fantastic. Great writing, great value, good communication and a straightforward business manner.

I have lot more of these to do and Mike will be the first door i knock on.

Two thumbs up!
Originally Posted by NRInnovation View Post


This is a short thread to say that I hired Mike Hersh to write a few sales pages for my free domain and hosting site (CX.CC), and he has done an excellent job. He took time to really understand my product, and wrote multiple pages for the site, both complete and timely.

I am definitely going to work with Mike in the future and highly recommend him to anyone looking to really market their websites, or any business they are running, on or off-line.

Thanks again Mike.

Mark - NR Innovation Limited
Originally Posted by Neil Day View Post

Fellow Warriors

Let me tell you now ...

If you need that eye catching, attention grabbing salesletter written for your new product, and at a fraction of the cost that most copywriters are charging, then you need to get hold of Mike real quick and make sure he is the one that does the job.

Mike has just finished a salesletter for me that made me reach for my wallet to buy my own ebook I'm about to launch, seriously ...

He did a fantastic job from the little information I supplied and a price that I am definitely happy to have paid. You can telll that Mike is more than capable of talking the talk when it comes to writing your copy. There is no doubt at all that I will use Mike's services again.

Thanks Mike



Originally Posted by nimbus49 View Post

Mike did an awesome job!!!! He even uploaded to my hosting accountwhich is forwarded to my main site.

Thanks so Much....HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!!!!
Originally Posted by safe as houses View Post

I hope everyone can see by the testimonials that what Mike is offering is an absolute top class service for a ridiculous low cost.

I have just received my copy and I have to say it is an outstanding piece of work, how he tells the story from start to end with absolute fluency.

Mike helped me with a number of things that were outside of his remit, and nothing was a problem for him, he stayed with me at the end on chat until I had got exactly what I wanted and I was 100% happy.

If your looking to get some copy written, you'd be mad not to give Mike a go, I guarantee you wont be disappointed, and that you,ll definately be back for more, same as me.

Originally Posted by kaykay View Post

I've decided to leave an update about my experience working with Mike on my sales-letter because he really deserves it and I have tremendous gratitude for everything that he's done.
First of all- I was blown away that he didn't need my help that long, boring, drawn out, time consuming sales letter questionnaire that many C/Writers want from you. He looked at my product and got busy. This saved me a ton of time.

his writing skills are fantastic, hypnotic, and the page just flows so easily. He incorporated the graphics and colors in ways that I found quite impressive. NO SPELLING ERRORS!

Finally- he went out of his way to help m with a 2 or 3 other things on my project and when I offered to bonus him for it- he refused and offered to do it for free. After he got to work- I found him to be reliable and an independent thinker.
I would highly recommend him and plan to use his services time and time again. This is a guy that follows through after you pay him, isn't trying to gouge you and will GENUINELY go out his way to help. Jump on his offer and run with it- really a good value!

Just my 4 cents!

Originally Posted by gamer2x View Post

Hi everybody,
Just wanted to drop a line here for Mike and recommend his services to all you Warriors.

When I found Mike's thread I have to say that I was VERY skeptical that he can write a powerful sales letter for me for such a low price.

And boy I was soooo wrong.

Mike did a phenomenal work for me, and I was literally stunned when I saw the results. The sales letter was so freaking awesome!!!
I have to be upfront with you guys


You will never find someone better, even for a $10k.
Thanks Mike, I'll contact you soon with more work for you. I just hope that the price will stay this low, but even if you'll raise it, I'll understand why.
Thanks again,

Originally Posted by sidley View Post

Hey all Warriors,

I decide to leave a testimonial for Mike Hersh, because he really had a huge
impact on my online business.

The work with Mike was flawless from start to end. He got exactly what I had on
my mind and put it on the paper. He delivered everything on time and helped me with
a few other issues.

And here comes the best part...

The WSO sales letter that Mike wrote for me made me over $3000 in the first 12 days!

Mike knows how to write a very compelling sales letter that uses less words and more
call to action and influence.

And best of all - IT CONVERTS!!!

I can't thank Mike enough for his help, I really can't. He is one of the rare copywriters that DO care about your success, and you can feel it from the second you start chatting
with him.

In short, I recommend Mike's writings to anyone who needs a $5000 sales letter for just 5% of this price. He will be getting every project that I have from now on.

Thanks Mike, you're the best.

Originally Posted by NesmithDJ View Post

This was my first sales page that was ever done for me, and Mike over delivered on his promise . Everything flows nicely and the images are awesome. I highly recommend Mike if you ever want a great sales page at an affordable price. Thanks Mike!
Originally Posted by steven seven View Post


I had the chance to work with Mike on my sales page.

Mike did an awesome work for me. Starting with the story, the headline, the subheadline, everything was more than perfect.

From the moment I got my copy I knew that I will make sales from it, and was 100% right.

Mike knew exactly what I wanted him to do, and it was like he read my mind and put it in the copy.

I really recommend to anyone who think about using his services to not think twice. His the man when it comes to sales page copywriting.

Will definitely work with him again in the near future. Every future project that I will have belongs to Mike.

And hey, with such a low price he is charging, you should jump on it.

Thanks for everything Mike!

Originally Posted by imMindset View Post

Had the chance of working with Mike on my sales letter, and he really over delivered. He has the ability of creating compelling copy which actually makes a person want to push the buy button. Heck, I almost bought my own product after reading my sales page!

He also is a great guy and responds to all your questions promptly. He also delivered it on time which is always a plus. Will definitely work with him in the future. For copy writing at this price, you definitely can't go wrong!

Originally Posted by lanta99 View Post

Hi Guys,

Just used Mikes service and I have to say that it was worth every penny.

Everything flows perfectly and I didn't have to edit the copy a single bit unlike with other copywriters.

I will definitely be using Mike again.

Thanks so much!
Originally Posted by azamuki View Post

Only a few days ago I bought a sales page from mike, looking at the really low price i was a bit skeptical until i looked at his portfolio so i decided to give him a shot. Mike did beyond and above, this was an amazing turn out for such a small amount of time and money, the two things I think are the most important. Mike was able to produce an amazing sales page in a small amount of time which is exactly what i needed, if i had known how good my new sales page was i would have been even more rearing to join and i suggest you do the same because with a sales page this good he is bound to raise the price sometime soon.
Originally Posted by giantimpact View Post

Hi Mike,

I have a very wonderful experience to have YOU to work on my website salescopy. I expect many reviews and revises are required on the copy before putting it on my website. Now, I have already got the value way above the cost I pay.

As it turns out, YOU have over delivered by spending hours and hours straight to work on my project. And the draft copy is already exceptionally well and definitely standout in the niche. You can quickly create an excellent copy without me spending extra time with you. I then accept your work after just a revision.

Like you said at the beginning when I hand you my project. You told me I can sit back and relax. You definitely keep your words and make it happen. And one more bonus I receive from you is the speed of delivery. In essence, the final copy is created from start to finish within days. And you have done a good job on all the customized graphics and PSD files too. When your job is done, I just have to upload everything from you. Then my website is ready to make sales immediately.

That is really important as I have to move things fast to achieve my target. And your work without a doubt supports me to make it happen. I am so grateful to have you to write the copy for me. I would highly recommend your service to any one who look for GREAT quality of work. And I am ready to discuss my second project with you. I am sure you CAN provide the same kind of quality to me again.

Frank Lee
Originally Posted by nostih View Post

Ron Hitson here!

I hired Mike to do a sales letter, needless to say, I was disappointed with the price he charged. I felt like I was ripping Mike off. Poor guy. Mike more than delivered for the price he charges. You better book your spot now before he changes the price from $97 to $997, because that's what he needs to charge for this WSO...minimum.

Mike did an exceptional job on my sales letter. As a matter of fact I requested several changes even after I told Mike the letter was perfect. Mike never once declined to make any changes. He always respond with "If you need anything else let me know".

I know Mike worked really hard for me because this being my first "real" sales letter for a product I am selling, I was unorganized. Mike knew what I wanted better than I did. He taught me a few things about how things sell as opposed to what I thought made things sell.

If you're new to IM and low on cash and need a pro to write your letter, hire Mike.
Originally Posted by nostih View Post

I can't say enough about Mikes skill level. Folks Mike is giving this away. If you're experienced with IM and want to save a few bucks but not skip on quality, hire Mike.

Mike will get more work from me, even if he raises his prices. ( I encouraged him to do so).
Originally Posted by jdwolfe View Post

After doing research on the Internet for someone to do ad copy for me I came across Mike G. I emailed him and within an hour he replied. I might add that I also emailed someone else and I am still waiting for a reply...that was 10 days ago. (will never be using that person) Mike G kept in constant contact through out the project until completion. Mike G was always very thorough, patient and professional. I highly recommend his services to everyone....Thanks again to you Mike G
Originally Posted by audreyly View Post

I recently had Mike to write me a sale page for my ebook. I got to say I am very pleased with the outcome. Although it is not in the IM niche, Mike has done a great job in putting the buyer in buying mood as well as stresses on the desperate factor. I like the font design he did for my sales page too. Very professional. His customer support is superb.

Will definitely use his service again.

Originally Posted by thanson View Post

Hello everyone,

I just finished a project with Mike. He is very professional and a
damn good writer. The low price he offers is what caught my
attention and also what made me a little nervous. Don't let the
price scare you he really could be charging $10000+ for this service.

I really enjoyed working with Mike and will definitely be using his
services in the future.

Travis Hanson
Originally Posted by Gangamma View Post

Mike - What Can I Say? I don't have words to express my feeling and satisfaction. Mike is an excellent copywriter, who comes with amazing sales copy as per your specification, needs and budget.

I enjoyed working with him and love to work with him again.

Thanks Mike for all your help and efforts.


PS: I have hired, opted and bought many services on Warrior Forum, and this is the first time, i am appreciating and giving a review. He really deserves it.
Originally Posted by kfoong View Post

I just got my sales copy from Mike, and all I can say is WOW. I expected a small sales copy because my product was only a $1 dollar trial, but instead I got the whole shebang! The copy was really good, after reading it I felt I had to improve my product to live up to the expectations of the sales copy! A great value for for the money.


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I like your service. Unfortuanately for you...I don't need it.

But if i were a newbie, then this is just what I would be looking for.

Good luck.

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Originally Posted by webmarke View Post

I like your service. Unfortuanately for you...I don't need it.

But if i were a newbie, then this is just what I would be looking for.

Good luck.
If you were a newbie, you would not even know you need all of this.
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How do you think Clickbank is doing these days as far as sales go? They are still one of my favorites but when I first got started online over 6 years ago you would have products with a gravity of over 700. Today your lucky to find something over 300.

How To Make Affiliate Commissions Without Having To Worry About Generating Traffic!
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Your banner said you'd buy back plus $2000.

This page says $1000???
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Fixed, thanks for letting me know.
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Originally Posted by EPoltrack77 View Post

How do you think Clickbank is doing these days as far as sales go? They are still one of my favorites but when I first got started online over 6 years ago you would have products with a gravity of over 700. Today your lucky to find something over 300.
Well, these days the mainstream spotlights are not on ClickBank, but that's actually an advantage because conversions have only gone up and it's also a lot easier to get top affiliates to promote your products.

These days there's more demand for new products than ever before, so from my personal experience this is the best time in history to create an info product and launch it on ClickBank.

Hope that helps...
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