Contextual Backlinks - Ranking Improvement Guaranteed for ANY KEYWORD
faisalmaximus 4 years ago

Contextual Backlinks - Ranking Improvement Guaranteed for ANY KEYWORD

Contextual Backlinks can bring any website on top of Google instantly. I tested for some sites and all sites ranked on 1st page of Google.

Originally Posted by Manuel Italy View Post

Your campaign has worked perfectly for my site.
I was at the 4th page of google, in a four days we got to the first page.

Weekly Report, excellent communication, recommended for everyone around the world.

Keep it up please do not stop!

Thanks again.
Originally Posted by sabukhitam View Post

For a very good reason, now my web is on the 1st page. so i just order another one for my other

Originally Posted by Scrape View Post

Just got my report and it looks good for me.
Originally Posted by Scrape View Post

I already seen some movements in serp. From #20 to #17, I know its not that much but its only been 5hours since I got the

report. I think its good package plus the turn around is quite fast, no one wants to wait right?

Gonna order more, The package is great for people who wants to rank Easy to Medium competition keywords!

Highly recommended this service. I rarely put reviews but this service gets me
Originally Posted by myralove View Post

I hope you feel better. I received my report and am generally happy with it. Very detailed. I used
Originally Posted by myralove View Post

4 different squidoo lens and they are all moved up higher on the first page and generating buying traffic to my websites.

Please PM me when you are back so I can order more runs.

Thank you,
Myra Love
Originally Posted by MikeHand View Post

Love Faisal's service.

Just wanna quickly share my personal experience using Faisal's Monthly SEO Service.

It's been about a month (or even less than a month) after I subscribed to his Starter Monthly SEO Plan and I found my primary buying keywords get back to the first page of Google (some of them even on #1-3). Before I use his service, almost ALL of my keywords has been slapped by Google Pengun 3.0 (in the last October 2014) and just gone from the search engine.

Great work, Faisal!

Originally Posted by thebasta View Post

Hey I got a review of this wso senuke x service and I can say that this one really works my website

was not where rank in google and after the this job done my keywords are #28 main one, #32,39, the work is deliver in a

very detail way.....You can buy this wso at this price of $8.00 is not brainer...
Originally Posted by uri9099 View Post

We are finally seeing the results after 6 weeks and we are impressed. We are number 1 on youtube

search for all four of our keyword phrases. I want to let you know I'm afraid that when our competition sees your logo on

your youtube account where our video comes up that we will fall out of customer view again.
We are going to continue the maintenance service you offer and begin promoting new pages with you from now on.
Originally Posted by Terry Jett View Post

Like the other early birds, I got a review copy back on 12/7.

Had taken me a few days to get back here, but something like this does not happen overnight and I do not give fake reviews

The whole process from start to finish was handled very professionally by Faisal.

I gave him the keywords and YT video link. Within 36 hours (might have been 24 but does it really matter?) he sent me a

very detailed report with all the keywords/links and where submitted. Report was clean and easy to review the results.

After watching the video ranking for about 8 days, was very impressed. The video in question BEFORE Faisal did his magic

was ranking on second to third page for months.

I am happy to report that the video is now staying on the first page for past 3-4 days.Have noticed a few times it being

number one but seems to hang around 2-5 position. This is perfectly fine and could not ask for more.

For $12 (at time of writing this) you cannot go wrong with Faisal's service. A quality video on the first page of search

results can easily produce a lot of traffic to your site/product.

My only word of advise is to start with a quality video or you will get nowhere with anyone's help... Junk in, junk out

Thank you Faisal,

Originally Posted by aldira View Post

Awesome service, nice backlink with detailed report and all link are LIVE ..

thanks faisal for such a great work here, i see my keyword has rank after using your service
definetely will order again ..

Highly recommended ..

Originally Posted by erolexplain View Post

Awesome work guys... You saved me from at least a years work if I were to do it myself. Totally

high quality links for first tier. And massive list of 2nd tier links.

So now lets talk about another project.
Originally Posted by bhaveshlb View Post

Got the report from Faisal last night.. Randomly checked the links and all those links were intact. Thanks faisal..Good job.. will definitely order more soon..
Originally Posted by cato View Post

I just received my campaign report and am very impressed. I don't think that you can beat the price for

all of the links received.

I like the diversity of the links from multiple sources.

I'm looking forward to all of the link juice that should be coming my way soon.

Originally Posted by magnusmora View Post

Got my report last night. The report covers detailed linking broken down in groupings. A Very

comprehensive service especially at $8. Very quick turn around to. I am impressed so far...will report my rankings in a

week or so. My site is very new and not to be seen on the search engines.

Faisalmaxuimus - thanks for the excellent service...I will be back.
Originally Posted by Eddie Spangler View Post

I was provided a review campaign and got it delivered along with report in about 48 hours or

so. The report looks pretty good and right now the site is on position 7 page 1 for main term. I will report back in 30

days as to any rank increase.

Originally Posted by Dennis Cheesman View Post

Got my review package and it was as discribed, this is a really good deal for what you get..

Make sure to add 3 keywords to make it look more natural..

Originally Posted by george65202 View Post

Hi, I tried Mr. Faisal's service for helping me get backlinks. He is very quick, diligent and

honest. Of course it takes a while for all the links to be propogated.

Highly recommended!
Originally Posted by everafter View Post

Thumbs up. Service delivered in a timely manner as promised. The report included all the links

where my url was posted. Looks like a good mix of links. Will need to see if this improves the ranking for those keywords.

Seems to know what he's doing so far.
Originally Posted by Janice Sperry View Post

I ordered 3 campaigns for some new inner pages on an authority site. All 3 orders were

completed as promised in a timely manner. I randomly checked some of the backlinks and every one was good. Now he is making

sure all the backlinks are getting indexed. That is a vital step for the backlinks to help at all.

I also wanted to say that the OP even caught a typo in my keyword list and emailed me to see if that is what I really

wanted. That shows alertness and attention to detail. It also saved me from a whole bunch of worthless backlinks.
Originally Posted by FredJones View Post

Thanks Faisal for your work on the review copy for me.

The communication was prompt. I was confirmed of the order after I placed it, within a short period. I was set an

expectation of getting the work done in 4 days. So the initial communication and expectation setting was perfect.

Then, today, which is 3 days from the order (I think, it is 2+ days only from my memory, less than 3 days), I received a

report on my inbox, as well as a PM communication that the work has been completed. So, timing-wise it beat the expectation


I went ahead and checked the work received. The work done is as promised. A nice article was written and used in the

process. The anchor diversity is excellent, as I had provided a number of anchors (which is important post-Penguin). As

promised, a variety of types of links, and a number of links for each type, have been built.

I randomly checked the links. Most were working. A few were not. Going by my long experience of link building, this is an

absolutely expected behavior. Not every link is expected to stick anyway in any service ever. And most links sticking is


Overall, I like this service. I would feel comfortable to come back to this service and avail again. I recommend this

Originally Posted by sliperdm View Post

Thanks a lot for giving me a review copy.

The first thing I did was checking the links, I would say 97% are working (I did not check all though, just random

selection). I think the link wheel produce by faisalmaximus is very good for a long term of SEO.

Next would be the turnaround time. I got my report within 72 hours, which is good as I don't prefer waiting too long. The

report is in text format and very nicely done.

I do believe this kind of service would definitely boost my site. Thanks again faisalmaximus.

Originally Posted by sodawarrior View Post

I am satisfied with the service as it was quick turnaround too. Will order again for sure.
Originally Posted by amberboydent View Post

Great work! I didn't expect so many back links. It should most definitely help with my rankings. I will be back! Thanks again
Originally Posted by fouadjabre View Post

Excellent work, I loved the report structure that i received yesterday, its too early to talk

about ranks but i will post another review soon, but im gonna buy another one for my other site!
Originally Posted by Megas View Post

These guys have a great service with great support
and their servers are fast too! You can do all of your SEO for a fraction of the cost it would take to hire someone.
Originally Posted by phowell23 View Post

Here's my review of his services:

I placed an order on a Saturday and got the report and confirmation that my order has been completed on Tuesday (within the

4 day period he stated in sales copy). The report was very detailed and checking the links in the report showed my link in

all of the URL's. I'll be sending more campaigns his way!

Thanks again.
Originally Posted by SherimanAF View Post

My campaign was delivered on time. The report given is excellent. All links are live. Definitely

can see improvement of my website on Serp. I am truly satisfied with Faisal service.

Will keep ordering from him again. 100% recommended!

Originally Posted by mbliu118 View Post

Very nice work & report.
Will order more very soon.

Originally Posted by Mamooti Exchange View Post

Ordered 49 days ago. am happy for my website ranking now.
Results are good. I am satisfied with the support and effort by Faisal.
Originally Posted by dadhere View Post

Cool, I just received Faisal's report with MASSIVE backlinking to various
Social Bookmarking URL's, Social Network URL's, Wiki URL's, with 3 lists of Web 2.0 Profile's!

Amazing. I checked the links and found my own money site URL's intact and working. Now it's just a matter of the traffic

building up slowly over the next couple weeks or so.

Very impressed, thank you!
Originally Posted by Ricardo Furtado View Post

If you have been in IM, you will quite obviously know that getting on the first page of Big

G could mean a whole world of difference to you and to your business -

That difference means - failing or succeeding.

If you are on the first page of Google, the doors open for you - and you can literally mint money from any business - right

from your own home.

Faisal seems to have cracked the code here - the code to making lucrative money with your site - try getting on the first

page of Google all on your own and then you would understand the value of this service.

Great stuff.

All the best, regards.
Originally Posted by kidonway View Post

I vouch for Faisal. I tried him twice (Kicker campaigns) and he made a really good job. The second

time he offered me even a discount for returning. I am definitely buying any SEO packages I might need from him.. I highly

recommend him.


(I logged in specifically to give my feedback)
Originally Posted by blue0knight View Post

thanks faisal! the links created are definitely working. i am ordering more for my other


highly recommended!
Originally Posted by sean anglesey View Post

Thank you again Faisal for your good work.Hope to use you again soon on another project.

Regards Sean.
Originally Posted by iwebdevnl View Post

Faisal did a great job, nice links were placed to my website. Now wait for a month if it has good

effects on my rankings When the results are great, i will definitely go for the monthly SEO package
Originally Posted by cdronk View Post

I received a very detailed report. Very happy with the results. Will order again.
Originally Posted by MikeHand View Post

Just got my report. Great work! Thanks, Faisal.
Originally Posted by Dan Ellenwood View Post

Faisal was kind enough to provide me with a review copy of his service. He did a very nice job

of building a tier of links to the different pages of my site. I will need to wait a short time to see what effect it has

on the SE results. But with the quality work that he put into it there should be some nice results over the next weeks.

This is a good deal for a full monty campaign.
Originally Posted by matflawless View Post

I've got my report and I'm much satisfied, I have randomly checked some links and all were live

and with a decent article/description, more good than expected, an automatic live check reported 98% of alive links, a lot

more than similar services I tried before..

Excellent communication and price, Faisal is a SEO guy you can trust on.

Originally Posted by destiny0awaits View Post

I just placed my 10th order and so far the results have been outstanding. It took some time

for the more competitive keywords to start ranking well, but that's to be expected with any SEO campaign.

Faisal delivers fast, and you will start seeing results within weeks. To sum it up, the campaigns are effective and budget

Originally Posted by Venkat001 View Post

Thank you. I have got my report. Everything looks fine as of now and turn around time is also very

good.As you have mentioned that all the links will get indexed during course of time, need to see how well the rankings of

my blog gets improved.

Definitely going to come-back again for my other projects.

Originally Posted by destiny0awaits View Post

Excellent service. I ordered the Penguin Safe 3 Way Attack for four keywords and was greatly

pleased with the results. Two of the keywords are now on the first page for local searches, while the remaining ones are

slowly ranking.

I would also like to point out that this service will work best is you already have an excellent on-site SEO.
Originally Posted by witribe View Post

I ordered from faisal for the first time The 3 Way Attack, for my flower site, got my report

yesterday and all links looks pretty good and well diversified, in fact I read some of the articles he posted related to

the niche and they are are really good quality, I do hope that my site see some jumps to the up side pretty soon, Will use

his service for time to time
Originally Posted by todd40fla View Post

I was fortunate to receive a review copy of the services provided in this wso. Just received my

report from Faisal, turnaround time was SUPER FAST - less than 24 hours.

I have asked him to help me with a 3 year old video that has been stuck on page 3 of google for my main keyword for most of

that time.

I have checked many of the links and all looks good.

Not sure how they do it, but in less then a day they have done what would take me weeks If not longer to do myself.

Hundreds of backlinks from social media, article, press release sites etc....

I will report back on my results, I am seeing the video do some odd things, jumping around in the serps, disappearing then

reappearing so it seems like it is poised to make a move to page 1.

At this point I am very satisfied by what I have seen, and for the money this looks like a no brainer. If you want to rank

videos for local seo at only $12 for a campaign this is a tremendous value, and if you are setting your sites higher than

the monthly plan looks like it will save you lots of time and money.

Thanks for offering this Faisal. I look forward to using this service for some future projects I am going to be working on

and can easily recommend to my fellow warriors.
Originally Posted by Oggyoi View Post

Quick review

Report was delivered overnight, detailing the work done.
The actual report itself was very informative, showing a breakdown of the different angles of attack.

The profiles come with log in details, which is good. You get a lot of work for the price.

It's going to take a short time to see any movement but first impressions are Faisal has a really good service on offer

Originally Posted by Adriaan View Post

Faisal did a great job, and in good time. I will use him again.
Originally Posted by wsiebler View Post

Just got my first campaign report and am very pleased with the work. Will gladly recommend and use

this service again.
Originally Posted by rwayne54 View Post

This is the first gig I have done with Faisal.

I must say that I am very pleased with the quality of his work and I will definitely be using his services again as well as

his other services that he offers, now that he has proven to me that he can walk the walk and not just walk the talk.

Thanks again for your excellent work,

Originally Posted by bushwood View Post

Faisal over-delivered on my small order. I will be back for more, for sure.
Originally Posted by netzero2 View Post

Not that faisal needs anymore testimonials than the million he has, But if you need this service,

look no further, go ahead an order now, I had him do this order for my news site, Need 2 Know News
and with in, well really the same day he did his work, I noticed my email filling up with sign ups for people making

comments, A great job, no b.s. well worth the money., I am ordering my next job now. bytheway, I had never seen faisal

until this job he did, so I'm not blowing smoke, you want traffic an backlinks, he will do it.
Originally Posted by promomarc View Post

"Solider Of Local SEO Niche Domination"

Just Got My Orders In Truly Impressed and 100% Satisfied with the services that I ordered from SEO Software Services

courtesy of Faisal

Originally Posted by KevinS65 View Post

Ordered two GSA packages from this Pro and I am 100% Satisfied! Rec'd my reports over the weekend

and I will return for more. This value is awesome and he over delivers. Thank you very much!
Originally Posted by Jiggz View Post

Received my report today. He over delivered much more links. I got the 500 links and report shows 888

links. some of them will not index or drop off so it should work out nicely. site is not ranking yet, but that will take

few days. will order again. thanks mate.
Originally Posted by toniek View Post

great job dude, checked the links and high rate of open thank you so much, I'm ordering the next job

right now...
Originally Posted by miki123 View Post

Here is my review:

Detailed report is provided. I received 550 links from various platforms. Most links are working. Page rank of backlinks is

from 1 to 9.

This is very good service I recommend to anyone!
Originally Posted by kaynaresh View Post

First of all, Thanks for the Review Copy!

I got the detailed backlink report for my campaign in excel format. The links are on different platforms like web blogs,

social bookmarking sites, edu sites and lots more which gives diverse and positive effect to the main site.

There are more than 500 live links pointing to my video and i hope it will give great boost to my video.

I will update here with my rankings. I REALLY RECOMMEND HIM FOR THE SEO SERVICES!!!

Originally Posted by Darren Kilgariff View Post

I ordered this package for my IM niche medium competitive Keyword and within 3 days it's

number 4 on Bing. I will certainly use this service again.
Regards Darren

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    Is Contextual Backlink still work ?advance thanks for any discount coupon .
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    • Profile picture of the author faisalmaximus
      Yes, contextual backlinks still work to rank any website. We are not offering any discount now, but I can assure you about the quality.
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    May I get a review copy of your service by any chance? Thanks.
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      Sorry, we are not offering anymore review copy, you can get 50% discount using coupon code, I sent you one through pm, please check inbox.
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    Yes many typos in your sales pitch which makes me wonder about the standard of the links.
    Can I see some samples please?
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    Hi Faisal,

    Is this service still available?

    If so, does this work for NEW websites?

    Also do you help with choosing the best keyword to get ranking fast?

    I'm a complete newbie to all this technical stuff. I've purchased a few done for me Amazon sites, but I don't know what key words that were used.

    The creator of my sites said the following:

    if you are going to send backlinks I would suggest sending them to the categories

    Do you do that?

    Thank you


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    • Profile picture of the author faisalmaximus
      Hi Quis, this service is available and you can use it for new websites. Please pm me your website URL, I will help you to select the keywords.
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      • Profile picture of the author quisjackson
        Hi Faisal,

        Thanks for getting back! I dont have enough posts to PM you.

        Do you use Skype so that we can communicate?

        You can PM me.

        Thank you

        Kindest regards,

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          My skype is faisalmaximus, please add me for more discussion.
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            I sent a Skype message to you. Please reply so I know I have the right person. Thank you

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        It appears you have alot of WSOs on backlinks and SEO stuff. As I said this stuff is all new and foreign to me. I'm not sure which of your services to use.

        Basically, I have 3 done for me Amazon sites that were made this month. I'm not even sure if they are in the best niches with the best products added, but I was told that I should wait 4-6 months before I can really expect to start ranking well and expecting organic traffic.

        I was also told that backlinks from a legit professional service may help me get ranked quicker and out of some kind of google sandbox.

        Please advise! Thank you.

        Kindest regards,

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          I sent you my skype id through pm, please add me for more discussion.
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        Sorry for info overload! One last thing!

        I also had an Adsense site created for me and will be applying for an Adsense account. Will any of your services help with getting ranked fast and help with getting Adsense clicks within Adsense rules?

        Thank you

        Kindest regards

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          I have to check the site before making any comment, please pm me your website address, after doing some research on it I can suggest you which service will suit your website most.
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            As I said, I dont have enough posts to PM you. I will check the PM you sent and send websites via Skype.

            Thank you

            Kindest regards,

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    Your ordering link is not working?
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    There are a LOT of typos in your offer above - eg Qulaity for Quality - i hope the content is better written than your offer!
    pls pm me me example site/articles
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    May I have sample report ?
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    Can you PM with a sample report? Do you track the keyword improvement for me?
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    I think Google doesn't use Page rank anymore, can you explain more about PR1, 2 and 3+ sites??
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      Originally Posted by ecstacy View Post

      I think Google doesn't use Page rank anymore, can you explain more about PR1, 2 and 3+ sites??
      Now all contextual links will be from DA 15+ sites.
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    Hi Faisal: i sent you a PM

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      Originally Posted by john129 View Post

      Hi Faisal: i sent you a PM

      Replied to your query, please check.
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    Good Price !
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      Originally Posted by UAEW View Post

      Good Price !
      Thanks for your comment, none can provide such quality links at that price other than SEOviser.
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    Can you explain about the PageRank in your package? I thought Google does not use PageRank anymore?

    Also, if using PageRank 1 to boost sites? Isn't that rather weak?

    One final question: Will you mix the anchor text with some generic keywords to keep it looking more natural? Thanks!
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    • Profile picture of the author faisalmaximus
      Originally Posted by Gordon Lee View Post

      Can you explain about the PageRank in your package? I thought Google does not use PageRank anymore?

      Also, if using PageRank 1 to boost sites? Isn't that rather weak?

      One final question: Will you mix the anchor text with some generic keywords to keep it looking more natural? Thanks!
      We will use DA 10+ sites instead of PageRank now, these backlinks are very effective for ranking. I will use generic anchor texts, Naked URLs etc to make the backlinks look more natural.
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    I sent you a PM.

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      Originally Posted by john129 View Post

      I sent you a PM.

      Replied, please check.
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    Contextual Backlink still works as one of the most effective backlink strategy.
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    Q. How many URLs and Keywords can be promoted through each campaign ?
    Ans : Please check the campaign chart to see allowed URLs and Keywords for different campaigns. After payment you will be redirected to fill up a form, please write your URLs and Keywords there one per line. If you have any specific URL for specific keyword, please write that keyword immediately after that url.

    Q. What is your turnaround Time ?
    Ans : My turnaround time is 3 to 7 days depending on the Campaigns, but I will try to deliver you the campaign report as soon as possible.

    Q. When can I expect to see result ?
    Ans : Indexing takes around 1-2 weeks, depending on the competition of the keywords you should see ranking improvement within 2-3 weeks.

    Q. Are these edu gov backlinks high authority backlinks?
    Ans : Yes, these backlinks are high authority backlinks.

    Q. Do you provide any work report after completion of your campaign ?
    Ans : I will provide you complete work report of the campaign in .csv format, which will contain 100% live backlinks. I will check each backlink by myself before sending the report to you.

    Q. What do you need from me after placing order ?
    Ans :
    Once you place order, you will be redirected to fill up a form. We need only your URLs (from same niche) and Keywords. If you want, you can provide us your own article, but this is optional. Generally we generate article based on your keyword and spin it through SpinnerChief to produce unique and readable article.

    Q. Do you have any website for your services ?
    Ans : Yes, my website is , you can visit my website to see all my services.

    Q. Do you have any affiliate program ?
    Ans : Yes, you can promote our services as an affiliate and get 10% recurring payment on every referral for the life of the client. Please visit here to join our affiliate program :
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