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rank 12th December 2017 08:45 PM

$400/mo+ Local Flipping Formula Opportunity
What this is in a nutshell

A local business where you sell overseas sourced items for a minimum 300-500% mark-up. This requires very little starting capital and no prior skills. No paid advertising is required for this business (although once you start making significant returns you can scale this through paid advertising)

Revenue & Business Overview

It has netted over $AUD10,000 profit since the beginning of the year (5 month period of actually applying the business) and it has taken a maximum of 3-4 hours per week. The items cannot be disclosed due confidentiality, and a non disclosure agreement is a condition of the sale of this business. Why? Because we provide the exact suppliers and show the exact amount of goods purchased which we cannot un-show and don’t want the list distributed.

The items we purchase are sourced in China for $1-10 and resold for $3-50. The advertisements are listed online and people meet locally to purchase them.

It is very common to get 1000 views per listing weekly for a single item hence why this is a simple and profitable side business. This business can be run from any state in Australia, UK or US, although living in a capital city is an advantage as there are more potential buyers reading your ads.

[We do not use Gumtree as the source of traffic]

What is included:

1. Our sources of products including our best selling items ever list. List of other items that can be extremely profitable that we have not yet tested.

2. Our source of traffic we are using to advertise the items and our exact process we use to deal with potential customers.

3. A lesson on the images we use to attract the most buyers, the descriptions which are the most likely to entice customers and best price points for items.

4. Spreadsheet showing profit and expenses for 2017. The results are recorded on a spreadsheet because the items are sold for cash.

5. 2 hour Skype/phone consultation where we run through every step of the business in detail to ensure you are comfortable with the entire process.

6. 2 days of email follow up to ensure all of your questions are answered.

Who This Is For

This is for someone who is either a beginner in ecommerce, or looking to get into the field. If you already making $2k/mo+ with ecomm then you should be focusing on taking it to the next level.

To reiterate, the products have been sourced, tested and proven to sell. Ideally, you will have your training completed within the first week and your products ordered 24 hours after your skype/teamviewer consultation has ended.

This really is a momentum business and the quicker you turn over your first investment, the more excited you will get and the quicker you will begin turning a profit.

Who This is not for

If you have agoraphobia or a fear of talking to people –even through message then this will not work for you. People will try to negotiate the price down so if you’re uncomfortable negotiating or standing firm then this will not work for you. Finally, if you are working 2-3 jobs and have zero time to meet people and to list the hand-picked products given to you, then this will not work.

Investment Requirement

The cost of the business is $397AUD and we recommend a minimum of $50-$100 to be invested for initial stock inventory. $100 can easily be flipped to $300-500 by reselling the items the way the local flipping formula is set up.

PM for previous reviews
If you are a WF member based in Australia and would like a review copy, PM me and I will draw one. You must sign the NDA and you must commit to actually buying some of the stock

egoldzone 4th January 2018 04:45 PM

Re: $400/mo+ Local Flipping Formula Opportunity
is this work with flippa?

rank 4th January 2018 06:56 PM

Re: $400/mo+ Local Flipping Formula Opportunity
Hi mate,

No -this has nothing to do with Flippa. Potentially down the line if you create an online store you can sell it on Flippa but for simplicity (and cash flow) sake this is primarily offline.

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