Just Released: "Get THREE Timeless WSOs Bundled for $9.99"
ZephyrIon 2 years ago

Just Released: "Get THREE Timeless WSOs Bundled for $9.99"

No making a product, selling anything in person, no door to door, no membership fees, no website building...

Don't you hate it? Bad WSO listings that waste your time.

I'm Cody Krecicki. Here's the deal.

You're buying BUNDLED, three (plus, the laser targeting guide, so four) of my WSOs that usually cost $19.99 x 4 = $79.96 for a whopping $9.99 that's a huge 87% discount or a ($69.97) discount depending on how you math. There will never be another deal like this again once I take it away and it's gone.

You should stop reading if you don't want to know how
  1. They all made money promoting payday loans without buying ads.
  2. Everyone else makes money without any investment 10 different ways online.
  3. We all get paid when someone applies to a job at Wal-Mart or other big stores.
How they did this without: making a product, selling anything in person, no door to door, no membership fees, no company websites, anything black hat, spending a single dollar on advertising.
Feeling hungry yet? Before you and I go even further down the rabbit hole.
I want to give you something free. It's a coaching session telling you what I did to generate my millions.

GETTING THE FREEBIE: Visit this link http://instagram.com/ckrecicki to my Instagram profile and click the link in my profile description to download it.
Check me out for yourself on Instagram. I started off just eating beans and now I eat the finest steak: go see my Instagram and scroll all the way down. What an amazing ride. Now you get to know what I know. Your life can be full of sparkles, rainbows and happiness too!

The THREE Timeless WSOs: The ones countless people have purchased. Some happy, some unhappy. The ones who push and push are bound to make one of these WSOs blast dollars from the Internet.
If you're that kind of person who knows you can do this but need direction: well, here are three golden WSO guides bundled up on a silver platter for you. How would you handle yourself if I told you this bundled deal is actually SOLD OUT!
According to communications psychologist L. Jameson Sinclair, there's no need for anyone to get upset if a deal is sold out, because they really didn't want to buy it in the first place. If this sounds like you, you should leave. Again, this isn't for you. There are 10,000+ WSOs for you to read through.
But if you insist on learning how those guys made all that money in the payday industry, how everyone makes money 10 ways without investing any money at all online and how we all get paid when people apply for jobs at Wal-Mart and other big name places (it's like fishing in a barrel). Then you and I should keep reading more.
Good thing you're not, 'that kind of person', an indecisive quitter: because, we are NOT SOLD OUT YET! I really think you could get rich with that free guide. Outside of experience, you'd know just as much as I do about my own job after reading it! These WSOs give you THREE strategies from using SMS to Facebook Group marketing. Very cool hu?
Here is what you do. Go download my free eBook and ask the person nearest to you if they'd get a quote at an insurance company online if you got paid $10. I bet they'd say yes in a heart-beat and then ask you how they could do it. Don't you wan't $10.00 x [friends] = $__.___.00 per week?
That's how CPA offers work, people buy things, call or fill things out and you get paid, easy money. These three eBooks are all based around CPA offers. Don't you want to get in on this with all of us? A room is only so big, if your worried about watered down strategies.
Each of the THREE Timeless WSOs shows different sources, strategies and verticals.

Below you'll find the three WSOs in the bundles & their original sales copies.
**Disregard the pricing in their copies. The bundle is $9.99
WSO #1 - "We all get paid when someone applies to a job at Wal-Mart or other big stores."

"I'm a ON WATCH After Leaking This eBook "THEY" Didn't Want You To Read."
They Don't Want You to Know...
Facebook + Job Postings = FREE MONEY
STOP! Painfully Researching WSOs. Extend Your Life by Acquiring Knowledge of Free Money.
"Works from ALL countries ALL 195 of them world-wide."
Use ANY Affiliate Networks Similar Offer


Do those BIG FIVE RED WORDS scare you??? This isn't for you at all then, just exit this page.

Seriously. Just quit now & exit this WSO, don't even read more.

"Would You Pay

, To See Me Make
Posting 6 Posts
6 Different Groups on Facebook without selling anything

Buy the eBook to see how.
With lots of pictures.
The cost will increase by $1.00 each time someone purchases this eBook with a max price of $19.99.

What You're Paying For
10-Page eBook showing it all step-by-step.
See how to spend $0.00 to financially survive.
Aquire the knowledge of free Facebook money.
See the angle we use to promote the offer.
Grasp the basics of online marketing.
See the offer we use to promote this!

You Benefit From
Attaining the elusive free money that we all seek.
Financially survive ditching paid ads for free traffic.
Spending money on food and drinks: not paid ads.
Satisfy your wife (or mistress) with stiff hard income.
Sound boss if your asked how you've made money.
You could scale this campaign to $1000s per day.
See tons of screenshots highlighted and know how.

You could make money almost immediately.

Add to Cart this very moment and become eligible to buy my genius laser-targeting guide after you purchase this bullet proof lesson. But wait. I'll give you the laser-targeting for FREE and it usually costs $19.99 too! Your welcome!

Message me (click) after you purchase at my fan page and I'll hand deliver the laser-targeting guide to you by message.

You'll benefit from a white hat way to make money online easily.

Why buy from me? Why not. It's $9.00! I came up with this comforting idea earlier today and I absolutely had to share it.
I'm sure you can copy and paste somethings into a Facebook post, right?
This product is not overblown or ridiculous. Theirs no reason you won't make your $9.00 back. The methods duplicatable and scalable.

The price hit $19.99 FAST!

This is my new offer.

For a limited time get a copy of the "laser-targeting guide" for FREE after clicking Add to Cart to buy the eBook!!

Message me (click) after you purchase at my fan page and I'll hand deliver the laser-targeting guide to you by message.

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They Are Worried Sick About You Taking Their Money Legally.
You Want Money? Here is 8 Things People with Money Can Do You Can't.
1) Afford to extend their life one day because they can afford it.
2) They become FEARLESS of pain and evil dangers.
3) Eat & Drink whatever they want no matter the cost.
4) Finally Deserve the Lover of Their Wild Fantasies.
5) They have more comfortable living conditions.
6) They are superior, wouldn't you like to be?
7) They are treated with respect & approval.
8) They provide security for their family.

Keep up with the Joneses and Add to Cart buy the eBook now before you're left behind.
Still Not Sold on Having More Money? Here's 8 More Things THEY Can Do With Their Money.
1) They can pay money to be informed of disaster before the 99%
2) They can afford to hire maids & service people to clean!
3) If they are curious, they can just buy it or do whatever!
4) Their lives become super efficient, they can pay for it!
5) Everything becomes more convenient in their life.
6) New & quality everything shining from the inside out.
7) They can afford the latest shoes, glasses & fashion.
8) They know how to make money, while they sleep!
Facebook + Job Postings = FREE MONEY
Feel secure with knowing you know how to make money on Facebook for the rest of your life for FREE spending $0.00.
No more painful reminders of that hole you find yourself in WISHING you knew how to secure your life.
Leaving without adding to cart? You're throwing out your investment.
You've spent so much time reading. Your time is an investment!
You'll just waste more time dreaming and reading WSOs once you leave. You've ALREADY invested in yourself reading this WSO.
Don't you desire to be superior to who you are today?
Take action then, your biological clock is ticking.
Get what you desire with Free Facebook Money.
Extend the enjoyment of your life and add to cart below.
Stomach feeling weird? You feel guilty not having bought yet.
Dizzy yet? Don't rob yourself of this one opportunity.
Your time is an investment! Add to Cart. Extend your life.

WSO #2 - "Everyone else makes money without any investment 10 different ways online."

Never made money online? Lots of wasted money?

STOP! And look below.

YOU'RE buying Cody Krecicki's
"10 Immediate Profit Secrets."

NO! Investment EVER.
NO! Experience Needed!!

It's a single excel sheet. No expensive coaching or confusing systems.

Get paid to complete tasks! See below:
  • Taking pictures of things
  • Drive your car
  • Local job tasks
  • Online shopping jobs
  • and more!


Inside you'll find the map to profit. Using I.S.R.A.

Table of Contents
Company Names - Column 1
Sign Up URLs - Column 2
How It Makes Money - Column 3
Full How to Instructions - Column 4

What does I.S.R.A. stand for?


After a short read and quick {secret tip censored} you'll be in business in minutes! HANDS DOWN!
These '10 Immediate Profit Secrets' can be done over and over.

ALERT: VERY Newbie Friendly

This WSO is NEW! Look at what past Warrior buyers like YOU have said about my pervious WSOs.

So what are you waiting for?

Their are only a few secrets left to see. And you'll have to buy those.

Purchase your PDF bundle for a limited time only on Warrior Forum.
Still not sure? Facebook recognizes Cody Krecicki as a verified public figure by a blue check.
WSO #3 - "COPY & PASTE: Profit off the cash advance industry. -- (NO EXPERIENCE NEEDED)"

Never made money online? Lots of wasted money?

STOP! And look below.

YOU'RE buying Cody Krecicki's copy and paste system that makes money from the payday loan/cash advance space.[/CENTER]
No experience needed!
It's a 10 page PDF. No expensive coaching.


Inside you'll find the map to profit. Using D.O.T.C.P.

Table of Contents
Introduction: Ready to make your first dollars in cash advances? 3
Buying the leads cheap (Data) 4
Finding an advertiser to profit off (Offer) 5
How do I contact these people? (Traffic) 6
The award winning sales script (Selling) 6-9
The Summary 10

What does D.O.T.C.P stand for?

After a short read and quick {secret tip censored} of leads you'll be in business within days!
This system can be used over and over and over and over again.

Just look at these replies from the copy and paste script you'll get with this PDF.

How much can YOU make in two days?

So what are you waiting for?

[SIZE="5"]Their are only a few secrets left to learn. And you'll have to buy those.
Purchase your PDF for a limited time only on Warrior Forum.
Still not sure? Facebook recognizes Cody Krecicki as a verified public figure by a blue check.

So all of this for $9.99 sounds pretty stupid of me. But my ego can't stand it. I want to be known as that guy that taught you how to make more money online.

Make sure to get your freebie before you go, just visit the link in my Instagram profile http://instagram.com/ckrecicki

Over the years here are some of the testimonials I have had from our brother and sister warriors here on the forum. Those are the best testimonials, don't you agree?

Here are all of the questions and answers from over the years about these WSOs. (see below mixed reviews from buyers and questions)

So what are you waiting for?
Only a few secrets left to learn. And you'll have to buy those.
Purchase your PDF for a limited time only on Warrior Forum.
Still not sure? Facebook recognizes Cody Krecicki as a verified public figure by a blue check.

But wait! You get a bonus!
Get my 'Become Famous Online' eBook for FREE!

I'm Cody Krecicki and I've been featured in thousands of articles online.

My Short Epic Story...
When I launched Girlfriendhire in 2012 I was syndicated across 100's of FM Radio stations and have had the chance to be interviewed on national television. I was in the middle of making a reality television show with MTV and a hilarious episode on a show like Maurie which is where the fun ended after getting locked into a contract and having had some actors fall off!

Anderson Cooper, Nightline NBC and a whole flush of others had to be turned away because of another contract that had me locked down! I met Mark Cuban through email, the owners of Wired! Magazine and other names I've seen since childhood. I was getting feedback from all over Silicon Valley from my counter top! What a wild ride! It helped me get my foot in the door of affiliate marketing. I was real to everyone because of everything they could find about me online. People wanted to work with me.

This all happened within two years and could have happened in a matter of days....

Inside this short to the point 7 page guide you'll find:

This system can achieve results in days that took me two years to get.

You'll end up spending a few hundred dollars and not 100's of hours and hundreds of thousands manually promoting yourself.

Don't you want to be on TV?


Be seen all over Google results?

Don't you want to be Famous? For a day at least?

You get all of these three WSOs: the payday, the jobs & the 10 ways to make money online with no investment. Plus, the how to get famous online bonus. That's a total value of over $100.00 for only $9.99 all because I want you to tell people I'm that guy that taught you every which way to blast a dollar out of the internet straight into your bank account.

Did you get the freebie yet, click here? That's actually a sixth WSO you're getting for free without even purchasing the bundle. Check out our families internet markeitng story on Instagram. I started from 0 to 100 now I'm here. In three years, real quick.
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    Before I hit the "Buy" button, I have 1 question.

    Will what suggestions work if I'm not in the US?

    Thanks in advance for your reply.
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