Flat $125 Discount (Limited Copies) - SpeedX PBN - 1074 RD - 41 DA - 25 TF - 20 Years Aged Domain
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Flat $125 Discount (Limited Copies) - SpeedX PBN - 1074 RD - 41 DA - 25 TF - 20 Years Aged Domain

Our PBN Sites consist of Premium Websites with High Metrics: RD Upto 1074, DA Upto 41 TF, Domain Age Upto 20 Years, TF Upto 25 & PA Upto 49.

Warrior Special Offer:

Ad Infiniyum-40 Posts: ONLY $125
Carpe Diem-30 Posts: ONLY $100
Bona Fide-20 Posts: ONLY $75

Note: This is Limited Period Offer.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q. Do you provide reports?
A. No we don't provide report as It's a Private Blogs Network. Instead, we share a screenshot of the report at your email address and you can check backlinks through Google Webmaster Tool.

Q. Do you write unique content for each blog post?
A. Yes we do. We do write High Quality Unique content (350-400 words) per blog post.

Q. How many Anchor Text will be used in each post?
A. We do put only 1 anchor per blog Post. However we can create 2 anchors if you like.

Q. Do I have to pay before you start with the project?
A. Yes, we accept 100% Payment in advance.

Q. How many URLs and Keywords are allowed per package?
A. We accept an order with upto 4 URLs and upto 4 keywords from same domain.

Q. Do you accept non English sites?
Yes, We accept Non English sites.

Q. What is Turnaround Time (TAT)?

A. 10-15 days, depending on the package

What do we need to start?
  1. URL of the Site to be promoted (Upto 4 URLs from same domain)
  2. Keywords (Upto 4)
  3. Email Id for delivery
  4. PayPal Id
Have more questions? Please PM me or contact via Skype: SParker_273

We accept Bitcoins also.
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