Android Puzzle Game Making $730/Month
TruexWarr 2 years ago

Android Puzzle Game Making $730/Month

Check out the App: the Maze

A fun endless puzzle game where the user has to avoid the obstacles and find a way.

What is included in the sale?

Android game
Source code for the game.

What is required to keep the app operational?

The app doesnt require daily work to keep it running. Since this is a game app it just involves seasonal updates to keep things fresh for the players. As keeping the playerbase active and engaged is the key in maintaining and improving revenues. Additionally, the new owner may need some social media marketing, and Facebook Ad campaigns to further improve revenues.

Operation (Revenue)

The apps main source of revenue comes from Admob with an average monthly profit of $730/month.

Operation (Expense)

At its current form, the game doesnt have any operational expense.

Why are you selling the app?

The game is being sold to fund another project that we have in mind.

How does the app generate revenue?

Through Admob Ads and In App Purchases

Are there any expenses for the app? If so, what are they?

At its current form, the game doesnt have any operational expense.

What marketing initiatives have been used for the app?
We have used some social media marketing and App Store Optimization. We have not done any type of paid marketing for these apps. The downloads are organic from the stores.

How can the future owner improve the app?

We havent really tried to push for the apps monetization as the apps main revenue is just from ads, currently it only has one (1) In-App Purchase. However the app still resulted to a steady monthly income of more than $700 a month and still increasing. No doubt, this is because of its wide appeal to the market and its easy-to-play design. If the new owner will add another form In App Purchase item such as Power-Up Items, more features such as leaderboards, more social connectivity like connecting the leaderboards to facebook and more Ad Networks it will undoubtedly result to an increase of revenue up to 400%. These things can be added because the game can be easily updated, resulting to a more efficient monetization in the future.



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    can I see your revenue through teamviewer?
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    Looks interesting. Mind sharing your Google Play Stats?
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