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Kevint47 19th September 2008 03:30 AM

Viral Prospecting Complete Management System to Promote Any Business
What Can The Viral Prospector Do For Network Marketers?

1) Leverages the Power Of the Internet to Explode a Network Marketer's Business!

The Viral Prospector is a Generic Fully Automated Global Marketing Website System that can be used by ANY network marketer in ANY company.

It Automatically Generates Quality FREE Leads for you and includes a Virtual Host to introduce propsects to your site, a Video presentation, state of the art lead capture pages (or you can create your own), autoresponder messages sent indefinitely to your prospects (or you can write your own), Powerful Contact Manager, Many Marketing Tools, Access to a Members Only Training Area with training from Top Internet Marketers, and MUCH more!

We have been making custom systems like this for 9 years. The Viral Prospector will work for any network marketer.

2) Generate a Lot of Quality Leads For FREE!

Here is the most unique thing it will do for network marketers ... On the sales page that we provide them, it will not only sell the prospect on why they need a home business, and provide a link to the network marketers specific opportunity, but it will also provide a revolutionary way to Generate Quality Leads for FREE!

We have valuable industry related information products available for your prospects to purchase, and half of the revenue generated from those purchases will pay for more fresh quality leads for the network marketer!

After all, most people are not going to be interested in the network marketers specific opportunity anyway - so why not profit from the prospects another way?

3) Establishes Them as an Expert so Prospects Will Chase Them!

The Viral Prospector will establish the network marketer as the expert by sending an ongoing stream of quality content to the prospect. After all, if the prospect doesn't know or trust the network marketer, are they going to join?

By providing quality industry related content to the prospect (instead of just pounding them about joining their opportunity), the prospect begins to know, like and trust the network marketer, and SEES THEM AS AN EXPERT.

That is when the prospect joins the network marketers opportunity.

4) Make It Easy To Get the Viral Prospector Service for FREE!

Since the Viral Prospector can be used by any network marketer in any company ... many of the prospects are going to want to get their own Viral Prospector System.

When only 3 prospects become paying members of the Viral Prospector, that network marketer gets their Viral Prospector System FREE!

Act on our business system at Viral Prospector

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