[CRYPTO CRAZY] The first 5 months of 2018 Saw 537 ICOs raise $13.7 Billion LEARN Cryptocurrency NOW!
brazielr 2 years ago

[CRYPTO CRAZY] The first 5 months of 2018 Saw 537 ICOs raise $13.7 Billion LEARN Cryptocurrency NOW!

Our ICO blueprint will show you from A-Z on how to launch a successful ICO while avoiding the pitfalls must companies are not aware of.

The first 5 months of 2018 Saw 537 ICOs raise $13.7 Billion

Startups, entrepreneurs and existing companies and brands are always on the lookout for good opportunities. For many, this means raising money.

It used to be difficult to raise a fair amount of capital quickly, but through an initial coin offering (ICO), as opposed to the more traditional venture capital route, the game has changed for entrepreneurs.

With hundreds of millions of dollars spent on ICOs over the past few months, there is no slowdown in sight. In fact, because more startups are considering the benefits of an ICO, don't be surprised if 2018 is even bigger in this area than 2017 was (and that's saying a lot).

The total amount of money raised via ICOs each month, according to a CNBC.com special report, is in excess of $100 million. This means two things: Individuals are willing to invest, and investors have options.

The good news entrepreneurs and companies no matter what size you are can distinguish themselves in the ICO playing field by following strategic guidelines and best practices and execute at a level not available to them before.

So what are these best strategic guidelines and best practices and how easy are they to follow?

First, they are easy to follow and execute. The hard part is knowing what they are.

The good news for you.... We are releasing the coveted information we've seen proven to work in this comprehensive step by step ICO blueprint. It contains all you need to know to understand and implement the steps needed to either launch your own ICO and/or become an ICO Consultant.

So who are we an why do we have access to this kind of information?

We have been in the business of marketing and making companies go from average to great for a long time. Highrise Elite Marketing has helped businesses and entrepreneurs find success in the age of digital marketing for two decades. Go Check us out if you like: https://www.highriseelite.com/

We have done everything from original content strategy branding, messaging, explainer videos, articles, publication, distribution and syndication, PR pitches to Forbes, Entrepreneur and many more front running publications, We've specialized in ICO content and onboard marketing for the last couple of years.

We have worked with top blockchain/cryptocurrency experts including a projects with the Larimer Family who are best known for EOS https://cryptoslate.com/eos-raises-r...rom-crowdsale/ and BitShares which are 2 of the most powerful blockchain related projects currently in the industry.

We created and built Crypto Learning Academy a powerful learning platform with cryptocurrency guides and courses to teach you how to go from zero to building your own crypto goldmine. Every detail from where to to get it, how to trade it, exchanges, securing your wallet and how to build your financial wealth with it.

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Our unique combination of working some pretty big time crypto projects, and building a learning platform give us the unique credibility of real world insider do's and don'ts so you can skip the mistakes and move to ICO success quickly in this new digital economic shift, even if you've never raised one investment dime before for your startup or business.

Our ICO blueprint will show you from A-Z on how to launch a successful ICO while avoiding the pitfalls must companies are not aware of. Below is the Table Of Contents:

What is an ICO?

Is an ICO Relevant to Your Company and Industry?

Can I Get an Example?

ICO Checklist

Concept and Ideation

Assemble Your Team

How Do I Find Them and Reach Out?

Planning the Project

Additional Advisors


What All Should Go Into a Whitepaper?

Things To Include

Launch Your Website

Token Sale Marketing

Community Engagement and Code Release

Conduct Your Sale

This is the exact blueprint we charge over $25,000 to advise startups to successfully launch their ICO. Nothing held back, the blueprint is yours for

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