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Unread 15th Nov 2018, 08:49 AM   #1
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10X Secrets: The LOST Skill That Will Allow You Sell To ANYONE, On Any Platform...
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Do you LOVE the idea of having a business...

But you struggle with the "selling" part?

It can be discouraging, and this where so many entrepreneurs get STUCK and stop...

So when I heard about the guy who sold $3 Million in 90 minutes by doing ONE presentation, and became the world's highest-paid speaker, I just knew I had to find out more...

Talk about a SKILL, right?

When I realized he was selling his SECRETS on how to become an incredible speaker and seller, using the same process and script that he uses to sell MILLIONS with one speech - I knew I wanted to get in on it!

And I wanted to make sure to share it with you, too... By the I am talking internet marketing geek, RUSSELL BRUNSON, Over the past 10 years, Russell has built a following of over a million entrepreneurs, sold hundreds of thousands of copies of his books, popularized the concept of sales funnels, and co-founded a software company called ClickFunnels that helps tens of thousands of entrepreneurs quickly get their message out to the marketplace.

This is the link I used where he was selling his 'selling & speaking' secrets...

What's Inside this Training..!

Get Your FREE Masterclass Here..!


It's been a CRAAAZY weekend with so many people messaging me about 10X Secrets Masterclass!

Not only are they loving the actual Masterclass itself, but they are FREAKING OUT over the five (yes, I said FIVE) cool bonuses!

But, I've also seen a few of you go into "What If" mode, and start telling yourself all the reasons why you CAN'T.

"What If" mode is dangerous, and sneaky...

It creates questions of DOUBT in your mind that feed and fuel your false beliefs, and spiral you into major self-sabotage...

Questions like...
"But What If I Already Have This Product?"
There is NO WAY that you already have this product, because we just finished putting the offer together a few nights ago.

There may be some of the trainings that you've seen, but we've added FIVE amazing bonuses (MANY of them brand new, and some of them are interviews I just conducted last week)!

So NOBODY, not even my Inner Circle members, have everything in this offer!
Get Your FREE Masterclass Here..!

"But Russell...What If I Don't EVER Want To Speak On Stage?"
Great! The 10X Secrets Masterclass will be PERFECT, then!

Because this isn't about being on ALL.

It's not about becoming a stage-speaking professional that travels from city to city making money at events.

I didn't want that either...that's why I quit, and moved my business online.

(You don't need to set one foot on the stage!)

This IS about learning and applying the same SKILL in an online environment, so you can speak and sell to your audience anywhere!

On FB or Instagram...
On a webinar...
On a Podcast or YouTube...
Or a TON of other platforms...

You don't need to become a stage speaker.

But, you DO need to learn the necessary skill of selling to your audience...(Your business depends on generating sales, right?)
Click here to see the 10X Secrets Offer! >>
But What If I Don't Actually Have A Product Yet... Or A Business... Or Anyone To Speak To?
That's perfectly fine! (Most people who are getting 10X Secrets Masterclass don't either...)

In fact, the very FIRST training in the 10X Secrets Masterclass is "How To Create An Irresistible Offer".

So I actually start my training off assuming you DON'T have a product or offer yet.

If that's the case, then you're in the right place!

And, maybe you're even thinking of selling other people's products rather than your own (like an Affiliate* would)...

You'd still use the same 10X Secrets skill to sell!

You still need the skill no matter what you sell, or who you sell for...right?
*Also, side note: I actually interviewed Jason Fladlien as part of the one-time upsell in the funnel, and specifically asked him about how he made his MILLIONS doing affiliate webinars. He's the KING of this, and it's yours when you purchase the 10x Closing Secrets special offer in the funnel.
For some reason, people get hung up on the fact that they don't have a product. (To me, that's NOTHING compared to not having this skill!)

Once you learn this skill, it DOESN'T MATTER what product you have... (That's a KEY light-bulb moment you should be having with that statement...)
  • I've sold supplements...
  • Software...
  • Coaching...
  • Swag items...
  • Potato guns!...
  • ...and a ton of other products!

It doesn't matter if you DON'T have a product.

Be more worried about not having this skill.
Click here to see the 10X Secrets Offer! >>
But I'm not selling info-products... What if I don't need/want a "webinar"?
If you have a business, that means you sell something to someone...right?

This is not just about webinars (although sure, it works perfectly for that, too.)

This is about you becoming GREAT at selling to your audience, no matter which platform you're on, or who you're speaking to.

We've had people use this skill to sell in all kinds of niches!
*Real estate
*Gym owners
*Massage Therapists
*Solar Materials
*Lawn Care
*Hair & Beauty
... I could go on and on, but I'd literally be here all day.

This isn't about getting you to do a "webinar".

(That's just one platform of sooooo many that are used FB, YouTube, Instagram, Podcasting, etc...)

This is about you learning a very specific selling SKILL, that can help you generate sales for your business.

Learn this one skill, and you can sell on ANY platform you want...
Click here to see the 10X Secrets Offer! >>
But what if I'm on a limited budget, and I can't afford it right now?
There's 2 sneaky limiting beliefs at play, here...

#1 - Most of the time when I hear this, it comes down to not believing that YOU can actually DO THIS and succeed...

Now,I cannot make you believe in yourself. I hate that I can't... (That's gotta come from you...) you at least believe in ME?
Do you trust ME?

Do you believe deep down somewhere that - if I can help tens of thousands of other entrepreneurs to learn this skill and grow their businesses online - that just maaaaaybe, I could help you transform your business, too?

I've been doing this for 15 years now, and there isn't a business that this won't work for...

#2 If you unwaveringly DO believe in yourself, then it's just a matter of getting resourceful... (which is much easier to face and tackle!)

There's a HUGE difference in having resources (A.K.A. money), and being resourceful.

Think up ways you could afford this... (even crazy, "out-there" ways, as long as it's legal...) ;)

Start asking yourself:
Is there a cool service that I can sell to someone to cover the cost of the program?
Can I find and sell a few items that I own that aren't very useful to me, so that I can get something that will change my life? (Start going through your closets and garage!)
Can I take an extra shift or two?
Instead of your mind jumping to "But what if I don't have the money for this?"...

...start asking "HOW can I get the money for this?"
Or "WHO can help me afford this?"

Just that slight shift alone will help you brainstorm creative ways you can bootstrap your way to getting 10X Secrets!

I hope these thoughts help...

Sometimes, it's just so easy to let our own thoughts sabotage us, and keep us STUCK.

I'm NOT going to let you do that...not on my watch.

I care about you far too much to let that happen.

So...If you haven't bought the 10X Secrets Masterclass yet,

Take a deep breath...
Have an honest moment with yourself...
And ask yourself WHY.

You may be surprised at what limiting beliefs bubble up to the surface...

Time to SQUASH those false beliefs that are messing with your head, and show them who's in charge of your business!

Here's a quick recap of EVERYTHING you'll get when you get 10X Secrets today:
• 10X Secrets Masterclass
*Training 1 - "Creating An Irresistible Offer"
*Training 2 - "The NEW Perfect Webinar"
*Training 3 - "HOW I Made $3Million In 90 Minutes
• Bonus 1 - 10X Secrets Swipe File
• Bonus 2 - The Perfect Webinar "Hack
• Bonus 3 - The Perfect Webinar Funnel
• Bonus 4 - Story Selling Secrets
• Bonus 5 - "The $50,000 Bonus" - Event Choreography

Get Your FREE Masterclass Here..!

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Re: The LOST Skill That Will Allow You Sell To ANYONE, On Any Platform…
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Is it possible to watch that 90 min live presentation? can we get that..!!!
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Unread 18th Nov 2018, 09:19 PM   #3
eCommerce Warrior
Join Date: 2017
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Re: The LOST Skill That Will Allow You Sell To ANYONE, On Any Platform…
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Originally Posted by profitablebusiness View Post

Is it possible to watch that 90 min live presentation? can we get that..!!!
Sure, will provide that 1 1/2 hour presentation video to you. Let me know once you subscribe to 10x secrets training. Just PM me here, will shoot the details.
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