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Solo Ad Coaching From a Still-Active and Experienced Seller
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Solo Ad Coaching From a Still-Active and Experienced Seller

First, let me introduce myself. My name is Dominykas Gobe (DomasG), and I have been an active Solo ad seller since 2012.(

Many of you have probably already heard tons of positive/negative stories about Solo ad's business. Some of you might have even already purchased some clicks for one of your affiliate offers.

Lately, I have been getting a ton of questions from marketers with different experience regarding Solo ad's business. How do you get traffic? How can you be profitable when receiving traffic? How can you start selling your own clicks? How do you get GOOD inbox ratings? How do you find good convertible offers? How often should you mail to your list? How do you set up your OWN server for mailings?

And so on, and so on, and so on...

After 7 years, I finally decided to start offering my own coaching without any hidden fees or outrageous stories. I want to make the training as clear as possible and be as honest as possible.

In the beginning, remember one fact: SOLO ADS Aren't DEAD and IT WON'T BE! Email traffic is still one of the most convertible traffic sources.

Okay, now it's time to get back to the numbers. I want to let you know the approximate numbers for what can you expect and how fast can you scale.

  • The first and most important step is that you must have your own Sales Funnel or at least have a good converting Affiliate offer.

  • The second step is to must build your own list with at least 1,000 subscribers! (Yes, you will need to BUY traffic and it will COST you.)

  • The third step is to do Click Banking/Ad Swaps after 1,000 subscribers (after that number of leads, you will be able to get 50-100 clicks daily); after that, you will start building your list without any additional expenses.

  • The fourth step is to start selling your own traffic using at least a 40cnt/click rate once you can do 200-300 unique clicks daily.
So let's do some quick math:

1) Do sales funnel setup (that won't cost you anything; it will be my responsibility) - $0.

2) Get 1,000 leads; you will need to purchase about 2,500-3,000 clicks – $1,000 (the worst-case scenario is if your sales funnel doesn't generate ANY sales, which is not realistic, but let's take the worst-case scenario instead of using one that's overhyped).

3) Pay autoresponders/hosting and other maintenance fees – $300-$500 (depends on your tech skills and how fast you can do it; I took this amount for the three-month period).

4) Pay for my coaching and personal assistance - $2,499.

The total cost to you - $3,999.

So, taking the worst-case scenario into consideration, you will need about $4,000 to invest into your own Solo ad business.
Yes, it's not cheap, but believe me, it could be the best investment of your life.

Let's try to calculate how many clicks you will need to start getting your investment back.

The total setup time, until you will be able to reach 100 clicks daily, is about 3 months, tops (if you are a really low-speed marketer).

An additional two months will be needed for to reach 200-300 clicks daily.

I will coach you on how to start selling your traffic for no cheaper than 40cnt/click, so the math is quite simple.

200 clicks/daily - $80 pure profit only for SOLD traffic without any additional sales for your incoming traffic.

$80 * 31 days = $2,480 (pure profit for the first month once you can do 200 clicks for selling and 100 clicks for Click Banking).

After 6 months, you will get your first profitable month at $2,480.

Using the same numbers, after 12 months, you will be able to do about 800-1,000 clicks daily.

$320 (800 clicks) * 31 days = $9,920 (only from the clicks!).

In sum, after 1 year, tops, you will be able to do $10,000 a month after the maintenance fees and unexpected expenses are paid.

If you follow my tips, you will be able to do it far faster and with better profitability from affiliate offers. As you have probably noticed, I did use quick calculations with the worst-case scenario.

I know that you have seen tons of coaching offers with huge hype and incredible numbers, but I have shown you some real possibilities.

I learned a lot during those 7 years, and I want to share my knowledge with like-minded people!

If you will have any more questions, just contact me at:

You can also add me on Skype at Dominykas.gobe

Thanks a lot, and see you soon!
Dominykas (DomasG)

Best Quality Solo Ads:

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