No Selling -Ethical Self Employment!
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No Selling -Ethical Self Employment!

Let's face it. Everyone loves to chat on Facebook right! You can earn Partl time, even go Full time in 90 days, starting Free. Proof shown!

I'll Get Straight To Point!
At CWI (Class Wealth InternatiTheonal), you're in good hands. Why is this?
Who am I and why should you trust in what I'm telling you?
My name is Brett Young and my recent website creation is already ranking number 1 in the world on google for the search term "wealth tuition". The 1st site I ever built held no: 1 for 13 years. A basic html site.
So what you say, that's great for you, I just want to get wealthy!! Read on, you'll find out why this is important. (You don't have to create anything).
Like many of you, I got tired of all the B.S out there. Make money from this...this is all you have to do. Buy this, buy that!
Forget all that. I created CWI so that you can do this entirely FREE!
No B.S...nothing to buy...nothing to sell!
Impossible...or is it!

It's Here - It's New - It's Working!

Chatting online within Facebook and Yahoo Groups. This may not even be new to some of you. That's not important. You see, I've set this up to be so easy that your cat or dog could do this!
How does this make you money?
It does and I'm about to show you why. I'll even show you a way that you can set this up to work for you...while you're at work...making money on Auto Pilot.
God knows we're all tired of that term, yet that's because many who have promised to deliver have not right!
Well, shake off your 'work from home' blues!
You're about to see how chatting as little as 36 minutes 5x a week can earn you a full time living within 90 days, even a six figure income within your first year, with little effort and no selling!
For many, that's the best part...NO SELLING!
Those who procrastinate lose. So get yourself over to our website to see what this is all about.
Earn and travel with CWI
Gift to charities and whilst you travel
Live a life of class and splendour without greed
Create a passive income you can leave for family
Stay in exotic locations and class hotels worldwide
Live the rich life you've always been meaning to
Use our courses, for a new life...learn how to live

All of this can be yours today!

  • Is this MLM?

    No. Although I love MLM I've made this so simple. It's just 1 level payouts.

  • How do I get paid?

    CWI uses the Click2Sell Affiliate Platform. It's one of the best in the world and the fees are fair. You can be guaranteed to earn on each and every purchase that those you chat with make.

  • What are the commissions?

    We pay 50% across the board on all products and courses.

  • How often do I get paid?

    Click2Sell pays out twice a month.

  • Is there selling involved?

    No, absolutely not. In fact...unless you're experienced in selling, we prefer you not to. People don't like to be sold. They like to buy. They like to know they're in the drivers seat.

  • So how do I make money then?

    Simply by chatting with people on Facebook and Yahoo. Chat about travel, sports, music. Basically anything that warms them to you. Once the ice is broken, you give them your affiliate link. This takes them straight to our website which then does the selling for you.

  • Do I need to follow up?

    Not if you don't want to. However, we recommend doing what you would normally do. Ask them...can I PM (private message), you again? Tell them you find them interesting and want to talk some more about (choose a subject). Don't talk about the products or the website. Your job's already done. This is the easiest job in the world. It's basically getting paid to do what you would normally do for free!

  • What if they're not keen?

    Don't waste time. Move on...yet be polite. A small percentage won't be. Most are willing to take a look for free. Especially if it may be able to save a problem they might have.

  • How much money can I make?

    You can make a nice part time income, working about two half hours a week. You can make an impressive part time income working 36 minutes a day 3-4 days a week. You can make a full time living working 36 minutes to 2 hours a day 5 days a week. We do not make any exact claims. All individuals are different. A lot depends upon how easily you warm to your chat friends. It's easily achievable to go full time online with this within 30 to 90 days if you're good at chatting, warm, friendly and genuine about helping others. It's up to you. You can achieve 6-7 figures within your first 1-2 years, if you have the 'gift of the gab' or willing to improve. Our website does the selling. Just be warm and chatty!

  • Could I get banned from Facebook or Yahoo?

    No. If you follow our instructions, PM don't spam links which we don't allow, use your common sense and follow social etiquette. Our website clearly shows what to do. Even if you're new to social interaction online or not very confident, you can do this. It's not difficult. Make sure you're chatting with someone over 18, if you're not sure.

  • Is there any investment?

    None whatsoever. We show you how to create a Click2Sell Affiliate account. Links are hidden so people can't steal your commissions. You simply share it and it's masked in the process. You can purchase products and courses from us, if you wish. Although, this is not mandatory!

  • Is this a Membership site?

    Individuals can purchase products and courses from us that will enhance their lives and inner well being. The more people you chat with, generally the more money you'll earn. It's a numbers game. We clearly demonstrate at our site how it's entirely possible to become a multi millionaire through leveraging your time through our site. Some of our future courses can earn you up to and beyond $10,000 per sale. You can also earn a 50% commission through site memberships, so yes this is also a membership site with its own Pro Members Login Area.

  • What are your products and services?

    Please navigate to our site for a full review. The amount of products and services we offer will be expanding over time, with more expensive courses on offer from 2020. We focus on the 'self improvement' industry. This is one of the most legitimate and fastest growing industries in the world. Stick with us, if you wish to make excellent money online!

  • Do I have to stick with social chat platforms?

    No absolutely not. We just find it's a great and easy way for people to start. We'll be adding some great banners and email blasts that you can copy and paste from your Click2Sell account dashboard. You can add these to your own website and market our products if you wish in other ways. Be creative by all means!

  • Do you employ chat bot software?

    We highly recommend using a professional chat bot. This way, it can be chatting with your chat friends while you're not even at your laptop, smartphone or desktop. Facebook are revolutionary in this area of marketing, with the recent FB Messenger being introduced. They're now releasing a desktop app for Messenger. By all means, use chat bots. After all, the client is 'asking' your bot for more information. This is then provided via a PM (personal message), which captures their email address from their account and their first name. Bingo! The job's all done for you! We're currently adding some good sources to our site where you can invest in this software. For now, we're just referring our clients to them!

  • Why does CWI succeed where others fail, to make us money?

    It's all about thinking outside of the square. We provide you with revolutionary and automated methodologies that get you there faster! The C.E.O of C.W.I is ranked number 1 in the world for "wealth tuition" on google and some other search engines. You're in good hands!

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